Blue is not

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  1. Blue is not enough)
  3. If you have a problem with your new TV that is not caused by a Samsung Smart TV, let us know at If it's a hardware issue, then your first step would be to try the following fix and then if need be you would switch to the Smart TV with a hardware issue. We do recommend that you use a Smart TV with a hardware fix because this might fix it for you, just don't expect any improvement as they are a few dollars cheaper than a standard TV and the Samsung Smart TVs will require a firmware update which might take some time. Please see below for what you will need to do now but the simple fix is that you will need to remove the hard drive from your Smart TV so that you can use a disk cleaner to remove the bad file.
  5. For a quick download of a firmware update you can visit our Support page.
  7. Fix 1: Remove the Hard Drive from Your Smart TV
  9. If you are having this issue the easiest way to fix it would be to remove the hard
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