[Incest] Anon x Sunset Mom - "Movie Night"

Aug 3rd, 2016
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  1. Movie Night
  2. ft Anon and his mom, Sunset Shimmer
  3. edit (Feb 20, 2017): I might rewrite the actual movie night part and stretch things out. More teasing and less instant fucking.
  5. -----------
  7. "Mom? I'm home!"
  8. >You drop your backpack onto the ground and kick off your shoes.
  9. >A lot of your friends have cars that their parents bought for them to get to Canterlot High, but your family doesn't dine on caviar and wipe their asses with hundred-dollar bills, so you walk or take a bus.
  10. >>"Ooh! Look at this thing I didn't buy! Aren't I impressive?"
  11. >Pricks.
  12. "Mom?"
  13. >Usually she's waiting by the door for you, ready to sweep you up into a hug.
  14. >Not that you... LIKE that or anything (you're not a kid anymore, mom!), but it's unusual for her to miss the opportunity to hold you.
  15. >And boy, does she like holding you.
  16. >"I'm in the living room, dear. Could you come here? Mommy wants to show you something!"
  17. "Sure thing, mom!"
  18. >You make your way to the living room [spoiler]walking fast, faces pass[/spoiler] and peek inside.
  19. >Your mom's standing in the middle of the living room with her arms out in the air, looking pleased with herself.
  20. >"Ta-da!"
  21. >Your mom, Sunset Shimmer, has a bit of a setup going on.
  22. >She's pinned a bunch of towels over the windows and some of the doorways that don't actually have doors, shrouding the room in artificial darkness.
  23. >There's a stack of DVDs sitting on the coffee table next to a box of pizza and a couple of bags of chips.
  24. >"You've been looking so miserable this entire week, so I decided to surprise you with a fun little movie night for just the two of us."
  25. >Aww. That's actually pretty sweet.
  26. >It's a bit embarrassing that "mommy" set up a bit of a child's play area, but the embarrassment is quickly forgotten when you get a gander at your mom's outfit.
  27. >At first you thought it was just a big t-shirt, but the neck is too wide and it doesn't look stretched.
  28. >When one side slides down your mom's shoulder and she pulls it back up (only for the other side to slide down), it occurs to you that it was deliberately designed to be loose.
  29. >The bottom of the shirt(?) only comes down to mid-thigh, giving you an eye-full of your mom's long, smooth legs.
  30. >"Nonny?"
  31. >Oh shit, you can see the imprint of her nipples through the material; your mom isn't wearing a bra!
  32. >"Anon!"
  33. "Wha-?"
  34. >Your eyes snap up to your mom's amused (and slightly pink) face.
  35. >"Get washed up, mister. I want to see you down her in your pyjamas in fifteen minutes, got it?"
  36. >You snap a salute and rush upstairs and into the bathroom.
  37. >Hopefully she didn't see that uncomfortable boner you were just sporting.
  38. >You aren't sure why she's dressed the way she is, but you don't like it.
  40. ---
  42. >You arrive back downstairs about ten minutes later, feeling clean and fresh.
  43. >You're decked out to the nine's in your bedwear : a five-dollar pair of pyjama bottoms and an old t-shirt that was too stretchy to wear out in public.
  44. >Your mom is crouching down in front in front of the TV, fiddling with the DVD player.
  45. >Her raised thighs have caused her shirt/pyjama thing to ride up so that it's all bundled up around her waist.
  46. >You can see EVERYTHING.
  47. >Plump, round cheeks frame a barely-visible pucker and two perfect pussy lips.
  48. >You're frozen in place.
  49. >You don't know what to do.
  50. >Nobody ever told you what to do when your mother flashes you her no-no place!
  51. >The seconds tick by and your remain undiscovered, too shocked to make a noise.
  52. >By the way she's muttering curses under her breath (a crime in this house that is punishable with a stern talking-to), your mom hasn't seen you yet.
  53. >And thank god for that - you don't want her to see you blatantly staring at her bare ass like that.
  54. >My god; it's amazing.
  55. "M-mom?"
  56. >The DVD player clicks and the TV screen flickers to life.
  57. >"There we go!"
  58. >You mother stands up and turns around - towards you.
  59. >The left half of her stuck outfit falls back into place; the other half sticks stubbornly around her waist.
  60. >Now that she's facing you, you have a perfect view of your mom's pussy.
  61. >Her thick, slightly-red lips are hairless except for a tuft sitting just above her vagina.
  62. >You really can't look away.
  63. >Maybe it's shock, maybe you just really like vagina; but you're stuck staring at your mom's pussy.
