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Miyako Hinano's Magical Girl Story

osakaki Dec 20th, 2017 (edited) 597 Never
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  1. Miyako Hinano's Magical Girl Story
  2. translated by osakaki
  4. Chapter 1: The Uneven Science Laboratory
  6. Hinano: (Miyako Hinano, 18 years old. A high school girl in the first flushes of her youth.)
  7. Hinano: (On this special day... I will finally...)
  8. Hinano: (Finally...)
  9. Hinano: (Become one of those "riajuu"...!)
  10. Boy: Let's see... Miyako-san, you're in science, right?
  11. Boy: So considering that, I have absolutely no idea what the issue is here...
  12. Boy: But you think you could hurry and get to the point?
  13. Hinano: Bu-! But-...! But-...!
  14. Hinano: No no no! Don't mind that! Don't mind that! That was just a stutter just now!
  15. Hinano: I certainly wasn't talking about your buttocks...!
  16. Boy: Yeah, I know.
  17. Hinano: Oh, okay... got it, got it...
  18. Hinano: *cough* *hack* *cough*
  19. Hinano: B-basically... it's... um...
  20. Hinano: That...! That, right?!
  21. Hinano: I, I-I-I, I... you see?!
  22. Hinano: Iiiiiiii llllll-
  23. Hinano: like... like...
  24. Hinano: y-... y-...
  25. Hinano: ...yyyy, you! Please go out with mwe!
  26. Hinano: *heavy breathing*
  27. Boy: Seriously?
  28. Boy: Ahh, seriously... a confession, huh?
  29. Boy: Well, I totally didn't expect this.
  30. Boy: But you see, I'm all about the sexy type of girls...
  31. Boy: Like... those one-piece dresses where you can see the shape of her body in them?
  32. Boy: The type of more mature girls that look good in those, that's my type.
  33. Hinano: Tigh-... one, piece...?
  34. Boy: Ah! Hinano-san, you're in science, right?!
  35. Boy: So basically the conclusion of what I'm saying is "I'm sorry!"
  36. Hinano: ?!
  37. Boy: All right, I've gotta get back!
  38. Hinano: (Why...! Why...?!)
  39. Hinano: (Why can't I become a riajuu...?!)
  40. Hinano: (Was... my hypothesis wrong...?!)
  42. -----
  44. Emiri: Umm... is this volume the loudest it goes?
  45. Emiri: Ah! So like, can I close the blackout curtain now?
  46. Emiri: Senpaaaai!
  47. Emiri: I wanna confirm the volume level, so can you talk for a bit?
  48. Hinano: ...Okay. Next, bring the alum here and...
  49. Emiri: No way, your voice is way too quiet!
  50. Hinano: ...Okay. A reaction has occured.
  51. Emiri: Like, more like your whole personality has changed.
  52. Emiri: Normally, you'd always be like-
  53. Emiri: "Behold, everyoneee! The highlight! Nooow!!"
  54. Emiri: ...doing stuff like that.
  55. Emiri: I think lately I've mastered my imitation of you, Myaako-senpai.
  56. Emiri: Ain't it totally spot on?
  57. Hinano: Now then, for the next experiment.
  58. Emiri: Uwah, totally ignored, huh?
  59. Emiri: Myaako-senpai, cheer up, k?
  60. Emiri: I'll take you to a group blind date...
  61. Emiri: Seems like there are a few guys that wanna go on a group blind date with me.
  62. Hinano: ...And the catalyst is what facilitates the reaction...
  63. Emiri: Besides, don't you think a guy who rejects you based on appearance isn't a good guy anyway?
  64. Emiri: Don't they say there are as many men as there are stars in the sky?
  65. Emiri: As many as the stars, right?
  66. Emiri: Well, I totally don't know about that in reality, though.
  67. Emiri: About 10 billion might just be a few too many.
  68. Emiri: But like, you'd be able to pick choose from pretty much anyone is what I'm saying.
  69. Emiri: And like, Myaako-senpai, with that legal loli look of yours?
  70. Hinano: (irk...!)
  71. Emiri: To me, I gotta think there's a huge demand for t-...
  73. Emiri: Oh man, feels like I flipped her switch?
  74. Hinano: Broken heart? So what! Riajuu? So what! They can explode via ethanol for all I damn care!!
  75. Hinano: And talking about the number of stars, don't make it sound like the odds of winning the lottery!
  76. Hinano: After all!
  77. Hinano: After all, I'm tiny, flat-chested...
  78. Hinano (crying): Uu! Uuoooooooooh!!
  79. Emiri: Wahh, she let out that howling cry.
  80. Emiri: When this starts, it takes a while.
  82. -----
  84. Hinano: Uu... sniffle... you always... always...
  85. Hinano: Belittle me... look down on me...
  86. Emiri: No, I'm not looking down on you? It's an expression of love? It's affectionate, affectionate.
  87. Hinano: Are you someone who doesn't treat your senpai with respect or solicitude...?!
  88. Emiri: "Respect," hm?
  89. Hinano: Think hard about this one more time. Got it?
  90. Hinano: I'm 18 years old, and you're 13 years old.
  91. Hinano: Hm? What about that?
  92. Hinano: That makes you reflect on your attitude up until now some, doesn't it?
  93. Emiri: I get it?
  94. Emiri: I'm 154cm, and you're 145cm.
  95. Hinano: Height has nothing to do with it!!
  96. Emiri: Myaako-senpai really is kyooot!
  97. Hinano: Arrrgh!!
  98. Hinano: Seriously...
  99. Hinano: (What's so sad? Why do I have to have such a cheeky child...)
  100. Hinano: (...as my assistant?)
  101. Hinano: (Yes, that kind of talk isn't new.)
  102. Hinano: (Her rude manner isn't something that started just now.)
  103. Hinano: (Right after we met she was basically belitting me, you could say.)
  104. Hinano: (What a humiliating memory that was...!)
  105. (flashback)
