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Dec 6th, 2014
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  1. Nov 28 05:34:25 <angal> I'll try to simplify question. I have CB source. Am i allowed to build it to jar and use it personally, if i willn't distribute it?
  2. Nov 28 05:35:15 <Wolvereness> angal, Ribesg: No, you are not. It was stolen, and no one can grant you a license to convey the work at all, nor can you create derivative works (source->binary)
  3. Nov 28 05:36:04 <angal> Hm... That's good/
  4. Nov 28 05:36:18 <Wolvereness> angal: I'll also point out that "convey" can easily mean "from memory to hard drive", and it'd be COMPLETELY up to a jury to decide if the 150,000$ fine applies.
  5. Nov 28 05:37:57 <angal> But if i have a compiled CB server am i allowed to continue using it?
  6. Nov 28 05:38:18 <Wolvereness> angal: "from hard drive to memory" - does that sound like conveying?
  7. Nov 28 05:38:30 <Ribesg> WAT IF RAMDISK
  8. Nov 28 05:38:54 <Wolvereness> Ribesg: "from memory to CPU registers"
  9. Nov 28 05:39:08 <BillyGalbreath> under that logic all the existing 1.7 and older servers are in violation as well, Wolvereness
  10. Nov 28 05:39:26 <Wolvereness> BillyGalbreath: They are, and I haven't gotten around to beginning proceedings
  11. Nov 28 05:39:29 <Ribesg> Starting from commit #1 by wolv
  12. Nov 28 05:40:38 <BillyGalbreath> i originally thought this whole charade was some backlash at mojang. now i'm beginning to feel otherwise. whats your motive, wolv?
  13. Nov 28 05:40:49 <BillyGalbreath> you are attacking the community personally, now
  14. Nov 28 05:40:51 <BillyGalbreath> not mojang
  15. Nov 28 05:42:50 <angal> Ok. Thank you very much. Wolv, good luck in what you doing. Hope you will reach your goals.
  16. Nov 28 05:43:04 <Wolvereness> BillyGalbreath: I intend to enforce my copyright.
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