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Jan 20th, 2013
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  1. "Player"
  2. -
  3. "Scissors"
  4. "Bed"
  5. "Sofa"
  6. "Cushion"
  7. "Remote"
  8. "Money"
  9. "FrontDoor"
  10. "Flyer"
  11. "WallGrill"
  12. "FloorGrill"
  13. "Window"
  14. "TV"
  15. "FlatKitchen"
  16. "Kettle"
  17. "Kettle1"
  18. "Hmmm... an ad for jobs at Plush-Rest."
  19. "Food"
  20. "CCup"
  21. "CCup1"
  22. "I'll just pour in this water. Whoa! Singe City!"
  23. "Can of Yellow Paint"
  24. "Jar of White Paint"
  25. "Well I don't suppose it would hurt that much. The strong, abrasive edge of the coffee will probably mask the chalky aftertaste of the paint. At least it LOOKS like milk and it does a body good."
  26. "Coffee cup"
  27. "Bird Toy"
  28. "RiggedBird"
  29. "What possible use could I have for a nodding bird with an attitude?"
  30. "Yes, this might fool that rookie Norm out on the landing. Pecking bird plus stubborn remote equals permanently on TV! Yo dude, we're in there!"
  31. "(Norm outside): HEY! You in there! You listen to that TV, or you'll get another week in the pen!"
  32. "(Norm outside): Turn that TV right back on! I'll be in if you don't! Stay Normal!"
  33. "(Norm outside): Norm 7462 to Base. We have a citizen displaying abnormal behavior. Request assistance."
  34. "(Norm outside): Turn that TV on mister! You're only making it worse for yourself. You want to go back to the pen?"
  35. -
  36. "Sharkpoon"
  37. "BathHole"
  38. "dai"
  39. "a"
  40. -
  41. "Gates"
  42. "Warning sign"
  43. "Dumpster"
  44. "Dumpster"
  45. "Dumpster"
  46. "AlleyFPrint"
  47. "PRFReception"
  48. "PRFHospitality"
  49. "PRFSofa"
  50. "PromoScreen"
  51. "WaterMachine"
  52. "WaterCup"
  53. "PRFPerculator"
  54. "Hmmm, what an interesting sculpture. Let's see, if I remember my art classes and I -don't... my guess is the creature's green eye represents jealousy towards a materialistic world. Let's see if it's interactive. I'll just poke it in the eye and check it out."
  55. "PRFCCup"
  56. "Sun"
  57. "Paul"
  58. "Administration Pedestal."
  59. "Receptionist"
  60. "Note"
  61. "brinkler"
  62. "I see that you have made yourself more than comfortable in our Hospitality Center."
  63. "TVSteps"
  64. "bouncer"
  65. "TVRecep"
  66. "Johnson"
  67. "As much as I would like to sample the delicate bouquet and flavor sealed within, I don't have a can opener."
  68. "TVVideoWall"
  69. "TVDoor1"
  70. "TVDoor2"
  71. "TVOffice"
  72. "TVJOffice"
  73. "Papers1"
  74. "Terminal1"
  75. "TVWoman2"
  76. "Beat it child! I'm far too important to talk to you!"
  77. "Plant"
  78. "Coffee Machine"
  79. "Fax Machine"
  80. "Fax"
  81. "Secretary"
  82. -
  83. "Papers"
  84. "AccessCard"
  85. "FilingCabinet"
  86. "HDoor1"
  87. "Studio"
  88. "ControlRoom"
  89. "HDoor2"
  90. "HDoor3"
  91. "HDoor4"
  92. "HDoor5"
  93. "It appears that I need some kind of ID card to get through here."
  94. "That's funny! The door still won't open! I wonder what's behind it and how I can get in?"
  95. "Open sesame!"
  96. "Video Tape"
  97. "Control Desk"
  98. "TV Camera"
  99. "Potted plant"
  100. "Couch"
  101. "Female Presenter"
  102. "Get lost, kid! This show's live! "
  103. "Male Presenter"
  104. "And now we have a very important video clip of the latest best-selling single by Brian Deluge."
  105. "Den"
  106. "Lab"
  107. "Dock"
  108. "DenFridge"
  109. "Hasp"
  110. "Hammer"
  111. "HazardSign"
  112. "DistArray"
  113. "PChemical"
  114. "PChemical1"
  115. "Electronics"
  116. "Electronics1"
  117. "RAARG! YURG! ROAR!..... Whoa!!! What was that stuff? It was Potent!"
  118. "SmallBox"
  119. "Otter"
  120. "DockWater"
  121. "Liberty"
  122. "Key"
  123. "I'm very tempted to go and hit someone, but I can resist the temptation... I can find my inner peace and salvation...but barely."
  124. "Unlocked Hinge"
  125. "Fridge"
  126. "I've got to unlock that hasp first!"
  127. "Walnut Cone"
  128. "Sardines"
  129. "Milk"
  130. "Very Old Lettuce"
  131. "Drum Kit"
  132. "Junk"
  133. "Saul Nystalux"
  134. "Kerry Oakey"
  135. "Norm 2782"
  136. "heather"
  137. "Sssssshhh!"
  138. "Brian Deluge"
  139. "Er, erm, H... Hello. Please don't shout! I've only just started here. I've been here for two, no three, no, one month. I don't know what everything does exactly. Please give me all the space you think I need."
  140. "Bye"
  141. "JUNK"
  142. "Start without Cushion"
  143. "JUNK"
  144. "Start"
  145. "JUNK"
  146. "Start"
  147. "What do you want? I'm extremely busy right now. Speak up! Don't take all day!"
  148. "What is it? Who sent you?"
  149. "Ah! Right. Well, I'm too busy right now. Take it to the studio. Here, you'll need this card. "
  150. "Be gone with you! I'm very busy! "
  151. "Hello"
  152. "JUNK"
  153. "JUNK"
  154. "JUNK"
  155. "Boss Johnson"
  156. "JUNK"
  157. "Nice dog."
  158. "JUNK"
  159. "JUNK"
  160. "Why are you famous?"
  161. "JUNK"
  162. "JUNK"
  163. "Bye"
  164. "JUNK"
  165. "Let's see your ID, laddy? You no can enter without yer badge."
  166. "No pass - no entry. Try to get in and I'll set me wee dog on yer. Orders, see?"
  167. "JUNK"
  168. "Start"
  169. "I, er... I seem to have left it at home. Honest!"
  170. "Nice doggy! Good doggy!"
  171. "Excuse me."
  172. "Bye"
  173. "That's what I'm here for."
  174. "I've been told to bring you this video."
  175. "But this IS a TV station, is it not?"
  176. "Oh, right then.. So, sorry to trouble you."
  177. "Excuse me, by the way.... Can I ask you if you want to go out when this game is over?"
  178. "Well I'd forget about him. I'd be a whole heck of a lot more fun."
  179. "You know you've got a good point there. You're probably right, never mind."
  180. "Can I speak with Mr. Johnson, please?"
  181. "Er... no, but I do have a very important video."
  182. "Yeah?"
  183. "Send him over."
  184. "You're the greatest. "
  185. "Er... I need an ID card to get into the studio."
  186. "So you won't give me one?"
  187. "Hello"
  188. "JUNK"
  189. "Programme"
  190. "JUNK"
  191. "JUNK"
  192. "JUNK"
  193. "Bye"
  194. "JUNK"
  195. "JUNK"
  196. "JUNK"
  197. "Barbara"
  198. "JUNK"
  199. "JUNK"
  200. "JUNK"
  201. "JUNK"
  202. "Hello"
  203. "JUNK"
  204. "JUNK"
  205. "JUNK"
  206. "JUNK"
  207. "JUNK"
  208. "JUNK"
  209. "JUNK"
  210. "JUNK"
  211. "JUNK"
  212. "JUNK"
  213. "JUNK"
  214. "The Sun"
  215. "JUNK"
  216. "JUNK"
  217. "JUNK"
  218. "JUNK"
  219. "JUNK"
  220. "JUNK"
  221. "JUNK"
  222. "JUNK"
  223. "JUNK"
  224. "JUNK"
  225. "Bye"
  226. "JUNK"
  227. "JUNK"
  228. "JUNK"
  229. "JUNK"
  230. "Going Down?"
  231. "JUNK"
  232. "JUNK"
  233. "JUNK"
  234. "JUNK"
  235. "JUNK"
  236. "JUNK"
  237. "JUNK"
  238. "Hello"
  239. "JUNK"
  240. "JUNK"
  241. "JUNK"
  242. "JUNK"
  243. "Bye"
  244. "JUNK"
  245. "Bye"
  246. "JUNK"
  247. "The Skimmer"
  248. "JUNK"
  249. "JUNK"
  250. "JUNK"
  251. "JUNK"
  252. "JUNK"
  253. "JUNK"
  254. "JUNK"
  255. "What are you doing?"
  256. "JUNK"
  257. "Ingredient Z"
  258. "JUNK"
  259. "JUNK"
  260. "JUNK"
  261. "JUNK"
  262. "JUNK"
  263. "Locked Fridge"
  264. "JUNK"
  265. "JUNK"
  266. "JUNK"
  267. "JUNK"
  268. "Walnut Whip"
  269. "JUNK"
  270. "JUNK"
  271. "JUNK"
  272. "JUNK"
  273. "JUNK"
  274. "JUNK"
  275. "JUNK"
  276. "JUNK"
  277. "JUNK"
  278. "JUNK"
  279. "JUNK"
  280. "JUNK"
  281. "JUNK"
  282. "JUNK"
  283. "JUNK"
  284. "JUNK"
  285. "JUNK"
  286. "JUNK"
  287. "What do you need?"
  288. "JUNK"
  289. "Give Walnut Whip"
  290. "Give Ingedient Z"
  291. "Give Cotton Wool"
  292. "Give Blue Paint"
  293. "Given All"
  294. "Hello"
  295. "Drum Kit"
  296. "JUNK"
  297. "JUNK"
  298. "JUNK"
  299. "JUNK"
  300. "JUNK"
  301. "JUNK"
  302. "JUNK"
  303. "JUNK"
  304. "JUNK"
  305. "JUNK"
  306. "JUNK"
  307. "JUNK"
  308. "Bye"
  309. "JUNK"
  310. "JUNK"
  311. "JUNK"
  312. "JUNK"
  313. "LavaLamp"
  314. "HiFi"
  315. "PowerBox"
  316. "Heater"
  317. "FlatFan"
  318. "Clock"
  319. "Acid"
  320. "GreenTowel"
  321. "BeanSplat"
  322. "WMachine"
  323. "It's already boiled. If I do it again, I'm wasting energy. Not wise!"
  324. "Bust"
  325. "Fire Door"
  326. "Picture"
  327. "Shrub"
  328. "Picture"
  329. "Calendar"
  330. "Fan"
  331. "Equipment"
  332. "Door"
  333. "Scenery"
  334. "Device"
  335. "Hopper"
  336. "DenMug"
  337. "BeanBag"
  338. "DenRubbish"
  339. "Pizza"
  340. "Skeleton"
  341. "PlasmaBall"
  342. "DenBooks"
  343. "DenModel"
  344. "Amp"
  345. "Rope"
  346. "DockDoors"
  347. "Well, look here, a little key! That's bound to be useful."
  348. "Traffic Cone"
  349. "Traffic Signal"
  350. "Traffic Signal"
  351. "Elvis"
  352. "Window1"
  353. "WindowBox"
  354. "DaiTV"
  355. "Tarpaulin"
  356. "Winch"
  357. "Person."
