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  1. jumblecomb: give me your password
  2. jumblecomb: please
  3. dundee: masturbate on cam
  4. dundee: please
  5. jumblecomb: password first
  6. dundee: prove you will
  7. jumblecomb: i was shakira on ytmnsfw ive done it before
  8. dundee: literally who
  9. jumblecomb: shakira I posted a lot
  10. jumblecomb: now im banned from for some reason
  11. dundee: you can register a new account
  12. jumblecomb: it says im banned when i try
  13. dundee: arey ou using a vpn or proxy?
  14. dundee: neither of those are allowed.. i think
  15. dundee: cbf checking out
  16. jumblecomb: no im not i dont even know how to use that
  17. dundee: i imagine you are a neurotic person just from all this
  18. dundee: are you happy with life in general?
  19. jumblecomb: id be happyer with you're password
  20. dundee: lmao
  21. dundee: holy shit why is that shithole backwater forum so important to you?
  22. jumblecomb: why is it so important to you you dont even post anymore
  23. dundee: do you even know who i am?
  24. jumblecomb: barypoothead
  25. dundee: i made my own forum in revolt of how ruby was managing his forum actually
  26. dundee: and i just havnt been bothered to shut it down
  27. dundee: i dont even care about it tbqh
  28. dundee: dont care about rubys either
  29. jumblecomb: so give me you're password let me post
  30. dundee: stop deliberaetely mispelling or misusing words
  31. dundee: jeez
  32. jumblecomb: im nopt
  33. dundee: you're = you are
  34. dundee: how old are you
  35. jumblecomb: 28 mr grammer police
  36. dundee: steveyos?
  37. jumblecomb: no
  38. dundee: pissjugs?
  39. jumblecomb: no
  40. dundee: sigge?
  41. jumblecomb: i told you already
  42. dundee: akiraaaA
  43. dundee: or shakiraaa
  44. jumblecomb: shakira
  45. dundee: i have a bed memory if we talked a lot
  46. jumblecomb: i had a pic of shakira as my avitar
  47. dundee: oh you had some sort of meme gimmick thing?
  48. jumblecomb: no i posted normal
  49. dundee: were you as hated as me?
  50. dundee: probably not
  51. jumblecomb: marks89 gave me a lot of shit just like you
  52. jumblecomb: hed spam hips dont lie every time i posted
  53. dundee: hes a very toxic person
  54. jumblecomb: id say fag
  55. dundee: no limitations
  56. dundee: lol
  57. dundee: my only gripe with him is he doesnt drop it
  58. dundee: weird fucker
  59. jumblecomb: he got nothing better to do
  60. jumblecomb: no life
  61. dundee: yeah, single 30 something, in the prime of his life, lots of money
  62. dundee: actually he now has a girl
  63. dundee: but seriously dont know why not sooner when girls in their 30s freak out and will take any stable guy
  64. dundee: anyway, how about i give you an alt account?
  65. dundee: lemme find out what i got
  66. jumblecomb: k ty
  67. dundee: i got
  68. dundee: a
  69. dundee: lmao i got an alt im happy to part with
  70. dundee: but
  71. dundee: it has a very bad repution
  72. dundee: would you settle for that?
  73. dundee: an alt that people hated
  74. dundee: my goal was to be as annoying as possible
  75. dundee: its too easy
  76. dundee: guess you arent interested...
  77. dundee: oh well
  78. jumblecomb: yea ill take it
  79. dundee: u: L0Rd $h1t wr3cka1488 p: NIGGERDEATH
  80. dundee: damn i only made 11 posts on it
  81. dundee: guess i got bored
  82. dundee: anyway enjoy
  83. dundee: you dont have to masturbate on cam for me btw... unless youre a girl... and if you want to
  84. jumblecomb: ty
  85. jumblecomb: so mush
  86. dundee: what purpose will this serve?
  87. dundee: just to post?
  88. jumblecomb: yea
  89. jumblecomb: im bedridin
  90. dundee: theyre a bunch of fags mate
  91. dundee: oh
  92. dundee: youre getting better tho right?
  93. jumblecomb: they cant say yet
  94. dundee: i guess dont get emotionally invested in that group of people
  95. dundee: some of them are terrible as fuck
  96. jumblecomb: i ben there since 2005 i know
  97. dundee: what happened to alt ktrl kick and the forum babby
  98. dundee: wasnt that like ewoks or some shit
  99. jumblecomb: last i herd she was fighting to keep it from the state
  100. dundee: addict?
  101. jumblecomb: yea
  102. dundee: sad
  103. jumblecomb: forum babys will never have hapopy lifes
  104. dundee: jon and this new bitch cag are at it
  105. dundee: you up to date on that?
  106. dundee: i mean jon is like a genius rain man retard who has lots of money
  107. dundee: but hes settling for a 5/10 face and an ex coke addict/stripper
  108. jumblecomb: i dont know cag
  109. dundee: shes some dumb whore bitch form another forum
  110. dundee: its all my fault
  111. dundee: i brought a lot of horrible people there just to get back at them for being assholes to me a lot
  112. dundee: now i dont even care about posting there
  113. jumblecomb: i miss alol
  114. dundee: was it that good?
