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  2. Asratius04/11/2019
  3. Good Evening, Pacifica. Need to send you my e-mail for the masterdoc file access.
  5. Asratius04/11/2019
  6. Was the access granted?
  7. Pacifica04/11/2019
  8. I was away from home
  9. Doing it now
  10. Asratius04/11/2019
  11. Thank you!
  12. Pacifica04/11/2019
  13. Added
  14. Asratius04/11/2019
  15. Wonderful!
  16. Pacifica04/21/2019
  17. You were on Iberia, right?
  18. Asratius04/21/2019
  19. Italy!
  20. Pacifica04/21/2019
  21. Contact Mango to see if he can vouch for you
  22. Asratius04/21/2019
  23. He has already vouched me, I suppose!
  24. Should I screenshot the chat?
  25. Pacifica04/21/2019
  26. Yes
  27. Asratius04/21/2019
  29. Asratius04/21/2019
  30. Anything else needed?
  31. Pacifica04/21/2019
  32. Not that I know
  33. I posted this in dev chat
  34. Asratius04/21/2019
  35. Thank you!
  36. Asratius04/21/2019
  37. Need access to the git!
  38. Username is Asratius!
  39. Hey, thank you
  40. Asratius04/21/2019
  42. for access to the masterdoc!
  43. Asratius04/22/2019
  44. Sorry if I am bothering you for the access, I still need to be admitted to the masterdoc.
  45. Pacifica04/22/2019
  46. Added
  47. Asratius04/22/2019
  48. Thank you!
  49. AsratiusYesterday at 1:34 AM
  50. Good Morning Pacifica! What has happened during the night on TNO and how should I proceed if I am not included in bread's document?
  51. PacificaYesterday at 1:35 AM
  52. Are you currently on the team?
  53. And there was a total leak.
  54. Lore bible.
  55. Panzer resigned.
  56. AsratiusYesterday at 1:36 AM
  57. Have all my roles!
  58. PacificaYesterday at 1:36 AM
  59. Bring it up with Bread, he's in command
  60. I doubt you'll get purged quite honestly.
  61. AsratiusYesterday at 1:37 AM
  62. Shall immediately! Thank you! Those news are so... unexpected and sad at the same time. Shall contact Bread immediately!
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