  106. Emiri: Nononononono! Witch-san, you're being really tough!
  107. Witch: *noises*
  108. Emiri: Higya!
  109. Emiri: Hmhm, could this... actually be a huge problem...?
  110. Emiri: What-do I-doooo!!
  111. Hinano: Get back!!
  112. Emiri: Fuwawa! What, what?! A hero of justice?! All hero-like?!
  113. Witch: *noises*
  114. Hinano: Quit that...
  115. Hinano: ...noise!!
  116. Emiri: Amaaaayzing!! Amaayzingamaaayzingamaaayzing!!
  117. Emiri: I'm totally thankful that you helped me!
  118. Emiri: Geez, like really, you're super-strong! I'm totally impressed!!
  119. Hinano: Hmph, this much isn't anything special...
  120. Hinano: ...Well, if you're going to say that much? Then you can call me Miyako-"senpai" if yo-...
  121. Emiri: I mean like, what are you, a grade schooler? Or you might even be a preschooler? Somewhere around that.
  122. Hinano: ...Huh?
  123. Emiri: You're so tiny! And yet, you're awesome!!
  124. Hinano: ...that ...don't say that...
  125. Emiri: Hm? What, what?
  126. Hinano: Who're you calling a chibi, you idioooooooot!!
  127. Emiri: Fuwha?!
  128. Emiri: No, no, I mean, I'm not saying...
  129. Emiri: Since you're still a child, it's totally normal to be small...
  130. Hinano: I. Am. A...
  131. Emiri: ...Hm?
  133. Emiri: H-h-h-high schooooooool?!
  134. Hinano: That's not what you're supposed to be surprised about!!
  135. Emiri: No, no, but... come on... y'know?
  136. Hinano: Don't eye me up and down like that!!
  138. -----
  140. Emiri: Y-y-y-y-y-you've been a magical girl for five years?
  141. Hinano: Like! I! Said! Don't be surprised!!
  142. Emiri: No, no, but... come on... y'know?
  143. Hinano: I'm already tired of getting angry at that line...
  144. Emiri: Well, well, since we're both magical girls, let's get along! Okay?
  145. Hinano: So carefree...!
  146. Emiri: So? Myako... Mya... Myaako-senpai.
  147. Hinano: Don't plan on giving me that weird nickname...
  148. Emiri: Myaako-senpai, what do you normally do?
  149. Hinano: She ignored me, huh...
  150. Hinano: Normally? Normally, like...
  151. Emiri: Ah, well, like in school or in club!
  152. Hinano: Club, eh? For now, I'm the president of the science club.
  153. Emiri: Oh wow, Ms. President? What a cutie president you are!
  154. Hinano: Hey, you're making fun of me with that stuff, aren't you?
  155. Emiri: Nonono, like, I mean what I said.
  156. Hinano: Uh huh, right, right...
  157. Emiri: But like, the science club, huh? Science, huh?
  158. Emiri: I'm still a middle schooler and stuff.
  159. Emiri: When I get into high school, does "middle school science" just turn into "high school science" or something?
  160. Hinano: "Turn into," she says...
  161. Hinano: Middle school science covers the basics of science and biology, and then it all branches off from that.
  162. Emiri: Ohh?
  163. Emiri: So then you're a sci-girl, Myaako-senpai!
  164. Hinano: Sci-... ...huh?
  165. Emiri: Sci-girl! An abbreviation for scientist girl!
  166. Hinano: Huh...
  167. Emiri: So?
  168. Emiri: What does the sci-girl Myaako-senpai do in the science club?
  169. Hinano: Ahh... I hold science events for children and stuff...
  170. Hinano: For those, I perform experiments on stage at the grade school.
  171. Emiri: So put simply...
