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  1. vzctl start 735
  2. Starting Container ...
  3. Mount image: /vz/private/735/root.hdd
  4. Container is mounted
  5. Setting permissions for image=/vz/private/735/root.hdd
  6. Configure memguarantee: 0%
  7. Running quotacheck ...
  8. quotacheck: Unknown quota format: vfsv1
  9. Supported formats are:
  10.   vfsold - original quota format
  11.   vfsv0 - new quota format
  12.   rpc - use RPC calls
  13.   xfs - XFS quota format
  14. Unmount image: /vz/private/735/root.hdd
  15. Container is unmounted
  16. Failed to start the Container
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