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  1. Key: KeikoMystere
  2. Name: Kris Lanscale
  3. Skill: Spirit Burst/Pulse or pushing Senjutsu teaching along
  4. It's a moment app! Gotta be quick!
  5. 1) Demon attack! Kusiri directly engaged Kris and intends to kill him and Injaus along with the help of that Halle girl!
  7. 2) Mori and Sui Choi just waltzed on into High Hops while Kris was pre-occupied, and who knows what exactly they're getting into? They need to be stopped before they do stuff like turn people into stones, kill or capture people!
  9. 3) Given the demons finally made their move, it's time for Kris to step it up and show them what he's got. If he loses and dies here, the whole campaign to retake Dragon Island will fall apart and they'll be set back way too far.
  11. 4) Kris is partially responsible for the safety of the civilians, including those rescued from the Remote Island and the people they saved from the camps at Dragon Island. Knowing that they might face the horrors of demonic invasion once more, it becomes all the more important to plant his foot down and not allow Kusiri through.
  13. 5) Kusiri and Halle have dealt severe damage to Kris in mere seconds, and it's become fairly evident that they could be outmatched here.  Injaus is also at risk.
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