  172. Emiri: You're Yone*beep* Den*beep*rou-sensei?
  173. (translation note: She's referring to Yonemura Denjirou, a famous scientist who does experiments on TV.)
  174. Hinano: You censored your line?!
  175. Emiri: Hmmm... sounds fun! Sounds fun!
  176. Emiri: Hey hey, I wanna be in fun events, too!
  177. Emiri: I know! Make me your assistant!
  178. Hinano: What?! Why?!
  179. Hinano: In the first place, you don't really have an interest in science, do you...!
  180. Emiri: Well, I don't really get things that are difficult, y'know.
  181. Emiri: It's just the thought of an event on stage gets me excited!
  182. Emiri: I can't resist things that make me feel excited.
  183. Hinano: "Excited," huh...
  184. Emiri: And also...
  185. Emiri: I've taken a liking to you, Myaako-senpai!
  186. Emiri: Viva! Added to favorites!
  187. Hinano: I don't need to be added to that!
  188. Hinano: Anyway!
  189. Hinano: Whether you find it interesting or exciting...
  190. Hinano: Danger is an unavoidable part of science!
  191. Hinano: I can't just thoughtlessly let a novice and a deliquent-type like you become an assistant...
  192. Emiri: It's fiiiine, isn't ittttt! Don't be so hard on meeee! ♪
  193. Hinano: Gueh! It hurts...!
  194. Hinano: Idiot, don't hug me...! Guh...!
  195. Emiri: It's because you're so tiny and cute, Myaako-senpai.
  196. Emiri: It just makes me want to hug you!
  197. Hinano: That's! Enough! Leeeet meeee goooo!!
  198. Hinano: It's not that I don't have dignity. It's just her being cheeky!
  200. -----
  202. Chapter 2: Danger! Do Not Mix!
  204. Emiri: Yep!
  205. Emiri: This is how Myaako-senpai and I met!
  206. Emiri: But you see, Myaako-senpai is the president of the Science Club!
  207. Emiri: And so!
  208. Emiri: Foks of... fawlks... of all ages... um...
  209. Emiri: Kids all the way up to grandma and grandpa!
  210. Emiri: Let us introduce you to the wide, wonderful world of science!
  211. Emiri: In places like local elementary schools or community centers...
  212. Emiri: ...we hold science experiment events!
  213. Emiri: Myaako-senpai's papa works in a chemical plant...
  214. Emiri: And because of that...
  215. Emiri: He took her to see science experiment events...
  216. Emiri: And Myaako-senpai, too, awoke to the wonders of science! And also, and also!
  217. Emiri: Well, well.
  218. Emiri: When she was little... well, she's still little, but...
  219. Emiri: When she was a child, doing that gave her the dream of holding her own science events..
  220. Emiri: And so, for this...
  221. Emiri: Myaako-senpai herself unexpectedly gets quite emotional...
  222. Emiri: ...when it comes to reaching her dreams...
  223. Emiri: So!
  224. Emiri: The stage for today's event is here! An elementary school science classroom!
  225. Hinano: Hey, what's with you in the master of ceremonies position?
  226. Emiri: Now now, don't sweat the little things!
  227. Hinano: Stop saying little already!
  228. Emiri: Ah! Myaako-senpai!
  229. Emiri: I'm gonna take a peek outside, k?
  230. Hinano: Mm, go ahead.
  231. Emiri: Hyooo! Grateful for another full house!
  232. Emiri: Yeah, yeah! I think you all have waited long enough!
  233. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!
