Sex Toy Oneshot

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  1. >"Come one, come all," you hear a loud, stallion voice call out, "Heat got you down? I have the cure for you."
  2. >Curious, you follow the voice, your guard following behind you.
  3. >You're quite glad you made the summer sun celebration into a two day event, so everyone can enjoy the day, night and then day again.
  4. >A crowd has gathered around a stall with a stage, and as you approach, those who see you part so you can move to the front.
  5. >It's not like you couldn't see from behind, the poor little ponelets.
  6. >On display...
  7. >Oh my.
  8. >Those are some interesting toys.
  9. >Might have to get your guards to purchase a few for you.
  10. >"What I carry here is a new line of personal toys," the voice says, and you find it belonging to the local human, Anon.
  11. >Poor colt arrived here almost a year ago now, but it seems like he's found his... Passion.
  12. >"Guaranteed to help soothe that heat and provide some fun."
  13. >"What are you talking about Anon?" one of the ponies in the crowd asks, "Those look like rubber cucumbers, how are they a toy? How do they help with the heat?"
  14. >This makes Anon pause a moment, scratching his chin.
  15. >"A good question, though unexpected," He says before standing, "One I think I can answer with a demonstration, though I will have to ask that all underage ponies be escorted away first."
  16. >"These toys are for adults only, after all."
  17. >After a bit of muttering and some fillies and colts escorted away, Anon walks onto the low stage.
  18. >At this height, he towers over everyone, even you, and there's no question the mares at the back can see.
  19. >"For this though, I'll need a volunteer. A mare preferably."
  20. >Is he going to...
  21. >"Show us your sheath!" a mare from the crowd yells out.
  22. >Oh, this might be perfect...
  23. >As you're about to step forward, dark clouds suddenly swirl overhead and you feel strong magic pull you and your guards away.
  24. >A brief shunt and you find yourself in a pocket dimension floating where the cloud was.
  25. >Down below, Nightmare moon arrives with a crack of lightning onto the stage.
  26. >"Quite an entrance, Miss, Glad you're volunteering," Anon says, resting a hand on Nightmare's shoulder.
  27. >"You Address Nightmare Moon, Colt," she says, turning to him, but he has already grabbed stuff from the stand.
  28. >"Now you're quite the big girl, but size isn't always everything."
  29. >Anon holds up a rather plain looking one, a long pink thing with little bumps spread evenly around it.
  30. >"Sometimes, a little technique and ingenuity go a long way."
  31. >"First though, preparation is important."
  32. >A bottle comes out of one of his pockets, and he opens it over the toy.
  33. >"Proper lubrication makes everything go smoother, and depending on the type, can add a bit of spice to things."
  34. >The lube that comes out is faintly green, unusual to say the least.
  35. >Before anypony can say anything or realize what's going on, he advances back to Nightmare and lifts her tail with his free hand.
  36. >"And here we go," he says, pressing in and parting Nightmare's thousand years untouched lips.
  37. >The first shock runs through her, making her visibly lock up, eyes going wide.
  38. >Many of the audience members are starting to make sense of what's going on.
  39. >"Now sure, there are basic models that are just for in and out action," Anon starts, along with thrusting the toy a little.
  40. >"W-what are thou d..." Nightmare manages to start, before Anon pushes on the end of the toy.
  41. >"Other have some nice features built in."
  42. >A hum fills the air, and the end of the toy is shaking, visible from your perspective.
  43. >Also visible is Nightmare's eyes rolling back in her head.
  44. >Pulling some small stones from his pocket, Anon says, "This baby has some of these built in, enchanted to vibrate and packing enough magic to last months of frequent use before needing charge."
  45. >With a squeeze, the stones start vibrating too, bouncing off each other in his palm.
  46. >"Some might prefer vibrations, others like more texture and hey, some like it plain."
  47. >His hand goes back to idly thrusting the toy into your sister turned evil villain.
  48. >"But what's most important is..."
  49. >Nightmare's knees suddenly buckle as fluid gushes from her lower lips, splashing all over the stage.
  50. >"That you have fun."
