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  1.   Dr. Random J says
  2. bah sorry
  3. Trying to find a download for something
  4. and
  5. why is it I can only find a subtitled vietnamese one
  6. that won't even download
  7. David Koch says
  8. lol
  9.   Dr. Random J says
  10. also first world problems
  11.   David Koch says
  12. is it a movie
  13. can I submit that to the blog
  14.   Dr. Random J says
  15. No
  16.   David Koch says
  17. that sounds amazing.
  18. oh
  19. what is it
  20.   Dr. Random J says
  21. The first episode of the new sherlock holmes
  22. which doesn't seem to be on the PBS website anymore
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