  234. Emiri: The kids are waiting in the hall!
  235. Hinano: All right then, shall we get this started?
  236. Hinano: Now...
  237. Hinano: Time to raise the curtain on the most exciting show around!
  239. -----
  241. Hinano: Your attention please!
  242. Hinano: Inside this big box...
  243. Hinano: We have hydrogen peroxide and...
  244. Hinano: You all have this in your homes, too, right? This dishwashing detergent?
  245. Hinano: A mixture of these two is inside here.
  246. Hinano: And now, here I have one more thing.
  247. Hinano: Our most interesting magical ingredient...
  248. Hinano: Potassium iodide!
  249. Hinano: Now, if I put this in the box~
  250. Hinano: This magic ingredient, potassium iodide...?
  251. Hinano: ...what do you think will happen?
  252. Girl: It'll change color!
  253. Hinano: "It'll change color"?
  254. Boy: Smoke! Smoke will come out!
  255. Hinano: "Smoke will come out"?
  256. Girl: It'll explode!!
  257. Hinano: "It'll explode"?
  258. Hinano: I see.
  259. Hinano: Now then... the answer is...
  260. Hinano: This!!
  261. Everyone: Waaaah!! Ahahahaha!! Amazing!!
  262. Emiri: Today was another big success!
  263. Hinano: Mmhmm.
  264. Emiri: As expected!
  265. Emiri: That's why "Den(beep)rou the Second" is another nickname for you, Myaako-senpai!
  266. Hinano: No, it isn't.
  267. Girl: This...
  268. Hinano: Hm?
  269. Hinano: Woah woah! Okay, stop!
  270. Hinano: This chemical is dangeorus! So you can't touch it...
  271. Hinano: Hey, wait!!
  272. Girl: Give this to me.
  273. Emiri: Hey, hey, hey!
  274. Emiri: Like she said, you can't touch it, okay!
  275. Hinano: Stop! Give that back!
  276. Girl: No, I want it.
  277. Hinano: You want it...?!
  278. Boy: Me too.
  279. Girl: Me too.
  280. Boy: Give it.
  281. Girl: Give it.
  282. Emiri: Huh?! Wha-?! Whaaaaat?!
  283. Hinano: H-hey...! Sto-... what's going on?!
  284. Emiri: Everybody...?!
  285. Boy: Give it.
  286. Girl: Give it.
  287. Hinano: Uwah! Wai-!
  288. Emiri: W-what's happening?!
  289. Hinano: !!
  290. Hinano: Emiri! Their necks!!
  291. Emiri: N-necks?!
  292. Emiri: !! This!
  293. Emiri: A witch's kiss?!
  295. -----
  297. Emiri: Pretty Guardians! Chemistry Twins!
  298. Hinano: In the name of the atom...
  299. Hinano: ...wait, now's not the time for this!!
  300. Emiri: I just thought it'd make it a little more exciting.
  301. Hinano: Now's not the time to be an idiot!
  302. Emiri: It's rude to call people's original work "idiotic"!
  303. Hinano: There wasn't even a reaction from my soul gem...!
  304. Hinano: If so, then why...
  305. Hinano: When did those children receive the witch's kiss...?!
  306. Emiri: Now that you say so, that's definitely...
  307. Hinano: Regardless!
  308. Hinano: We need to find that witch as soon as possible!
  309. Emiri: Absolutely! I agree!
  310. Hinano: So that means you and I going to split up, Emiri!
  311. Emiri: Yup yup, split up! I agree...
  312. Emiri: SPLIT UPPPPPP?!
  313. Hinano: You're too loud...
  314. Emiri: But, but! That means!
  315. Emiri: After all we just said and did, you're saying to take independent action!
  316. Hinano: Don't poo-poo my idea! You're a magical girl, too, aren't you?!
  317. Hinano: The barrier is likely to be somewhere on the school grounds...!
  318. Hinano: Not only is this school large, it's pretty complex...
  319. Hinano: That would be most efficient way to locate the barrier.
  320. Emiri: Buuut... being alone...
  321. Hinano: You're not alone. You've got me, don't you?
  322. Hinano: If something happens, I'll come running immediately.
  323. Emiri: Myaako-senpai...
  324. Hinano: Believe me. I'll make sure you come back safely.