  358. "I'm too busy! Go away!"
  359. "I'm busy! Go away!"
  360. -
  361. -
  362. "Junk"
  363. "No way! I'm not touching that stuff! You might pick things up in sewers, but don't drag me down with you. I'm not goin'."
  364. "SewerRats"
  365. "Screwdriver"
  366. "Landing"
  367. "LandingLift"
  368. "Bat"
  369. "LandingDoor"
  370. "LandingFace"
  371. "LiftPanel"
  372. "LandingBoard"
  373. "LandingPower"
  374. "LandingFan"
  375. "FlatIntercom"
  376. "Start"
  377. "JUNK"
  378. "JUNK"
  379. "JUNK"
  380. "JUNK"
  381. "JUNK"
  382. "Can I get past?"
  383. "JUNK"
  384. "JUNK"
  385. "JUNK"
  386. "JUNK"
  387. "JUNK"
  388. "Bye"
  389. "JUNK"
  390. "Only"
  391. "JUNK"
  392. "I don't have anything to use it with! "
  393. "I can't get in there until I can remove those boards. "
  394. "What sort of job?"
  395. "Funny you should mention that?"
  396. "I was just thinking about you as a stunt man."
  397. "You'd be lousy! Now stop disturbing me!"
  398. "JUNK"
  399. "JUNK"
  400. "What about the women?"
  401. "JUNK"
  402. "JUNK"
  403. "JUNK"
  404. "JUNK"
  405. "Plant"
  406. "Spotlight"
  407. "Plant"
  408. "Projector"
  409. "Shrubs"
  410. "Door"
  411. "PRFInDoor"
  412. "PRFRelief"
  413. "PRFBust"
  414. "PRFBanner"
  415. "PRFSunset"
  416. "PRFScrolly"
  417. "PRFWomanPic"
  418. "PRFDummy"
  419. "HospDoor"
  420. "Ad0"
  421. "Yeah. If I took that off the wall, there'd be a faded patch for sure."
  422. "Advertisement"
  423. "Advertisement"
  424. "Advertisement"
  425. "Advertisement"
  426. "Advertisement"
  427. "PRFLockedDoor"
  428. "PRFOpenDoor"
  429. "JUNK"
  430. "Start"
  431. "JUNK"
  432. "JUNK"
  433. "Start"
  434. "OK, I'll leave"
  435. "What is your mission?"
  436. "JUNK"
  437. "JUNK"
  438. "JUNK"
  439. "JUNK"
  440. "JUNK"
  441. "JUNK"
  442. "JUNK"
  443. "JUNK"
  444. "JUNK"
  445. "JUNK"
  446. "JUNK"
  447. "JUNK"
  448. "JUNK"
  449. "I've never seen such an evocative and compelling rendering."
  450. "I see that you have made yourself more than comfortable in our Hospitality Center?"
  451. "Why, follow me and I'll take you to the our cosy little Test Department. There you can just have a look around."
  452. "Whoa! Whah! Oh no! AAARGH! Very scary."
  453. "Croc"
  454. "Pick the lock? I guess I can do that. I'm a resourceful type a guy..."
  455. "It's a bit of a lethal weapon to use without cause."
  456. "KentDoor1"
  457. "Ohhhh, it's good to be home again."
  458. "Satellite Dish"
  459. "Doors"
  460. "DenDoor"
  461. "DockDoor"
  462. "TidOffice"
  463. "FacLoo"
  464. -
  465. -
  466. "FacGrinders"
  467. -
  468. "Tiddler"
  469. "Not now, kid! Not now! Running a Test Department is a serious business and involves a great deal of concentration."
  470. "Right, now that we're in my office, Mr. Zontal, what can I tell you?"
  471. "PLEASE, call me Tiddler. Everyone around here does. It helps to create the kind of \"Working family atmosphere\" you'll come to appreciate. Now, tell me why did you apply for this job and what have you got to offer us? "
  472. "JUNK"
  473. "Tiddler"
  474. "Oh, tell you a secret, boy. I haven't the slightest idea. I just started answering to it."
  475. "FIRE RISK! This ain't no fire risk, boy! It displays skill and dedication. It's the finest example of how this job should be done! Those damn Waste Engineers are so efficient, as soon as anything gets broke, it's on its way to the grinders. I can't show my boys how it should be done!"
  476. "Maybe you should speak to them, you seem to have authority, sir."
  477. "Strange Broken Furniture"
  478. "Well, what kind of stuff did you find?"
  479. "Oh yes, I've got it. Maybe it's a device for making a strange whispering noise. No... hang on. On second thoughts I feel a little weird when you hold it up so close. Maybe it's a relaxation device, Son. I feel sort of drained. I ain't never seen one before, and that's how good our Waste Engineers are."
  480. "Well, ah... they're the guys who make sure that none of the stuff we bust is left around for more than a minute. They're a division of the Norm Trooper Army."
  481. "Not sure really. Maybe it's an insurance thing. Splinters and such can be deadly I understand. Leader Paul makes the orders. We just follow 'em."
  482. "Well, er... Thanks for all that."
  483. "Radio"
  484. "Radio"
  485. "Current Receiver"
  486. "Current Sender"
  487. "Glass Case"
  488. "Door"
  489. "Weight Machine"
  490. "Certificate"
  491. "Medal"
  492. "Blueprint"
  493. "Magazine Cover"
  494. "Glass Panel"
  495. "Door"
  496. "Door"
  497. "Closed Hinge"
  498. "Door"
  499. "Door"
  500. "Tester"
  501. "I do not speak to wimps!"
  502. "Door"
  503. "Door"
  504. "Door"
  505. "Poster"
  506. "Video Screen"
  507. "Video Screen"
  508. "Video Screen"
  509. "Hey's it hangin'?"
  510. "Badge"
  511. "BADGE?!"
  512. "Start"
  513. "BADGE?!"
  514. "What is that in there? Could I just have a little peek? I promise I won't tell anyone. It'll be our little secret...please?"
  515. "Start 2"
  516. "Endit"
  517. "Air Vent"
  518. "Door"
  519. "Leg"
  520. "Postcard"
  521. "Picture"
  522. "Underwear"
  523. "Postcard"
  524. "Door"
  525. "Spec Sheet"
  526. "Sign"
  527. "Poster"
  528. "Poster"
  529. "Switchbox"
  530. "Fireplace"
  531. "Picture"
  532. "Roster"
  533. "Powerbox"
  534. "Air Vent"
  535. "FlatFan1"
  536. "Pwoooarh! There's still a horrible stench coming up through that hole in the bath!"
  537. "Front Door"
  538. "Eat or drink something."
  539. "Use an object in some way."
  540. "Examine something."
  541. "Pipe"
  542. "Pipe1"
  543. "TVGates"
  544. "Where should I go? I think I have a map on me somewhere..."
  545. "Glass Case"
  546. "M.I.N.T. Mall"
  547. "Apartment"
  548. "The Den"
  549. "Sub-Station"
  550. "Want to meet some people who share the same interests? Then don't just sit being bored at home, get down to the third dumpster in the dingy alley behind the Plush-Rest Furniture Factory."
  551. "Do you crave for a plush posterior perch? Are you unhealthily heavy? Then come and work in our Test Department. Good shifts, lots of sitting, as much food as you can eat, and hear this: you get paid for it! See Mr. Brinkler right away. Remember the Plush-Rest Motto:"
  552. "Today's show will go live in the entire city. No hitches, right?!"
  553. "You have violated the penal code: Section 491223, section 86, clause 15, subsection 7, paragraph 9, note D: \"Escaping an Apartment.\" Turn yourself in to the nearest Norm precinct for immediate return to the Blue Pen."
  554. "A small black tape. It contains footage of Brian's latest record."
  555. "A key. Hmmm.... this could be the key to the whole problem! Get it? Ha, ha, ha."
  556. "Locker"
  557. "Locker"
  558. "Poster"
  559. "Coupon"
  560. "Control Unit"
  561. "Waste Engineer"
  562. "Start"
  563. "Can I get inside?"
  564. "JUNK"
  565. "JUNK"
  566. "JUNK"
  567. "JUNK"
  568. "JUNK"
  569. "JUNK"
  570. "JUNK"
  571. "JUNK"
  572. "JUNK"
  573. "JUNK"
  574. "JUNK"
  575. "Bye"
  576. "JUNK"
  577. "JUNK"
  578. "GrinderExt"
  579. "Grinder"
  580. "GrinderBlades"
  581. "Debris"
  582. "Battery"
  583. "It won't work as it is. It needs connecting to something."
  584. "Bed"
  585. "Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the unique Slumba-Swift System. No more tossing and turning! No more plumping up the pillows!"
  586. "I'll just put it here on the bed..."
  587. "Less Debris"
  588. "Debris"
  589. "Manual"
  590. "BatSnd"
  591. "With this current sender connected to the battery, I should be able to power something. Now...what?"
  592. "Battery with Sender"
  593. "I don't think that will work."
  594. "PRFOildrum"
  595. "PRFFuelcan"
  596. "PRFFlames"
  597. "PRFChute"
  598. "PRFFan"
  599. "PRSign2"
  600. "PRFWindow"
  601. "PRFDoorSide"
  602. "PRFDoor8"
  603. "PRFFurnace"
  604. "PRFGoodsIn"
  605. "PRFGoodsOut"
  606. "Skip4"
  607. "PRFDoorBack"
  608. "TShirt"
  609. "Should fit. It's Extra-Medium."
  610. "This could be useful in fooling that silly woman at Plush-Rest. She seems likely to believe everything she reads."
  611. "Chest of Drawers"
  612. "Strange Gizmo"
  613. "Poster"
  614. "AHHH! Too loud! I'm gonna bill Deluge for my speakers if I ever see him. Great song though. NA NI NA...... My car's got no wheels, but I'm still rolling..."
  615. "Speaker"
  616. "Broken Speaker"
  617. " and who else? Be realistic."
  618. "Why would I want to do that?"
  619. "I seem to remember these things coming with the apartment. They're getting kinda lumpy. Gravity is an unkind mistress even to inanimate objects."
  620. "Yeah, right!"
  621. "It does not work."
  622. "It got disconnected by the Norms for being a health risk!"
  623. "More of a low-fi really, but I get by with it."
  624. "Oh, no thanks, it's surprisingly heavy."
  625. "I'd better not disturb the thing, it's keeping the TV on."
  626. "My pecking bird toy connected to the TV remote. It's merrily pecking away and keeping the TV on for me."
  627. "No, it took me ages to place my speakers for the best sound reproduction."
  628. "Well these are no good to anyone now!"
  629. "I've trashed them! I blame that Brian Deluge!"
  630. "I can't do that!"
  631. "Yes, I can tell the time. I did learn that much!"
  632. "Doesn't time pass really slow when you're having fun!"
  633. "OK, I've got it."
  634. "I tried turning it off once... the room steamed up for a week!"
  635. "If I filled it with water it would make a good bath, otherwise, I don't have a clue."
  636. "WOW! I bet they get great TV reception with these things!"
  637. "Check it. It's bolted to the wall."
  638. "What do I do with this tacky thing?"
  639. "It's so badly made I don't have a clue who it is. Possibly, Michael Jackson."
  640. "Sure!"
  641. "No, no, no. I want to make sure that this gets read."
