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  1. Sources:
  2. 5pb.Games Youtube video:
  3. Reupload for American viewers:
  4. Random article:
  6. Translation of the article:
  7. Props to Rigs for translating it.
  11. - S;G Elite: An updated remake of the game featuring major story revisions and new content. Think what C;H Noah was to base C;H.
  12. - R;N Dash: A sequel to Robotics;Notes. We don't know much so far. But DaSH = Daru... what a mystery.
  13. - A;C Switch
  14. - Chiyomaru Studios titles will be released on Steam
  15. - O;N VN release date is 28/9/2017
  18. FAQ
  19. - I have S;G on Steam already! Will I get S;G Elite for free?
  20. Not that we know, and don't count on it. S;G Elite is a new game.
  22. - But will SVN also be released on Steam?
  23. We have no idea.
  25. - What is SVN?
  26. The universe in which O;N and A;C are set. SciADV are a series of games inside of SVN.
  28. - Why aren't you sure about SVN if the article just says "Chiyomaru Studio works"?
  29. It was told on which platforms O;N and A;C will be released, and PC isn't listed. But maybe they will also release those later on, they could just not list them because of being accounted for on the "Chiyomaru Studio works" part.
  31. - Does that mean every title will get a translation?
  32. We don't know. They will most likely only be released on Japanese, but we can't say for sure.
  34. - Will A;C only be released for Switch?
  35. No. It will also be released for PS Vita and PS4. We already knew that, but we didn't know about the Switch release.
  37. - Does this increase the chance for every game's translation?
  38. Not officially at least, but it would make it easier for fans to release a PC one. If you want more official translations, support the current games and show your passion for them.
  40. - Now that C;C is being translated, will the translation also be released on Steam?
  41. At least for now, we don't know.
  43. - Will spin-offs like Phenogram also be released on Steam?
  44. We don't know.
  46. - Are LCC considered spin-offs?
  47. No, they are both true sequels to each game they are based on, but we aren't sure if they will also be released on Steam or not.
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