  325. Emiri: Senpai...
  326. Emiri: ...okay! I understand!
  327. Emiri: I believe in you, Myaako-senpai!
  328. Hinano: Mm, thank you.
  329. Hinano: All right, then!
  330. Hinano: I'll go this way, and you take the other way, Emiri!
  331. Emiri: Aye aye, sir!
  332. Hinano: I'll see you after...!
  333. Emiri: Yeah!
  335. -----
  337. Hinano: Emiri? What do you have?
  338. Emiri: Bingo!
  339. Hinano: Emiri?
  340. Emiri: I found it! I found it, Myaako-senpai!!
  341. Hinano: Really?!
  342. Hinano: I'll be right there! Just don't do anything reckless, Emiri!
  343. Emiri: Roger! I just went inside the barrier!
  344. Hinano: What is it like inside the barrier?
  345. Emiri: Hmm, I defeated a little familiar or two just a bit ago.
  346. Emiri: But it's fine! There's not really much going on!
  347. Hinano: I see... but being negligent is a no-no, all right?
  348. Emiri: I know, I know!
  349. Emiri: All right! Found it! It's the inner entrance, Senpai!
  350. Hinano: Wait there! I'll be right...
  351. Emiri: It's fiiiine! I'll be the spearhead!
  352. Hinano: Hey! Emi-...!
  353. Emiri: Into the inner entrance I go!
  354. Hinano: Ugh, seriously...
  355. Hinano: If it seems dangerous, get out immediately, okay?
  356. Emiri: Okay, okay!
  357. Emiri: Er, whaaa?!
  358. Hinano: Emiri?! What happened?!
  359. Emiri: The teacher's been pulled in here...!
  360. Hinano: The teacher...?!
  361. Hinano: The teacher is being controlled by the witch, too?!
  362. Emiri: Hm? Sensei, what do you have there...?
  363. Hinano: ...?
  364. Emiri: Iron sulfide... and... hydrochloric acid?
  365. Hinano: Did you say iron sulfide and hydrochloric acid...?!
  366. Emiri: Ah!!
  367. Emiri: I know exactly what you get when these two things react chemically!
  368. Emiri: Hydrogen sulfide!!
  369. Emiri: Ding ding ding! Emiri-chan, correct answer!
  370. Emiri: Wow, it's all thanks to my experience as an assistant.
  371. Hinano: This isn't the time to be proud of yourself!
  372. Hinano: Do you know what hydrogen sulfide does?!
  373. Emiri: Nope... that word isn't in my dictionary yet...
  374. Hinano: You idiot! Listen to my explanation!
  375. Hinano: It's an extremely dangerous toxic gas!
  376. Emiri: No way!!
  377. Hinano: For now just get out of there right away!!
  378. Hinano: (This witch is a complete science nerd...!)
  379. Hinano: (Hold on, Emiri...! I'll be there right away...!!)
  380. Hinano: Using science to take people's lives... that's something that cannot be forgiven!
  382. -----
  384. Chapter 3: The Great Myaako-senpai
  386. Familiar: *noises*
  387. Hinano: Tch!
  388. Hinano: It's these annoying ones that are always moving...
  389. Hinano: Na!!
  390. Familiar: *noises*
  391. Hinano: Seriously, just how much of a death wish do you have...?!
  392. Hinano: Are you trying to block my path?
  393. Hinano: GET! OUT! OF! MY! WAY!!
  394. Hinano: Seriously...!
  395. Hinano: They're really trying their all to keep me here.
  396. Hinano: Emiri? Are you okay?
  397. Hinano: Where are you? I'm in the barrier now, too.
  398. Emiri: Senpai...! *cough* The witch...
  399. Hinano: Emiri...?
  400. Emiri: *cough* *cough cough* I'm gonna...!
  401. Hinano: You...!
  402. Hinano: Idiot! Why didn't you run away?!!
  403. Emiri: Because...!
  404. Emiri: Every once in a while, I wanna defeat something without Myaako-senpai.
  405. Emiri: *cough cough* ...Like, a kouhai you can be proud of...!
  406. Emiri: Or a kouhai you can rely on...! *cough*
  407. Emiri: That's...
  408. Emiri: ...what I want to be!!
  409. Hinano: Emiri...!
  410. Hinano: Even though I said hydrogen sulfide is that dangerous...!
