MH - S01 E15.5

May 19th, 2019
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  1. [21:37] <Darkling> It was two days later, and the girls were back in school, and everything seemed pretty normal. The fact that they had been in an encounter with a demon a few days back seemed a bit hard to fathom as they ate their lunch outside.
  2. [21:40] <Darkling> The weather today was noticably cooler than the previous ones, Autumn proceeding along at a good pace. Coloured leaves blew about them on the ground as Elisa ate her pudding cup watchign the others in silence.
  3. [21:40] <@Mr_Rage> Bento and chopsticks and everything, Izumi sits against a tree, jacket draped over her shoulders to ward away the breeze. "Om~"
  4. [21:42] <Midnight_> Tina hummed to herself as she played around with the school'
  5. [21:42] <Midnight_> 's provided fries and 'mystery meat.'
  6. [21:47] <Darkling> "So, we're not going to turn into like, the Scooby Doo gang, are we?"
  7. [21:48] <DBN006> Billy has an uneaten bologna sandwich nearby. "Pretty sure that wasn't a dude in a rubber mask."
  8. [21:52] <Midnight_> "Also we don't have a dog."
  9. [21:53] <Avaline> "Not usually anyway." Avaline says, feasting on a salad. "Bet I know how we could change that."
  10. [21:54] <@Mr_Rage> "Why not? Not like anyone else doing anything to fix things around here." Om, a little tako-dog disappears into Izumi's mouth.
  11. [21:56] <Darkling> "I don't think I'm cut out for that sort of thing anyway."
  12. [21:57] <Midnight_> "Also it kinda really cut into school work. My parents were getting worried."
  13. [21:58] <DBN006> "Hangin' out with the wrong crowd?"
  14. [21:59] <Midnight_> "Not doing any homework."
  15. [21:59] <DBN006> "Because you're-- nevermind." Billy stands and stretches.
  16. [22:00] <@Mr_Rage> "Snkh~"
  17. [22:05] <Darkling> Suddenly a soccer ball flies out of nowhere beaming Avaline in the back of the head.
  18. [22:06] <Avaline> Avaline blinks. Then she wobbles, staring into space with a dumbfounded expression.
  19. [22:06] * DBN006 grunts, looking in the direction it flew from.
  20. [22:07] <Midnight_> "Ava! Are you ok?" Tina goes over to check on her. "Geez..."
  21. [22:08] <Darkling> There's a guy running over, Sam. His hands are up already. "Sorry! Sorry!"
  22. [22:08] <Avaline> "I feel like a meteor slammed into the back of my head."
  23. [22:08] <DBN006> Billy growls, wondering if she should feed him the ball anyway.
  24. [22:08] <@Mr_Rage> "Fufufu~"
  25. [22:09] <Darkling> "I really didn't mean to. It kind of got away from me. Are you alright?"
  26. [22:09] <Midnight_> Tina looks at Sam. "Were you trying to knock her brains out? Geez dude."
  27. [22:09] <Avaline> Avaline makes her best derp face and blank expression, complete with drool.
  28. [22:10] <Darkling> His friend is waltzing over now. "What's the holdup man, get our ball back!"
  29. [22:13] <Midnight_> "It's right there. Just take it. Now I have to find a way to put poor Ava's brains back in."
  30. [22:14] <@Mr_Rage> A sharp heel prods Ava in the butt. "That easy; she always such a smart ass so her brain fall down here."
  31. [22:14] <Darkling> "I said I was sorry already." He takes the ball and turns away, tossing it to his friend.
  32. [22:16] <Darkling> Then the bell rings ending lunch.
  33. [22:18] <Midnight_> Tina puts out a hand to help Ava up. "Those jerks."
  34. [22:18] <DBN006> "Back to the cells, inmates," Billy mutters.
  35. [22:19] <@Mr_Rage> Hup! "Why jerks?"
  36. [22:20] <Midnight_> "I don't know. They bashed Ava in the head."
