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Jul 18th, 2018
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  1. the incident is that there's no incidents happening? for, like, a bigass While now? and all the youkai are weirdly unmotivated and aren't attacking people?
  3. reimu realizes that this itself is an incident and heads out. the forest of magic has like No youkai in it except for stage 1 boss girl, a mandragora-- she usually stays underground bc she's shy but now that nobody's around to eavesdrop on her singing, she's singing her dang heart out and Oh My God It's Like Mike Kirby Everyone Run
  5. reimu heads to the human village and just about screams because there is. Literally A Freaking Redcap, the most violent and antisocial of all faeries/goblins/etc., right there in the middle of the street?!?!
  7. and she's just chilling. she's not hurting anyone even though she's one of Gensokyo's Most Wanted Troublemakers (by reimu's standards), her hat's bloody color has faded, she's asking everyone who walks by if they wanna sit down an have a nice spot o' tea. (mad hatter motif.)
  9. reimu declines her tea invitation, fights her for good measure, and is generally weirded the heck out. why is this lil weirdo suddenly a harmless member of society??
  11. stage 3, big pond behind the hakurei shrine, reimu's retired home for the night bc she found No Clues Whatsoever for once. when suddenly the local melusine shows up and says 'yo hey the mastermind's down here in the pond'. according to her, the mastermind's assistant (stage 4 boss) has been gallivanting all over gensokyo with magic invisible chains and magic bullets that the mastermind made, chaining up all the youkai so that they'll behave themselves and won't harm any humans. melusine herself got chained up, stuffed in a maid outfit, and designated the gate guard of the mastermind's lair. she fights reimu anyway to check real quick if she can handle herself down there, but is generally Extremely cordial and helpful. thanks melusine
  13. stage 4: reimu heads down into the lake. it's way bigger on the inside. boss is the mastermind's assistant, she calls the mastermind 'Teach'. she was a regular girl in the human village who was Extremely scared of youkai, and the mastermind walked on up to her one day and was like 'hey i need someone to help me with my youkai-subjugating plans, you up for it' and she was like 'YEAH'. kind of like kosuzu's revelation in forbidden scrollery gone wrong lol
  15. she's a gunslinger armed with Magic Bullets that are extremely effective against things that bring harm to humans. conceptually it's a mashup of A) silver bullets that kill werewolves and vampires and stuff, and B) "magic bullets" in the field of antibiotics.
  17. her theme song's called Chemical Trigger Happy and given the whole 'bio-tech' motif vibe that the stage has going on, i was expecting it to sound way more Koishi or Nue-esque, but no, it's super bright and cheery? it really like, gives an impression of her personality as someone who's 100%, unwaveringly convinced that she's being a hero and benefiting humanity. imo. it's neat.
  19. stage 5: artificial world within the lake, heavily based on Yaldabaoth's 'world of emptiness' that makes up our material world in Gnosticism. boss is the mastermind, Philippa Aureola Theophrastia Bombastia von Hohenheim. ostensibly human (her hat and tail are handmade, for Fashion), possibly literally paracelsus. she's straight-up Touhou Paracelsus and her backstory is a condensed biography of the guy, but whether she's literally the exact same individual is deliberately vague. imagine whichever you like
  21. genius scientist who can produce any material from salt, mercury and sulfur. has made like, a bunch of philosopher's stones and the like, but that's child's play for her. ultimately wants to Usher Humanity Into a New Era of Enlightenment. of course all the philosopher's stones and stuff she made resulted in all the other alchemists greedily banging down her door, and after a while of being on the run she drifted into Gensokyo (as one does). ...where she eventually had The Kosuzu Revelation (TM) but unlike kosuzu, she'd rather subjugate all the youkai, liberate humanity and turn gensokyo into an enlightened paradise forever!!!!!!!! (she doesn't really realize why gensokyo's there in the first place and still views the youkai as one-sidedly all-powerful overlords. oops)
  23. we beat her up but it turns out she's growing an omniscient Perfect Human (TM) homunculus in the basement, who will serve as the vanguard of humanity's liberation. surely this will go off without a single hitch (it won't lol)
  25. stage 6 boss is Ai Hinoide, the homunculus. she has all-reaching knowledge of everything from birth, as homunculi do. right as she steps out of the pod she knows who reimu is, what's going on, why she's there, everything about gensokyo, etc etc. as a Perfect Being (TM) she can never make a mistake and shall never be defeated............ ostensibly.
  27. of course with all the demiurge motifs flying around, she's not perfect. and she herself has a hunch that that's the case. she's way more chill and doesn't really seem to care about philippa's youkai subjugation plans (lol), but is ready and willing to fight reimu anyway, to confirm whether she really is a perfect being or not.
  28. her final card is visually pretty plain but i really like it conceptually-- the triangle bullet lines juuuuuuust barely don't connect at the end, an Ideal being eternally unfinished. Do You Get It It's A Demiurge Motif Thing, It's Neat
  30. philippa and her protege are super disappointed by ai's imperfection, and dejectedly spend the next few weeks going around and unchaining all the youkai. ai drops by the shrine to tell reimu this, casually accepting of her imperfection and (as usual) deciding to chill out as a resident of fantasy. yaaaay
  32. overall the whole thing was an exercise for the creator in making 'a Touhou game concept & music that are both absolutely un-Touhou-like'. hence why it's packed to the gills western alchemy and gnosticism stuff. after the staff roll it's like 'and now we return to our regular brand of fantasy' w/ the upcoming EX boss's silhouette
  34. The End (TM)
  36. -----------------------------------------
  38. 東方人哀篇 ~ Uncreatable Idea. - by Burnyuho
  39. (i dunno the JP title pronunciation but the kanji are 人 'human', 哀 'grief' and 篇 'volume/chapter/verse/etc.'
