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  1. Ok, here we are. First you should have a look at the source code, where you should realize that the password is encrypted as integers. The chr() function is used for decrypting, so the logical thing to do is to look up what it does. After a short look on it at the python library you'll see that it just uses these integers for representing Unicode/ASCII (Depends on the Python version) letters. With that knowledge in mind we'll try to get the plain password. In my oppinion the most easy way is to use the decryption method already used in the password script. Now you can use IDLE for a short way or (Maybe you think this breaks the rule with no changes in the script, but it's not for bypassing the mechanism, but just for easier cracking ;) ) you can add a little line to the script. I'll cover the second version here, because I think it's the more ingenious one^^.
  2. Now just add a little <print password> after it has been decrypted and you're done!
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