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  2. IGN:
  3. LaxLyfe69
  4. Age:
  5. 16 years old
  6. Timezone:
  7. My timezone is Central, 1 hour behind Eastern
  8. Country:
  9. United States
  10. Do you own a quality microphone?
  11. Yes I own the Razer Man O' War microphone and it is in very good shape and amazing quality every once and a while you can hear my keyboard but I tend to use push to talk ever so often.
  12. Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak?:
  13. I own all 3, I tend to stick in discord 24/7 and use teamspeak only for when I have a problem in sage but if i become a staff member I will contribute by staying in the Teamspeak for most of my time playing because I know how annoying it is for a normal player to need staff attention and not get it after waiting in the teamspeak for 30+ minutes.
  14. Do you have any previous staff experiences?:
  15. Yes I have 3 previous staffing experiences 2 of them fall into HCF and one falls into normal factions
  17. [DaegonnerPvP]
  18. This is the normal factions server, I became moderator on this server for around 4 months until the server shut down late 2016, This server averaged around 200-350 players at a time and usually I didnt need to ban much people as cheats were not as sophisticated as they are not and the Anti-Cheat was up to date during that time but I dedicated so many house of my life into Daegonner while I was staff.
  19. [FrostHCF]
  20. FrostHCF was the very first HCF server I applied for and got into as staff. I started out as Trial-Moderator and this was the base start of where I learned HCF commands and how to do a simple screenshare. Frost had around 300-400 players per SOTW I got demoted becasue I went off to vacation to mexico and I didn't want to resign because of how much I liked the server so I figured a week off would be fine but the day I came back I went into TS and talked to one of the admins about being inactive an eventually, I got demoted.
  21. [PulsePvP]
  22. Lastly, I joined PulsePvP as a Trial Moderator, I loved this server the most because prior to becoming staff I played this server a ton and I got to know just about everybody in the community whether it was on the forums or on the actual server itself but every SOTW had around 450-500 players on it and this is where I totally sprouted in terms of learning HCF commands and how to screenshare. About 2 1/2 weeks in, I got promoted to Moderator and I stayed moderator for around 2 months until I resigned.
  23. Why do you want to become staff?:
  24. As many of you know staffing takes responsibility and it also comes in great fun, thats why I would love to become staff on Sage because I enjoy it so much and I want to take staffing to the next step. I also want to become staff on Sage because of how fun I enjoy it as a normal player and I have noticed some strong points as in I have seen the Teamspeak have over 5+ users in it waiting to get moved and never get moved. I would be the one to solve that and move people ASAP in the TS. I want to become staff because I know how fun it is to help people who want help and what it takes to become a staff member. I am almost always available as I do not have any winter sports going on so I know I can be the most active possible right after school until bed. I am always available during SOTW and EOTWs. Being staff member is not only fun but it makes me feel useful like I said earlier I love helping in Teamspeak and in game. I know almost most of the commands and I am familiar with this servers platform as I was staff on pulse it uses almost the same plugins. But staffing to me isn't to help people but it is to help the server itself by getting players to come into the server and getting bad players out of the server. I know what I am capable of and I know that I can help out sage as much as I can while I staff. I want to become staff because of the entertainment it brings to me and what fun it is to sit in discord with a few buddies during SOTW and grind out PvP and getting setup ETC. I would love to bring it to the next step by staffing on this server. Not only is staffing fun but it gives me something to look forward to during the day or waking up knowing that I can come ofme over assistance to players that need a staff member for help or something and I know that I can be there for normal players. Another reason I would love to staff on this organization would be that it has been quite of bit of time since I staffed on a server so I want to
  25. Why should we accept you as staff?:
  26. You should accept me for many reasons as I am a very active person and I have so much to provide. My dedication and activity are some of the main reasons. I know my limits and I know what I can bring to this wonderful organization.
  28. Hours:
  29. One reason you should accept me is as I have stated above I have no sports going on so I will be very active and here are my hours.
  30. Monday: 3-6:30
  31. Tuesday: 3:30-9
  32. Wednesday: 4-10
  33. Thursday: 3-6:30
  34. Friday: 5-2 AM
  35. Saturday: Whenever I wake up - 5PM and then back again at 9PM
  36. Sunday: 12-8PM
  38. Dedication:
  39. I am a hard working and dedicated person I love to help out and bring much to servers as I staff. I love no more than to help out where help is needed. And I promise if I am granted the permission to staff on this amazing server I will dedicate so many hours and effort into making this server a better place and making players want to be on here and have fun and a good time with themselves or their buddies.
  40. Experience:
  41. Like I have stated before, I have good expirience in staffing and I know what I am doing, I know how to rollback bases, Inventories, ETC and I just want to let you guys know what I am capable of and what I can bring to this amazing server. I know most commands and I know what to do in many different situations. Once I become staff on servers I always study the handbook provided to staff members just so I make no wrong or false bans.
  42. Maturity:
  43. I am very mature, I am not toxic although I can get into the moment a bit in HCF when it comes to KOTHs and conquests I can get a bit loud and energetic but nothing derogatory and vulgure. I feel age 15 you begin to progress in maturity and once you hit age 16 you have fully matured.
  44. Proof/Recording:
  45. I can provide recorded proof of every ban I have so if someone comes into Teamspeak to complain I can easily provide proof. I will record every single ban whether it is the most blatant or really incognito and hard to tell. But if it is hard to tell I will for sure bring them into the teamspeak to get assessed and screenshared. I know false banning is a huge topic because I have done it before in the past and had to feel the guilt and had to unban him. but I will make sure to record everything and make sure to keep this server clean of cheaters.
  46. Why you should accept me over majority of players:
  47. I strongly recommend chosing me over the majority of players because I know I am capable of being an amazing staff member and I know that I can bring in more than most of the other applicants. Staffing to me is like a real life job, you have to show up, be on time and give your best effort that you can so you never get fired. I always do my best and know that if I ever screw up I can be demoted so I will always stay on the right mindset of getting this server big and keeping it clean as I staff.
  48. Communication:
  49. I try to communicate as much as possible with other staff members whether its helping them with support rooms or it is keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. But because of that I feel I should be accepted because of how well I am at communicating and how I can talk to staff members about bans and other members staff applications to give our both honest thoughts.
  55. Additional Information:
  56. I just want to let you all know how much I want to be staff on this organization it is one of my dreams to be able to help the players in the teamspeak waiting for a staff member and never getting one due to the server being understaffed. I want to be ther person to solve that and help in any way, shape, or form. Thank you all for taking time and reading my application. Please put me in consideration. If there are any concerns or any questions just post down and Please, tell me what I need to do to improve my application because I will do whatever it takes to become staff on here.
  57. Thanks.​
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