Jason & Karen

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  1. Jason
  2. loaded his gun. "Power Girl."
  3. Karen
  4. glances up at the familiar sound. "Todd."
  5. Jason
  6. his voice or the loaded gun?
  7. Karen
  8. a bit of column a, a bit of column b.
  9. Jason
  10. is that what she calls those?
  11. Karen
  12. lifts an eyebrow. Is that what he calls them?
  13. Jason
  14. doesn't call them anything... can he?
  15. Karen
  16. blushes. That would imply he wanted to do something with them.
  17. Jason
  18. wants nothing to do with them. Shoots a bullet at her cheek.
  19. Karen
  20. bullet deflects, with a near inaudible chink sound. Frowns at him.
  21. Jason
  22. don't give me that. You can take it. Act like you can.
  23. Karen
  24. it's not that she can't take it, just a bit off putting to fire bullets at.. friends?
  25. Jason
  26. They're dating, they're not friends. They're more than that. Picked up the bullet and flicked it at her.
  27. Karen
  28. was unsure whether or not to take it as flirting, as he fires bullets at everyone.
  29. Jason
  30. It's not flirting. She'll know when he's flirting. Like so; Removed his helmet and flashed her the most handsome Jason Todd grin ever.
  31. Karen
  32. so it was just friendly fire? Flashes pearly white teeth in a dazzling grin, as it was impossible not to reply in kind to him. Crooks finger to coax him closer.
  33. Jason
  34. narrowed his eyes for a moment, watched as she revealed her own teeth towards him. Sometimes, it was just hard to resist her. Jason tossed his helmet aside, and sauntered over. "Sup?"
  35. Karen
  36. as Jason closed the distance between them, Karen would step closer as well so he wasn't the only one doing all the work. Slender hands, strong enough to crack skulls with minimal effort would catch at his hips for anchor. Face drifting closer to his, "Are you busy?"
  37. Jason
  38. Sometimes he felt as if he did all the work. So yeah, her efforts were greatly appreciated. Save of course, for the lack of verbal praise that Jason actually handed away. Gaze looked upwards for a moment, feigning the fact that he was in thought. "I wanna say that I am, but I feel like something cool's about to happen. So..." Locked eyes with her. "No?"
  39. Karen
  40. at least with her, it was a near guarantee that she would be the one to do all the heavy lifting. Nor did she require consistent verbal reassurance of her importance to him, words had a habit of getting jumbled and causing confusion. Jason was the epitome of bad boy, but not in the way that placed him on her red list. Mouth was drawn to his like a magnet, the meeting of fire and ice, with the potential of becoming a storm.
  41. Jason
  42. Being the epitome of a Bad Boy was not something he cherished being. Simply because thinking about it made him less of what he was. Sometimes, it just happens. When her lips were pressed against his, Jason retaliated with his own heat, nearly dropping the gun he held. Lips parted slightly to try and pry her own, tongue almost immediately begging access for her's.
  43. Karen
  44. there was no shortage of heat between them, and it would only build until eruption. Plush lips parted beneath the onslaught of his in a sigh, giving free rein for thick muscle of tongue to worm itself past and rub sinuously against her own. Lids fluttered closed, losing herself in that heartbeat or more that this was permitted.. One hand vacating hip to navigate over the chiseled terrain of abdomen and up chest, before taking hold at the back of Jason's neck. Blonde head shifting to accommodate a deeper embrace.
  45. Jason
  46. her scent suddenly filled his senses, and it was something he was familiar with, but at the same time, not entirely. Hands gratuitously ventured to her waist, feeling about her curves with no sense of remorse, or a hint of apprehension. Instead, she would feel him take soft breaths against her mouth, lightly sucking upon her tongue. The deeper embrace was appreciated, as shown by the near complete closing of the gap between the two, leather jacket meeting spandex in their heat. Jason moved away slowly, breaking their kiss momentarily. "Fuck."
  47. Karen
  48. a bit of sunshine and citrus to tickle his nose, a scent that was oddly as mouth watering as those sinful curves within her possession. A soft moan was murmured as capable hands took their time in mapping over each curve and swell, in a caress that spoke volumes of intent and ownership. Karen gave a faint whimper of protest when kiss was broken, eyes bluer than the sky, fluttered open to stare into the bitter dark chocolate of his own. "..Hi," idiotic and soft, as forehead bumped lightly against his own.
  49. Jason
  50. Her protest wasn't left without compensation, for Jason returned her longing with a quick kiss upon her lips. Staring into her eyes made it difficult to retain his usually grumpy and obnoxious self. There was something about her, or something about those eyes. Perhaps the soft idiocy that was often overshadowed by her sweet disposition. "...Hey." A blush splashed lightly across cheeks. His reply was sweet, yet narrowed eyes, and a near-dismissive expression was offered, perhaps a way for him to save face. "I'm trying to undress you and have sex with you, don't give me that."
  51. Karen
  52. either Jason was feeling generous, or just as lonely as she did, or perhaps it was the fact that for the moment they had the base to themselves. The second kiss was quick, an answer to a hundred questions that never found a voice, and when coupled with the faint coloration of his cheeks.. sent her heart racing. An impish look was given at his complaint, as fingers lowered to the thin cotton of trademark black shirt and ripped it open from collar to navel. "Oops?" Gaze lowering from his to take a quick look of appreciation at those muscles laid bare, before rising to his once more.
  53. Jason
  54. The base to themselves. It's been more of a common occurrence now more than ever. Especially since Artemis and Bizarro left on a mission in the Arctic regions. Jason, on the other hand, opted to stay. To stay, and look after Gotham, or for as long as it would benefit him, at least. Upon realizing that she had ripped his shirt straight down, but not completely. He himself took the liberty of finishing the job, but not once allowing his gaze to stray. "You know, the base has a self-repair system. Big B made it himself." The male pursed his lips, implying that if it ever got to that point, neither of them needed to hold back.
  55. Karen
  56. teeth snagged lower lip to restrain the note of arousal as fingers clutched and tore at fabric, to finish the job she had arguably half-assed. The intensity in his gaze chasing a shiver along the length of spine, even as the implication of his words caused stomach to do somersaults. There was a bit more care afforded to removal of leather jacket, knowing it's importance to him. But afterwards? Jason was shoved into one of the support beams, mouth chasing the pulse of his neck.
  57. Jason
  58. Of course his leather jacket was important to him. Not only was it one of a kind, but it was a symbol by itself. He raised a brow, just as he was shoved into one of the beams. Jason spoke no words, for their actions alone were enough of a conversation to last them ages. He found himself clasping fingers upon her back, desperately --albeit very gently-- attempting to find the weakest point of her costume. Once found Jason would retract the hidden knife in his wrist, and slice it from the back of her waist, slicing it all the way up to her nape. His head cocked back, giving her ample space to work around his neck. In that moment, he greedily squeezed and caressed at all her curves, eventually settling upon the desired chest of her's.
  59. Karen
  60. there was a vibrating chuckle on the sensitive flesh of his neck, in response to the methodical perusal of fingers in search of a weak point in the spandex suit (the correct answer was everywhere). A new one was in the process of being made anyway, so the destruction of this one was not problematic in any fashion. It was actually quite hot. An encouraging gasp was rewarded as hidden blade cut fabric and tickled a trail upwards, the slack of cloth giving Jason ample access to naked flesh. Because when did Karen wear underwear under the suit? "Jason," his name accented with a nip to ear. Hands sliding over neck, shoulders and chest.. One finding itself around his waist to draw hips together.
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