The Metallic Joke

Apr 19th, 2019
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  1. The Metallic Joke
  3. This bundle of classes is a joke. Or rather, they are on the sillier side of things. As such, they may not fit thematically with some, or even most games. None the less, for those games that the concepts can fit, these classes are available.
  5. Jester
  6. Stuffed with odd weapons and hideous mutations seemingly haphazardly, whether they are intentional experiments or practical jokes is impossible to determine.
  8. ARM 1 MUT 1 ENH 0
  10. Special Skill
  11. Surprise Entrance
  12. [Action/0/1-3]
  13. You may only use this once per round. Declare this maneuver on a target. Your token is removed from the battle map for 3 count. At the end of the 3rd count, you appear out of the target making an Unarmed Attack 3 that negates defend with a check result of 8. Your current AP will be set for the count after your reappearance.
  14. "Using the strange things you were given, you can disappear and then reappear in the most unexpected places."
  15. --------------
  17. Land Mine
  18. [Action/2/0-1]
  19. Place a land mine in the target zone. When a character moves into or out of that zone, you may choose to activate the mine, dealing Blast 2 with a check result of 7 and applying a Hinder Move.
  20. "Stuffed with random explosives, some of them can be used as land mines to make moving around unpleasant for others."
  22. Corrosive Vomit
  23. [Rapid/1/0-1]
  24. The target automatically fails their next dismember check.
  25. "It may be disgusting, but it makes it easy to remove an enemy's limbs."
  27. Hidden Weapon
  28. [Rapid/2/0-2]
  29. Once per round, you may use declare this maneuver to make either
  30. Unarmed 3+Move 1 at Range 0 or Ranged Attack 3 + Stagger at Range 1-2
  31. "A multitude of situationally useful weapons have been crammed into you."
  33. Out of a hat
  34. [Auto/None/Self]
  35. At the start of the round, you may declare an action check to give yourself a Tier 3 reinforcement part of your choice. If you fail, you get a Tier 2 reinforcement of your choice instead. This part is lost at the end of the round.
  36. "You're gifted with endless possibilities within, but some are less of a gift than others."
  38. Gas Spewer
  39. [Rapid/1/Self]
  40. For the rest of the round, all allies in the same zone as you have a -1 to attack checks made against them, however all attack checks against you receive a +1. If hit with an area attack, the +1 only applies to the result for you.
  41. "Not the most pleasant feature, but it can help hide your friends."
  43. Change of Scenery
  44. [Auto/None/Self]
  45. Once per round, you receive a +1 to attack checks for the rest of the round after you are in a different zone from the one you were in at the start of the round.
  46. "You hate being in the same place for too long, a change of scenery really motivates you."
  48. Disproportionate
  49. [Auto/None/Self]
  50. Add the "Oversized" part to one location.
  51. Oversized [Auto/None/Self]- When you take damage, you may choose to have the attack hit this location unless it is a critical hit.
  53. Metalhead
  54. ARM 0 MUT 1 ENH 1
  55. Girls taken with the style of a certain genre of music. Fortunately, it's a genre taken with themes relevant to the world as it is.
  57. Special
  58. Grand Finale [Auto/0/Self] Once during the battle phase at count 1, you may declare this skill. Till the end of the count, you may declare any rapid, check, or damage timing maneuvers you have remaining, regardless of your current AP.
  59. "A show needs a spectacular finish."
  60. ------
  61. Leather Rebel [Auto/0/Self] Add Leather Duds to one hit location
  62. -Leather Duds [Auto/None/Self] Once per round it can be used as a Defend 1 for 0 AP. +1 to all checks made with parts in this hit location.
  63. "Leather jackets and the like are a staple of the genre. And you're not gonna let yourself bring shame to them."
  65. Sisters in Rock [Check/0/0-1] Support 1, increase the value of the support by 1 for each sister in the same zone as you. This cannot be used on yourself.
  66. "You and your sisters make a mean band, at least that's what you think."
  68. Overkill [Damage/1/Self] This can only be used when you deal more damage than the enemy has parts or legion size. On savants, it is determined by the parts in the hit location. Remove 1 point of madness from one of your fetters.
  69. "There's no kill like overkill."
  71. Solo [Auto/0/Self] This must be declared when you declare the attack maneuver. +3 to the attack check. Your sisters cannot support the check. This can only be used once per round.
  72. "A perfect solo is the stuff of legends, as such you won't let your friends interfere. Nothing's stopping the enemy from interfering, however."
  74. Pain killer [Damage/See Below/See Below] Declare an attack maneuver that is in range of the one being damaged. Make an attack check, if successful, reduce the damage of the original attack by the damage of your attack. Excess damage is dealt to the original attacker, but only if they are in range of your attack maneuver. All properties on your attack are lost.
  75. "It takes someone truly brave, or crazy, to take a shot at the enemy's attack and not them."
  77. Star Power [Action/2/0-1] Pick up to two horrors or legions, for the next 5 count they can only target you with maneuvers or move into the same zone as you.
  78. "Your fame attracts all sorts of attention or maybe it's just the noise you make carrying on like you do."
  80. Ready to Rock [Action/1/Self] Declare an action timing maneuver at 0 cost, instead of resolving it, you instead may declare it again at rapid timing on a later count, paying it's AP cost. You may only have 1 action prepared this way at a time.
  81. "Some times, a show requires you to do something at just the right time even if it requires a bit of set up."
  83. Tanya
  85. Remnants of an altered time. The power of necromancy brings back techniques and powers that never existed.
  87. ARM 1 MUT 0 ENH 1
  89. Special Skill:
  90. Iron Curtain [Action/1/Self] You are immune to damage, hinder moves, and moves for the next 2 count. This can only be used once per round. You cannot use damage timing maneuvers with range other than self while under the effect.
  91. Unstoppable, untouchable, at least for a very short time.
  92. -------
  94. Chronoshift [Rapid/1/Self] When you declare this maneuver, go back to the zone you started the round in. This does not count as a move maneuver.
  96. Rhino Rush [Auto/None/Self] Once per round, you can increase the value of your own move maneuver by 1; or make an unarmed attack 3 at an enemy in the destination of your move maneuver. The attack occurs at the same timing as your move maneuver.
  98. Grinder [Auto/None/Self] When you move into, out of, or through a zone, reduce the size of all legions in the zone by 2+the value of the maneuver that moved you.
  100. Green Crystals [Damage/1/Self] Defend 2, for the next 5 count, the attacker suffers -1 to their attack checks. If the attack is beyond range 1, they do not suffer a penalty.
  102. Tesla Coil [Rapid/1/0-1] Ranged Attack 2 + Explosive, +1 to the attack check. This can only be used when you are the target of an attack maneuver or someone moves into your zone.
  104. Stealth Mirage [Auto/None/Self] At the start of the battle phase, you cannot be targeted by legions or Horrors until you either make an attack, move maneuver, or are hit by an attack maneuver. If you make an attack while this effect is active, gain +2 to damage for that attack only. If there are no enemies in the same zone as you when the round ends, you get the effect again at the start of the round.
  106. Power Sabotage [Damage/1/Self] This can only be used when your attack maneuver deals damage. If this attack deals damage, the target cannot declare check or damage timing maneuvers until their next action timing. Parts that negate stagger also negate this effect.
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