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Song for my Lover

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  1. [Song For My Lover]
  3. [Verse 1]
  4. When the cold air settles
  5. On your crystallizing, frozen skin
  6. There I am
  7. The overprotective guardian of your room
  8. You don't deserve the bad things
  9. That happened to you and how they bounce around the halls
  10. I feel like I failed you
  11. But I promise I'll do better
  13. [Verse 2]
  14. Now show me how
  15. Teach me the way to flip the page
  16. I'll box away my weakness
  17. And guilt that I have to give you strength
  18. Now I fear
  19. I'll be a drunkard on a stage
  20. and all I'll be is just, someone that brought you shame
  22. [Verse 3]
  23. So glide across
  24. The glistening purple ocean
  25. We can stand above the thorns and burning showers
  26. Now here you sleep
  27. While I guard your beautiful room
  28. I'll sneak away and become the boy
  29. Who's fear makes him think he's not good enough for you
  31. [Refrain]
  32. Teraz możesz spać, obiecuję, że wkrótce tam wejdę.
  34. Thank god I hope you know
  35. I'll do anything for you
  36. Thank god you've never hear
  37. The good things I've said for you
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