Vod Archiving Guide (Updated 2023-02-15)

Jan 21st, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Vod Archiving Guide for Twitch/Youtube streams (on google Docs):
  3. PDF Mirror in case the Google Docs link is down (The formatting on this is horrible as PDF file but its just supposed to be a backup option):
  5. PDF:
  6. Mega:
  7. Google Drive:
  9. HTML/Website Document:
  10. Mega:
  11. Google Drive:
  14. -------------------------------------------------
  15. How to watch a vod using an M3U8 Link:
  17. If you want to know how to use an M3U8 Link to watch a stream you can use VLC media player ( after you opened VLC media player you click on the top bar and go to media ---> open network stream: after that paste the m3u8 link into url field in the network protocol tab and click on play and it should play the Vod:
  19. If you want to know how to recover m3u8 links yourself check the "Twitch Recover" tab in the archiving guide.
  20. -------------------------------------------------
  22. The vod archiving guide should cover anything you might need to know about vod archiving (For Twitch and youtube) but If you still need help with vod archiving or have questions you can either contact me through the 4chan IRC on rizon (links for it here or you can find me in the /vsj+/ thread (im the nyan archive anon).
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