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  1. C:\Unity\MagicLeap\mlsdk\v0.20.0>mabu -h
  2. usage: mabu [-h] [--version] [-t SPEC] [--path PATH] [-X] [-q] [-v] [-j [N]]
  3.             [-k] [-o OUTDIR] [-c] [-r] [-s FILE] [--set-options OPTIONS]
  4.             [-m FILE] [-a] [-n] [-b] [-l] [-p] [--allow-unsigned]
  5.             [--create-package] [--local] [--refs] [--rescan] [--help-target]
  6.             [--help-projects] [--help-vars] [--help-commands] [--print-target]
  7.             [--print-components] [--print-options] [--print-configs]
  8.             [--print-tools] [--print-resolved] [--print-build-vars]
  9.             [--print-outputs] [--print-output-directories]
  10.             [--print-layout-directories] [--print-package-outputs]
  11.             [--print-indexer-config] [--print-invoke-commands]
  12.             [--print-invoke-vars] [--print-project-files]
  13.             [--print-signing-data INPUT_MPK] [--invoke] [-z] [-Z]
  14.             [--invoke-args INVOKE_ARGS] [--export-json FILE]
  15.             [--create-cmake-toolchain FILE] [--re-sign INPUT_MPK]
  16.             [project [VAR=value]]
  18. Build and package a Magic Leap project.
  20. positional arguments:
  21.   project [VAR=value]   the project name (a path to a *.mabu or *.package
  22.                         file) along with variable settings like MLSDK.
  24. optional arguments:
  25.   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  26.   --version             report version of mabu
  27.   -t SPEC, --target SPEC
  28.                         override the build target specification (use --help-
  29.                         target for details)
  30.   --path PATH           add search directories for *.option, *.config, and
  31.                         *.comp files; separated by ';'
  32.   -X, --external-mabu-data
  33.                         when MLSDK is overridden on the command line, find
  34.                         builtin *.config/*.component/*.option files in the new
  35.                         MLSDK/tools/mabu/data instead of the running instance
  37. Build options:
  38.   -q, --quiet           quiet build (no information)
  39.   -v, --verbose         verbose build
  40.   -j [N], --jobs [N]    invoke parallel make, using N processors (or as many
  41.                         as possible with no arg)
  42.   -k, --keep-going      once build starts, keep going after errors occur
  43.                         (passed to 'make')
  44.   -o OUTDIR, --out OUTDIR
  45.                         override the output directory; for *.mabu projects,
  46.                         the <SPEC> is still included; for *.package projects,
  47.                         this specifies the runtime layout
  48.   -c, --clean           only clean the project(s)
  49.   -r, --rebuild         clean then build the project(s)
  50.   -s FILE, --sign FILE  when packaging, sign with the provided the certificate
  51.                         and paired private key (FILE.cert and FILE.privkey --
  52.                         use 'certgen' to create); this overrides any MLCERT
  53.                         environment variable or package setting
  54.   --set-options OPTIONS
  55.                         prepend the given OPTIONS (separated with space, ':',
  56.                         or ';') to those from the projects; intended for IDE
  57.                         integration
  58.   -m FILE, --manifest FILE
  59.                         when building a .package, override the path to the
  60.                         manifest.xml file, which is otherwise found in the
  61.                         project directory
  63. Unconventional build options (these are rarely used):
  64.   -a, --all             build and package the project(s) (default; this is
  65.                         usually what you want)
  66.   -n, --dry-run         do nothing but parse project(s)
  67.   -b, --build           only build the .mabu project(s)
  68.   -l, --layout          for .package projects, only lay out runtime data
  69.   -p, --package         for .package projects, only create .mpk package
  70.   --allow-unsigned      for .package projects, do not fail if a MLCERT is not
  71.                         specified or detected (this is only for testing; the
  72.                         created .mpk cannot be installed!)
  73.   --create-package      for .package projects, always create .mpk file, even
  74.                         for builds targeting the host
  75.   --local               only build the project(s) mentioned on the command
  76.                         line, not their dependencies (REFS)
  77.   --refs                only build the dependencies (REFS) referenced from the
  78.                         project(s) mentioned on the command line, not the
  79.                         outputs of the .mabu files themselves
  80.   --rescan              if mabu is having trouble locating build tools after
  81.                         installing or removing them, clears cached data in
  82.                         C:\Users\yuji\AppData\Local\mabu
  84. Information options:
  85.   --help-target, --help-spec
  86.                         print help about build target specifications (-t ...)
  87.   --help-projects       print overview about mabu projects
  88.   --help-vars           print overview of build variables
  89.   --help-commands       print help about special commands
  90.   --print-target, --print-spec
  91.                         print the full specification for --target=...
  92.   --print-components    print the list of available components (for USES)
  93.                         given the current MLSDK, --path=..., and MABUPATH
  94.   --print-options       print the list of available options (in OPTIONS) given
  95.                         the current MLSDK, --path=..., and MABUPATH
  96.   --print-configs       print the list of available configurations (for -t
  97.                         ...) given the current MLSDK, --path=..., and MABUPATH
  98.   --print-tools         print the set of tools used for --target=...
  99.   --print-resolved      print the project with all settings resolved from the
  100.                         build, components, and references
  101.   --print-build-vars    print the set of build variables derived from the
  102.                         project
  103.   --print-outputs       print the set of build artifacts generated by the
  104.                         project and its subprojects (each build artifact is a
  105.                         pair of output file and output-relative file,
  106.                         separated by tab)
  107.   --print-output-directories
  108.                         print the output directories for each .mabu project
  109.   --print-layout-directories
  110.                         print the DATAS layout directories for each .package
  111.                         project
  112.   --print-package-outputs
  113.                         print the path to the .mpk for each .package project
  114.   --print-indexer-config
  115.                         print the set of include directories and defines
  116.                         derived from the project
  117.   --print-invoke-commands
  118.                         print the path to a script created for invoking the
  119.                         project output
  120.   --print-invoke-vars   print JSON for the variables and commands needed for
  121.                         invoking the project output
  122.   --print-project-files
  123.                         print all the project files involved in the build of a
  124.                         specific project
  125.   --print-signing-data INPUT_MPK
  126.                         print the signature data applied to files in the given
  127.                         previously-built .mpk (this is a diagnostic tool; it
  128.                         can't tell what certificate was used to sign the
  129.                         package)
  131. Program invocation options:
  132.   --invoke              execute .mabu program projects for host or device
  133.   -z, --mlremote-adjust
  134.                         when invoking programs on host, adjusts the runtime
  135.                         library search path to launch under zero iteration
  136.                         with ML Remote (default); search order is: the
  137.                         environment's library search path (PATH), ML Remote
  138.                         libraries, then library paths referenced by the
  139.                         project
  140.   -Z, --no-mlremote-adjust
  141.                         opposite of -z; search order is: the environment's
  142.                         library search path (PATH) then library paths
  143.                         referenced by the project
  144.   --invoke-args INVOKE_ARGS
  145.                         arguments (quoted) to pass to an invoked program
  147. Special commands:
  148.   These commands bypass the build and packaging steps.
  150.   --export-json FILE    export the project and all related files to a JSON
  151.                         file
  152.   --create-cmake-toolchain FILE
  153.                         create a CMake toolchain for Lumin development into
  154.                         FILE, and exit
  155.   --re-sign INPUT_MPK, --resign INPUT_MPK
  156.                         apply a different signing certificate to the given
  157.                         previously-built .mpk, writing a copy with the
  158.                         alternate signatures applied, and exit
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