  37. [22:21] <Darkling> Elisa packs up her bag and gets up. Can you walk alright or shoudl we take you to the nurse?"
  38. [22:23] <DBN006> "If she can make faces she's fine."
  39. [22:28] <Darkling> Elisa shrugs and leaves Tina to tend to Ava and heads into the school.
  40. [22:31] <Avaline> "Eh... I guess it was an accident. Right? No permanent harm done." Avaline says, dropping the retard act.
  41. [22:32] <DBN006> Billy heads inside reluctantly.
  42. [22:34] <Midnight_> "Well I'll fix it." Tina says, patting Ava's head softly.
  43. [22:34] <Avaline> Avaline does as well.
  44. [22:36] <Darkling> Just as Elisa reaches the doors they swing open, startling her and she falss back. Felicia's standing there with two other girls. "Oops, did I do that?"
  45. [22:37] <Midnight_> Tina folows Ava up to the doors. "Oh God. These guys again?"
  46. [22:37] <DBN006> Billy easily lifts Elisa onto her feet with one hand.
  47. [22:38] <@Mr_Rage> "Hff." Hands to her hips, Izumi watches, waiting to see if this a drive-by or if the trio'll dig their heels in.
  48. [22:39] <Darkling> Elisa brushes herself off. "Thanks."
  49. [22:40] <Darkling> "You tramps going to apologize for getting in our way?"
  50. [22:47] <DBN006> All seems perfectly call with Billy until she suddenly snaps into action. She runs right for Felicia and jumps at the last moment, legs out for a running front dropkick. Someone watched WWE.
  51. [22:48] <@Mr_Rage> "!!"
  52. [22:50] <Avaline> Avaline grins.
  53. [22:59] <Darkling> Felicia's face lights up like a deer in headlights as Billy's feet connect with it.
  54. [23:00] <Billy_Blackfeather> Apparently Billy hasn't done this before though. With no way to land safely she ends up hurting herself in the process landing on those concrete stairs.
  55. [23:01] <Darkling> "Mah noshe!!" the girl wails on the ground.
  56. [23:01] <Midnight_> Tina's eyes widen as she suddenly realize what's happening. "Holy crap Billy!"
  57. [23:01] <@Mr_Rage> "Billy!" Izumi's voice is simultaneously scathing and concerned, like being whipped with velvet or swaddled in briars, as she picks up the werewolf.
  58. [23:02] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Worth it," she croaks, winded from her own fall.
  59. [23:04] <Darkling> The two girls with Felicia are over the toppled girl, then one runs off yelling for a teacher.
  60. [23:04] <Avaline> Avaline cracks up.
  61. [23:06] <@Mr_Rage> "Tsk! We need to be not here."
  62. [23:07] <Darkling> "Izumi's right. You're going to be in a lot of trouble Billy."
  63. [23:07] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Running off isn't gonna stop 'em."
  64. [23:08] <Midnight_> "But the teacher. Izumi can you stop them?"
  65. [23:09] <@Mr_Rage> An exhale. "I try." And off she goes, trying to catch up!
  66. [23:10] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I'm getting expelled for this probably." Her eyes call on Felicia again.
  67. [23:11] <Darkling> "You broke my noshe!!" She screams, swatting at the girl that was trying to console her.
  68. [23:11] <Midnight_> "Well...You were being a bitch, again, for the thousandth time."
  69. [23:13] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy moves up the stairs toward Felicia again though she is limping, eyes daring her remaining flunky to stop her.
  70. [23:14] <Darkling> "HAven't you done enough already?"
  71. [23:15] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Want me to do it to you instead?"
  72. [23:16] <Midnight_> "Billy? What did Elisa do?"
  73. [23:19] <Darkling> She shrinks away from Billy.
  74. [23:22] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy places herself over Felicia, a foot planted on either side before squatting down. "So listen, skank." Billy reaches down, a hand firmly to Felicia's chest to keep her down. "The forest. The school. The town. Its all my territory. You may think its yours because I let you do what you want until now. That's over."