  642. "I never learned to type, and I don't see the point in learning right now. So, forget it!"
  643. "Boring! Computers are boring, boring, boring, boring, boring! No computer class for me."
  644. "I can't reach it, and anyway, that would be theft!"
  645. "I'd water it if I could. Looks a little dry."
  646. "Someone is not very green- thumbed around here. Plants should be there to inspire and motivate the work force"
  647. "I'm not very interested in horticulture right now. Thank you very much!"
  648. "I just wouldn't know what to do with all that stuff!"
  649. "Oh, there's some real cool stuff here. Whoa, I could make some great home movies with this junk!"
  650. "Sure!"
  651. "A door's a door in my book. Just push to open. So what?"
  652. "A door's a door in my book. Just push to open. So what?"
  653. "What am I supposed to do with it?!"
  654. "It's a door. Exciting."
  655. "I think this is a mini-fridge? Nifty!"
  656. "Oh, I wish I didn't open this fridge, now that I know what's inside! And believe me, it's no pretty sight."
  657. "Yuk. No thanks!"
  658. "Who do you think I am? Trashman Sam? I don't clean your garbage! I don't clean garbage for nobody!"
  659. "They're full of trash and very smelly."
  660. "Uh-Uh. Leave The King be. Long Live the King! Hail, Rock-n-Roll!"
  661. "I'd need a key to open that."
  662. "This hasp is keeping the fridge locked. Who in their right mind would lock a fridge?"
  663. "It's still riveted to the fridge!"
  664. "Yeah. Listen, I rarely eat things out of My OWN fridge, let alone a strangers? Who knows what kind of mold is growing in those shelves!"
  665. "I think it's lettuce and the key word there is THINK!"
  666. "Ut-uh."
  667. "I can just manage to lift it. Aha, there's a blue box under here! Yeah! Scoreage! "
  668. "A traffic control signal. Well, what in God's name is it doing down here?"
  669. "No thanks."
  670. "They won't budge. Probably been locked up for decades."
  671. "I wonder where these doors lead? To a secret smuggler's hideout, I bet! Or I know, a gang of terrorists! A bunch of people with guns and machines and they want to kill everyone they see and slit their throats and blood and guts!!!"
  672. "I don't feel thirsty, and besides I already had a bath this month."
  673. "Sorry, I don't have a use for this right now. Check back later."
  674. "A coil of rope."
  675. "Got it. I can hear something rattling inside."
  676. "I've no use for it."
  677. "It's a traffic cone. One of several trillion up top on the streets."
  678. "Uh-Uh. It looks delicate."
  679. "I'd better not touch it. At school I usually ended up blowing up the lab or filling it with smoke! I don't want to cause any more disasters - right now."
  680. "WOW! This looks like great fun. I used to love Chemistry at school! Although, it wasn't too crazy about me!"
  681. "Uh-Uh! It's useless now, thanks to me playing Einstein!"
  682. "I've turned that wonderful invention into a smoking ruin. Whoops!"
  683. "Got it."
  684. "I'm a guest here. I shouldn't play with his things."
  685. "Whoa, this guy watches too much TV. Where does he get the power from?"
  686. "If I take that, the cradle will be stuck here."
  687. "I've never figured out how this works. So, possibly, it doesn't? Nah!"
  688. "I think this allows people to talk to me when I'm inside, but no one's ever bothered."
  689. "No thanks."
  690. "A mother always told me not to play with electricity!"
  691. "I think this feeds the power to my apartment."
  692. "Oh no, I could never do that. That would be vandalism! No, no, no, not I!"
  693. "I just have no use for it."
  694. "Now I could use a cool oven like that. My microwave has never worked properly."
  695. "I could use one of them right now."
  696. "Whoa! No way! Get serious!"
  697. "I could make a nice table cloth out of one, or a quilt."
  698. "Whoa! They really give the place some presence. Who'd believe this could be a humble factory."
  699. "It's so locked."
  700. "This door must lead somewhere interesting."
  701. "I can't reach them up there."
  702. "Nice plants. How do they water them up there? A hose?"
  703. "I don't think so."
  704. "There's not much I could do with it. I'm not a lighting technician."
  705. "What a dainty little light. Fits in well with those bedding plants."
  706. "I'd pick her up any day, any way."
  707. "UGH! This stuff is totally grodie! I wouldn't drink this stuff even if I'd spent the last twenty years eating nothing but dried salted crackers!"
  708. "It's like, lukewarm and it smells of...plastic?"
  709. "A conveyer belt is dumping trash into those dumpsters."
  710. "Could I sneak in through here?"
  711. "I wonder if I can get in through here?"
  712. "If I turn that fan on, I'd be blown clear across the city."
  713. "I don't agree with drinking from dubious containers, thanks."
  714. "Looks like a fuel can to me."
  715. "Unfortunately, it's bricked up."
  716. "Nah."
  717. "What would I do with it?"
  718. "Well, I'm not a salesman, so I guess I don't need an appointment."
  719. "A hernia is not my idea of a good day out!"
  720. "It's mine! Mine, I tell you!"
  721. "I can't use the case and I can't get to the debris inside."
  722. "Judging by all those blinking lights, I'd say there's an alarm on this case. Touch this and die...charming."
  723. "What for? It's empty."
  724. "It's on already."
  725. "Nice little radio. The tuning knob's missing though. Looks like it's Opera or nothing. It's using a current receiver plugged into the back. Might be why it sounds terrible."
  726. "I don't want it."
  727. "It's better not to break it, an alarm is bound to go off."
  728. "Blueprints are boring to me in any color."
  729. "Seems like a blueprint for a chair. It says here, \"OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT.\" Well, I guess everyone needs chairs, don't they."
  730. "No, I expect Tiddler needs that."
  731. "Ha! Love the width warning!"
  732. "I don't need it and I expect Tiddler does."
  733. "I've no use for it."
  734. "Tiddler's medal for winning Neutropolis eating competition? Wow, that's impressive!"
  735. "That must weigh a ton; rather like the guys that use it, I suspect."
  736. "I can't. It's painted on the wall."
  737. "Wait a minute. All the furniture in this place is just painted on the walls."
  738. "It may be useful."
  739. "Interesting idea! I could reuse it when I take a vacation...if I knew what a vacation was."
  740. "I don't have a use for it."
  741. "Strange! This postcard is back to front. I wonder if it's valuable; rarity value and all that."
  742. "I've already got two, but thanks."
  743. "Now I've seen it all."
  744. "I'm not even touching 'em! I don't know where they've been! Well, I do and that's why I'm not gonna' wear them."
  745. "I wish I could draw as well as that!"
  746. "Whoa, it's \"Mr. Greedy\", the test department's mascot."
  747. "Do I really, really, really, really wanna go in there?"
  748. "It won't open!"
  749. "I've seen enough doors to know what they are."
  750. "I can't reach it!"
  751. "Gees, this is heavy! I can just manage it dudes!"
  752. "Whoa, messin' around here could blackout the factory."
  753. "Yeah, right! I can't manage my own life, let alone other peoples."
  754. "Some of these guys are scheduled for seven dinners a day."
  755. "No, it serves as a useful warning to other folks."
  756. "What for?"
  757. "It's smasher! One of the all time top testers at the factory. hero!"
  758. "Oh, no thanks."
  759. "It just won't budge!"
  760. "I can't be bothered."
  761. "I've got better things to do."
  762. "I really should get out of here before someone comes."
  763. "It won't open."
  764. "I can't figure out what it does. Any ideas brain surgeon?"
  765. "What am I supposed to do with it?"
  766. "I wouldn't describe this as paradise. Come to think of it, I don't know what paradise is."
  767. "PSButton"
  768. "PSCoinslot"
  769. "What can I insert in here?"
  770. "What goes in here?"
  771. "Yes, a coin will just roll in here nicely; and there she goes."
  772. "Coin Slot"
  773. "How?"
  774. "PSLights"
  775. "Whoa, what do I do with them?"
  776. "Flashing lights! Something radical and exciting is going on!"
  777. "Button"
  778. "Whoa! Action! Wow, we have power. All systems go!"
  779. "Wires"
  780. "They're stuck to the wall."
  781. "PSBox"
  782. "It won't budge!"
  783. "I bet there's something useful in here."
  784. "Air Vent"
  785. "Hole"
  786. "How can you pick up a hole?"
  787. "PSDoor"
  788. "Unfortunately, it's bricked up. No exit here."
  789. "PSDanger"
  790. "I can't reach it from here."
  791. "That looks like an important control panel."
  792. "Cylinder"
  793. "Yeah! Who do you think I am? Atlas?!"
  794. "Turbine1"
  795. "Spanner"
  796. "PSBulb"
  797. "PSBolt"
  798. "TeddyNWire"
  799. -
  800. "Ah, the poor little guy. Someone's strung him up and left him for dead."
  801. "Teddy"
  802. "Wire"
  803. "PSMainBox"
  804. "PSCircuit"
  805. "PSBulb1"
  806. "PSBulbPin"
  807. "I can't say I know what to do with it."
  808. "A common or garden light bulb."
  809. "Aha! A control box. Let's have a look. "
  810. "Nah, I really need to connect the other end to a power source to get this baby working."
  811. "What good would that do? I need to connect the other end of the wire to something else!"
  812. "Oh, I just don't think that would do any good at all."
  813. "Yeah! I'm not picking that up while it's spinning like a dervish!"
  814. "Excellent! The circuit board has power now, and my work is nearly through!"
  815. "I just can't seem to figure it out."
  816. "Circuit Board"
  817. "Ah that wouldn't help at all, dude!"
  818. "Loft"
  819. "Hatch"
  820. "Picture"
  821. "TV Set"
  822. "What, this cumbersome thing? I bet it weighs a ton!"
  823. "LoftLamp"
  824. "LoftBoxes"
  825. "LoftCrate"
  826. "I'm not planning on moving just yet. Thanks."
  827. "Well, I guess every attic has to have a crate!"
  828. "Strange Lights"
  829. "Mallet"
  830. "LoftSlats"
  831. "Music Volume"
  832. "Speech Volume"
  833. "Gamma Correction"
  834. "Screen Saver"
  835. "Hi-Res"
  836. "Med-Res"
  837. "Speech"
  838. "Both"
  839. "Object Names"
  840. "Off"
  841. "Play"
  842. "Help"
  843. "Save Game"
  844. "LOAD GAME"
  845. "VGA"
  846. "Use the slider to alter the volume of in-game sound effects."
  847. "Now look. The larger you set this value (using the slider), the quicker messages will scroll, (i.e., the quicker you must read them). But if you set to zero, you'll have to click through every message."
  848. "The number of minutes after which your game-state will automatically be saved. You can load it from the Load Game Screen. Warning! If set to OFF, there will be NO Autosave."
  849. "Hi-res : Hi-res in game. Hey, that looks cool! Lo-res : Lo-res in game is quicker."
  850. "Hey, it's simple. All auxiliary screens (like this one), and cut-scene animation will be shown in either SVGA hi-res (640 x 400) or VGA (320 x 400). SVGA's much better. "
  851. "StreetA"
  852. "TruckArea"
  853. "StreetBack"
  854. "Hydrant"
  855. "StreetTrash"
  856. "TrafficLight"
  857. "StreetBusStop"
  858. "WheelyBin"
  859. "StoneBall"
  860. "FaceTree"
  861. "StreetTurd"
  862. "NewsDoor"
  863. "It's locked."