  40. *愛 (love) and 哀 (grief) are both pronounced 'ai'. Ai Hinode's name is in hiragana so she's simultaneously both and neither
  42. Easy Mode - Table Salt Level
  43. Normal Mode - Sulfur Level
  44. Hard Mode - Mercury Level
  45. Lunatic Mode - N/A (if it were me i'd go with Prima Materia Level? that sounds nice)
  46. Extra Mode - coming soon....................................
  48. Player - Reimu Hakurei, The Shrine Maiden Unrestrained by Science
  49. (her shot and bomb are just like, *Null Sign "No actual gameplay in this video sorry"* lol)
  51. no marisa. sorry. maybe she'll be in extra mode.... i hope.......... .w.
  53. Stage 1 - A Song of Madness Echoing Through the Silence ~ Lunatic Song
  54. (Forest of Magic - Silent)
  55. Boss: Blithely Unaware Lunatic Singer, Kanoko Nasu
  56. Species: Mandragora / Ability: Singing songs
  58. Scream Sign "Alkaloid Scream"
  59. Mad Song "Lunatic Song"
  61. Stage 2 - The Redcap's Tea Party ~ Strange Teaparty
  62. (Human Village)
  63. Boss: The Mad Tea Party's Host, Theophilia Cinnabar
  64. Species: Redcap / Ability: Dyeing her hat with humans' blood
  66. Tea Party "Happy Unbirthday!"
  67. Tea Party "Watch Stopped at 6-o'Clock"
  68. Rare Song "Twinkle Bat"
  69. Red Hat "Rust-Colored Mad Hatter"
  71. Stage 3 - A Snake Tied to Chains ~ Melusine
  72. (Pond behind the Hakurei Shrine grounds - Night)
  73. Boss: The Trapped Ouroboros, Melusina Brittany
  74. Species: Snake-woman / Ability: Manipulating endlessness
  76. Chain Sign "Red Chain of Subservience"
  77. Snake Sign "Forbidden Bath"
  78. Snake Sign "Diana's Curse" *
  79. Twin Snakes "Trapped Ouroboros"
  81. *all the other cards in the game are easily Google-able or Wikipedia-able, but this one's a little more obscure so: reference to a story of a Dragonmaid (lady whomst got turned into a dragon by the goddess Diana?) recorded in The Travels of Sir John Mandeville. oddly enough, i can't find any English mentions of this particular anecdote? but at any rate someone slapped it into JP wikipedia which is probably where the creator found it
  83. Stage 4 - The Wisdom of Humanity Dubbed 'Magic Bullets' ~ Antibiotics
  84. (Pond behind the Hakurei Shrine grounds - Underwater)
  85. Boss: The Freischütz of Magic Bullets, Hekiko Alexandria Kabino (*she made up her own middle name in an attempt to imitate philippa lol)
  86. Species: Human / Ability: Shooting magic bullets
  88. Magic Bullet "Hata Sahachirou's Magic Bullet"
  89. Magic Bullet "Domagk's Magic Bullet"
  90. Magic Bullet "Waksman's Magic Bullet"
  91. "Penicillium Bullet"
  93. Stage 5 - Creator of the World of Emptiness ~ Demiurge
  94. (World of Emptiness)
  95. Boss: Yaldabaoth of the World of Emptiness, Philippa Aureola Theophrastia Bombastia von Hohenheim
  96. Species: Human? / Ability: Creating any material out of sulfur, mercury and salt
  98. Sulfur "Burning Activity"
  99. Mercury "Flowing Possibility"
  100. Salt "Combining Bindability"
  101. "Gensokyo's Demiourgos"
  102. Tria Prima "Base Material of All Things"
  104. Stage 6 - The Truth Within the Flask ~ Can Humans create the idea?
  105. (World of Emptiness - Alchemy Research Lab)
  106. Boss: Perfect(?) Artificial Human, Ai Hinoide
  107. Species: Artificial human (Homunculus) / Ability: Being perfect (ostensibly)
  109. Sorrow "Avarice of Sophia"
  110. Sorrow "Fall of Sophia"
  111. Sorrow "Aeons Being Imitated"
  112. Sorrow "Universe of Emptiness Being Constructed"
  113. "Pneuma of Human Hearts -Divine Spark-"
  114. "Idea of Fantasy" *as in a platonic idea (ideal)
  116. BGM
  117. Title - Fantasy Research Laboratory
  119. S1 - Gensokyo in Silence ~ Silent Incident
  120. B1 - Singing Mandragora ~ Lunatic Song
  122. S2 - An Utterly Unprecedented Bizarre Case
  123. B2 - Inscrutible Tea Party ~ Strange Teaparty
  125. S3 - Fantastic Night Flight Behind the Shrine Grounds
  126. B3 - Melusine of Subservience ~ Dragonmaid
  128. S4 - Lakebed Shoot-Out
  129. B4 - Chemical Trigger Happy
  131. S5 - The Fantasy Philosophy that the Girl Sang of ~ Fantastic Neoplatonism
  132. B5 - White-Coated Creator God ~ Dream of Dr. Jaldabaoth
  134. S6 - The Truth Casts a Shadow on the World of Reality
  135. B6 - Perfect Human ~ Dream of Humanity
  137. Ending - Knowing Not Love, Humans Know Grief *see title footnote
  138. Staff Roll - Reverie Pursuit Laboratory
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