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  1. Im homeless in Slovakia.
  2. Im living in hotel from my work but this is only temporarily solution.
  3. Im working from my 18 years and i did not finish high school.
  4. I have 22 years and i want to create my family and have good life.
  5. I want good girl which will be my wife in future but before i can have this i need home.
  6. Because its really hard to have girlfriend or wife when you are homeless.
  7. In this blog i will show you my life sad story and i will beg for help because i want in my life more than have house.
  8. I want get happy life and happy family.
  9. I want my Mother, Dad, me and my future girlfriend/wife will have really happy life.
  10. I know life is not easy because i experienced real hell on earth.
  11. But i want change it.
  12. I builded plan how to be happy, have house and help many homeless people.
  13. I need your help but I do not want it for free.
  14. If you will help me i will must do some things which will better change my life, if you want i will sent you money back and on the end of this plan i will be able to help other homeless.
  16. This is blog post about my plan how to get house and help other homeless people
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