  115. dundee: i tried posting there once but one of the super mods didnt like my brand of posting
  116. jumblecomb: thats why it was good we had strict membership requermints
  117. dundee: lol
  118. dundee: i wasnt as bad as a lot that is available at rubynet right now
  119. dundee: some of the guys thought i was fresh air but that is subjective i gues
  120. dundee: dont you hte how complicated humnans are
  121. jumblecomb: you were there bgd lol
  122. dundee: lmao
  123. dundee: yes
  124. dundee: stop
  125. dundee: im starting to get nostalgia
  126. jumblecomb: sry lol
  127. dundee: the shit thing about nostalgia is that it seems grand since you can no longer possess or experience it
  128. dundee: not because it was actually spectacular
  129. jumblecomb: inorite
  130. dundee: ruby needs to die so i can inherit his forum(its in his will) and then finally fix it up
  131. dundee: make it good
  132. dundee: remove clay as admin
  133. dundee: jon
  134. dundee: deso
  135. jumblecomb: who wuld you add
  136. dundee: monde
  137. dundee: probably make dp super mod
  138. dundee: because hes funny as fuck
  139. dundee: he wiull ban peeople for the dumbest reasons and it will keep me busy unbanning people
  140. jumblecomb: make sure you ban that vegen guy hes the worse
  141. dundee: stompleb?
  142. dundee: formerly stomplebane
  143. jumblecomb: he tryed to get into alol 90000000 times everyon hated him
  144. dundee: he tries really hard
  145. dundee: i think vegan is literally a long running joke
  146. dundee: like he just says it
  147. dundee: he has some major issues
  148. dundee: i kind of feel bad for him
  149. jumblecomb: its his own fault
  150. dundee: he has serious trust issues
  151. dundee: he must have been hurt a lot growing up
  152. dundee: callous as fuck
  153. jumblecomb: he just likes being annoying like steveyos666
  154. jumblecomb: wow 30 pms from juji telling you to leave lol
  155. dundee: lol
  156. dundee: stomple has cheeky dry humor
  157. dundee: he should have been born in england tbh
  158. dundee: i was being an asshole on that account )
  159. jumblecomb: you have a strange idea of what humor means
  160. jumblecomb: who is popaloo
  161. dundee: im australia
  162. dundee: australian*
  163. dundee: poopalew is some guys bot
  164. dundee: posts grabastic nonsencial horse shit
  165. dundee: that is "humor"
  166. dundee: if my humor is weird and the poopalew concept isnt
  167. dundee: then fuck my asshole and rape my sister
  168. jumblecomb: if you insest
  169. jumblecomb: did you know gush is dead
  170. dundee: no
  171. jumblecomb: murder
  172. dundee: someone killed her?
  173. jumblecomb: they found her in a car with a gunshot to the tempel
  174. jumblecomb: no gun in the car so it wasnt sucide
  175. dundee: is there an article on this?
  176. jumblecomb: oleander showed me a clip he scanned from houston chronical maybe its on there site
  177. dundee: what year was this?
  178. jumblecomb: may or june i think
  179. dundee: cant find anything online
  180. dundee: i doubt its validity
  181. jumblecomb: olender isnt usully a lier
  182. jumblecomb: it was a imgur link i dont have it anymore
  183. dundee: im sure it would have been passed around to me if legit
  184. jumblecomb: clay would know he knew her irl
  185. jumblecomb: she gave him a bj lol
  186. dundee: that pedo fuck!
  187. dundee: she was 17
  188. dundee: or maybe just turned 18
  189. jumblecomb: 17 is legal in tx
  190. dundee: clay tried to get me to meet a girl he knew in sydney
  191. dundee: somewhere around the same time gush was trying to get someone to beat me up irl for money
  192. dundee: i have had a weird feeling that clay was trying to set me up for gush because hes a bitch
  193. dundee: but that was like 5 years ago
  194. jumblecomb: clay has been in and out of loony bins most of his life
  195. jumblecomb: thats why he disappers for months at a time
  196. dundee: i think he does uppers?
  197. dundee: he said he was "jacked up" once on an IM
  198. jumblecomb: lithium
  199. dundee: i think he meant drugs not steroids
  200. jumblecomb: is a anti psicotic
  201. dundee: he always came off as a cheeky fuck
  202. dundee: rude
  203. dundee: sometimes obnoxious
  204. jumblecomb: hes real deal crazy
  205. dundee: couldnt picture him being insane
  206. jumblecomb: i think he killed gush
  207. dundee: what a tragic ending
  208. dundee: i would not take that on faith alone
  209. jumblecomb: if you knew him like i do you wood
  210. jumblecomb: do you know why m0nde got divorced
  211. dundee: not really
  212. dundee: he never actually talked about it
  213. dundee: i think the most he mentioned was they drifted apart or some shit
  214. dundee: maybe communication broke down idont know
  215. jumblecomb: rape acusation
  216. jumblecomb: almost went to trial
  217. dundee: what
  218. jumblecomb: a woman at work accused him of rape he got fired arrested fingerprinted
  219. jumblecomb: it was dropped before the trial but allison believed it happened
  220. dundee: what a dumb bitch
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