Skoptsi Redeemers

Mar 9th, 2015
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  1. Skoptsi 'Redeemers'
  3. Doctrine: Infantry Assault
  4. Uniforms: Pea-green with red trim (parade); solid brown fatigues (field)
  5. Weapons: Autoguns, Sabers,
  7. Background:
  9. The Skoptsi Redeemers are a massive group of volunteer regiments from the planet Skoptsi Prime. Conquered by negotiation near the end of the Great Crusade, Skoptsi's ruling elites swore fealty to the Emperor and the Imperium-- then pondered on how they could pay the massive tithe that was being demanded of them.
  11. The Council of Princes quickly came up with a solution that would benefit both their homeworld and the Imperium of Man. For centuries, a disruptive religious sect known as the Redeemers had plagued the people of Skoptsi Prime, preaching the use of celibacy (through castration) and fanatical ecstatic religious practices to achieve 'the divine realm'. Though extreme, their missionaries were very adept at networking and appealing to the planet's massive underclasses, promising a future utopia. As a result, the cult claimed some 10% of the planetary population by the time of contact with the Crusade, despite persecution and government crackdowns.
  13. The Council offered the Redeemers a full pardon if they joined the Imperial Army, with 'no-expense spared' equipment and logistics provided by Skoptsi Prime. Fortunately, the Grand Prophet claimed to receive 'visions' while imprisoned, which foretold of great glory and eventual rest in the promised 'divine realm' if the Redeemers went with the Crusade fleets. With unquenchable zeal, the Redeemers signed up to join the Imperial Army almost to a man. As a result, the Skoptsi Redeemers are a massive series of regiments, easily 4-5x the size of other Imperial Army units. The Redeemers are often split up and sent to multiple war zones.
  15. Doctrine:
  16. Mixed gender regiment: The Redeemers are egalitarian in their own way, seeing both males and females as the same; the flesh is a 'shell' hiding the power within.
  17. Obedient and fanatical: Owing to cultish origins, they obey commands without question, throwing themselves into any battle with nary a protest.
  18. Assault infantry: Due to the low level of development on Skoptsi Prime, the Redeemers are mostly used as general infantry-- they can soldier relatively well if given orders to dig in, defend or attack, but show a distinct preference for mass charges and close combat.
  20. Commander:
  21. Colonel Mishah Petrob- Mishah Petrob was a middling member of Skoptsi Prime's rural Gentry, and a retired military officer who clandestinely joined the 'Redeemer' sect at the insistence of his devout late-wife. When the Redeemers began volunteering to be join the Great Crusade, the aging soldier submitted his name to the Council of Princes to lead the rabble-turned-regiment. A capable man, Petrob is a skilled logistician and disciplinarian who shows no small amount of calm whilst under fire. If the Skoptsi Redeemers are to survive the fires of combat and come out a trained fighting force, Colonel Petrob is the man to do it.
  23. Homeworld:
  24. Skoptsi Prime is an agri-world at an early industrial-level of development. What advanced technology was not lost is kept from the masses by the ruling elites for their own use-- antique hover-carriages, voxcasters, etc.
  26. --The 'Redeemer Grand Prophet' is far too infirm to be a soldier, so he was given the rank of 'Imperial Remembrancer' and tags along, inspiring the ranks with his (clandestine) preaching.
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