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  1.                                                                                        <size=50><color=#00ffffff>Artic SCP</color><color=#c0c0c0ff>[</color><color=#ff0000ff>Site66</color><color=#c0c0c0ff>]</size></color>
  2.                                                                                                                <size=20><color=#00ffffff>Owned by: ArticThePerson</size></color>
  3.                                                                                                                   <size=20><color=#800080ff>Discord:</size></color>  
  5. <size=10><color=#00ffffff>Info:</size></color>
  7. Server Location: DALLAS, USA.
  8. Server R.A.M: 8GB
  9. Min. MTF Spawn-Time: 280 Seconds
  10. Max. MTF Spawn-Time: 350 Seconds
  11. When anyone is Disarmed they cannot use elevators or gates.
  12. 10 Second LateJoin enabled.
  13. Intercom Speech Time @ 200
  14. <color=#ff0000ff>FF=ON</color>
  15. Warhead T-Minus start is set to 75 seconds.
  16. 35% chance to respawn as CI.
  17. <color=#ff0000ff>This server is a Murder Mystery (SCP-035) or Event server! Rules are different below!</color>
  19. <size=10><color=#ff0000ff>Rules:</size></color>
  21. <color=#ffff00ff>[SEVERITY 1] First offense, Warning. Second Offense, Kick. Third Offense, 20 minute Ban.</color>
  22. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Mic spamming (Earrape, etc.) is not tolerated.
  24. Throwing a Grenade in the elevator (as <color=#0000a0ff>NTF</color>) on purpose to kill your team, is not allowed.
  25. As <color=#ff0000ff>SCP-049-2</color>, you may not intentionally kill yourself in a Tesla gate.
  26. As <color=#ff0000ff>SCP-079</color>, you may NOT open <color=#ff0000ff>SCP-106's</color> re-containment Doors.
  27. Teaming is only allowed as shown: <color=#008000ff>Chaos</color> & <color=#ff0000ff>SCP</color>, <color=#ff0000ff>Scientist</color> & <color=#0000a0ff>MTF/NTF</color>.
  29. <color=#ffa500ff>[SEVERITY 2] First offense, Warning. Second Offense, Kick. Third Offense, 5 day Ban.</color>
  30. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. Spamming the intercom (Ex: Earrape, spamming the on/off sound, etc.) is not allowed.
  32. Harassment and Toxicity is not allowed.
  33. <color=#0000a0ff>MTF</color>/<color=#808080ff>Guards</color> are allowed to shoot <color=#ffa500ff>D-Class</color> or <color=#ffff00ff>Scientists</color> who resist being disarmed.
  34. As a <color=#808080ff>Guard</color>, You MUST disarm <color=#ffa500ff>D-Class</color> and attempt to help them escape. Unless the <color=#ffa500ff>D-Class</color> has a weapon. Then you may kill them.
  36. <color=#ff0000ff>[SEVERITY 3] First offense, Warning. Second Offense, 10 Day Ban. Third Offense, 50 years Ban.</color>
  37. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. Killing a TeamMate, using a gun or grenade, is not allowed. The same goes for <color=#ff0000ff>SCP-079's</color> Tesla gate method.
  39. Threatening the server to hack or DDOS the server is not tolerated.
  40. Ban evasion is not allowed, and will be auto-banned for 50 years.
  41. Using Discord or another program to tell what/where other members are is not allowed.
  42. Admin abuse is NOT allowed. If an administrator is abusing, DM ArticThePerson immediately. DM's are open.
  44. <color=#ffa500ff>*WARNING: Cheating/Hacking will result in a permanent IP Ban! You will also be reported on the official SCP:SL discord.
  45. *NOTE: VPN'S are BLOCKED on Site-65, No ban evasion today!
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