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Mar 24th, 2010
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  2. <ajax> X really doesn't have much to do with cut/paste, directly.
  3. <ajax> X only has things called selections, and atoms.
  4. <ajax> atoms are just strings of data, that are given integer handles (like file descriptors)
  5. <ajax> some of those atoms, by convention, are used to implement copy and paste; the value of the CLIPBOARD atom is the clipboard contents.
  6. <ajax> you can assert ownership of an atom by treating it as a selection.
  7. <ajax> (i think i'm getting this right)
  8. <ajax> the point is, it's all a client convention. there may be additional requests X could offer, to allow you to do things more performantly, or to guarantee more atomic semantics
  9. <ajax> but X doesn't have any particular knowledge about what a given selection _means_
  10. <ajax> and there are selections used for things other than the clipboard
  11. <aganice> that makes sense
  12. <ajax> so you can't just change how selections work
  13. <ajax> in particular, that the server doesn't store clipboard contents greedily (whenever you select them) is a real performance win
  14. <ajax> "copying" a url to a jpg out of firefox might mean copying the url, or might mean copying the image contents; depending on where you paste.
  15. <alanc> if X.Org still maintained the ICCCM, it might be a place to work out improvements, but I think freedesktop has pretty much taken that over now with EMWH, etc.
  16. <ajax> so not uploading the whole image is worthwhile if it never gets evaluated as an image by a client.
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