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  1. First and foremost I need to make this very clear: The local law enforcement has been very well notified about this situation and my family has a member of a federal agency that is aware of the situation as well. I know that Reddit likes to dive into stories posted on here sometimes, but please know that the situation is being taken care of as we speak.
  3. Secondly, I have been a lurker on Reddit for around three years now (only making an account a year ago though). I know that there’s a ton of trolls online who like to post things like these for a reaction. I have zero issue sending sub mods proof of this story, but only once things have been taken care of legally. But for the upmost safety of my family and the guidance from my lawyer, law enforcement, and family, I will only be posting the information I chose to share in this post for the time being. Please understand that.
  5. Now, what’s been going on...
  7. Less than half a year ago, my wife and I purchased what we consider our ‘dream home’. It’s exactly what we have been discussing about what we have wanted in our home to raise our family since we first started to get very serious as a couple. To paint the picture for you, it is a completely redone farmhouse that sits on a large amount of land. We have a very long driveway that takes you right up to the side of the house. The house can not be seen from the road we live on, simply just because of how far back and where the house sits.
  9. Our neighbors are a pretty good distances away from us. They are both an older couple and they both have been very vocal about how happy they are we are there. They have been great and could not have been more welcoming to me and my family during the initial move in process.
  11. My farmland is mostly behind the house, with only a little bit of it starting on the right side of the house, and then a few acres on the left side. On the left, past my property is kinda dead land. Where no one owns it or takes care of it. After my property ends, there is a huge amount of brush and grass built up and then there are a ton of large trees that scatter right up to my neighbors property. These trees are just a small patch of woods, but it is probably around an acre long.
  13. Behind my house is a very large barn. The barn isn’t far from the house at all. If I was to guess, it’s only probably around 50 feet behind. Even though the house is gorgeous after the major remodel the previous owners did to sell the house, the barn is in its original glory. It’s old and sorta falling apart. I have made it very clear to my daughter not to go in certain parts of the barn simply because I don’t trust the old wood to hold up.
  15. This barn is not locked ever. I just don’t have many belongings in it and also, I quickly realized that there’s a few places to get into the barn other than the front entrance, and they are very obvious spots just due to the wood breaking down and getting older and older. I’m sure that it was a nice barn in its glory days, but to me, and especially my wife, it’s a massive eye sore. It’s very large, but for the most part empty. I keep my riding lawn mower in there and I also have some miscellaneous tools in there as well. The barn is never used by us.
  17. Four days ago, my daughter came running into the house terrified. She’s under 13 years old (again, I’m choosing to be vague in some parts of this story just for protection) and I immediately thought that she was playing outside and walked up on a snake. But the fear in her eyes was, just different. She ran full force into my body and grabbed onto it with her life. She was hysterical. After a minute of trying to calm her down enough to get a word out of her, she told me that she found bones in the barn. I still didn’t think anything of this because I assumed that it was a coyote or dog or some other animal that took shelter in the barn during some time and died there and no one found it. I quickly asked her to show me.
  19. She guided me into the barn and pointed up to the ‘second floor’. I call it the ‘second floor’ because it’s not really that. It’s an overhang that it near the top of the barn that has a ladder going up to it. Not entirely sure what this used to be used for, but it’s not used by us at all. I also know that there’s zero chance that a dog or fox or other four legged guy stumbled upon this barn for shelter, since I’ve never seen a dog climb a high ladder.
  21. My ‘protective dad’ mode immediately turned on and I knew that something was up. A few months ago I decided to climb up there just out of curiosity and found a board that came up. The previous owners used to hide money throughout the house and property and I actually found a wad of cash hidden in this very board. But after that day, I never went back up there.
  23. Once I climbed up, I saw that my daughter found that board and lifted it up. But she did not find money. There was a trash bag with multiple bones inside of it tucked inside the hidden spot. This is hands down the scariest moment in my life. Because I know for a fact, that this has been placed there recently because when I went up there, it wasn’t there.
  25. I immediately made phone calls and the local police and crew came out. The entire property was overran with different types of vans and cars. My family was questioned very intensely for around two hours. Asking us every single question you could possibly ask someone. One of the officers pulled me aside and told me that they are in fact what I feared, human remains. After the longest day of my life, some information came out from the last owners that there was a problem with squatters in the woods on the edge of my property. I have never seen anyone roaming around or any sign of people going through my things.
  27. Looking back now, I made a very dangerous and idiotic mistake. I installed a camera system when we first moved in, but made the decision to only put cameras facing the front of the house and driveway. I figured there was no rush to get cameras for the back. Easily one of the biggest mistakes of my life, since we would have been able to have footage of the person going into my barn with this bag.
  29. When going through the camera footage with the officers, we discovered something extremely chilling that I somehow never saw, because up to this point there was no reason to check the cameras. Caught on the cameras exactly five days back, at the early hours in the morning, the side motion light of my house turned on and you could see multiple shadows on the ground of people walking by. But that absolutely is not the part that made me shiver and make this grown man almost fall to the ground in tears from fright.
  31. When going back to the footage, every night after the five day point leading up to this day, every single night, two men wearing some sort of identical masks and completely covered in clothes head to toe, would walk up my driveway and just stare at my house. The shortest time they stood there was a tiny bit over twenty minutes. The longest that they stood there was right under two hours. Standing there. Completely still. Just looking at my house. My hands are shaking so bad typing those sentences.
