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  1. Steam Name: 3gg.
  2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62846785
  3. IRL Age: 18.
  5. Provide a detailed character backstory:
  7. Michael Dodson Rockwell is a 37-year-old citizen who was firstly allocated to City 17 but recently became a new transfer to sub-district 11. He'd always been positive towards the Universal Union and their arrival to Earth and saw them almost as religious overseers who were there to repair the human race. He is originally American who defines himself as loyalist amongst his fellow citizens and was never afraid to portray his views to others even with the risk of lethal consequences by those who wouldn't agree. He started studying philosophy, politics and economics at college but never finished the course, but always kept himself informed and self-educated through the use of books and several different political manuscripts from different party leaders from history.
  9. Physically, Michael is in pretty good shape. He is average-height with fair skin, copper hair and brown eyes.
  11. He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father and recieved strict parenting all up until he left for college, which left him with a broken mentality and a seemingly perpetual serious attitude towards situations in his life.
  13. Michael's current goal is to join up with the Civil Protection, seeing this action as a way to repay what he thought he owed to the Union for their oh so generous albeit rare special treatments.
  15. How long have you roleplayed in general?: I've roleplayed for about 5 years now.
  17. Do you have any experiences to share? Give a detailed backstory of your roleplay experience: I've always been fascinated and attracted to the roleplay provided with the use of a Civil Protection character as it gives way for polarized gameplay than I'm used to as a citizen or rebel character. And with this, I have seen to try and obtain a whitelist for most if not all servers I've played up until this point.
  19. Give an example of FearRP. Either detail it out-of-character or make a scenario: FearRP is a part of roleplay that refers to the limit of a character's psyche.. it's usually used during armed situations where one party stands at a position were they can't realistically fight back or defend themselves and must thus use FearRP to react to the other parties' demands.
  21. Give a roleplay example of your CP character in any event you choose. Be as detailed as possible:
  23. Citizen1 would run by, pistol visible in pocket.
  24. /me would radio in, "Possible armed citizen, initiating pursuit." and start running after the citizen.
  25. **The unit chases the citizen for a few moments, and then the citizen would turn a tight corner and burst into the Grizzly Groto.
  26. /me would walk in, MP7 aimed at the citizen. "Citizen, get outside, now!"
  27. Citizen1 would stare at the unit for a moment, comtemplating wether he should. He shakes his head, then walks out, arms raised.
  28. /me would nod, then walk outside, slinging his MP7 onto his back.
  29. Citizen1, seeing an opportunity, tries to run.
  30. /me would lunge forward, grabbing the citizen by the collar, trying to pull him back. The collar would pop at the seams.
  31. Citizen1, would gasp, then keep running.
  32. /me would run after the citizen, drawing his pistol.
  33. Citizen1 would turn around sharply, taking out the 9MM.
  34. /me would aim at the citizen, "Put. The gun. Down."
  35. Citizen1 says, "Stop following me, or... or I'll shoot you."
  36. /me stares at him, his glowing blue eyes piercing into the citizens soul. He would then shoot the citizens leg, and while the citizen is in pain, would grab him by what remains of the collar and throw him against the wall.
  37. Citizen1, in pain, would be slammed aganst the wall, tears being shed.
  38. /me would grab the pistol, examining it. "This is broken.."
  39. Citizen1, in pain and crying, would not be able to reply.
  40. /me would flick his stunstick on, saying, "Subject prepare to recieve civil judgment."and would beat him unconscious.
  41. **As the unit carries the unconscious citizen to the nexus, many citizens mumble and whisper about the brutality and about how sudden and quick that all happened.
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