  864. "NewsSign"
  865. "I'm not interested."
  866. "Nothing new here! You call that news? Ha!"
  867. "TV Sets"
  868. "Gates"
  869. "Door"
  870. "Club Doors"
  871. "I can not do that."
  872. "RomancePoster"
  873. "CobblersPoter"
  874. "What use is it?"
  875. "This looks like more my type of film... blood and guts and babes! Yeah!"
  876. "Cinema Doors"
  877. "This movie theater has been closed all my life."
  878. "Film Poster"
  879. "I don't want it."
  880. "PeterPoster"
  881. "Boring! I don't think so!"
  882. "I HATE pantomime! So childish!"
  883. "Road Block"
  884. "Beacon"
  885. "Door"
  886. "StoreDoor"
  887. "It's closed."
  888. "I don't want to wander off and get lost."
  889. "TVShopDoor"
  890. "PowerDoor"
  891. "PowerWindow"
  892. "Truck"
  893. "It's substantially bricked up."
  894. "TVShopDoor1"
  895. -
  896. "TVTrucks"
  897. "TVTV"
  898. "TVSalesman"
  899. "Cupboards"
  900. "Poster"
  901. "Cash Register"
  902. "Oh no. Theft is morally wrong!"
  903. "TVBits"
  904. "TVHatch"
  905. "Sorry, I'm not tall enough to reach it."
  906. "TVBackDoor"
  907. "I have no use for satellite TV whatsoever!"
  908. "They're doing a large promotion on 'Pie TV' right now."
  909. "TV Salesman"
  910. "What do you think you're doing?!"
  911. "Mini-TV"
  912. "Hey there. That's a mighty small TV. I don't really need one, but it seems like a good bargain."
  913. "I'll resist the temptation to be nosy... for a while at least!"
  914. "Hello"
  915. "Start Now"
  916. "TVBox"
  917. "Well, I can't reach it while this guy's around."
  918. "I wonder what's inside?"
  919. "Cardboard Box"
  920. "Empty Box"
  921. "Yeah, down we go..."
  922. "That's the hatch that I came up through."
  923. "It's empty, but makes a good step."
  924. "I don't think I'd better touch them with that important-looking man watching."
  925. "Papers4"
  926. "TVBusStop"
  927. "EditComputer"
  928. "Uh-uh. This looks too important!"
  929. "VTA"
  930. "There's a tape locked inside."
  931. "Hmmm... this baby seems to have its mouth full with a tape. There's a big label on it with 'VT 1' on it."
  932. "VT Machine"
  933. "Loaded VT Machine"
  934. "No chance."
  935. "There's already a tape inside."
  936. "Puppet"
  937. "Seems a reasonable notion."
  938. "Rat in a Box"
  939. "Computer Engineer"
  940. "Hey, get away from me, or I'll call a Norm! Do you want the shirt off my back or something? Scram!"
  941. "AccessCard1"
  942. "What with?"
  943. "The card's covered in a whole lot of goopy beans! Grodey!"
  944. "Dirty Shirt"
  945. "Gross! Grodey! Maxed out! I'll toss it and keep the badge."
  946. "ID Badge"
  947. "There's a name: Ben Holen Eliott. 'Holen', that's a funny name...hole-n-one?!"
  950. "ENTER COMMAND :"
  954. "MallEntry"
  955. "MallLeft"
  956. "MallUpstairs"
  957. "MallCave"
  958. "MallStash"
  959. "Oh, no thanks. It might bite. It looks positively user-hostile!"
  960. "I can just reach it."
  961. "Mall BusStop"
  962. "MallTree"
  963. "I haven't got the time for climbing."
  964. "Very little seems to live around these parts."
  965. "Trolley"
  966. "I'm afraid it's permanent."
  967. "MallTrolley"
  968. "Whelk"
  969. "I can't reach it."
  970. "Yeah?! This is their idea of a welcome? Thanks, but No thanks!"
  971. "Large Doors"
  972. "That's a rough area of town to go wandering around in."
  973. "Door"
  974. "Door"
  975. "Door"
  976. "There's not much business for hair stylists. I never even use a brush or take a shower. I guess that makes me kind of dirty."
  977. "Boards"
  978. "Large Doors"
  979. "Palm Tree"
  980. "Waffle Statue"
  981. "I don't want it even if I could. \"It's for the people\"... or something like that."
  982. "MallElev"
  983. "DiscoLaLaDoor"
  984. "At least these doors are open."
  985. "Disco La La"
  986. "I can't reach."
  987. "MallDummy"
  988. "They're locked from the other side."
  989. "MallFish"
  990. "CaveSign"
  991. "Whoa! What does this place sell?"
  992. "What's a \"comestible?\""
  993. "Doors"
  994. "MallNewsDoor"
  995. "Dazzle"
  996. "I'd read it, if I could reach it."
  997. "I used to read Dazzle all the time. Great articles, candid pictures."
  998. "Shutter"
  999. "Elevator"
  1000. -
  1001. "MallElevButtons"
  1002. "ThriftyTill"
  1003. "ThriftyRug"
  1004. "I just can't be bothered to unravel it."
  1005. "I wonder if it's a magic carpet!"
  1006. "Frank-in-the-box"
  1007. "I don't want the damn thing. Leave me alone!"
  1008. "ShroomMobile"
  1009. "RubicCube"
  1010. "I never could do those wretched things! Stupid waste of time! Hate 'em, Hate 'em, Hate 'em!"
  1011. "I'd like to get my hands on that infernal Doctor Rubic. I'd love to give him a twist or two. Show him which side is up."
  1012. "Kazoo"
  1013. "Cheesy rubber hand puppet. They are either meant to be rats or little horses. It's a little hard to tell, the craftsmanship is a little, er...crappy."
  1014. "Dracula Puppet"
  1015. "I can't reach."
  1016. "TotemPole"
  1017. "No thanks."
  1018. "CCTV"
  1019. "I can't."
  1020. "Hmm, ever get the feeling you're being watched?"
  1021. "Shark Toy"
  1022. "Cone Toy"
  1023. "\"Rugged Ron\" Toy"
  1024. "Door"
  1025. "I think this leads into the freezer. I don't want to go in there."
  1026. "Cash Register"
  1027. "No thanks. That guy might spot me!"
  1028. "CaveBasket"
  1029. "CaveFood"
  1030. "CaveFood1"
  1031. "FrozenMeat"
  1032. "CaveDoor1"
  1033. "These lead back to the mall."
  1034. "Dummy Topic 2"
  1035. "You want to buy that?"
  1036. "Well, maybe. Can you give me like, a demo?"
  1037. "FlatBottomDoor"
  1038. "Hello"
  1039. "It's a terrible day!"
  1040. "Well go and be friendly somewhere else."
  1041. "All right. I will then and I may be back later to be friendly with you some more, but don't hold your breath."
  1042. "Out into the wilds of the city we go... Yeah! Cha Cha little troopers!"
  1043. "JUNK"
  1044. "JUNK"
  1045. "JUNK"
  1046. "JUNK"
  1047. "JUNK"
  1048. "Can I buy a TV?"
  1049. "Ahh yeah, if you must."
  1050. "What's that got to do with it?"
  1051. "Why do I care about happy customers?"
  1052. "No one every buys a second TV."
  1053. "Only if you show me your cash."
  1054. "Inspection"
  1055. "What for? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
  1056. "Say what?"
  1057. "They're pretty useless now. Just go away and let me watch TV."
  1058. "Do you have a remote for this TV? I wanna' try it out."
  1059. "But I wanna try other channels."
  1060. "Sorry I can't find the remote."
  1061. "TVKey"
  1062. "Easy."
  1063. "That doesn't seem to work."
  1064. "No, I think it might be useful to leave that guy in there."
  1065. "YOU!! What are you doing?"
  1066. "I do not recognize you son, AND I do not see a badge!"
  1067. "You have an important what? There can not be anything in your pathetic little life that carries importance. I suggest you leave while your arms and legs are still attached to your body."
  1068. "Forgotten something? Thought of a clever line that might get you inside?"
  1069. "Yo dude, just in time. I have a badge. I forgot to mention it when I first arrived because you have such a bad attitude problem."
  1070. "Please let me in!"
  1071. "I do not really think so, son. You see, the people upstairs employ me not only for my sunny disposition, but also for my impeccable judgment of character. Any you simply do not qualify for admission, you little RAT!"
  1072. "All right dude, this sucks! Let me in right now or I'm going to be really unhappy."
  1073. "Bye"
  1074. "Hello"
  1075. "JUNK"
  1076. "JUNK"
  1077. "JUNK"
  1078. "JUNK"
  1079. "JUNK"
  1080. "JUNK"
  1081. "Rats"
  1082. "JUNK"
  1083. "JUNK"
  1084. "JUNK"
  1085. "Horse"
  1086. "JUNK"
  1087. "JUNK"
  1088. "The little rat's trapped in there. He looks angry. Sorry."
  1089. "Start"
  1090. "Hey there friend. I bought you a little gift to make up for all the aggravation I caused earlier."
  1091. "Whoa!!! It's a big fat RAT! I'm outta here! Momma, I'll wear the dress! Momma!"
  1092. "And that's coming on the 5th of the month. Over to Barbara..."
  1093. "That's me, heh ha!"
  1094. "Yeah, where were you the day Saul exploded?"
  1095. "Yeah, let's take a look at that now..."
  1096. "Hello there. Excuse me for interrupting everything."
  1097. "Who are you?"
  1098. "What are you doing?"
  1099. "What does it look like?! I'm fixing this computer. What of it?"
  1100. "Password"
  1101. "Get real! I can't divulge that information."
  1102. "I am solely responsible for what is broadcast. If I were to give it out, all sorts of subversive material could be aired. I'd be in deep do do."
  1103. "I'm no subversive! Where do you keep the password?"
  1104. "I'm weird? Yeah, right!"
  1105. "You're not much help are you?"
  1106. "FacBusStop"
  1107. "Start No Shirt"
  1108. "I'm sorry to be, er... personal, Mr, er... Zontal, but you seem to be a little on the slim side. I must refuse your application on behalf of Mr. Brinkler. Thank you for your, er... time and interest."
  1109. "Hi there, how are you? I'm interested in the job of furniture testing. How can you arrange an interview for me? Mr. Brinkler is the name I've been given."
  1110. "My T-Shirt"
  1111. "Can you not read, Ms.? My T-shirt very clearly proclaims in loud and garish letters the nature of my stature, which is good."
  1112. "Oh, yes, that will do nicely. One cannot argue with the written word. \"I am Fat.\" Indeed you are, Mr. Zontal. I'll page Mr. Brinkler right away."
  1113. "Show him through."
  1114. "Bye"
  1115. "Can you read, Ms.? My T-shirt proclaims in large and garish letters the nature of my stature. "
  1116. "Go straight through Mr. Zontal."
  1117. "Application"
  1118. "Well, we here at the Test Department are more interested in its DE-construction, if you get my drift? Don't worry about the components though."
  1119. "Why have we no need to worry about the components, Mr. B... Tiddler?"
  1120. "Norm Trooper Army"
  1121. "Oh no no, Son. You came here to destruct test furniture. If its fish you want, try the M.I.N.T. Mall. I hear they're having a sale at the moment."