  51. >Leaving the toy still in her, Anon walks back to his stand before fishing around for something.
  52. >In the mean time, you find your own hooves have found their way south to Pleasureville.
  53. >"Ah, here we are," Anon says, pulling something out, "And for those tougher mares, I do also have a number of attachments to help out.
  54. >Sliding the toy out, he hooks on what looks like another stone on a little clip band, before turning Nightmare around.
  55. >She hardly resists, but after that maregasm, who could blame her.
  56. >With a flick, the separate stone starts up, and Anon kneels to slide the toy back in.
  57. >Is it... Oh!
  58. >As it nears full insertion, the separate stone lines up with Nightmare's clit, and with a last push, she is filled by a vibrating rod.
  59. >Her clit is assaulted by pleasing vibrations, and her tongue finds itself no longer in her mouth.
  60. >Muscles make her thrust against the toy automatically, and incoherent noises come from her throat.
  61. >Meanwhile, Anon is back at his stand again, the entire crowd focused on Nightmare being literally fucked silly.
  62. >"For those who don't have a way to move a toy, I also have models with a suction pad on the bottom, so you can stick it to almost any flat surface and have fun like that."
  63. >To demonstrate, he takes a few of them and sticks them on the stage floor, one of the posts of his stand, and even one on Nightmare Moon's flank.
  64. >"Great for earth ponies and pegasii with smaller wings.'
  65. >"Also great for pranks," he adds, sticking one to his forehead.
  66. >This gets some chuckles from the smarter mares, ones who have realized everything that's going on here.
  67. >Yourself included.
  68. >"Before I go on, are there any questions?"
  69. >Several hooves shoot up, including your own dripping one, until you realize you're in a different dimension.
  70. >Also it dripped on your head.
  71. >Ewwww.
  72. >"How much are they?" the first questioner asks, a lot of the crowd mumbling in agreement of the question.
  73. >"That depends on the model," Anon says, taking a seat on the still sporadically orgasming Nightmare Moon, "One of the simple, plain models, like this one on my head will only cost around thirty bits."
  74. >"On the other hand," he adds, giving the toy in your sister a flick that makes her moan, "one like this can run upwards of two hundred bits, given the amount of work and material required to go into it."
  75. >"Are there ones that look more like a stallion?" Another pony asks.
  76. >"Yes, there are. I currently have three main models, though I'm hoping to expand to more as things go on."
  77. >From boxes, he pulls out more toys, oh geez how many has he made?
  78. >"We have the basic, which is the type I have been using to demonstrate," he says, holding up another one, like a cone with a rounded end.
  79. >"Then, like you asked, there's the Stallion, which is, well, like a stallion."
  80. >"And finally, there's this one, which I call the Alien."
  81. >This last model is similar to the first, but curved, and with a pronounced head and veins.
  82. >"Most features are available in all models, though some are specific to certain ones."
  83. >Rarity, of all mares, asks the next question.
  84. >"Do they perhaps come in different colours? I'm afraid Pink is most certainly not my colour."
  85. >"They do, but much of the stock I have right now is pink. I will take some custom orders later though."
  86. >looking back, he finally notices that Nightmare is hardly conscious anymore, pleasured beyond the point a pony could ever achieve normally.
  87. >"I suppose that's enough demonstration for now," he says, pulling it out and finally letting her head slump, relaxed.
  88. >The dimension breaks around you as Nightmare loses consciousness, and you gracefully float to the ground, dripping as you go.
  89. >"Ah, Princess, I thought I saw you earlier, but when I looked back you were gone. I hope you enjoyed the demonstration."
  90. "I did very much, and I would like to purchase some of your wares, and to help escort my poor, tired sister back to our lodging for the night."
  91. >"Of course, it's an honour that you would like to use my product. Is there anything you were looking for in particular?"
  92. >Twenty minutes, six hundred bits and a half dozen new toys later, and your walking back to the hotel, bag and unconscious sister in tow, mare juices dripping from you both.
  93. >It's not like anypony would notice though, as they have all rushed Anon's stand.
  94. >Hopefully your sun raising doesn't happen too early tomorrow...
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