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  1. 1) Send a quick letter to Zane, Adam, Eric and Jared, all software developers
  2. 2) Would like to have a quick chat about how they started their first jobs, what support they received once
  3.     on the job
  4. 3) Will contact Zane by Monday sept 9th
  5. 4) Whatever advice he has, I'll make some notes to keep things in mind as I reach out for advice from my other
  6.     contacts as well
  7. 5) This should build up to having some job shadows and broadening my research, where I'd like to apply to.
  8. 6) rough draft:
  11. Hey Zane,
  13. How’ve you been?  Mod2 is going well, just wrapping up our group project, a Jeopardy style game.  I’ve gotten to the
  14. point where I’d like to start doing some job research and was curious about your own experiences.  What was it like
  15. jumping into the job market after Turing?  My main concerns are having a supportive environment and a good team where I
  16. can continue to learn as a junior developer.  Did you get a lot of feedback at your first job or have a senior dev that
  17. was willing to help you along?  Was there anything about the companies you interviewed at that threw red flags?  Next
  18. time you’re in the downtown area I’d be up for grabbing a cup of coffee or just going for a walk.  Hope all has been well!
  20. ~Michael
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