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  1. 1.12d unofficial
  2. - Fix bug that sometimes required Corsica to form Italy.
  3. - Fix USA declaring war on CSA early.
  4. - Disabled English calling AI European allies to war for the Opium Wars. Prussia was observed regularly marching across Russia to get to China and losing 1/3rd of their soldier pops along the way.
  5. - Economy altered to alleviate lategame problems of rampant unemployment due to low demand for farm goods caused by overproduction. RGO sizes increased while farming bonuses slightly decreased. Military units consume a bit more supplies, particularly canned food.
  6. - Can no longer annex a multi-state african country with the acquire state africa CB. This caused bugs with the long-gone country's units still existing.
  7. - Scramble for Africa CBs now limited to GPs. Historically the vast majority of African states represented in game went to GPs, and it makes the borders much nicer. SPs can still colonize and justify the normal (5 infamy) war goal).
  8. - Scramble for Africa CBs now add 1 infamy for acquire state and 2 infamy for full annex. It's not visible on the CB screen but it is added with the wargoal.
  9. - Pop promotion to bureaucrat bonus from social reforms reduced to +1%. This will make social reforms more costly in terms of needing to maintain bureaucrat NFs and fund bureaucrats at a high level.
  10. - Land combat rebalanced to make organization/morale more important. Less 100% casualty battles, more units retreating to regroup. Each level of military tactics scales approximately equal to damage from corresponding tech level.
  11. - To counteract generally less bloody battles Soldier-to-pop loss changed to .35, previously .25. This means that losing 3000 soldiers = loss of 1050 soldier pops.
  12. - Army base speed and speed gain from tech nerfed slightly since foot units moved unreasonably fast. Mounted units and Armor/Planes still quite fast.
  13. - AI will now encourage soldiers up to 5%.
  15. 1.12c unofficial
  16. - Remove Undesireables now lasts a minimum of 10 years before being removable.
  17. - Original Remove Undesirables (35% of pops vanishing into thin air) restored for fascist/communist dictatorships.
  18. - Establish Protectorate (starting version) justification time increased by about 50% to discourage blobbing into Africa
  19. - Sunda Islands changed from a state to a colony.
  20. - AI 5% more likely to promote pops to Bureaucrats.
  21. - Uncivilized NVs now penalize research slightly more in order to lower chance of Africans civilizing too early. RP from conquest upped slightly to compensate.
  22. - Japan now more likely to receive shipwrecked sailor event to give them the chance to remove the isolationism penalty past 1840.
  23. - Japanese Daimyo more likely to divide along historical lines during civil war.
  24. - Some life need RGOs improved to supply more of the world, particularly to prevent uncivs that have no access to food from starving.
  26. 1.12b unofficial
  27. - Fix minister strength not being random.
  28. - Fix some event crashes from old events that still referenced old ministers.
  30. 1.12 unofficial
  31. - Fix repeating French political party names.
  32. - Fix a few wayward Hungarian decisions.
  33. - Remove undesirables changed to a sustained policy that can be turned on or off at will. It now greatly increases emigration of non-accepted pops, adds a small amount of assimilation, and if slavery is allowed enables enslavement of unaccepted pops.
  34. - Pops are more likely to become reactionary over time if slaves are present in the same province.
  35. - Removed arbitrary penalty to promotion/demotion by having slavery allowed
  36. - Sikh mobilizing bonus nerfed yet again.
  37. - Aden Protectorate decision now has an event chain to cede Sana to the Ottomans if they still hold power in the region.
  38. - Individual region RGO spread events from inventions rolled into the inventions themselves, to reduce event spam.
  39. - Idaho now starts as a colony.
  40. - Stop colonial emigration on low-pop provinces to prevent depopulation.
  41. - Organize Indonesia now properly gives cores on all of Java.
  42. - Staggered the apply for statehood decision for Canadian substates, since if multiple triggered on the same day the USA would not receive the events for all of them.
  43. - Remove clerks from Cairo.
  44. - Lowered prestige gain from converting colonies into states.
  45. - NGF can now form if Austria has cores on Silesia.
  46. - Normalized base promotion/demotion rates. No actual changes to the end result of pop promotion or demotion, but makes the math more clearly presented in the pop screen.
  47. - AI less spammy on forts and ports.
  48. - Retooled minister system to give selectable bonuses for 10 years.
  50. 1.11b unofficial
  51. - After strict testing showed that a majority of modifiers to control internal immigration were non-functional (including vanilla modifiers), base internal immigration has been reverted back to vanilla (i.e. non-existant) to prevent stupid shit.
