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Occupy Your Vote

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  1. Occupy Your Vote
  2. Twitter: @OccupyYourVote
  4. Purpose:
  5. The goal of this operation is pass legislation to institute the National Popular Vote in US Presidential Elections.
  7. Background:
  8. 62% of Americans would be in favor of amending the Constitution to replace the archaic Electoral College with the popular vote (Gallup, 2011).
  10. Plan:
  11. Since “Electoral College” will become a much more popular search term in the months that follow, we metagame search engine optimization through linking to articles or blog posts in favor of the National Popular Vote.  This will improve the positions of those articles or blogs in search results for “Electoral College” when it becomes a more popular search term.
  13. Meanwhile, we gather 10,000 people on the Mall on Capitol Hill, stretching between the White House and the Russell Senate Office Building for Occupy Your Vote’s first in-real-life rally.  Then we use the initial rally’s media coverage to organize other, similar protests across the nation—both in states where the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) has not yet been passed and at the Presidential debate locations.  The former will put pressure on those states to vote for the NPVIC; the latter will force the issue of the Electoral College into the debates, should the initial rally on Capitol Hill come up short.
  15. Once it becomes a topic of debate, the presidential candidates will have to declare their positions with respect to the Electoral College and commit to those stances.  This will bring more attention to the issue, catalyzing legislation in the form of either the passage of the NPVIC or a Constitutional amendment.
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