Fairfight Factions | How To Play

Apr 4th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Welcome to the Factions guide to Fairfights Faction Server, IP:
  3. in this Guide we will go over Plugins that are installed on the server, how they work, and how to use them.
  4. the reason you may need to read this guide is because you may not be familiar with the servers mechanics and how they work
  5. and you're wanting to earn money to be able to win! So lets begin.
  7. First of all one of the key plugins we have is the Shop
  9. To use this plugin as a player you can do /shop. This will bring up a GUI menu of many categories for different items you may need.
  10. This Includes, Spawners, Blocks, Redstone Items, Raiding tools, Mob Drops, Food and farming, Tools, Weapons and Armor, Brewing items, Potions, And Ores.
  12. Now you want to know how to get in game money to buy items right?
  14. So far we have multiple ways to earn money, some are better than others and i will put them in order of best to worst.
  16. - Villager farming, essentially what this is, is you trade items with villagers for emeralds, and then sell the emeralds.
  17. - Farms, such as Cactus and Sugarcane, and basic method in most faction servers.
  18. - Mob Grinders, We have a plugin were mobs drop golden nuggets, which are essentially turn into in game money when picked up
  19. - Jobs, By doing /jobs browse, you can join jobs that require you to complete certain tasks and from this you earn money and xp
  21. Now we have covered how you get items and how to afford them, let's move on to some plugins that have been added to make the server better and fun for you.
  23. 1. Vote Party's, When the server reaches a total of 80 votes, a vote party will start and you will receive rewards such as Crate Keys and money, after this vote party has ended, the total will be reset to 80 again, requiring another 80 votes before the next one.
  25. 2. Spawner Stacking, you can stack spawners by right clicking a the same spawner type onto another, You can also Shift-CLick to pickup the whole stack or place a whole stack
  27. 3. Anvils, No commands, Ability to Use a unbreaking anvil at spawn.
  29. 4. Coinflips, Commands: /cf, This will open a GUI menu were you can create a heads and tails coinflip with other players to win money.
  31. 5. Envoys, every 3 hours 8 supply crates will drop in the arena know as the "Boss Arena" you can do /boss to get there, keep in mind PvP is active there. These envoys come in Tiers, Tier 1, 2, 3, With over 250+ rewards you will want to go for these.
  33. 6. Boss Fights, Just like the Envoys, the Bosses spawn in the Boss arena Every 3 hours, these bosses have 1200HP and take multiple players to kill (unless you're feeling like a PvP God) From killing bosses the top 5 players who do the most damage will receive crate keys that can be used on all 3 crates at spawn.
  35. 7. Mob Stacking, Quite Simple, mobs spawning from spawners will stack to a max of 30 making mob grinders more efficient.
  37. 8. Disguises, Essentially you can disguise yourself as any Mob/Animal in the game free of charge.
  39. 9. Mineable Spawners, I can be frustrating finding randomly generated spawners and realizing you need a silk touch pickaxe to mine it, Well on fairfight you don't, just grab any pickaxe and mine that bad boy, and the spawner will go straight to your inventory.
  41. 10. Obsidian breaking with TNT, Yes, you can destroy obsidian bases for example with tnt cannons, standard factions plugin.
  43. 11. Play times, Check a players playtime on the server by using /pt <user>
  45. 12. Genbuckets, A useful plugin that a lot of people seem to like, do /genbucket or /gen this will open a gui for, all direction cobble gen, and horizontal only obsidian, THESE ARE INFINITE YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY ONE, every time you place a cobble bucket it will charge you $1000 and a obsidian one will charge $5000
  47. 13. Stackable Items, This essentially stacks items dropped on the floor, no commands needed, Useful for grinders.
  49. 14. Voting, This is a obvious plugin that every server has, essentially you can vote on either six of our vote sites using /vote, and upon each vote you will receive 1 vote key for every vote you do, use this vote keys at the vote crate at spawn.
  51. 15. Trade, this will open a Trading GUI with with other players by doing /trade <name> with this you can feel safe about trading items with other players without the risk of getting scammed.
  53. 16. BetterTNT, basically TNT explodes further causing a few more blocks to break, and make a bigger hole, good for those bases with multiple walls.
  55. 17. Glitches/Dupes, We have the #1 ANTI Duping, Exploiting and Glitching plugin. (including waterlog fixes to stop waterlog bases)
  57. 18. AntiVPN/AntiProxy, essentially what this does is stop user from joining our network on a VPN/Proxy, This mean even cheaters with multiple accounts can't come back on a Alt using the same IP nor when connected to a VPN.
  59. 19. Sell chests, you can buy these from /shop, essentially it is a chest that allows you to put in items you wish to sell automatically, this is great for farms and grinder and you can put them right under chunk hoppers, it's basically a money collector.
  61. 20. Chunk Hoppers, you can buy these in /shop and they cost 1.5 million, why? because they can collect all items dropped in the chunk, these are good for farms and grinders, what items does it collect? Any kind of mob drops, Cactus and Sugar cane
  63. Features of chunk hoppers:
  64. - Upgrades, these usually wont be needed as max level hoppers are now in /shop
  65. - Auto Crafting place the required ingredients into a chunk hoppers gui and watch it craft you the item.
  66. - Suction for most items
  67. - block breaking, place any block on top of the hopepr and it will break it for you
  68. - Auto mob killing, This kills any mob within the same chunk as the hopper, so you don't need to kill it yourself or make a grinder.
  69. - Auto Smelting, place any ore on top of the hopper and watch it smelt (block break settings must be enabled for it to work)
  71. Open the Hoppers setting by left-clicking on hopper.
  74. This is a in depth guide on how our server works and how you make money and go up in ranks on FairFights Faction server, Thank you for taking the time to read it!
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