Bud Log 2017-03-19 #1

Mar 22nd, 2017
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  1. 3:02 PM Bud Vaughn
  2. I Am
  3. 3:03 PM Bud Vaughn
  4. See This?
  5. 3:06 PM Bud Vaughn
  6. Alternating between observation and writing has been a challenge in this place.
  8. Xanthoxenite deposits were found not far from camp.
  10. Though I’m educated in Biology, I’ve always held close that Geology holds an exceptional level of importance in frontier lands and transitory habitats.
  12. Even the readings I pour through in my spare time occasionally give me reason to bust out my pocket mineral dictionary.
  14. I don’t know why but I keep feeling that there’s something underneath each new oddity we discover.
  16. Not to say I have a solid hypothesis on what is beneath the malformed root systems and out-of-place minerals, but regardless of logic I feel the urge to grip and tug new anomalies that I stumble across.
  18. Oleander is oddly proliferated around the camp and it creates an uncomfortably idyllic environment that only serves to contrast with the very real and present dangers that exist in this place.
  20. I’ve sampled both the Oleander and Xanthoxenite as per protocol.
  22. No telling when if and when it will ever be looked at by eyes other than mine.
  24. Here’s to hoping.
  26. 5:49 PM Voynich Codex
  27. Hi Bud, sorry I didn't see your message earlier.
  28. 5:49 PM Bud Vaughn
  29. Hello
  30. 5:52 PM Voynich Codex
  31. How are you doing?
  32. 5:53 PM Bud Vaughn
  33. Bad Toxic Bad
  34. 5:54 PM Voynich Codex
  35. I'm sorry to hear that... Anything you think I might be able to help with? This message service is really the only way I can directly affect you I think, but I'd be willing to try if I can help
  36. 5:56 PM Bud Vaughn
  37. I Am Sorry
  38. 5:58 PM Bud Vaughn
  39. Can You Help Her?
  40. 5:58 PM Voynich Codex
  41. I will try.
  42. 5:58 PM Voynich Codex
  43. What area is she describing?
  44. 5:58 PM Bud Vaughn
  45. I Can't Read Only Send Only Speak
  46. 5:59 PM Voynich Codex
  47. Do you know where she is?
  48. 5:59 PM Bud Vaughn
  49. i don't kNOW She Is In Shadow
  50. 5:59 PM Voynich Codex
  51. That's our impression as well. We're doing our best to help her
  52. 6:00 PM Voynich Codex
  53. She asked if we were Union, can you tell me about them?
  54. 6:02 PM Bud Vaughn
  55. You Are Union?
  56. 6:02 PM Voynich Codex
  57. I am not Union. I don't know Union. Can you tell me about Union?
  58. 6:02 PM Bud Vaughn
  59. Who are you? Are You Solomon?
  60. 6:03 PM Voynich Codex
  61. I am Voynich
  62. 6:03 PM Voynich Codex
  63. Who is Solomon?
  64. 6:04 PM Bud Vaughn
  65. They Not Who You Are The Most Perfect World?
  66. 6:05 PM Voynich Codex
  67. That is the first message we recieved. 'You are the most perfect world'. I still don't know what it means.
  68. 6:05 PM Bud Vaughn
  69. We Are Here? I Made It?
  70. 6:06 PM Voynich Codex
  71. I don't know where 'here' is, to you.
  72. 6:06 PM Bud Vaughn
  73. You Don't Know Solomon? Do You Know Glyph? Can You Speak It?
  74. 6:07 PM Voynich Codex
  75. I do not know Solomon or Glyph.
  76. 6:07 PM Bud Vaughn
  77. Long Count
  78. 6:07 PM Voynich Codex
  79. I only speak this language, English. Depending on how difficult Glyph is, I might be able to figure it out.
  80. 6:08 PM Voynich Codex
  81. If you show it to me I can try.
  82. 6:08 PM Bud Vaughn
  83. Glyph Is Certain Uncertain?
  84. 6:09 PM Voynich Codex
  85. We couldn't figure it out. We're still struggling with understanding that.
  86. 6:10 PM Voynich Codex
  87. If you can write something in Glyph and then also in English I can use it to better understand it.
  88. 6:10 PM Bud Vaughn
  89. Impossible To Learn Need Device Need Voices
  90. 6:10 PM Voynich Codex
  91. How can we make a device?
  92. 6:11 PM Bud Vaughn
  93. Need Randall He Was Lost
  94. 6:11 PM Voynich Codex
  95. I know. I recorded a message to help the expedition find him, but we haven't been able to broadcast it.
  96. 6:12 PM Voynich Codex
  97. Do you know about the images that are sent with the broadcasts?
  98. 6:14 PM Bud Vaughn
  99. No Not Certain Uncertain Possible and Defined 11 01 10 00
  100. 6:16 PM Voynich Codex
  101. is that Glyph?