  1122. "Gizmo"
  1123. "JUNK"
  1124. "Dummy - do not delete"
  1125. "But, let me ask you another little question. Why would Paul, our, er... glorious leader be interested in a furniture factory? Especially the handling of such terrible waste?"
  1126. "Strike"
  1127. "They plan to replace us with machines. Apparently they have something to hide. Something to do with a gadget one of our guys found in a chair."
  1128. "Why would they want a new tester if they're going to replace everyone with droids?"
  1129. "Gadjet"
  1130. "A timing gadget, or something. Collected information relating to how long people sat on their sofas for. They reckon its sensitive, so they are gonna replace us all with more precise droids."
  1131. "So, basically what you're telling me is that there's no debris around the place? Which means nobody's breaking anything?"
  1132. "Bye"
  1133. "Actually, I think it already is happening. "
  1134. "Video Screen"
  1135. -
  1136. "Start"
  1137. "WHAT!?"
  1138. "All right. I'll go back and test some furniture then."
  1139. "Grinders"
  1140. "Some very sensitive equipment is produced in this factory, boy. We do not wish the outside world to get a hold of that technology. It's all safely contained in those dumpsters you may have seen outside."
  1141. "So we do, as you say, grind it all up."
  1142. "How then, totally hypothetically of course... how then would I get into one of those dumpsters?"
  1143. "In Bits"
  1144. "Of course there is hypothetical boy, but not while I'm here."
  1145. "Well thanks a lot. So when do you leave your post?"
  1146. "Debris"
  1147. "Say, you're a fast learner, boy! You'll go a long way here provided you don't keep mentioning the syp..., the, er... equipment!"
  1148. "Would that be those gizmos hidden in the furniture?"
  1149. "Already am. It's covering a huge patch of mold."
  1150. "I wish I could be like him. He's so... Rock and Roll."
  1151. "How come whenever I find money in furniture it's always change and never a twenty."
  1152. "That would be extremely stupid!"
  1153. "OK. I have it."
  1154. " "
  1155. "A nodding bird toy, very popular in the 70's."
  1156. "Buses aren't a bad form of transport. They get me from A to B."
  1157. "Buses stop at these... occasionally!"
  1158. "Sorry babe. They're too heavy to budge!"
  1159. "These are the gates from the original Plush-Rest factory. They're an antique! Wonderfully wrought!"
  1160. "Yeah! Get real!"
  1161. "Now what on Earth do you expect me to do with a huge furnace, especially one that's in use?"
  1162. "What on earth do I do with a dumpster? Sleep in it? Cool."
  1163. "I bet this is where all the scrap wood goes. I wonder how it all gets to the dumpster?"
  1164. "A hernia is not my idea of a good day out!"
  1165. "PRFDummy1"
  1166. "FacConnectDoor"
  1167. "I think this leads back to the main reception hall."
  1168. "I wonder where this leads?"
  1169. "Humming Bed"
  1170. "Plug"
  1171. "I can use this to beam power to a Current receiver. Hi-tech stuff!"
  1172. "Sure! That would be easy!"
  1173. "It's February the 21st. Don't forget my birthday on the 27th! Buy me lots of expensive stuff! Make it anti-normal!"
  1174. "A poodle wearing blue sunglasses! That's freaky!"
  1175. "Sure!"
  1176. "What can I do with it? "
  1177. "Though it's a bit ambiguous, it's a picture of a cloudy sky."
  1178. "I don't want it."
  1179. "I'd rather not touch this! Now where do I put the tape?"
  1180. "Whoa! All these gadgets and widgets and buttons and stuff. I'll have a deeper respect for TV in the future."
  1181. "No."
  1182. "I can't get to it."
  1183. "Hey, some camera! I could make great home movies with this. Although, I wouldn't let ya see 'em!"
  1184. "Well that's just extremely stupid!"
  1185. "I can't get down there."
  1186. "I recognize that as a Plush-Rest Multi-Comfy Special, the ideal perch for the entire family and for that special lady"
  1187. "Yeah, right!"
  1188. "NO WAY! No way, just no way am I touching one of those coffee machines again! You remember what happened to me the last time! Ouch, Babe!"
  1189. "It's very ominous, but I'm sure it's just a coffee machine. Why do they always make them look so damn scary ?"
  1190. "I saw a magic trick using one of these, but I don't think I'll demonstrate!"
  1191. "Whoa! Those look lethal!"
  1192. "Tester"
  1193. "Not very likely is it?!"
  1194. "I have no use for it."
  1195. "It's a cheesy model of the Statue of Liberty. An unwanted gift, no doubt."
  1196. "Uh-uh! Brian wouldn't like it at all, I'm sure of it!"
  1197. "I think I'll leave the music to Brian."
  1198. "I've heard of underground music, but this is ridiculous!"
  1199. "I'm not interested in reading right now, but thanks."
  1200. "I would love a dance, but time is short..."
  1201. "My Great Aunt Gertrude! She's shed a few pounds! Looking good!"
  1202. "I don't want to break it!"
  1203. "Let's see..."
  1204. "This is more my scene. I expect this is a satellite transmitter, or maybe a secret death ray! Beam me up, Scotty!"
  1205. "What, empty boxes? I'm craving a Pizza if you want to order me one?"
  1206. "Yeah, I love to play on these things... but as usual, I've got people to see and things to do!"
  1207. "It's one of those hippie space hopper things. Righteous!"
  1208. "Bare Wire"
  1209. "I can't. It's attached to the bed."
  1210. "What a beauty! Mankind's greatest invention. No more messing about with wires. They're a bit pricey though, and I'm not convinced that they're entirely safe!"
  1211. "If I have a power source, the bed will work now."
  1212. "Current Receiver"
  1213. "No, I need it there to make the bed work."
  1214. "Oh I can't carve anything that's intricate."
  1215. "These show the more traditional side to the industry. Must have taken ages to carve, or are they plastic?"
  1216. "You know, it's impolite to go round picking people's flowers. Or is that noses?"
  1217. "I haven't got the remote. Maybe it's down the side of that scary sofa."
  1218. "The screen is merely a projection screen, and not all that hi-tech."
  1219. "Oh, I'm afraid it would be way too heavy!"
  1220. "Oh no, no flowers for me right now, thanks."
  1221. "Whoa, a pot of petunias. The interior design in this room is faultless."
  1222. "Bed"
  1223. "I'll leave it here to power the bed."
  1224. "SleepingNorm"
  1225. "Nah, I don't want to wake him."
  1226. "He's fast asleep now, and out of the way of my plans!"
  1227. "Thanks anyway. I'm not into collecting junk."
  1228. "What could I do with it?"
  1229. "Hey! That's for horses. I think this was the TV Shop many, many years ago."
  1230. "I wish I could. I could take it home and play with it."
  1231. "Well, I can't break through with my bare hands. If I had something heavier."
  1232. "The plaster is all fallen away here. It seems to be a way into the attic above the power station."
  1233. "Just another icon for authority ordering our lives, telling us when we can go and when we can't!"
  1234. "Some say these trees are haunted! Whooooooo!! Whooooooo! Scary!!"
  1235. "Dude, what's up? I could never pick this up!"
  1236. "I suppose I could hide in one, if that salesman comes looking for me up here!"
  1237. "Empty boxes."
  1238. "Yeah?! I don't need them."
  1239. "I don't collect film posters. Yawn, yawn, yawn!"
  1240. "Never saw the film. It definitely looks like it's a boring romance type, chick flick!"
  1241. "I think this is the only shop in the entire street that's still doing business."
  1242. "I'm not gonna steal in front of that dude."
  1243. "I can't change channels. There doesn't seem to be a remote."
  1244. "'Monster Trucks' again. Isn't there anything else to watch?"
  1245. "I don't want any of those things... or at least I don't think so."
  1246. "It doesn't move."
  1247. "No wonder it's stuffy in here. The fan's not working."
  1248. "Yeah, like I'm gonna touch that and get fried!"
  1249. "I'm totally sick of TV."
  1250. "I've seen sad old men standing here watching these for hours and hours and hours."
  1251. "I'm not clearing that up. It's all caked on and hard!"
  1252. "It's locked up. Closed. Over...fini!"
  1253. "It's so locked."
  1254. "I'd better not or I'll scare the poor thing."
  1255. "Yeah Ha! Look at that, that fish looks paranoid!"
  1256. "I'd rather walk."
  1257. "I don't need one."
  1258. "I don't need no plastic plants."
  1259. "As I thought - plastic!"
  1260. "No thanks."
  1261. "These are great for scaring kids!"
  1262. "These toys are bitchen'."
  1263. "I don't feel like playing right now."
  1264. "Sorry, I'm not very musical."
  1265. "Oh no! It doesn't suck! It's just possibly the worst musical instrument ever invented!"
  1266. "I don't want it."
  1267. "I wonder if they're magic?"
  1268. "Oooou, That's pretty. Nice, nice, nice..."
  1269. "Uh-uh... that's theft."
  1270. "It doesn't look like the elevators work in here."
  1271. "I can't lift it up, and I can't crawl underneath."
  1272. "Some building work is going on in here... or was.... long ago."
  1273. "That would be theft!"
  1274. "How?"
  1275. "A great work of art. It really cheers the place up. I must buy one for my own home."
  1276. "No way, Jose!"
  1277. "TopTen"
  1278. "What can I do with it?"
  1279. "What this city needs is some decent rock'n'roll, not this junk."
  1280. "T-shirts"
  1281. "No thanks! These aren't cool."
  1282. "CDs"
  1283. "CDsOnWall"
  1284. "I don't have a CD player with me. What a shame."
  1285. "These are on special offer."
  1286. "Bead Curtain"
  1287. "I don't want it."
  1288. "GoldDiscs"
  1289. "They're for show only."
  1290. "Awarded to Brian Deluge for best-selling CD's. Must be a black-market chart system? No Joke."
  1291. "Guitars"
  1292. "I might break them."
  1293. "Invoices"
  1294. "I'm not into boring paperwork! Yuck!"
  1295. "Sales records no doubt."
  1296. "Telephone"
  1297. "I'm scared of who might be on the other end. What if it's the Bush People??"
  1298. "CDCatalog"
  1299. "I don't know who to look up. Do you?"
  1300. "A record of every track by every group in the city. Right on!"
  1301. "Door"
  1302. "ShopLifter"
  1303. "I can't use this for anything, so just forget it!"
  1304. "One of those pesky shoplifting deterrent gizmos."
  1305. "Sales Girl"
  1306. "Hello Miss."
  1307. "You're no hope whatsoever. Good-bye."
  1308. "Indeed they are, indeed."
  1309. "Say, Miss? Do you know how that amazing theft deterrent works?"
  1310. "Whoa, weirdo alert! Ex-squeeze me?"
  1311. "Could I borrow?"
  1312. "Don't you go across the state line wearing a bonnet like that! People will think you are nothing but a poor house paintin' good fer nothin'."
  1313. "Do you enjoy?"
  1314. "Ha ha! You do stuff like that and it'll stunt yer growth! Uncle Jed was only 17 inches tall at the age of thirty!"
  1315. "Hey! This here's a tow-away zone. Pack up your bait box and high tail it!"
  1316. "She looks very bored. Time to wake up! Rise and Shine my little...puckadee!"
  1317. "Blindman"
  1318. "Ah, a blind man selling matches."
  1319. "Hi there."
  1320. "Whoa, little bit low on the cash scene at the moment."
  1321. "Oh really. Like what? Stamps? Paperweights? Coins? No, obviously not coins."
