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  1. ** sM Esports is a Fortnite team founded in early April of 2019, Our main focus as a team is not only to compete in various tournaments but also to provide a fun and friendly community to hang out in. In our discord you can find mutiple teammates who are looking for a person exactly like you. We offer alot of different support such as, Self promotion, Customs hosting, Looking for a teammate, And a community to hang out in where the rules are actively enforced. sM Esports is currently recruiting players for the team to present themselves as part of the team and to help it grow.
  2. We are looking for the following:
  3. -Competitive players
  4. -Content Creators
  5. -VFX And GFX Designers
  6. -And A Vast Community
  7. What can we offer you:
  8. -A place to chill and make new friends
  9. -A place to expand your fanbase and promote your videos
  10. -Access to customs and tournaments
  11. Hop into our discord for information how to join or just to hangout!.
  12. Send me a DM for the discord link and more information about the team **
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