  64. >Unexpectedly, you mom just giggles and (with speed that would suggest that she doesn't have a care in the world) tugs down the waist of her pyjama-shirt thing.
  65. >"Whoopsie!"
  66. >She stalks over to you and grabs you by the shoulders, spinning you around and guiding you to the couch.
  67. >"Sorry you got a look-see at me, kiddo. Why didn't you tell Mommy you were there?"
  68. >She pushes you down onto the couch and sits next to you, pulling you close against her in a side-hug.
  69. >"Did you like what you saw?" she asks in a low, surprisingly sultry voice.
  70. >This breaks you out of your shocked episode.
  71. "M-mom!" you yell, outraged.
  72. >Your mom just laughs and releases you from the hug.
  73. >"I'm just teasing you, Nonny!"
  74. >She reaches for the remote, leaning away from you and towards the coffee table.
  75. >The hemline of your mom's t-shirt slides up her rump again, tugging the material out from underneath her.
  76. >You gulp and try to casually place you hands on your lap when you realize that your mom is now sitting bare-assed on the couch.
  77. >"You're a big boy, Anon. This doesn't need to be awkward or uncomfortable if we don't want it to be."
  78. >Your throbbing erection thinks otherwise.
  79. "I... guess."
  80. >She grabs the remote and and pulls back, making no attempt to re-arrange her newest... wardrobe malfunction.
  81. >"That's a good boy. Now, you like Ghoulbreakers, right?"
  83. ---
  85. >About half way through the movie, your mom starts to shimmy in her seat.
  86. "Are you alright?"
  87. >Your mom just smiles and pats your head.
  88. >Her hand lingers and her fingers sift through your mop.
  89. >"I'm just fine, honey. This shirt -" she tugs at the neckline, making her breasts jump "-is a bit tighter than I thought it would be.
  90. >That's bullshit, mom; you can see how often she has to adjust herself so that she doesn't accidentally flash you.
  91. >"I'll just slip out of these sleeves and then we'll be okay."
  92. >Wait, what?
  93. >But those sleeves are the only thing keeping her decent!
  94. >Well... less indecent, anyway.
  95. >But it's too late.
  96. >Your mom has slipped her arms out of the sleeves, and the loose neck is now resting precariously on top of her impressive bust.
  97. >All that rustling made the cloth rub up against her nipples as well - you can very clearly see the erect buttons straining against her top.
  98. >Your mom sighs with relief from the apparent discomfort and lays down on her back, her crotch facing you.
  99. >The shirt's still bunched up around her waist, to your mixture of delight and dread.
  100. >Even in the low-light of the TV in the darkened room, you can see everything.
  101. >Each thick lip and the moisture glistening in the light from the Ghoulblaster's electron beams.
  102. >"Lay down, love," she coos, raising her arms and cupping them behind her head, "Mommy wants to cuddle with her little boy."
  103. "F-Fuck."
  104. >Mom's breasts slide up as she raises her arms, tugging them up and out of her shirt.
  105. >Her fat nipples poke out of the neckline of her shirt and settle just above it.
  106. >Your cock is so hard that it's actually beginning to hurt.
  107. >It feels like it's going to burst at this rate.
  108. >"Nonny," she says in a teasingly-stern voice, "don't keep Mommy waiting."
  109. >Your body moves on its own as you crawl forward and slooowwly lower yourself onto mom's body.
  110. >"Mmmm..." she moans, and wraps her arms around your neck, "That's Mommy's special boy~"
  111. >Mom rests her head on top of yours and nuzzles you, digging her nose deep into your hair.
  112. >Soft hands slowly rub up and down your back before slipping under your shirt.
  113. >Her touch is searing on your bare skin.
  114. >Mom takes a big sniff of your hair and moans in delight, making your jump in surprise.
  115. >You're suddenly made aware that your cock, hidden in your pyjamas, is pressing up against her crotch.
  116. >You can feel the heat and the humidity on your sensitive tool, making you shudder against mom.
  117. >She presses a kiss against your head and lowers her face.
  118. >"Do you like that, baby?" she asks, licking her lips.
  119. >You don't trust yourself to speak, so you just nod your head.
  120. >Mom grabs your cheek with the hand not buried under your shirt and pulls your face close to hers.
  121. >"Good. You're going to love this."
  122. >And she presses her lips against yours, forcing her tongue in your mouth in an aggressive kiss.
  123. >It only lasts a moment, but it feels like forever.
  124. >You've never kissed any of your girlfriends like THIS before!
  125. >Your mind clouds and your find your body - once again, moving without your control.