  1322. "Bye now."
  1323. "Good-bye young man."
  1324. "Nice dog. Would that be a pedigree?"
  1325. "Deepha?"
  1326. "Oh really? Is it really that loud? I would just love to hear him?"
  1327. "Is it a mean strike a mile wide?"
  1328. "Books"
  1329. "Well, first impressions aren't always what they seem to be my good friend. In fact, sometimes they're the total opposite of what they appear."
  1330. "Well! You're as fast as lightning, aren't you?! I can see all right, but I can't see colors. Red? Ha! Blue? Ha! Means the total sum of zero to me. I see the world in artsy fartsy black and white."
  1331. "Not until you buy some of my matches, young man."
  1332. "Yes, I suppose it is, but life's like that, Son! Sorry!"
  1333. "Oh, well it all makes sense. What kind of book do you want?"
  1334. "Well then I'll give you some Shakespeare, dude."
  1335. "Not exactly."
  1336. "Hello again there, fine friend."
  1337. "Um... must I?"
  1338. "FacLockers"
  1339. "These seem to be padlocked or jammed shut. Maybe one of them will open."
  1340. "FacLockers1"
  1341. "This one opens!"
  1342. "FacBooks"
  1343. "Well, I haven't the time or interest to read them."
  1344. "Books: \"Elizabethan Costume\" and \"Firestarter\""
  1345. "Belt"
  1346. "Costume Book"
  1347. "FireStarter Book"
  1348. "Bye"
  1349. "Oh no, Son! I don't care for that! Don't you have any others? "
  1350. "Bye"
  1351. "Well, bless my soul! I'll have this one and no mistake."
  1352. "Sorry. Here. I suppose I'd forget my own name if I hadn't already."
  1353. "Matches"
  1354. -
  1355. "I don't have time to read it."
  1356. "All right, well, I'll be going then."
  1357. "Yeah. I already do buddy."
  1358. "Oh no, did I give you a shock, you big thick lunk?"
  1359. "Oh really? Well what was it that gave the game away?"
  1360. "Real Rat"
  1361. "I would be halfway to the moon by now. Keep that to yourself though, would you? It wouldn't do my career prospects much good if word got out that I am an incredible wuss!"
  1362. "Yeah, not too good for business. So you aren't afraid of horses then?"
  1363. "JUNK"
  1364. "Dog"
  1365. "I'm not going near him!"
  1366. "This thing looks vicious. What's that he's wearing?"
  1367. "Oh No.. it's just too unappetizing!"
  1368. "This stuff's really heavy and tasteless at the same time. I'd rather eat slime! I'm a poet and I didn't know it!"
  1369. "ray"
  1370. "Yum. This is, er... Sea munchies. Things from the ocean, lovely cod, lovely fish.... yummy, sob, sob!"
  1371. "Er.... cod-flavored ice cream. Er.... er... these are really yummy. Honest!"
  1372. "You're looking at.... er... OH GOD! I can't take this any more! Sob! Sob! I really ain't happy!"
  1373. "Yo, what's kickin' my lardy pal?"
  1374. "You know what you should do man? You should give yourself a little breakski."
  1375. "Job"
  1376. "Can't do nothin' proper. I'm just a walkin' waste of molecules! Why I can't even do this simple job right!"
  1377. "Bye then."
  1378. "I'll try. Thanks. Sob! Sob!"
  1379. "Excuse me? Why don't you switch the lights back on?"
  1380. "How can I help?"
  1381. "Sob!! Go away will ya! I ain't happy! Sob! Sob! Go, go, go, go, go."
  1382. "It seems to me dude that..."
  1383. "This sad individual looks totally fed up. His badge says Ray."
  1384. "Oh come on, big guy. Just chill, buddy! "
  1385. "Speaker"
  1386. "Fruit Hedgers"
  1387. "Just snip here... there, got the speakers!"
  1388. "Meat"
  1389. "Speakers"
  1390. "Meat1"
  1391. "YUK! This *FOOD* has defrosted and gone all soggy. It's useless. I'll just have to chuck it."
  1392. "If I wrap this around the *FOOD*, it will keep it frozen. Cool!"
  1393. "Wrapped Frozen *FOOD*"
  1394. "Little Box"
  1395. "I can't eat frozen *FOOD*!"
  1396. "WMachine1"
  1397. "Come here, you! Aha! Got him! "
  1398. "Broken Washing Machine"
  1399. "It's too heavy."
  1400. "I can't use them here. I don't have a CD player."
  1401. "Well, I wouldn't exactly say that this is the best music selection I've ever seen! Yeah?!"
  1402. "CD Cover"
  1403. "CD Cover"
  1404. "CD Cover"
  1405. "I get enough of this all day."
  1406. "I would need a CD player for this."
  1407. "This Blows!! A triple CD compilation of train noises! Who in their right mind would buy this?? ...only an engineer."
  1408. "Stereo"
  1409. "Stereo with Speaker"
  1410. "That should do the trick."
  1411. "Manual"
  1412. "No, I just can't press ALL those button and throw the levers. I need something to hold the buttons in."
  1413. "Yes, tying this round here will keep those three buttons depressed. Cool!"
  1414. "Fire Extinguisher"
  1415. "Fire Extinguisher"
  1416. "It's way too heavy. I could empty it."
  1417. "I emptied it, remember?"
  1418. "SprayerFull"
  1419. "Hello"
  1420. "Go away Citizen. I'm not supposed to fraternize with the public. I'm here to protect you all."
  1421. "Never underestimate the abilities of a Norm."
  1422. "Bye"
  1423. "Thank you Citizen, for putting that extinguisher down. "
  1424. "I'm afraid, Citizen, that I am going to have to comply with citizen directive NIK-808 and ask you to hand it over. Otherwise, I'll have to use my FORCEFUL voice. I came in tops in forcefulness at the academy. "
  1425. "All in a days work, Citizen. Oh here, have a badge. "
  1426. "Extinguisher"
  1427. "That is sensitive information, Citizen! I'm not at liberty to tell you that I have passed all safety tests and pretend emergency simulations. Nor would I tell you if you asked."
  1428. "No Aroony! Public service building fire regulations are a closely guarded secret. It's more than my job's worth to tell you when and how I would react to a combustive incident. Have I given you a badge?"
  1429. "Goodbye"
  1430. "Stay Normal, Citizen! "
  1431. "Badge"
  1432. "\"Friend of Paul\" Hmmm...!"
  1433. "No, no, no! Get away from there, Citizen! Our glorious leader did not design this beautiful sculpture to be used as a climbing frame. I will NOT stand around and watch you defile it with your cheap footwear."
  1434. "Get away from that! Here, have a badge. "
  1435. "Stand around"
  1436. "I like you. Drive, ambition, responsibility. But to be a Norm requires merciless training for years, just to handle the stress I take each minute. I can't jeopardize a Citizen's safety by putting him in a dangerous situation, that only I can handle. "
  1437. "Sure I'm sure. Have a badge, and don't distract me again, Citizen."
  1438. "So, what exactly would you deem a dangerous situation, oh server and protector? What might make you leave this precious post of yours?"
  1439. "Well neither of those are very likely to happen in this warm homogenized shopping environment though, are they?"
  1440. "Goodbye"
  1441. "And I shall protect good Citizens such as yourself! "
  1442. "Start"
  1443. "I heard that! Watch your step, while you still can! "
  1444. "Hello"
  1445. "I don't know any Kent."
  1446. "Yes, what DID she tell you?"
  1447. "Sure thing. Sounds about right. I'm Brian. Whad'ya want to know?"
  1448. "See ya later, Bri."
  1449. "The Waffle"
  1450. "Don't call me that, Kent. Names Brian. Like brain, but different."
  1451. "Well why don't you try and divert him? If you can't outsmart that dumb ox, you can't join the group. And if you don't join the group, I'm gonna have to sew your mouth up so as you don't talk, man!"
  1452. "Compact Disc"
  1453. "Look, Kenty babe! You either borrow something or you don't. You can't 'sorta'. And yes, yes, you can 'sorta' borrow it. Just 'sorta' bring it back when you're done, all right?"
  1454. "Let me ask you another question. What's up with your stereo, Bri?"
  1455. "The Group"
  1456. "Nothing you need to know right now, Mr. Nosy. So just shut up and keep quiet, Kent! You'll know more when you earn the right to know more. Know what I mean?"
  1457. "Your Job"
  1458. "None taken. This is a cover, Kent. So the Norms don't suspect me. I also use it to ship underground music to people."
  1459. "Later, man. Just do your job now."
  1460. "Oh, hello again."
  1461. "I wish you'd get on with the job and stop pestering me."
  1462. -
  1463. "What a piece of solid-state! I thought these were illegal and banned by Paul Nystalux."
  1464. "OK, Kenty, just go ahead and help yourself! You've got no manners and no understanding. And no mates!"
  1465. "A bright, technical girl dressed in a long coat with pockets stuffed with stuff."
  1466. "Who in hell are you? Hold it right there, Norm spy! There are fifty trained revolutionaries pointing their guns at your head right now."
  1467. "How did you find this place you soulless scumbag?!"
  1468. "I'm not a Norm! I swear!"
  1469. "Here's my proof.."
  1470. "Yeah right. I expect you were just there doing your job. Torturing people displaying any will of their own! You are total scum! Don't lie to me! One false word and my guys will ventilate your head! "
  1471. "Brian is a wanted man. How do I know that you haven't come after him? How did you find this place?"
  1472. "Well you see, I was told about this place a couple of times. It seemed my destiny to end up here."
  1473. "Tell her about Dai"
  1474. "All right, all right! Calm down there chicky baby. All right listen, here's the story. I met a crazy window cleaner by the name of Dai. He told me that furniture testing can lead to greater and better things. He said that there were probably a lot of nice people at the furniture factory, if I were to fall into all the right circles."
  1475. "Listen, I was in the maximum security Blue Pens. The normal ones are full. Apparently it is high season for different behavior at the moment."
  1476. "Well whatever he holds there, the people seemed very nice. I didn't meet any of them but one of them gave me a note, telling me to come here."
  1477. "Whoa. So, it might be true!"
  1478. "What? What is true? What?"
  1479. "Yes! I'll do it!"
  1480. "I think you have the wrong guy. I'm no revolutionary, just a simple-minded day dreamer who longs for change, who longs to do something other than watch TV all day."
  1481. "All right! OK then. I accept the challenge! Tell me what the tasks are and I'll do anything to show my hatred of Paul and his Norm army. Especially something, er... did you say submersive?"
  1482. "TWO, I want you to broadcast a video of Brian Deluge on national TV. Here's the video. "
  1483. "OK"
  1484. "Well yeah, you can't be too careful when you are on the wrong side of the law in this town. I think I trust you now. Go! Perform your duty."
  1485. "Hey bud, you're on your own... Sorry, what IS your name anyway?"
  1486. "I'm sorry, Kent. I can't supply weapons, we are a pacifist group. So you're on your own now. I can only give you one thing, a code phrase. There's a sympathizer at the Mall. To get help, just say 'If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put U and I together'."
  1487. "I think I'll just be off.."
  1488. "Whoa, wait a minute dude. You can't escape. Not until you answer my questions. "
  1489. "Fruit Hedgers"
  1490. "Hey!"
  1491. "I think not, out!"