  52. - Birth of a nation event now occurs for all nations.
  53. - Forming SGF no longer requires A-L provinces if NGF has been formed.
  55. 1.11 unofficial
  56. - North America and South America merged into American continent. This was primarily done to give the US an incentive to focus more on South America rather than Asia/Africa.
  57. - Removed redundant generic unification decisions for nations who had unique unification decisions.
  58. - GPs now receive an influence penalty in the CSA when the Civil War starts.
  59. - Reduced wool consumption of unciv units, since generally bigger armies was causing a shortage.
  60. - France will continue getting CBs on Algeria for a longer time, in order to prevent the little Algerian dick in Oran from staying around for decades.
  61. - Some CB justification times scaled up. Change to detect justifying CBs returned to vanilla.
  62. - Some restrictions on NV changes removed to allow more variety and to not lockout smaller nations.
  63. - Migration changed to more heavily prefer larger areas, areas with the same culture as the arriving pop, and not rough terrain.
  64. - Wait time on diplomatic actions removed.
  65. - Raise relations changed back to require 2 diplo points, now for 40 relations.
  66. - Base sphere rate down a bit. Increase in sphere rate according to relations made stronger.
  67. - Balkan nations will remove kebab if independant and either at war with Ottomans or have poor relations with Ottomans.
  68. - Badboy added to remove kebab/undesirables.
  69. - Color changes for Germany and Austria-Hungary.
  70. - Removed craftsmen from uncivilized Egypt.
  71. - Unciv conquest reduced to a max of two states.
  73. 1.10b unofficial
  74. - Rename Ranjit Singh to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, since it could interfere with the events connected to his death if a leader randomy spawned with the same name.
  75. - Re-jigger a bunch of AI tech priorities. AI now more likely to take research tech when it is behind-time. Tech schools slightly more balanced now.
  76. - Lowered attrition from not being able to supply fleet, and increased the minimum strength fleets would attrition to.
  77. - Incrased naval supply up to vanilla levels.
  78. - Lowered clipper supply consumption to make them more affordable to minors
  79. - Eased up on ideology-based limits to budget screen, since testing showed they had adverse effect on certain AI nations.
  80. - Rewrote rules for make puppet CB. GPs can puppet SPs. SPs can puppet below-SPs (max 5M pop). Below-SPs can puppet below-SPs (max 500k pop).
  81. - Multi-state conquest re-enabled for uncivs vs. uncivs.
  82. - National unification decisions now doesn't require AI to un-puppet nations, since the AI couldn't understand the requirement.
  83. - Great Qing renamed Qing Empire. Greater Japanese Empire renamed Empire of Japan
  85. 1.10 unofficial
  86. - Cut out a number of useless nations. Mostly African.
  87. - African unciv civilization pushed back by giving them uncivilized National Values, which penalize Research and must be reformed.
  88. - Greatly lowered the barrier to turning colonies into states. Should lower incidences of AI getting stuck with colonies that get endless immigration from the homeland.
  89. - CSA is now released prior to the war. War will start with the Fort Sumter event a few months later.
  90. - 1861 bookmark modified so that CSA generals don't die of old age within months.
  91. - CSA mobilization bonus balanced to be more useful.
  92. - Get even more leadership on game start if playing a secondary power or greater power. Also gain some basic resources.
  93. - Sikh mobilization bonus lowered, but supply consumption bonus granted to allow them to actually supply their units.
  94. - France no longer gets CBs on Algeria while a truce exists.
  95. - Leader attack/defence bonuses normalized a bit, to reduce RNG bias.
  96. - Removed military score block on decision to abandon neutrality for Switzerland. AI will still not do so unless it is a GP.
  97. - Netherlands OOB slightly adjusted so their units don't start in Belgium
  98. - Deus Ex decision can now only be fired if both the originating country and the USA are fascist.
  99. - Build times for most units and buildings decreased.
  101. 1.09c unofficial
  102. - Increase internal pop migration by unemployment. China's chronic unemployment problems that cause an infinite loop of emigration should be much lower.
  103. - More tweaks to the Taiping rebellion. Heavenly Kingdom is now released 2 months ahead of the war, to allow both sides to gather their forces. HK also slightly smaller on average.
  105. 1.09b unofficial
  106. - Toned back some changes in defines.lua to more sane levels. Mainly rebels and CB justifing/detection.
  107. - Many uncivs who previously received a substantial mobilization bonus now get much less, to counter the non-negative base mobilization pool.
  108. - Ottomans penalty to mobilization from Christain Oppression modifier removed. They already can't mobilize the Christains anyway since they are unaccepted.
