Amnestik has a temper tantrum

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  1. <NikNak> lmao 10/10 feedback
  2. <NikNak> amnestik plz we can have rational conversation
  3. <Amnestik> but you avoided a rational conversation?
  4. <NikNak> Its because bitching for bitching makes no sense to me
  5. <NikNak> I said the reason but you just ignored it
  6. <Amnestik> The reason makes no sense
  7. <NikNak> ??? I mean, it's clear as day but ok
  8. <Amnestik> hey niknak, what if you didn't act 14 and we could talk your grudge over like adults
  9. <Amnestik> we might rech a conclusion we're both happy with
  10. <NikNak> hoy late reply batman
  11. <NikNak> get over yourself bud, that's all I gotta say
  12. <Amnestik> just act like an adult
  13. <Amnestik> just talk neutrally about your grievance
  14. <NikNak> what do you mean act like an adult bud
  15. <NikNak> you whine over nothing
  16. <NikNak> you change your name every so often
  17. <NikNak> and then post about 2012
  18. <NikNak> under a new account
  19. <NikNak> and expect not to be looked up
  20. <NikNak> what do you want from me
  21. <Amnestik> well, that's not a good approach
  22. <NikNak> you aren't a good approach
  23. <Amnestik> really
  24. <NikNak> yes get enough yourself
  25. <Amnestik> well, i tried
  26. <NikNak> not really tbh
  27. <NikNak> "throw out insults"
  28. <NikNak> "CAN WE BE ADULTS PLZ"
  29. <NikNak> you were awful, still awful
  30. <Amnestik> but you're too much of a defensive weirdo to just talk straightforward
  31. <NikNak> we had a dialog in my completely serious feedback thread
  32. <NikNak> it went "why niknak"
  33. <NikNak> "You were shitting on coders and I responded"
  34. <NikNak> and then it went
  35. <NikNak> "why niknak"
  36. <NikNak> so I went "well ok then"
  37. <Amnestik> this was like 2 years ago
  38. <Amnestik> and you were but a semen in your dad's single testicle
  39. <NikNak> no that was in my feedback thread
  40. <NikNak> get time right
  41. <NikNak> you have a history of lying but come on now, you should be a changed man
  42. <Amnestik> who made you like this
  43. <NikNak> you made me what I am
  44. <NikNak> I never had any reason to interact with you i just got mad when you pulled shit on coders meme
  45. <Amnestik> i have a lot of influence over people i don't know then
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  47. <NikNak> that was a movie quote jesus christ
  48. <NikNak> get over urself
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  50. <[^_^]> [mso] Oh yay, another reconnect.
  51. * [^_^] sets mode +a on #lorebus mso
  52. * [^_^] gives channel operator status to mso
  53. <Amnestik> like two years ago i was one of the few people willing to talk frankly about the poisonous influences in coderbus
  54. <Amnestik> then this niknak guy comes along and makes it his mission to get at me at any chance he gets
  55. <NikNak> yea but my beef was "coderbus" is shit
  56. <NikNak> "coderbus" is general
  57. <NikNak> there are good and bad
  58. <Amnestik> when called on it he acts like an evasive 14 yar old
  59. <NikNak> you throw out these memes as if you aren't a cancerous person
  60. <NikNak> you abused the very bug you issue reported
  61. <NikNak> if you wanna bring up the past
  62. <NikNak> we can
  63. <Amnestik> it was too long ago for me to remember if i generalised or called specific people out, but it's irrelevant now
  64. <Amnestik> jeez that was such a minor incident and so long ago
  65. <NikNak> I dont understand why you are referencing ancient history here
  66. <NikNak> I was talking about what you said in OOC like 2 weeks ago
  67. <NikNak> >minor incident
  68. <NikNak> >got banned for a month
  69. <NikNak> > appealed it
  70. <NikNak> lmao ok
  71. <Amnestik> because it's seemingly your only motivation for this odd bias and dislike for me
  72. <Amnestik> which is still hard to understand
  73. <NikNak> but I dont even deal with you
  74. <NikNak> I just shat on you in OOC because of the "all coderbus is evil"
  75. <NikNak> and suddenly bam
  76. <NikNak> hate train choo choo
  77. <Amnestik> what is it about you that takes that so seriously while no one else cares
  78. <NikNak> what is it about you that takes retaliation in ooc for something you said as such a big deal
  79. <Amnestik> it'd be rather puerile to call coderbus "evil" when a) that term is a childish concept and b) there's plenty of good coders, especially nowadays
  80. <NikNak> then why did you say it
  81. <Amnestik> why feel the need to retaliate for perceived sleights against coderbus though
  82. <Amnestik> you aren't even a coder
  83. <Amnestik> i doubt i'd say that
  84. <Amnestik> as if people in ooc give a shit about some random shitting on coderbus (if this even happened)
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  86. <NikNak> because I sometimes talk and work with people in coderbus and they are decent people? Some have helped me with sound editing, some have helped me when I have done some rare pull requests and some have helped me sprite and some have helped me run git
  87. <Amnestik> you're just a strange guy with an obsession and some weird defensive traits
  88. <NikNak> what obsession are we talking? You?  I look up everyone and the new guy talking about 2012 was weird
  89. <Amnestik> I think it's a little more deeply ingrained than that
  90. <NikNak> believe what you want
  91. <NikNak> ur just shit
  92. <NikNak> lmao fucken meme
  93. <NikNak> make an admin complaint holy fuck I could give less of a fuck
  94. <Amnestik> So defensive, and spewing logical fallcies
  95. <NikNak> you are so grumpy and making so much more out of OOC banter and opinions
  96. <NikNak> "say shit" "someone responds"
  98. <NikNak> Jesus christ I dont have time to deal with this
  99. <Amnestik> Okay, end when you're losing then
  100. * Amnestik has quit (Quit: mmm whatcha saaay)
  101. <NikNak> lmao what a faggot holy fuck
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