  1492. "YappyDog"
  1493. "Glider"
  1494. "A cool glider. I lost my pet hamster on one of these things when I was a kid. Stupid animal flew straight into a tree-mulching machine! Gross-a-rama!"
  1495. "Gliders"
  1496. "I Got one!"
  1497. "BigGlider"
  1498. "This little toy won't support the weight of metal clippers!"
  1499. "I don't feel like throwing this. It could be useful."
  1500. "Large Glider"
  1501. "I don't need it now."
  1502. "Yes, I just might be able to fly the little guys out over the security scanner!"
  1503. "GliderFloor1"
  1504. "I don't need it now."
  1505. "It's done it's job."
  1506. "Yappy Puppy"
  1507. "I need him here to act as a diversion. If I can get the damn thing to bark! Bark, Damn it! Bark!"
  1508. "It works, but I think I'll need several dogs out there."
  1509. "Glider"
  1510. "Yappy Puppy"
  1511. "I need him here as a diversion."
  1512. "I don't need it now."
  1513. "It's done its job."
  1514. "Empty Bin"
  1515. "Yeah?! I don't want an empty bin!"
  1517. "Well, I need a disc player to play it."
  1518. "Oh! Not my kind of music at all! In fact, how can you all call clapping entertainment?! No, I can't stand it any longer. I'll just have to save this disc for later."
  1519. "BrianHifi2"
  1520. "Go away Citizen! I have crazed animals to control!!"
  1521. "Dog"
  1522. "He'll bite me!"
  1523. "It's one of those ambassadors of mirth - a Norm Trooper!"
  1524. "I don't want to start a fire here, or do I?"
  1525. "The base of the Waffle is the best place. Hang on a minute..."
  1526. "Fire"
  1527. "Start"
  1528. "I... I can explain! Don't send me back to the Blue P.."
  1529. "Come with me. I think I know some people who can help you!"
  1530. "Greeting"
  1531. "Hey, less of the 'old' prefix please. Name's Dai. And if I were to take you down, what would you do in return?"
  1532. "Hi Dai."
  1533. "Well, what do you need, Dai? I have lots of stuff inside. How about a nice cushion? It must be hard sitting on that cold metal all the time?"
  1534. "What beverage?"
  1535. "Coffee, milky, quickly! There's a good boy."
  1536. "Greeting With coffee"
  1537. "Hey, thank you sonny. Have you down in no time. Say, this coffee tastes a little, er... unique."
  1538. "Well that's a secret you might want to let me in on one of these days."
  1539. "See you a little later, Dai."
  1540. "Start"
  1541. "I do not believe that is what I asked for, young man. Thick cup of milky mud now, if you please? Then, and only then, are the streets yours. "
  1542. "Bogus Greeting"
  1543. "Why thanks, son. Let me drink it and then I'll do you a favor."
  1544. "No problem. Name's Dai by the way. "
  1545. "Yo Dai?"
  1546. "The Weather"
  1547. "Well it's been like this for nearly thirty years. Since just before I began my new life in this cradle."
  1548. "It used to cheer up men, women, cats, dogs and plants. It all seemed a lot happier back then. Before the Great Shake-Up."
  1549. "The Sun? What is that? I think my Mom mentioned it once, before she threw me out for cutting class and chilling out all the time."
  1550. "Warmth?"
  1551. "DREAMER?! How dare you! It's up there, boy, but it's beyond this cloud of soot which hangs over the city. "
  1552. "The Great Shake-Up? I think I remember something about that in Modern History classes. But there was something more interesting going on outside just at that moment."
  1553. "then unveiled his approachable army of Norm Troopers. Things have never been the same since."
  1554. "But the pall of soot has been up there as long as I can remember."
  1555. "Paul Nystalux"
  1556. "Sheesh, kid! Things don't change in this city on a daily basis. He's been leading us for years."
  1557. "Well they seem to. No one complains. I just keep myself personal up here."
  1558. "So why did you start a new life in this cradle?"
  1559. "Why weren't you impressed"
  1560. "Get out into the city and find out for yourself, boy. Open your eyes and dig some dirt. I might bump into you again soon. You seem the right type."
  1561. "Say there, do you know what this throbbing, whirry thing is?"
  1562. "Bye"
  1563. "Better to be crazy than lazy, boy. I'll say au revoir because I've got a feeling I'll see you again soon. You have a spark I haven't seen for ages. "
  1564. "Does he just stand around here all day?"
  1565. "Whoa, that dude looks like an entire football team in one suit!"
  1566. "She appears a little crazy! Cuckoo, Cuckoo!"
  1567. "He seems friendly enough."
  1568. "This guy is like... seriously large."
  1569. "How do these guys get SO big?!"
  1570. "Well, he looks extremely important."
  1571. "I think he's the boss. He looks like one!"
  1572. "I could get to dig a gorgeous babe like her. There aren't enough in this city for a guy as suave and debonair as myself!"
  1573. "Oh...Another stern-faced Norm! Brighten up, ol' chipper buddy."
  1574. "He just looks totally fed up with life."
  1575. "She looks very nervous for a public figure."
  1576. "She looks very boring and totally unfriendly. Plus, she's not even cute."
  1577. "He looks very, very bored, and is probably as boring as he looks."
  1578. "It's a cool plastic card. There's a little logo of the TV station on it. I think I'll keep this as a memorabilia."
  1579. "Now this is a towel. This towel's good for keeping things hot or cool. Terrific insulation properties."
  1580. "That would be theft."
  1581. "I can't even understand it, much less use it!"
  1582. "Hmmmm... Component 'X'? It seems that they build this into all the furniture, but what is it?"
  1583. "Yeah, right?! I can't with this lug standing here!"
  1584. "A man's tarpaulin is his castle. I'd better not fiddle."
  1585. "I guess it keeps him warm and out of the rain."
  1586. "I think this would be more useful in the next few minutes."
  1587. "Whoa, these buttons are stubborn. I'm afraid it's had one to many soda baths. They need a good stab to make them work."
  1588. -
  1589. " "
  1590. "Well there's a hum. I just need a CD now."
  1591. "We now have the ability to make sound. Eeehhhh..."
  1592. "Uh-uh!"
  1593. "I can't eat frozen *FOOD*!"
  1594. "I'm not really into portraits."
  1595. "This must be Paul Nystalux. Weird looking guy, isn't he?"
  1596. "Not likely, is it?!"
  1597. "I think it needs power to be of any use at all."
  1598. "Now this looks extremely comfortable. It's totally silent."
  1599. "I don't want it."
  1600. -
  1601. "Hey, get away from there! No one but Waste Engineers are allowed to use that!"
  1602. "Got it."
  1603. "OK, I have them at last! Ha ha!"
  1604. "OK, I have them. I don't however, have enough money to purchase them."
  1605. "I can't reach them."
  1606. "Part of the P.A. system. Bitchen'"
  1607. "This must come in handy!"
  1608. "It's mine! Snagged it."
  1609. "I'll leave it here, I think, don't you?"
  1610. "I'm not interested in wooden remnants any more."
  1611. "MeatA"
  1612. "MeatB"
  1613. "This *FOOD* is defrosting rapidly. It's getting soggy and gooey."
  1614. "Even Less Debris"
  1615. "There's hardly anything left now."
  1616. "What, rip it off the wall?!"
  1617. "It works automatically."
  1618. "My greatest fan!"
  1619. "Even if I could, I wouldn't."
  1620. "Ducting"
  1621. "Toilet"
  1622. "The toilet in the Factory."
  1623. "Chicken Wire"
  1624. "I don't want it."
  1625. "DuctCase"
  1626. "DuctCase1"
  1627. "I've no use for it now."
  1628. "The case is empty, and the alarm still silent!"
  1629. "StashDoor1"
  1630. "I can't get up there!"
  1631. "StashPoster"
  1632. "I have no use for it. My immediate concern is getting the hell out of here."
  1633. "\"Crackers and Asthma.\" Isn't that Brian's group? What's it doing in here?"
  1634. "Crate"
  1635. "Way too heavy!"
  1636. "If I strike a match, I might be able to see a way out of here.... let's see... Can I see? I see. I can see."
  1637. "Stool"
  1638. "I haven't got time to sit down, yeah."
  1639. "A little stool. I'm sure it's a godsend to this strange cat."
  1640. "I just don't think that would go down well at all!"
  1641. "I can't reach it. Anyway, it's horrible and furry!"
  1642. "I got it! I could just stick a lamp on my head and pretend to be a Norm? Yeah! Right on!"
  1643. "Whoa! Check it out, Retro! These are bitchen. I could have my own disco."
  1644. "I believe our lazy... er, efficient, fire service uses these for water."
  1645. "I don't need plants."
  1646. "Sorry, I'm not planning on doing that much shopping."
  1647. "You always find these lying around. Who's supposed to gather them up?!"
  1648. "Uh-uh! Messing with Norm property is bad for your health!"
  1649. "I have no use for trash. There's enough of it in my apartment!"
  1650. "I don't think this has been collected for weeks."
  1651. "Yo, that is disgusting!"
  1652. "DaiCradle"
  1653. "DaiCradle1"
  1654. "Cradle"
  1655. "This is Dai's cradle. He left in a major hurry!"
  1656. "Pole"
  1657. "They're attached to the wall!"
  1658. "Window2"
  1659. "There's just no way I can reach that! What are you thinking?!"
  1660. "StreetDoorMetal"
  1661. "It just won't open. It seems to be locked from the inside. Bummer!"
  1662. "I can't get into it!"
  1663. "Ah, what is this? Just looks like junk mail to me."
  1664. "There's no point. I can tell you exactly what's under there. About two pounds of fluff and some petrified pistachios."
  1665. "Let's see what's down here...."
  1666. "Oh, that's done it. I've broken it!"
  1667. "That's disgusting! Take a shower, baby!"
  1668. "Get back on, before that Norm outside complains!"
  1669. "FacSkip"
  1670. "FacPapers"
  1671. "Yeah right! I'm not talented enough to use these specifications."
  1672. "They appear to be specs for those little gizmo things on the desk. What DO they do?"
  1673. "Plant"
  1674. "I don't want it."
  1675. "FacCabinet"
  1676. "FacGizmo"
  1677. "I don't know what it does, so how could I use it?!"
  1678. "What a strange thing. It gives off weird noises that make me feel really weird! How weird."
  1679. "I don't think I'll be getting in there!"
  1680. "I assume broken furniture gets put in here."
  1681. "Can't we like go and do something more exciting dude, or what?"
  1682. "I expect it's full of.... yup, you guessed it... files!"
  1683. "It's full of boiling water. I can see scaly bits floating around on the surface."
  1684. "Container Doors"
  1685. "Toxic storage? This must be where they dump all of the old Elevator-Muzak records."
  1686. "Rusty Cog"
  1687. "Mechanical Thing"
  1688. "BrokenSofa"
  1689. "It's no use to anyone now!"
  1690. "Well it was a fine Plush-Rest model, but it's a hunk of junk now."
  1691. "LobbyBoard"
  1692. "LobbyDoors"
  1693. "LobbyCamera"
  1694. "I suspect others are already!"
  1695. "Nosy Norms. Can't a guy get a little privacy around here, so he might... be able to escape or something?"
  1696. "Start"
  1697. "I beg you to repeat that."
  1698. "Oh, nothing. I was just chanting a little mantra about how great everything is."
  1699. "I said I would like some privacy, and I would like to have it somewhere other than here."