  127. >You aren't sure how you ended up naked; it feels like one moment you were being kissed by your mom, and the next you're pushing your length deep inside of her.
  128. >"That's right, beautiful boy, don'tstop!" mom moans, grabbing one of your hands and placing it over a bare breast, "That's where you came from - Mommy's womb!"
  129. >She pulls you into another kiss and gazes into your eyes lovingly.
  130. >"And it's all yours, sweetie. Yours alone; forever."
  131. >Unfortunately, you don't last long; less than thirty seconds, to be exact.
  132. >You're a young man, after all, and you haven't gone far enough with any of your former girlfriends to lose your virginity.
  133. >This doesn't matter to your mom, though - she's panting and sweating and seems to be VERY much enjoying your love-making.
  134. >You feel your peak approaching and thrust as hard and as quickly as you can, your balls slapping loudly against her ass.
  135. >"Are you about to cum, baby?" moans Mom, "Hmm? Are you?"
  136. >You bury your face into her shoulder and whimper.
  137. >"Cum inside, love! Do it in Mommy!"
  138. >Your breathless moan fills the air as you deposit the biggest load you've EVER produced deep inside of your mother.
  139. >After the longest 15 seconds of your life, your shaking limbs refuse to support you and you collapse on top of your mom.
  140. >All of the sudden your body feels too hot and all that sweat you produced feels cold and clammy against your skin.
  141. >Arousal gives way to the uncomfortable realization that you just had sex with your own mother - and came inside of her, no less!
  142. >Your mom, however, seems to feel none of that.
  143. >She hugs you tight against her and strokes your hear, murmuring lovingly into your ear about how good a boy you are and how much she loves you.
  144. >"You're Mommy's special man, Anon. Now and forever."
  145. >Her voice takes on a hard edge.
  146. >"I promise it."
  148. -------------------
  150. 9 Months Later (epilogue)
  152. "Mom? I'm home!"
  153. >You drop your backpack onto the ground and kick off your shoes.
  154. "Mom?"
  155. >Usually she's waiting by the door for you, ready to sweep you up into a hug.
  156. >"I'm in the bedroom, dear. Could you come here? Mommy wants to show you something!"
  157. "Sure thing, mom!"
  158. >You walk up the stairs and into the bedroom hallway.
  159. >The bedroom she's referring to is the only bedroom in the house, and one that used to be her own.
  160. >Of course, you moved out of your bedroom after that night, all those months ago.
  161. >You had been reluctant at first, of course.
  162. >How do you come to terms that you're actually in a romantic relationship with your own flesh-and-blood mother?
  163. >Part of you was still in denial and you clutched onto anything that would make things feel normal again.
  164. >That lasted for about a week.
  165. >Mom would wake you up every morning before school with your cock in her mouth, showing you the benefits of sleeping in her queen-sized bed with her.
  166. >Sex on the couch was a one-time thing.
  167. >Partially because it took forever to get the smell out of the leather, and partially because her bedroom was now the only place she'd let you have sex with her.
  168. >The tipping point was one night in bed when Mom begged you make her pregnant.
  169. >You don't know if those words were just part of her convincing or if she really wanted a baby from you, but you came so hard you SWEAR you went blind for a few seconds.
  170. >You broke; you let go of that last bit of innocence and moved into the master bedroom with your mom.
  171. >Your sexy, unbelievably tight mom.
  172. >The mom with the dirtiest mouth you've ever heard.
  173. >The mom who -
  174. >"Are you coming, sweetie? You KNOW Mommy shouldn't be on her feet right now!"
  175. >.....
  176. >You open the bedroom door and cross the threshold, revealing a sight that never fails to put a smile on your face.
  177. >Your mom is laying on the bed on her side, heavily pregnant, wearing nothing but a smile.
  178. >She lifts a leg and reaches around her round belly and rubs at her swollen folds.
  179. >Her sex is already moist and glistening.
  180. >Shimmering, almost.
  181. >"Mommy needs your help, love~" she coos, pinching a dribbling nipple, "Your daughter won't stop kicking until you feed her."
  182. >Your mom giggles and bites a lip, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs for you.
  183. >"Or would that be your sister?"
  184. >You unbuckle your pants and slip them off.
  185. >You can already smell her heady musk from all the way over by the door.
  186. >You climb onto the bed and crawl over her body.
  187. "Does it even matter what she is?"
  188. >Your mother acts quickly and snatches you up before you line your swollen length up with her cock-begging pussy.
  189. >She pulls you to her chest and kisses you deeply.
  190. >"Not as long as you're here with me."
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