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  1. <align="center"><size=40><color=#0095ff><b>Welcome to stratum SCP, a Stratosphere server!</b></color></size>
  3. <size=30><color=#ff0000>Discord:</color></size>
  5. <size= 20>Rules:
  6. ======
  7. - Do not bully any members
  8. - Do not be sexist
  9. - No racism
  10. - No ageism (discrimination against someone because of their age)
  11. - Do not intentionally kill people
  12. - Listen to the staff, appeal punishments in the discord!
  13. - Do not cross team w/ SCP's. However, you can cross team for mutual benefits (i.e giving D-Class gun as MTF to help fight SCP)
  14. - D-Class\scientists CAN team with SCP
  15. - Do not ghost
  16. - Do not spawn camp
  17. - Team killing is ok within RP situations
  18. </size></align>
  20. <i><size=10>*Subject to change at any time*</size></i>
  22. <color=#0095ff><b><size=20>Enjoy your time in our server!</size><b></color>
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