Latex shoplifting log

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  2. [09:10] Frederick Brown: Do you have an idea for a scene in mind?
  3. [09:11] LatexPedo:
  4. [09:11] LatexPedo: not much
  5. [09:13] Frederick Brown: Hmm, well there are lots of roles. :) Do you want a casual world or a realistic one?
  6. [09:15] LatexPedo: casual
  7. [09:16] Frederick Brown: So there's pretty much any adult authority figure then. :) Teacher, Scout Leader, Babysitter, Cop.
  8. [09:16] Frederick Brown: Got a preference? :)
  9. [09:21] LatexPedo: cop then where I catch you and tell you that I'll let you free if you let me rape you
  10. [09:22] Frederick Brown: Okay, any other kinks you want to include?
  11. [09:23] LatexPedo: I love latex and anal
  12. [09:23] Frederick Brown: I gathered. :P
  13. [09:25] Frederick Brown browses the shelves near the checkout of the small shop acting like a normal nine year old customer, but the adult he is standing right behind in line is a stranger and doesn't even know Frederick is there. The young boy waits until he thinks no one is looking and then slips a candy bar into his pocket. Then he casually walks towards the exit and onto the street outside.
  14. [09:27] LatexPedo: I grab you arm and ask you calmly to come with me. I give your arm a firm tight grip.
  15. [09:28] Frederick Brown: [Second person, huh? Sure.]
  16. [09:29] Frederick Brown: I look up at the person who has grabbed me. I know if they are a store employee then I can just shake out of their grip and run and there's nothing they can do to me! "Hey! Let me go!" I say trying to jerk my arm away. "I haven't done anything!"
  17. [09:31] LatexPedo: I pull the candy bar out of your pocket "you didnt pay for this, I'll tell you what, do something quick and easy for me and you can keep it and no one will know for free"
  18. [09:33] Frederick Brown: "What do you want me to do?" I ask suspiciously.
  19. [09:33] Frederick Brown: [You'r]
  20. [09:34] Frederick Brown: [Sorry; You're character is dressed like the reference image you sent?]
  21. [09:34] Frederick Brown: [*Your]
  22. [09:35] LatexPedo: [with a store security uniform over it]
  23. [09:36] Frederick Brown: [Okay :) ]
  24. [09:40] Frederick Brown: "What do you want me to do?" I ask suspiciously.
  25. [09:40] LatexPedo: "follow me and I will give you a bit more info" I say smirking
  26. [09:41] Frederick Brown: I follow. She said I could keep it. Hopefully she isn't going to lock me in a room until the cops arrive.
  27. [09:45] LatexPedo: I take you to a secluded alley. "now turn arround and face the wall. Whatever you do, do not shout or the deal is off. I'll even be gentle and make you feel good"
  28. [09:48] Frederick Brown: "What... what are you going to do?" I ask nervous and innocent as I turn my back to you. My t-shirt rides up a little as I look back over my shoulder at the latex-clad security officer towering over me. At first I assumed this was a pat-down, but why would that hurt?
  29. [09:49] LatexPedo: I pull your pants down and you feel a prodding sensation in your anus
  30. [09:51] Frederick Brown: I gasp as I feel a breeze down there. "H-hey!" I yelp as I feel the plastic-y, rubber-y prod between my cheeks.
  31. [09:52] LatexPedo: It pushes inside past your ring, I make a long gentle "sssshhhhhh, just let it in"
  32. [09:55] System: Big Thick Daddy Dick is online.
  33. [09:56] System: Big Thick Daddy Dick is offline.
  34. [09:57] Frederick Brown: I blush hard at the odd sensation, at being naked in (almost-)public, at the feeling of being tricked, but my hand slips down—past my little cocklet and my smooth balls—and reaches between my thighs so my fingers can brush against and feel the smooth, latex-covered shaft sinking into my virgin hole. I tremble. I'm not quite sure how to react. "Y-you'll let me keep my chocolate bar if... if I uhn— let it in?" I grunt softly.
  35. [10:00] LatexPedo: "When I'm done you can go free with your candy bar, you'll probably figure out when that is honey"
  36. [10:03] Frederick Brown: I'm confused by the cryptic remark, but I don't have long to think about it, the shiny, smooth cock gliding ever-deeper is starting to make me feel really full and really nice. "Ah! Ahh. Mmmmm!" Pleasure travels through my little body as I pant and moan.
  37. [10:04] LatexPedo: I smirk and begin to pump while grasping your little hips latex balls slapping on your pelvis
  38. [10:09] Frederick Brown: I moan and blush. Almost subconsciously I adjust my gait, standing with my legs further apart to let you pound my lil boy butt deeper. I lean against the wall heavily to balance myself as I bend over and push my bum back and up to receive more. "Ah! ah! nn! oh!" I make cute little boyish squeaks with each thrust against my prostate.
  39. [10:12] LatexPedo: Cock thumps harder and harder while i grin loving every second of raping the small child. Also grinning from the child's surrender and begging for more with his stance
  40. [10:20] Frederick Brown: My moans grow louder as I feel a wall of latex slap against my bare, little-boy bum as you hilt with me over and over. Each slap of your hips against mine making my cheeks jiggle and bounce cutely. Beneath me my little dicklet stiffens to full hardness. It's already too late for me although I don't realise it. Your raping shaping what my fetishes will be and sealing my fate. The feel of latex hands gripping my hips firmly while a latex pole pounds into my butt... that is my first sexual experience and the feelings are burnt into my memory for all time. All though I don't know it yet, you've claimed me forever as a latex-loving bottom-boy for shemales.
  41. [10:22] LatexPedo: after several more minutes of fucking I orgasm and fill you full of cum. Pulling out and getting a wipe out to pick up the dripping cum all over your butt.
  42. [10:26] Frederick Brown: I pant, looking back. My two inch dicklet is still stiff and throbbing under me, an angrier pink than the rest of me and my little boy hole is gaping slightly. "Ahh... ah... is it over?" I ask weakly, completely dominated by this security officer. I don't even move to stand up and pull up my shorts while she cleans up my hole.
  43. [10:29] LatexPedo: "Its
  44. [10:29] LatexPedo: [sorry]
  45. [10:31] LatexPedo: "Yes its over honey, you can go home and I wont make any report. Although if you enjoyed it you can come visit me for more fun", I tuck a card with an adress along with the candy bar in your pocket. "I cleaned your bum up just so your folks wont ask you why you have messy pants"
  46. [10:37] Frederick Brown: "Uh, thanks." I say imagining how embarrassing it would be to walk around with a stain in the seat of my shorts. It never occurs to me that you might have your own reasons for people not finding out. I adjust my undies and shorts and start to walk away. The little thief's gait has changed after the fucking, his confident stealthy poise replaced with a little sissisy mince as he tries to move without making his ring ache any more than it already does. "Um... if I want more candy bars... can we come to the same deal next time?" He asks blushing.
  47. [10:39] LatexPedo: "check the card and you'll know where to go for that and I can give you extra"
  48. [10:39] Frederick Brown: The freshly fucked little boy smiles and hurries off.
  49. [10:39] Frederick Brown: [I hope that was a fun scene?]
  50. [10:40] LatexPedo: [it was amazing]
  51. [10:41] Frederick Brown: [I'm glad, anything you especially liked or you would have like to have seen? Anything that you didn't like? :) ]
  52. [10:42] LatexPedo: it was all great
  53. [10:42] Frederick Brown: Cool, maybe we can do a follow up scene some time.
  54. [10:43] System: Your status was set to Away
  55. [10:44] LatexPedo: pm me the log if you can I'm on mobile
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