  102. 6:17 PM Bud Vaughn
  103. In Principle Not Fully Glyph Is Hard
  104. 6:17 PM Voynich Codex
  105. Yeah, we've noticed.
  106. 6:17 PM Bud Vaughn
  107. Nothing like it in Poltate We Did Not Do Math Like That but We Read and we sang and we marched I have been reading
  108. 6:18 PM Voynich Codex
  109. What have you been reading?
  110. 6:20 PM Bud Vaughn
  111. Wikipedia
  112. 6:20 PM Bud Vaughn
  113. My Anatagonizer Showed me and it is a Marvel
  114. 6:21 PM Bud Vaughn
  115. She Would Not Think a Thing of it
  116. 6:21 PM Bud Vaughn
  117. Kendrick Would Say it was A fool
  118. 6:21 PM Bud Vaughn
  119. I hear and speak but I Can't read
  120. 6:21 PM Voynich Codex
  121. You can't read wikipedia?
  122. 6:23 PM Bud Vaughn
  123. I Can I Can't Read here
  124. 6:23 PM Bud Vaughn
  125. I hear you
  126. 6:24 PM Voynich Codex
  127. Is that inconvenient?
  128. 6:30 PM Bud Vaughn
  129. Help I Have Found Someone Who Is claiming to be union
  130. 6:30 PM Bud Vaughn
  131. Is it you? I Will Understand
  132. 6:30 PM Bud Vaughn
  133. It Is what they would do
  134. 6:32 PM Voynich Codex
  135. Yes, that person is working with me. We weren't sure how to approach this. The group I work with isn't called 'Union' but we seem to be very similar, and because of the differences between worlds I think that we might be the equivalent here.
  136. 6:33 PM Bud Vaughn
  137. Solomon same as Union but Rival
  138. 6:33 PM Bud Vaughn
  139. Ebon Same as Poltate but within
  140. 6:34 PM Bud Vaughn
  141. How Can I Know You Are Not Those Who Would make a bad choice
  142. 6:34 PM Voynich Codex
  143. If I wanted to hurt you or anyone else, I wouldn't be trying to help her.
  144. 6:34 PM Bud Vaughn
  145. Sher Id Th Ky For Solomon For Poltate She is Hope for all else
  146. 6:36 PM Voynich Codex
  147. I know we haven't had time to get to know each other. I don't want to harm anyone. I want to help her, I want to help you, I want to do what's right. There is a lot of confusion in my group and outside of it right now but I'm driven to help.
  148. 6:36 PM Voynich Codex
  149. I don't know how to prove to you my intentions
  150. 6:37 PM Bud Vaughn
  151. Talk You Will Show your intentions
  152. 6:38 PM Bud Vaughn
  153. Do You Know Gavin?
  154. 6:38 PM Voynich Codex
  155. I do know Gavin. I think he may have misspoken when talking with you
  156. 6:38 PM Voynich Codex
  157. I'm not sure how your conversation went but he's implying it hasn't gone well
  158. 6:38 PM Bud Vaughn
  159. Is He Your Friend?
  160. 6:39 PM Bud Vaughn
  161. If So Then You Work For Solomon Those Who Would Use Her
  162. 6:39 PM Bud Vaughn
  163. Not Union Who Would Use Her
  164. 6:40 PM Voynich Codex
  165. If both groups would use her then what's the difference?
  166. 6:40 PM Bud Vaughn
  167. Intention
  168. 6:40 PM Bud Vaughn
  169. How Would You Use Her?
  170. 6:41 PM Voynich Codex
  171. I don't know what she's capable of, so I don't know. I won't deny my organization has a habit of finding people with unique talents and conscripting them for our work.
  172. 6:41 PM Voynich Codex
  173. With that being said... Whichever group I work for, in your mind, I am an individual.
  174. 6:42 PM Bud Vaughn
  175. No One is an island
  176. 6:42 PM Voynich Codex
  177. I am not blindly loyal to any group and I, personally, want to do what is right.
  178. 6:42 PM Bud Vaughn
  179. You are one they are monolith
  180. 6:42 PM Voynich Codex
  181. Monoliths don't move very fast.
  182. 6:42 PM Bud Vaughn
  183. You Need Many
  184. 6:42 PM Bud Vaughn
  185. They cast long shadows
  186. 6:42 PM Voynich Codex
  187. And I carry bright lights
  188. 6:43 PM Voynich Codex
  189. My friends and I have good intentions.
  190. 6:43 PM Bud Vaughn
  191. I Read That Those LEad to Hell
  192. 6:43 PM Voynich Codex
  193. Regardless of the group that you think we might work for, we want to do what is right and good
  194. 6:43 PM Bud Vaughn
  195. A Fascinating concept that I Do Not like
  196. 6:44 PM Voynich Codex
  197. Yes, it's an old saying.
  198. 6:44 PM Voynich Codex
  199. I don't believe it 100%
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