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QANON EXPOSED media pack

UNIRocktv Aug 6th, 2018 988 Never
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  1. media pack
  2. archived by UNIRock & #ROCKaSQUAD for a greater understanding in the last 9 months on youtube
  3. ill start with clips 8/6/18 16:00
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. This is the youtube channel "patriots soap box" previously named cbts_stream. The man speaking "Pamphlet" has been in charge of the 4chan board, 8chan board, and all boards where "qanon (pamphlet) and his small group of 4-8 others" are posting
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbecyoqCm0c <- this happened more recently, but need to see 1st
  8. this clip is pamphlet getting busted having foreknowledge of qanon posts before they happen,
  9. because he coordinates their posting right before he gives his big push of information "decodes"
  10. there are many of these clips, im trying to pull more for you and will post them on pastebin as i find them,
  11. this next one is important
  13. https://youtu.be/pxXJynswElA?t=2m15s <- the outing of qanon
  14. in this clip "pamphlet and team (qanon)" accidently post as qanon LIVE with the tripcode
  15. they kill the screen and audio, while they try their best to get an explanation ready,
  16. and when they come back online the anonymous hacker 0hour1 (youtube/periscope/twitter) explains what happened as he watched the 8chan board. THIS CLIP IS IMPORTANT. you have to watch until zero explains what happened.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InfezcWsm9Q <-- this video proves connections, and should be watched when you have time to understand the players in the game more
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVtEI5aQMhw <-- tracking the culprits/criminals
  21. also, this video from GODSTRUTHWAR explains how before these people posted as QANON they were posting slurs, anti-semetic posts, but more importantly, this video shows that you can track all of them trough their bitcoin address's in the code of their webpages
  23. further explanation -
  24. I, UNIRock main channel UNIRock2 live channel had a 3 week long streamed from wake up to sleep investigation outing these guys as the people behind qanon. during this investigation I proved that these channels
  26. Patriots soap box (cbts_stream) ran by pamphletanon (the leader and poster of q posts)
  28. dustin nemos (youtube channel Nemos V) a criminal with a violent heroine dealing history along
  29.                                         with burglery and cyber stalking
  31. praying medic (employed to push q with a christian spin)
  33. war drummer (seriel brain) pamphlets right hand lacky
  35. SGTReport (a big youtube channel with low views until picking up (being employed by) pamphlet)
  37. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. these are the major players, but more so
  40. a deeper part of my investigation shows that these people have their strings being pulled by a certain individual that i will talk about only over the phone. this person has his hands in a few youtube channels, i will name some now
  42. all of the listed above, with
  43. lift the veil
  44. titus frost
  45. jamie delux
  46. and many others
  48. This is something bigger than it seemed at first.
  49. more information will be added as i work, but i must go for now for a radio appearance
  50. unirock
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