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  1. Essence Bug(s) for Holy Paladin in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.2.0 build 30080
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Vision of Perfection: Light's Decree adds 5 seconds to proc's from the major. Additionally if a proc is active you cannot cast Avenging Wrath if one is existing you get the "You cannot do that" error. This is consistent with Awakening, however if you have Avenging Crusader talented and get a proc from Vision, you can re-cast Avenging Crusader, however it overwrites the existing duration replacing it with the standard 20s, effectively wasting the remainder of that proc.
  5. The Well of Existence: Does not trigger from Judgment of Light, Glimmer of Light, or Grace of Justicar. Does proc from Radiant Incandescence. Also can not crit (But crit's over heal more feeding into this, so it seem's like this is designed).
  7. Life-Binders Invocation: Does not trigger from Glimmer of Light, or Aura of Mercy. Does proc from Grace of Justicar, Judgment of Light, Radiant Incandescence.
  9. Vitality Conduit: Does trigger from Judgment of Light, Grace of Justicar and Radiant Incandescence.
  11. The Crucible of Flame: Does not beacon transfer
  13. Nothing interacts with Paladin Mastery.
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