  109. - Heavenly Kingdom's starting reforms nerfed so that they don't westernize instantly if they win the civil war.
  110. - Fix vanilla bug where Ottomans started with a Tripoli unit in their army, causing horrible, horrible things to happen. Since I'm generous I've also reorganized the Tripolian OOB and gave them the starting 60 leadership. Maybe if you roll a really, really good leader you can survive.
  111. - Fix bug with Japan that could lead to it getting isolationist/uncivilized penalties after civilizing.
  112. - Fix Annex Fiji decision.
  113. - Fix Reclaim Bosnia decision.
  114. - Rebalanced Social Issues. Note that the Administrative costs of different issues are now priced differently. Health Care now costs 2 to 3 times as many bureaucrats per level to maintain compared to normal reforms, while less meaningful reforms like unemployment subsidies and pensions only cost 1/2 as much bureaucrats.
  115. - Amplified CB acquisition speed bonuses from restricted voting reform levels. No Voting now gives a very large bonus, as a tradeoff to how hard it is to maintain an absolutist governments.
  116. - Unciv reforms rebalanced. Rule of thumb is: 6.5k per 10% for economic reforms, 8k per 10% for military reforms (that don't give RP on conquest), 10k per 10% for military reforms (that do give RP on conquest).
  117. - Increased overall Mobilization Impact from War Policies. Jingoism now gives more bonuses (as vanilla) to military power at the cost of more supply consumption, while pacifism does the opposite.
  118. - Decreased event spam for USA through greater MTTH or converting province events to country events. The wickedness has been stamped out.
  119. - Reduced combat width reduction from tech to prevent stalemate battles lategame. Slightly reduced combat width reduction in mountains.
  120. - Mediate Belgian Independence (Treaty of London) restricted to not happen before 1839.
  122. 1.9 unofficial
  123. - Fix bug in Defines.lua that has existed since at least 1.06 and caused the vanilla Defines.lua to be loaded instead.
  124. - # of soldiers pops to create regiment changed from 1k->950. Fixes nations losing half of their initial force limit by 1837 because all of their 1k soldier pops decayed to 999. Successive regimets still require 3k pops each.
  125. - Occupation of states now goes faster with only 1 or 2 regiments.
  126. - AI is much smarter about using NFs. Will prioritize Clergy and Soldiers when low. Sadly unable to force AI to prioritize Bureacrats since it will be dumb and encourage bureaucrats in non-accepted pops.
  127. - Improve Monetary systems to 7.5% Administrative efficiency gain per level.
  128. - AI uses smarter troop compositions and is willing to spend a greater proportion of its budget on its army.
  129. - Uncivs can now mobilize a small number of troops.
  130. - Base pop slightly increased to help uncivs survive epidemics.
  131. - Soldier loss effect on pops slightly decreased.
  132. - AI more likely to peace out if losing a war or dying of WE, rather than fighting to the death.
  133. - Fix a few events/decisions that could be repeated endlessly.
  134. - Fix typo that prevented Chinese Warlord event chain from starting. Made warlord chain more likely to happen.
  135. - Slowed Qing civilization a bit.
  136. - Changes to colonial migration to encourage pops of the same culture to congregate, except for bureaucrats who will spread across all colonies. Also should be slightly faster.
  137. - Scramble for Africa now gives CB only to non-sphered nations, to help avoid colonial wars.
  138. - Relations made more important for sphereing. Relations also quicker to raise/lower.
  139. - Danubian Federation made more likely to be useful rather than almost always screwing Austria-Hungary over.
  141. 1.08b unofficial
  142. - Fix migration so that unaccepted pops are less likely to migrate to colonies rather than more. Oops.
  144. 1.08 unofficial
  145. - Fix problem in technology changes that caused Clothing factories to be unbuildable.
  146. - Fix error in Gas Defense invention requirements
  147. - Most inventions now 2x as likely, to make them less RNG-dependant.
  148. - Some further NV changes, tooltips now updated to reflect all NV effects.
  149. - Internal country migration heavily overhauled. Previously the only way to have internal migration and colonial migration was to have unemployment. This was undesirable since it also increased emigration to other countries. Now all countries will have a small amount of internal and colonial migration at all times, enabling things like Gold Rush events and player-placed immigration NFs to attract pops from other parts of the country. Colonial migration starts out slow but is boosted much more by Social Thought now.
  150. - All vanilla election events that only affected the political leaning of a single state were removed to prevent event spam. Country-wide election events have been slightly increased in frequency to compensate.
