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  1. Welcome to <color=#29ff37>The</color> <color=#00d60e>Fridey</color> <color=#29ff37>Hub</color>!
  3. <color=#ff1100>RULES:</color>
  4. Don't hack.
  5. Don't be disrespectful (Especially to mods).
  6. Don't be toxic.
  7. Don't spam intercom/spectator chat.
  8. Have fun!
  10. If you want to report someone or just to chat and keep up to date with the server, join our discord server: <color=#bd87ff>https://discord.gg/YUS2uP</color>
  11. If you have any question feel free to ask a moderator there.
  13. <color=#00bd23>Plugins:</color>
  14. <color=#2eff55>SCP-008 : When zombies hit players they become infected and will turn when dead. Can cure with a medkit.</color>
  15. <color=#2eff55>Lone 079 : Kills SCP 079 when he is the last remaining SCP.</color>
  16. <color=#2eff55>Later Join : If you connect before 60 seconds after round start, you will be spawned in. Good for people with slow internet.</color>
  17. <color=#2eff55>Waiting and Chilling : Creates a lobby during the "Waiting for players" and spawns people as Tutorials with weapons to mess arround while waiting.</color>
  18. <color=#2eff55>Keep Items : When escaping as a Class D or Scentist, you keep everything in your inventory.</color>
  19. <color=#2eff55>Blackout : 3 minutes after light containment decontamination, heavy containment zone will lose power causing all lights to go off.</color>
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