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Pinkie Pie and Anon (SCAT) (ARCHIVE)

ShitPissWritefag Sep 26th, 2013 2,325 Never
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  1. This is not my story, I am merely hosting it for archiving purposes. It was written by an Anon, who almost ended up using his OC (http://imgur.com/Llc9Tik), but fortunately we stopped him. The writer never finished it, and we assume he was killed at the same time as Lavenci. A glorious anon from the second thread rose to the challenge, and he delivered. The first five posts is by the original anon, and the last one is from the Anon in the second thread. Thanks, man.
  5. >A few weeks after being flung into Equestria from the real world, Anon is finally getting used to life being surrounded by ponies. Even befriending a bunch. His best friend so far is Pinkie Pie, Ponyville's party pony.
  6. >He walks toward Sugarcube Corner from his new home in Ponyville. He waves at various ponies that he befriended so far that he sees while walking. When he gets to Sugarcube Corner, he opens the door and looks around as he walks in.
  7. "Pinkie?"
  8. >He calls out, waiting for a response but getting none.
  9. "Pinkie? Are you here"
  10. >He calls out again. Still nothing. He walks toward the kitchen to where she normally is to see if she's there. He peeks into the kitchen and sees Pinkie's delicious pink rump as she bends over to pick something up. As she bends over she leaves out a little fart and giggles with a snort at the sound her plot just made.
  12. >Anon smiles warmly at the giggly, gassy pony and says her name again.
  13. "Pinkie Pie. I'm here like I said I would be."
  14. >The pink pony looks up and blushes a little, wondering how long he was there and if he caught her farting. She acknowledges his presence and smiles widely.
  15. "I'm glad you could make it anon, I'm really glad you could. I love having guests!"
  16. >She bounces up and down in pure joy. Anon walks in and sits beside her, his face around the level of her. He sniffs a little, taking in the smell of her candy pony fart.
  17. "I'm glad you invited me over, Pinkie"
  18. >Anon said, smiling at her.
  19. "Would you like cupcakes or something to eat?" Pinkie turns away to get something else and her belly rumbles, letting out another, louder fart. Pinkie blushes an even brighter red
  20. "I'm SOOOO sorry Anon! I really am! I must have had something that upset my tummy and I didn't mean to-" She's cut off by Anon who moves over to her.
  21. "It's fine! I don't mind at all." He smiles at her warmly.
  22. "R-Really?" Pinkie asks, still a little nervous.
  24. >Anon nods.
  25. "Of course. It's only natural. Oh, um… I guess some cupcakes would be fine."
  26. "O-okay. The ones in the oven should be done by now."
  27. >Pinkie turns to the oven and opens it, putting oven mitts on her hooves and pulling the tray out, putting them on the counter carefully.
  28. >He takes a sniff of the air.
  29. "Pinkie Pie, your cupcakes smell outstanding!"
  30. >Pinkie blushes and smiles.
  31. "Thanks anon! I worked really hard on making this batch! I made them especially for you."
  32. "Aww… Thanks, Pinkie. So is your tummy gonna be okay?"
  33. >He scratches the back of his head a little, in embarrassment.
  34. "Of course it is. It must have been something I ate but I think it's better now."
  35. >She lies as she her belly rumbles louder than ever and she puts a hoof on it.
  36. "Ugh… I-I don't feel so good…" She admits.
  37. "I think you should use the bathroom" Anon suggests.
  38. >Pinkie nods.
  39. "Yeah. I'll be right back."
  40. >She starts slowly walking past Anon, walking slowly. He gets a view of her plot and puts his hands on her flanks, stopping her.
  41. "Pinkie. Wait. I have an idea." Anon says.
  42. "C'mon anon! I need to use the little filly's room!"
  43. >He spreads her flanks, revealing her plot hole. He gives the opening a little rub and pushes his finger inside, Pinkie letting out a little moan.
  44. "C'mon, Anon! I gotta go!"
  46. >Anon withdraws his finger from her tight, warm, clenching asshole
  47. >He pushes his palms into her full asscheeks, massaging them tenderly
  48. >Pinkie softly squeals in desperation as a rolling growl echoes from her belly, causing her to begin dancing in place
  49. "Anon, pleeeaaase! I really, really, really need to poo!"
  50. >A bubbly fart exits her anus almost involuntarily
  51. >Anon takes a deep whiff of it, it reeks heavily of what is to come
  52. "Pinkie, relax. I know this sounds weird, but I have a favor to ask of you."
  54. >Beginning to sweat a little, she groans through her teeth
  55. "What, what, what!?"
  56. >You give her pucker a kiss, then playfully slap her flanks a little
  57. "You can use the bathroom on me, if you'd like…"
  58. >Awkward silence for a few seconds
  59. >Pinkie begins to snicker a little, slowly becoming a soft giggle fit
  60. "Heheha… Really, Anon!?"
  62. "Yeah. I really want to do this, especially with you."
  63. >She giggles a little bit more, forgetting how badly she needs to take a shit
  64. "That IS weird, Anon! Really kinky, though! Sounds fun!"
  65. >You lie down on comfortably on the floor, making way for the anal eruption to let loose from her round, cushioned butt
  66. "I'm ready, Pinkie. Let it all out."
  67. >She squats over your chest
  68. >Her stomach gurgles one last time before her anus dilates and blows out a deep, rich, noisy fart that is soon followed by large globs of runny shit
  69. >She grunts and moans with every damp, slapping noise her asshole makes as she releases her brown fury upon you
  70. "Nnngh… Ah… Oh! Mmmf… Ooohhh…"
  71. *Pflarp! Ffffflapft! Bluuurtpflarp… Brrrmft!*
  72. >The stink is intense and the feeling off the hot mud on you excites you greatly
  73. >You reach down into your pants and begin stroking yourself off and she finishes taking her massive dump
  74. >Her groans of pain and relief make it so much better, intensifying your orgasm that you've achieved quite quickly
  75. >After you fire several sticky loads into your pants, you hear Pinkie Pie sigh
  76. "Feel better, Pinkie?"
  77. >The area where round asscheeks met and her crack are coated with a thin film of shit
  78. "Wow, boy, do I! That was a messy one! We should crack a window in here, though and clean this up!"
  79. >You'd be more than happy to wipe her ass for her
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