  75. [23:23] <Darkling> "Screw you bith."
  76. [23:24] <Avaline> Avaline snickers.
  77. [23:24] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy grins now, grabbing the girl's shirt and lifting her enough to whisper.
  78. [23:27] <Darkling> "Billy." Elisa starts. "Don't make this worse. She already looks like she got kicked by a donkey."
  79. [23:29] * Mr_Rage (~TuTu-Ru~@Rizon-61A5351B.dsl.netins.net) Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
  80. [23:36] * Izumi_C (~Derp@Rizon-61A5351B.dsl.netins.net) has joined #MHL
  81. [23:45] <Billy_Blackfeather> A brief and sympathetic look at Elisa before Billy stands, dragging Felicia towards a set of garbage cans.
  82. [23:50] <Darkling> "Let go of meh!" She yells. "You cand do thish!"
  83. [23:51] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy just grunts, looking for the nastiest can to stuff the girl into.
  84. [23:52] <Darkling> There's one by the door not far that most the kids have throw their lunches into after coming in.
  85. [23:53] <Billy_Blackfeather> Perfect. She opens the top, tossing it aside, before dumping Felicia in face-first.
  86. [23:57] <Midnight_> Tina does her best to hide a particularity huge grin.
  87. [23:58] <Darkling> Elisa sighs.
  88. [00:04] <Darkling> The girl struggles and flops, toppling the garbage over.
  89. [00:05] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sits down on the steps to wait.
  90. [00:10] <Izumi_C> Izumi's heels click click, coming up behind Billy. "There no teacher coming, so get to class."
  91. [00:10] <Midnight_> Tina sighs with relief. "Oh good!"
  92. [00:10] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Crap, that sounds worse than being suspended." As if she'd done nothing else since Izumi left she gets up and heads inside.
  93. [00:12] <Izumi_C> The Japanese girl rubs at her arm, sighing. Once Billy's out of sight, she heads over to the fallen Felicia, lackey in tow, to help the queen bitch up.
  94. [00:13] <Darkling> "Don't touch me!" She shouts.
  95. [00:14] <Izumi_C> "Hey--hey! I trying to help, just relax. Hold still. Ask your friend."
  96. [00:15] <Darkling> "Listen to her hon." The girl says as she picks a banana peel off Felicia.
  97. [00:19] <Darkling> "Why are you doing tis?" She sounds defeated at this point.
  98. [00:22] <Izumi_C> "Like Billy more than I don't like you." Is--should she be touching the break like that? Whatever she's doing, instead of causing extreme pain, it feels... pleasant. As though Izumi were just tickling her nose, rather than massaging it back into place, fingers sticky with blood. "'Sides, would be waste not to use my skills to make someone feel good."
  99. [00:25] <Darkling> She's not resisting anymore either. "That.. that does feel good." Her lackeys just look on with wonder.
  100. [00:27] <Izumi_C> Like all her work, she seals it with a kiss, right on the end of Felicia's nose, leaving a glittering gloss-mark. Even the blood's gone. "See? No need for grudge." The Japanese girl does her best to effect a quick escape.
  101. [00:32] <Darkling> "What? How?" She toches her face, then scrambles over to her purse pulling out a mirror and looking herself over.
  102. [00:32] <Avaline> "This is strangely hot."
  103. [00:34] <Izumi_C> Izumi hooks her thumbs in her skirt, already walking away, throwing a look back at Felicia. Other than the stubborn lipmark, her nose looks as good as the day it was made--possibly better, if she had any scars there already. "I tell you~ I make people feel good." Attention swinging back to Ava and Tina, she puts a finger to her lips. "Not a word to Billy, hai?"
  104. [00:35] <Midnight_> "And I thought Billy's stuff was cool." Tina says, looking at Felicia then nodding to Izumi.
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