  33. The local police put us up in a motel around thirty minutes outside of town. Promising us that they would make routine drivebys every thirty minutes to check on us. Why they would not have officers posted up outside the room at all times, I have no idea and I am extremely upset with that decision.
  35. We were at the motel for two nights. The first night, I got zero minutes of sleep. I held my family extremely tight and watched the front door for every single second that night. The police did hold up to their promise of checking on us. On the second night, around the similar time of the two men caught on camera, we awoke to an extreme loud banging on my front door of the motel. I jumped up and went into panic mode. We waited in silence and nothing happened.
  37. I got on the phone and dialed my direct contact line to police. Within only a few moments, an officer was at the motel. We were taken to a new location and have been here for a few days. My family member in the federal agency has intervened and is personally taking care of us.
  39. This is an ongoing investigation and I can not give more detail than what I have given already in this post. My family is safe. I am safe. I again beg for the privacy of this situation outside of what was given in this post. I 100% will update on this account once everything has been taken care of and I will make sure to update you to tell you that we are safe once we are for good. My family is in extreme fear of the unknown. We have no idea why any of this is happening to us and even though it as all just started, we are so ready for this to be behind us.
  41. I spend all of my time just staring. Staring out into the distance waiting for those unknown men to come and take my life, my daughter, my wife, my unborn baby. Wherever they may be, I’m here. Waiting and ready for what’s next.
  43. TLDR: My daughter found a random bag of bones in our barn. After calling the police, we checked our security camera footage and saw the nights leading up to incident two masked men would stand in our driveway staring at the house for upwards to two hours sometimes.
  45. **Edit**: I thank you all for your nice comments during this time. We needed to hear them. I just wanted to address two things very quickly.
  47. 1.  As I was expecting, some people are finding this story to be a fake and my account a fake. Perfectly normal reaction that I expected. Like mentioned though, I will happily give mods proof once I am given the okay to.
  49. 2.  A lot of detail have been removed from the story. Please keep in mind that this just happened to my family and I. There are still answers that we simply don’t have and I will not for an unknown amount of time. In order to not risk any leads, clues, anything, I just told the very stripped down version of what has happened to us. I see some comments about things not adding up. That makes perfect sense considering that there are portions left out, because right now at this moment, they simply just have to be. I hope you understand that.
  51. Edit #2:
  53. **A few things to address and update:**
  55. -   Mods have been contacted with proof. I am currently no where near my belongings, so only had access to a few items to send for verification. The police report plus other personal belongings matching that report were not able to verify me due to it not coming from a third party. Understandable and I definitely appreciate the mod team being so careful and delicate with their sub. I will have to wait until I am given the okay to post more detail and I will.
  57. -   I own guns.
  59. -   Local media has not reported on this because they have been left in the dark. There are dozens and dozens of daily stories like mine or worse that don’t get a sentence said about them in major media coverage.
  61. -   I’m getting asked a lot on why I would post this on Reddit. Especially this soon afterwards. I simply just needed someone to talk to. The information I posted is totally okay to post because the investigation has moved past those things I touched on and does not put my family at any sort of more risk.
  63. -   There’s hundreds of comments on some details I left that I would like to touch on. Such as calling some of my land ‘acres’ when the correct measurement would be in feet or the fact that I didn’t know that the ‘second floor overhang’ was a hayloft. I grew up in a huge city and I’ve never lived in a farm a day in my life before purchasing this house. I don’t know correct terms, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t more aware of those correct terms before posting. I googled hayloft and [this]( )is the closest I can find to what ours looks like. I hope that is a better visual and explains why there is a board available to lift up.
  65. -   I saw a ton of post about how this was written. Some parts I may have written dramatically. For that, I apologize. This is the very first time I’ve ever gotten a chance to tell this story to someone outside the case. I started writing and just wrote what I was feeling.
  67. -   This is absolutely not a viral marketing campaign for a movie or show or anything.
  69. -   The motel room was paid for by a police officer in town that is family friends of ours and wanted to do it as a nice gesture. It definitely was.
  71. -   The shadows that I mentioned that were caught on camera has some left out details that I was forced to leave out for the time being.
  73. -   I’m having multiple questions about why I didn’t go out there when I saw the men in my driveway for days. Please read that part of the original post again. I had no reason to check the camera up to when the police and I sat down to go over the footage, so I was unaware they were doing it.
  75. -   I must say again and stress, there are a ton of details that are left out for the time being simply because they have to be. If something doesn’t add up completely, it’s because 1. We don’t have all the information yet or 2. I was forced to leave out crucial evidence and leads.
  77. -   I added a TL;DR to post.
  79. -   Finally, I am absolutely taken back by some of the things said in the comments and messages. Not everything on the internet is a complete lie. This is an extremely life changing experience for my family and I. I understand we are internet strangers and there’s no reason for you to believe me. That’s okay. I’m not asking for you to believe me. All I’ve asked from the very start is respect for my family and the situation.
  81. **The update:**
  83. The last 12 hours, we’ve had major breakthroughs with the case. It is so amazing seeing how fast these amazing individuals move and work. They honestly do not get enough credit.
  85. Because of recent discoveries, my family and I are moving to a safe house. That is all I am able to say.
  87. Because of these breakthroughs, I am unable to go into deep detail because of risks of losing them. I’m sorry that I cant sit down and tell you every single thing that is going on right now. But I’m so excited for when I’m able to. Thank you for your interest in this. I have read every comment and appreciate the advice, commentaries, and most of all the very kind words left for my family and I.
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