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LibyaStateTv ImanAlObeidi Translation w/vidurl

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Mar 27th, 2011
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  1. Libyan State Tv on Iman Al-Obeidi
  2. Filled with lies and contradictions
  3. Translation by ForThePeople from Libya Alhurra
  5. "salam aleikum,sorry for the delay and on behalf of the news and my colleagues we were with ms obeidi she was worrying us and why she said such things about the people of the regime and naming people i went to talk to her to see why she has said those thing about men raping her and speak badly about them I would like to talk to you about Iman and would like for our viewers and those watching us internationally about Iman and what she was thinking. Iman thought that today she did a heroic act. she thinks that she has done something for the struggle and dignified. she says that she is an obeidi. they are an honorable tribe. they will deny her even if she is remotely related once they hear what she has said.
  7. i want to apologize the the family of iman and i am going to speak the truth. i will talk about the truth like it happened and i am always honest. i received a call saying that a women showed up at the roxis hotel and went to speak to the reporters informing them that she was raped the caller asked me if i would be able to talk to her even though I am not actually a journalist i said I would not do it because I know that with human psychology, anyone that had been raped would not react this way an report it immediately this is common knowledge amongst human behavior specialists. this is also true for the women in the east who have been harassed/raped they would not go in front of the press. i want to talk about all the rapes that is happening in the east of Libya, this is my focus, this is happening in ras lanuf, ajdabia,and bin waleed, and it is calamity, a disaster in sirte there are families with daughters who are having pregnancy tests(not sure of this) again the families will not talk about this a they are honorable people they are Libyan Bedouins and they would not talk about this type of thing but this women with her crocodile tears comes out with such vigor and conviction saying that she was raped is some what ironic this is just a story for those media pigs that are supporting those that are undermining the regime and thin that they have the upper hand
  9. i was called again and asked that i intervene as this women has a story and some issues
  10. even though i have explained that is not what i do come and talk to her in your way
  11. i said to them if this women is truly wronged and was assaulted and then i am going to ask that those responsible are persecuted even if she does not know who the person is whomever it is will be prosecuted in Libya no one is above the law no matter who it is
  13. we went on our way to meet with Iman she refused to meet with any media people
  14. i said we will not have cameras we informed her that we were not here to get footage
  15. we are wanting to talk to you and find out what happened and why you are saying such things
  16. we are not here to make you feel guilty she told iman that she wants to talk to her women to women according to reporter Iman went on to put down the Libyan media for not being transparent enough and that the other news agencies are better she stared to curse and swear about this misurati guy who her sister said that she does not even know him.
  18. iman sister came over we want to know what happened if this person did this to you we want to prosecute him we want to know the truth so that we are transparent and truthful. simply said Iman turned out to be a liar. i told her that people like you have made Libya disgraceful
  19. again, she refused to talk to the Libyan channel and asked for eljazera or alrabiya
  20. the reporter says that we are not against her appearing on these channels why should we do anything she is not even who she says she is an obeidi, out control people are looking for info on her: her real name family and history. she might not even know it herself. even a prostitute has nationalistic feelings tendencies towards her country, even a prostitute. we told her to go and talk to aljaeera or alarabiya and she refused to. we spoke to her sister and told her that your sister could be brain washed and feels that she is part of a struggle she is wrong this is not a time for hilarious acts. according to reporter her sister Imal el-obedi said that her sister iman has been seeing Ibrahim Ali, the father has spent 60,000 for her and the family to see Ibrahim Ibrahim Ali the sister confirmed this and also said that they are not the obeidi family but they belong to the obeidi tribe
  22. according to sister Iman likes to watch the other channels such as aljazeera and alerabiya and she talks to contacts in places like london they offered to take her to see the doctor Iman apparently said that she is no state emotionally to go and see a doctor how can you go and say that you were raped and to total strangers and ask to speak to other media outlets and then say that you are not able to go and see a doctor anyways we have been doing some background work and tomorrow you will find out more she does not know this but we used a hidden camera and recorded the whole thing camera
  24. I am sorry Imal but your sister has sold her country she has sold out the Libyan people when i told her that the Libyan people are being bombed and she says that does not matter to me today we will s what the truth is what does she think she is doing for her own benefit or her friends..."
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