  151. - Buildings build time reduced to allow the AI and lassiez faire to react more quickly to market changes.
  153. v1.07b unofficial
  154. - Add some things that were mistakenly left out of v1.7
  155. - Some changes to liberal revolution events to prevent deathspirals, especially for the AI, when bad luck cause certain very bad events to happen multiple times.
  157. v1.07 unofficial
  158. Units:
  159. - Guard improved to be a slightly better version of Infantry. Was mostly useless as of HoD, since they were almost the same as infantry (slightly higher attack vs. slightly lower defense) while costing more in supply and with the restriction of only coming from accepted pops. Now the standing professional army can enjoy an advantage over colonials and mobilized civilians.
  160. - Tanks greatly improved. Before they were nearly the same deal as Guards except that they cost 10x as much as regular infantry. Now they will be slightly stronger than both infantry and Guards on Defense and much stronger than any other front-line unit on offense.
  161. - Planes initial invention moved to 1900, so that both Planes and Tanks can be used in the first Great War even if it starts a bit early. First round of Plane inventions moved to be available at 1900 but will only have a chance to be unlocked before 1914 tech if the nation is involved in a Great War. Planes rebalanced to be support units that are equally effective on both offense and defense, but are weaker than Artillery as a support unit until the Great War inventions are unlocked.
  163. Technology changes (Army):
  164. - Military Statistics gives +2.5% mobilization size, while Military Logistics only gives +2.5% instead of +5%.
  165. - Chance to learn gas defense without being at war if someone else already knows it.
  166. - Improve chance of AI picking Army tech at all times, with an even higher chance when at War.
  168. Technology changes (Navy):
  169. - Naval Engineering inventions now 2x as strong. May be a little OP, but it's still no where near the exponential growth scale that Army techs give.
  170. - Naval Science now gives -10% supply consumption per level
  171. - Slightly lower chance of AI picking Naval Doctrine or Ship Construction just because it has a lots of ports.
  172. - Greatly lower chance of AI picking Naval Engineering, Naval Science, or Naval Leadership.
  173. - Sea power tech school (UK) AI chance to pick naval techs improved to partially compensate.
  175. Technology changes (Commerce):
  176. - Improve Economic Thought and Critique from -1% input to -3% input.
  177. - Market Functionality bonuses to mining and farming output extended to later tech levels.
  178. - Improve chance of AI picking Financial Institutions if low on cash, or Monetary Systems if low on Bureaucrats
  180. Technology changes (Culture):
  181. - Aesthetics buffed from 5% to 7.5% prestige gain, so that it is more worthwhile to pick up even if you aren't the first to get the prestige inventions.
  182. - Psychology buffed to +10% reinforcements and +7.5% experience per level.
  183. - Greatly improve chance of AI picking Philosophy and Political Thought.
  184. - Greatly improve chance of AI picking Social Thought if Literacy level is not already high.
  186. Technology changes (Industry):
  187. - Chemistry changed to add more to supply limits but inventions no longer give -% army attrition. Ultimately the number of troops that can be in a province is nearly unchanged, but 3k troops will now take up 3 supply limit rather than ~2.2.
  188. - Greatly improve chance of AI picking Chemistry line.
  190. Defines.lua:
  191. - Various AI tweaks.
  192. - Jingoism requirement to add wargoal 7%->5%. Because waiting around with a country occupied to add a wargoal is dumb.
  194. Events:
  195. - Initial Birth of a Nation event modified to give 60 leadership, allowing all nations to start off with 3 generals. Hopefully early wars won't see armies saddled with the horrible leaderless general penalty.
  196. - Blood and Roses (increase jingoism while at war if WE is low and not losing ground) can now fire for countries with all NV types rather than only order/might types, but the MTTH for them will be doubled.
  198. Decisions:
  199. - NV changes can now occur as soon as State and Government is researched (1840) rather than requiring Revolution and Counter Revolution (1870). In exchange, the National Confusion penalty was made much more hardcore.
  201. National Values:
  202. - Equality buffed from 2% mobilization to 4% mobilization (was 6% in vanilla). Advanced forms of Equality raised to 4% if they were lower than 4%.
  203. - Freedom line of NVs that had no mobilization buffed to 2% mobilization.
  205. v1.06b unofficial
  206. fix for Italian Law of Guarantees decision
  207. correct check for poptype in Golden Circle decisions
  208. fix French Language Schooling, move check from potential to allow.
  209. fix France re-taking Haiti to not cause 74% of all pops in France to spontaneously die off
  210. fix Remove Undesireables also affecting colonies.
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