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  1. Key: Vykross
  2. Name: Cyro
  3. Race: Changeling
  4. Age: 5.5
  5. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Applying For: Quirk
  6. Rank/Skills/Ic Knowledge Previously Applied For: Nothing.
  7. Intent With Rank/Skills/Knowledge: To push for further betterment of rp, and promote more rp with said quirk.  
  9. Reason for Applying:
  10.  I'd like to steer the conception of changelings having to be either 100% evil. Basically i want to give changeling my own unique touch that will without fail bring more rp and conflicts to the playing field if given the chance.
  13. Rp:
  15. It has been many a years sense the last time cyro had been defeated at the hands of artic. His anger and rage upon the time gave way to the new transformation that was his own. Something that was tangible and real. Yet it wasn't enough. It seemed as if all hope had failed him during that time. What he wasn't aware was; due to the harsh environment, cyro had begun to change. It was as if his very being was forced to conform and reaffirm his existence.
  17. One of the ways this went about was due to how his line of thinking changed. He was no longer naive. No longer second fiddle so to speak to the way the world worked. His eyes had been opened and with that a greater understanding that he was weak. Because of this notion, and the desire to get stronger; cyro would have begun to acquire more knowledge then before. Reading books. Studying. Asking tones of questions. He'd exhaust each and every aspect he could possible think before moving onto the next step.
  19. Once all this had been accomplished, cyro would have moved onto the more physical aspect. Training, throwing his body through gauntlets of training regimens. Endless hours of lifting, push ups, squats, pull ups. The sky was the limit. The reason cyro had chose to go about this was mainly because it would bulk him up. Perhaps make his body more in tune to the possibility of a quirk awakening within him.   He wasn't entirely sure upon the process for which to actually make it manifest, but if one was going to manifest, he needed to make sure he was well prepared.
  21. When everything had been said and done several months would have passed. His body now within the best possible shape. The knowledge he had obtained along the way was also a boon. For now this meant that to him, at least; he only had one thing left to do. Meditation. Now why in the world would one go through the process of doing this. Because meditation served as something that was three fold. The first was that it helped one look inward upon ones self.  Think more akin to self discovery. The second reason was because it allowed the changeling to take his time, formulating millions upon millions of situations in which his body could best preform such a feat. The last thing it served to do was humble the being. Bringing them more in tune with nature and the living things around them.
  23. Through all the months of training, and quite possible years of doing this daily routine, the changeling felt something finally click within him. Shifting, surging and bringing itself to the surface. IT had happened, His quirk finally manifested itself. Feeling the power and knowledge finally seeping into him, like that of a liquid slowly trickling down a dry throat. It had arrived. His future was grand. Now the only thing to do was figure out on how he wanted to go about using his quirk for his goals.
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