  411. Hinano: What were you listening to..?!!
  412. Hinano: It'd be dangerous even if it wasn't in an enclosed space!
  413. Hinano: Forget about the witch...! It's fine, for now...
  414. Hinano: Just get out of there!!
  415. Emiri: *cough* Ugh... okay...
  416. Emiri: I'm sorry.
  417. Emiri: In the end, I had to rely on you again, Myaako-senpai.
  418. Hinano: Forget about that...!
  419. *noises*
  420. Emiri: Hyau!!
  421. Hinano: Emiri?!
  422. Emiri: N-... no way!! *cough* *cough cough cough*
  423. Hinano: Emiri! What happened?!
  424. Emiri: Guuuh...! The witch's... attack... *cough*
  425. Emiri: Rubble is...! Guh...!
  426. Hinano: Rubble...?! Emiri?! Are you stuck in there?!
  427. Emiri: Senpa-... you got it...
  428. Emiri: This is bad... *cough* It doesn't seem like... I can get out...
  429. Hinano: Emiri!!
  430. Emiri: Maybe it would have saved me if I was...
  431. Emiri: ...a little bit smaller, like senpai...
  432. Hinano: ...!!
  433. Hinano: What are you saying at a time like this...?!!
  434. Hinano: Emiri! Emiri!!
  435. Hinano: Emiri!!
  436. Hinano: ... ...damn!
  437. Hinano: (The dreadfulness of hydrogen sulfide...)
  438. Hinano: (I know it so well that I hate it...!)
  439. Hinano: (I don't have time...! I've got to hurry...!!)
  441. -----
  443. Emiri: Senpaaaai! Can I close this up now?
  444. Hinano: Yeah, go ahead.
  445. Emiri: Hmhmmmm. ♪
  446. Emiri: Woahoahoahoah!!
  447. Hinano: --!!
  448. Hinano: Idiot!! What are you doing?!
  449. Emiri: Fueh?!
  450. Hinano: Aren't I always telling you to handle chemicals with care?!
  451. Emiri: Uuu... you don't need to get so angry about itttt...
  452. Hinano: Ah...
  453. Hinano: Ahhh... I apologize...
  454. Hinano: I just have some memories in my past involving dangerous chemicals...
  455. Hinano: So I ended up being a little oversensitive there...
  456. Emiri: What, what? What's that? What kind of "Miyako Folklore" are we talking about?!
  457. Hinano: Don't use such a weird title...
  458. Emiri: Dangerous, you said? Like how dangerous? Like super-crazy dangerous?
  459. Hinano: Yeah, like super-crazy dangerous.
  460. Hinano: Anyhow, that's the reason that I became a magical girl.
  461. Hinano: If I hadn't have met Kyubey there...
  462. Hinano: I probably would have died.
  463. Emiri: Died...?! Huhwhaaaa?!
  464. Emiri: Wait, what's that all about?! An accident?! An incident?!
  465. Hinano: No, it was just me reaping what I sowed.
  466. Hinano: It was my fault because I was messing around with a dangerous experiment and caused a release of toxic gas.
  467. Emiri: Ueeh... Why were you doing something so dangerous...
  468. Hinano: Well... I was a kid...
  469. Hinano: And I was being thoughtless...
  470. Hinano: I was pretty much to the point of doing dangerous things just to titillate my curiosity...
  471. Emiri: Fueh...
  472. Hinano: Senpai, you were surprisingly quite the dangerous woman, huh?
  473. Hinano: Dangerous woman, huh...
  474. Emiri: What about now? You don't do things types of crazy things anymore?
  475. Hinano: I quit that a long time ago.
  476. Hinano: That much discretion, knowing what was right to do was at least was a moment of growth, you could say.
  477. Emiri: Ohhh?
  478. Emiri: But that moment of growth never translated to your body, did it?
  479. Hinano: --?! Quiet, you!!
  481. -----
  483. Hinano: (Make it in time...! Please make it in time...!!)
  484. Hinano: --!!
  485. Hinano: Tch! There's a ton of debris blocking my way, huh...!!
  486. Hinano: It looks like it was blasted with a huge shot...!
  487. Hinano: My way through is in terrible shape...!
  488. Hinano: Grr...!
  489. Hinano: (This crevice... can I make it through...?)
