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  1. Source:http://wiadomosci.gazeta.pl/wiadomosci/1,114884,11046835,Ambasada_USA_monitoruje_dzialania_komisji_sejmowej.html
  2. Translated by:madhatter87
  4. The USA embassy is curious about how the Polish deputies vote on ACTA. "It's a scandal"
  6. The employee of the US embassy in Warsaw has called the Polish Sejm and asked about the party discipline during the voting on desideratum for the PM in the case of ACTA. "-This is scandalous, we are not under President Obama's administration"-the abashed politician comment.
  8. The case of the strange call of the US embassy was noticed by TVN24.
  11. Yesterday the comission of innovation and new technologies has accepted the desideratum forcing the PM Donald Tusk to delay the signing of ACTA. That desideratum has been accepted because three deputies from PO, PSL and SLD were not there.
  13. The day after the voting the representative of the US Embassy has called the Polish government to ask about how have the deputies voted on ACTA.
  15. "-It was around 11.00 in the morning when an employee from the US Embassy called. She was curious about the voting.He has counted the votes and she thought some of the deputies vere missing.  Eight deputies were for, three against, four have held up.Something's wrong here, because some votes seem to be missing." - said Mieczysław Golba from Solidarna Polska.
  18. "-If the US embassy was just interested in the voting itself, it's okay with us. But questioning about party discipline is scandalous"-says Sławomir Neumann from PO.-"Americans should calm down a little,as such behaviour is an interference into the internal affairs of the Polish parliament. We can treat Americans as friends, but there are some borders that one shouldn't cross.We are partners, but not a parliament dependent on the Congress or the president's Obama administration."
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