  490. Hinano: (I could...!!)
  491. Hinano: (This is the only time...)
  492. Hinano: (This is the only time I'll be thankful for having this tiny body...!)
  493. Hinano: (Wait for me, you damn witch...!)
  494. Hinano: (Trying to keep me out with a wall of rubble...)
  495. Hinano: (...was the wrong choice...!)
  496. Hinano: Gu...nunu...!
  497. Hinano: ...there!
  498. Hinano: (I made it through...)
  499. Hinano: I'll fight through to get there as fast as I can!!
  500. Hinano: I'm there...! Haa, ha... The innermost entrance...!
  501. Hinano: I'm here! Emiri!!
  502. Hinano: ! Damn you...
  503. Hinano: ...trapping my cute kouhai in here...!
  504. Hinano: Don't mess with me... don't you mess with me...!
  505. Hinano: You think I'm going to let her...
  506. Hinano: ...get taken awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!
  507. Hinano: I can see her! Emiri!!
  508. Witch: *noises*
  509. Hinano: You, huh...
  510. Hinano: The one who laid your hands on my kouhai...
  512. Witch: *noises*
  513. Hinano: Emiri! Emiri?!
  514. Emiri: ...sen...pa-...?
  515. Hinano: Emiri...?!
  516. Emiri: *cough cough cough*
  517. Emiri: ...You really did...
  518. Emiri: ...come running for me...
  519. Hinano: Emiri...!
  520. Hinano: Idiot! Stupid! Fool! Half-wit!
  521. Emiri: ...I'm sorry. ...that I couldn't be useful... as a kouhai...
  522. Hinano: Idiot...! That's not what I mean...
  523. Hinano: Doing something so reckless...! For someone like me...!!
  524. Hinano: You've already done more than enough... to make me proud of you as my kouhai...!
  526. -----
  528. Emiri: But really, what was with that witch?
  529. Hinano: What about it?
  530. Emiri: Like...
  531. Emiri: It suddenly appeared without us getting any reaction from our soul gems...
  532. Hinano: Ahh... the elementary school one... that's certainly true.
  533. Hinano: If you were the only one there, Emiri, I'm thinking it's likely you would have simply overlooked it...
  534. Hinano: But since I was there, too, that didn't happen...
  535. Emiri: Whaaa! I was just casually insulted!
  536. Hinano: Haha, I was just kidding.
  537. Hinano: Well, magical girls, we need to be focused at all times, don't we...
  538. Emiri: I know, but still!
  539. Hinano: Hm?
  540. Emiri: I was so happy.
  541. Hinano: When you shed tears for me, Myaako-senpai.
  542. Hinano: Idi-...! I didn't cry!!
  543. Emiri: No way, I remember it cleaaarly?
  544. Emiri: I've got it recorded properly...
  545. Emiri: ...in my "Tokimeki Album Myaako's Side".
  546. Hinano: Don't make some creepy-sounding album!
  547. Emiri: But really, it was just like the time that we first met.
  548. Emiri: You showed up with a bang to save me again!
  549. Emiri: I really do respect you so much, Myaako-senpai!
  550. Emiri: Rescuing me...
  551. Emiri: And even defeating a witch by yourself!
  552. Hinano: "Respect"? Yeah right...!
  553. Hinano: You always belittle me and mock me.
  554. Emiri: But I really do respect you, Myaako-senpai.
  555. Hinano: W-... what...!
  556. Emiri: To want to rely on you whole-heartedly when the situation becomes desperate...
  557. Emiri: At least to me, Myaako-senpai is a being of greatness.
  558. Hinano: Emi-...
  559. Emiri: Even if your body is minimum!
  560. Hinano: You-...!
  561. Hinano: S-seriously, you?!
  562. Emiri: Kyahaha!
  563. Emiri: Myaako-senpai really is kyoooot!
  564. Hinano: Shut up! Let me go!!
  565. Emiri: Cheek rubbing penalty! ♪
  566. Hinano: Gueh! S-... stop!!
  567. Hinano: Seriously, saying all that strange stuff out of the blue. Has she gone mad...?
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