  1700. "You're not exactly clocking up the Brownie Points, Norm. Paul frowns enthusiastically upon repeat offenders."
  1701. "Wanted Poster"
  1702. "Whoa! He's a really ugly looking son of a witch! I bet he's real dangerous - probably has no respect for himself or anybody else."
  1703. "Whoa, look at this. Wanted: Kent Knutson. For crimes against all citizens of Neutropolis, including annoying singing in a public place. God forbid. He is also suspected of harassing a Norm Trooper in the pursuit of his work, and the wanton use of colored paints and explosives. DO NOT approach this man. He is considered HIGHLY DIFFERENT!"
  1704. "LobbyBrian"
  1705. "I don't want this."
  1706. "Strike the screen!"
  1707. "LobbyPaul"
  1708. "LobbyBanner"
  1709. "I could only use a coat of arms if I were a squid, and I'm not a squid. Ha, ha! Get it?! Ha, ha!"
  1710. "Curious choice of iconography. I wonder if Saul can shed some more light on that? When I find him, that is."
  1711. "Fountain"
  1712. "Door"
  1713. "Whoa, what secrets lie beyond here?"
  1714. "I would really rather not."
  1715. "Norm"
  1716. "Norm 0793"
  1717. "Just a fat old Norm sitting behind what appears to be shatterproof glass. He looks kinda busy. Catch him later."
  1718. "No can Do."
  1719. "Paul Nystalux is coming to this facility. He is angry with one and all because of the recent incidents which have occurred in this city. Remain Normal."
  1720. "They are very locked."
  1721. "Start"
  1722. "Blame"
  1723. "They"
  1724. "Research"
  1725. "Go ahead, Norm 2782."
  1726. "I'll be off to do some work then."
  1727. "Hi there, Mr. 0793. How's it going? When does our glorious Leader grace us with his presence?"
  1728. "I'd gathered. And I am looking forward to grasping him warmly by the thro... hand, if you must know."
  1729. "I have you down as being on duty there at the time that the 34-DD-1 was committed."
  1730. "Punished, 2782! As an example to the rest of his loyal Norm Trooper Army. There is NO room for error, or boo boos, as you so eloquently put it."
  1731. "I don't think so. I'm afraid I can't let you leave this Ordinary Outpost until he has dealt with you. If you are lucky they will prove that red-haired guy did it, taking some of the heat off of you."
  1732. "The one in the picture, right over there on the wall. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes if THEY nail him, hmmm?"
  1733. "Who are THEY? Who is ever going to nail that ugly subversive skinroll?"
  1734. "Where is Forensics?"
  1735. "You might want to check how close they are. Impress Leader Paul upon his arrival."
  1736. "I'll give you the code, Norm. 1-5-7-2. Tap that into the keypad right over there and the elevator will take you directly to the labs. 1-5-7-2. You got that?"
  1737. "Gizmos"
  1738. "I got no idea, Norm. Why don't you take it up to Research."
  1739. "Right on. Is that why you turned off the fountain?"
  1740. "Bye"
  1741. "Norm at Reception"
  1742. "LobbyLiftEven"
  1743. "I can't open them until the elevator arrives. I guess I need an access code to make that happen."
  1744. "Strange coat of arms. This elevator seems to be well used. Pity it doesn't come to this floor."
  1745. "Elevator"
  1746. "Oh, yeah. That would be like so neato."
  1747. "LobbyPadOdd"
  1748. "I can't take that."
  1749. "LobbyPadEven"
  1750. "I can't take that."
  1751. "No luck! Wrong code!"
  1752. "I don't know what it does!"
  1753. "It whispers to me quietly if I hold it to my ear!"
  1754. "I don't actually want it."
  1755. "RIOT CONTROL DEVICE Aim at the base of the non- conformist. Ensure that Lever A does not intersect its dangle angle with the potential arc of Rod C. Press all buttons labeled blue."
  1756. "Well, I might just be able to bore someone with it later."
  1757. "Whoa! Check it! A TV show. It's a soap script for \"The Normal and The Beautiful\". My favorite."
  1758. "Robot"
  1759. "RobotCamera"
  1760. "It's part of the machine. I don't get along with machines."
  1761. "You can't even go to the smallest room in this city without a camera watching your every move. How much does that suck?!"
  1762. "Speakers"
  1763. "They're part of the machine. We're all part of the machine."
  1764. "RobotTaser"
  1765. "I think it would prefer to use itself!"
  1766. "Looks like even the Norms get bored standing in one place for too long. They've sent a robot to look after me. I'm truly flattered."
  1767. "Did you see yourself on TV"
  1768. "No, Knutson! I didn't, I'm at work, dummy! And I always look gnarly man. That's my job as guru and mentor of the revolution."
  1769. "Hey Brian, I think you're neat! Being as cool as you must be such hard work."
  1770. "I think you suck"
  1771. "Well frankly, I wouldn't give you the scud under my toenails! You don't deserve to be a revolutionary! "
  1772. "Hi there."
  1773. "Well, it's true you might be a fool Heather, but I haven't given up yet."
  1774. "What was it that you wanted me to do, exactly? I have a really bad memory."
  1775. "Bless you."
  1776. "Can you give me any help with this? I just need one clue. C'mon, give me one infinitesimally small break here?"
  1777. "Bye Then"
  1778. "See ya. Good luck Kent. "
  1779. "Hi."
  1780. "This is Norm 2782. He got injured when the Waffle got painted. I recognized you guys would be able to help him. He's injured and confused."
  1781. "Now go and complete the rest of your tasks."
  1782. "I met Brian. He's a strange cat, and he didn't help at all."
  1783. "You plan to undermine the current powerbase with THREE people?! Ex-squeeze me, reality check."
  1784. "Tomorrow."
  1785. "Well a... Brian doesn't actually do anything. He's more of a spiritual member of the group. He guides us with his thoughts and music."
  1786. "Yeah."
  1787. "Can you tell me about that note now? You went ga-ga when I showed you that, and said \"so it might be true.\" Like someone in a tragic fantasy film."
  1788. "Tell you."
  1789. "Bye for now"
  1790. "Bye, Kent. Good luck dude. We'll just hold down the fort here for a while, OK?"
  1791. "I'm glad you're not."
  1792. "Way to go, Kent! We saw Brian's tape broadcast. It was spectacular. Isn't he great?"
  1793. "Kent, you must paint the sculpture in the Mall next. It's vitally important for my theories and research."
  1794. "I met Brian. He's really strange. Didn't help at all."
  1795. "You plan to undermine the current powerbase with THREE people?!"
  1796. "Tomorrow."
  1797. "Well, Brian doesn't actually do anything. He's more of a spiritual member of the group. He guides us with his thoughts and his cool music."
  1798. "Yeah."
  1799. "There's a Norm stationed at the Mall. Man, that guy's a complete spike in the derriere."
  1800. "Hey, I'm sure I'll think of one of 'em. They don't call me Kent \"The Great Freeform Brainstorm\" Knutson for no reason at all."
  1801. "Bye for now"
  1802. "Try to apply yourself, Kent. I know you are capable. Good luck dude."
  1803. "Carefully does it."
  1804. "I don't think I can reach there from here."
  1805. "MainLab"
  1806. "LabSmall"
  1807. "LabLift"
  1808. "LabPad"
  1809. "I don't want it."
  1810. "LabDoorR"
  1811. "LabDoorL"
  1812. "ZoomToob"
  1813. "ZoomToobPad"
  1814. "GlassBooth"
  1815. "How?"
  1816. "BoothDoor"
  1817. "This door leads inside. Let's check it out."
  1818. "Monitor"
  1819. "It's attached to the wall."
  1820. "LabCD"
  1821. "LabHead"
  1822. "What possible use could it be?"
  1823. "Whoa, it's a model of a head. Clearly someone round here has the motto: \"To improve yourself, get a head!\""
  1824. "Monitor"
  1825. "Way too heavy!"
  1826. "LifeMonitor"
  1827. "No way! This stuff is technical!"
  1828. "It's monitoring the vital signs of somebody."
  1829. "Control Desk"
  1830. "It's built into the desk."
  1831. "LabOutside"
  1832. "I do use the city, for my everyday needs."
  1833. "The city. The little people going about their business, oblivious to the sinister forces of their evil police! It makes me feel proud to be doing all this for them."
  1834. "OK, I'll take a couple. No one will miss them. Brian might even sign them if he knew how to write."
  1835. "...Connect the brain stem pipe to the feedback monitor, and... go away...!"
  1836. -
  1837. "LooseTile"
  1838. "I suppose I could try standing on it."
  1839. "This tile looks a little loose. I wonder if it has any significance at all?!"
  1840. "Well, the fountain appears to work now. Isn't it pretty?"
  1841. "Looks like I fixed the fountain."
  1842. "There might be a way, but I just don't know what it is."
  1843. -
  1844. "Greetings there, fellow Friend of Paul."
  1845. "Gizmo"
  1846. "Where did you get this, Norm? These are controlled items."
  1847. "And you are not aware of its purpose?"
  1848. "Then I suggest you stay that way. You have performed correctly and quickly in bringing this to me, Norm 2782. I will inform our unparalleled leader of your initiative upon his arrival. This deed might help in his choice of punishment. You have safeguarded a sensitive secret, one that could ruin Paul's, er.... evening."
  1849. "Norm 2782, are you experiencing difficulties with the ZOOM TOOB?"
  1850. "You need to go to the Processing Floor to sign for a prisoner before they will send one down. You also have to send the spent one back. Have you gone different, Norm?"
  1851. "Alrighty then, I'll be going."
  1852. "Scientist1"
  1853. "Oh look, it's one of Paul's army of dweebs. His name says CONRAD SMULCH."
  1854. "Window"
  1855. "Window"
  1856. "Er, excuse me, can you tell me, what the hell are you doing to that guy in there?"
  1857. "EXPIRE!? Do you mean, like DIE, DEATH, KILLING?! What happens then? What will that prove? Just that your speakers suck!"
  1858. "Particularly when played at insufferable volcanic volumes, I assume."
  1859. "Nothing, brother. Stay Normal."
  1860. "Scaffold"
  1861. "Ladder"
  1862. "Oh, not with this window in the way."
  1863. "BoothDoor1"
  1864. "Whoa, let me out of here! I'm freakin'!"
  1865. "BrainScanner"
  1866. "Oh, no way. I'm not touching it."
  1867. "This wizardry of electronics appears to monitor the subject as he is tortured!"
  1868. "Monitor"
  1869. "No thanks."
  1870. "SkullPic"
  1871. "What for?"
  1872. "Who'd want such a spooky picture on their wall?"
  1873. "Extinguisher"
  1874. "I really, really, really, really, really don't want it."
  1875. "ExtAnalyzer"
  1876. "LabSkelly"
  1877. "What for? How?"
  1878. "Fancy coat stand. Either that or the guy died of boredom in this office."
  1879. "Door"
  1880. "LabFiles"
  1881. "Oh, no thanks. I'm not interested in reading right now. I have work to do."
  1882. "Oh cool. There's all sorts of files and paperwork thrown everywhere. I bet it's all boring."
  1883. "Plant"
  1884. "I don't have a garden."
  1885. "LabFirstAid"
  1886. "It's locked. I have such a headache too."
  1887. "I bet they store all kinds of medical stuff in here."
  1888. "There are three buttons. One arrow pointing up, one arrow pointing down, and a big red button."
  1889. "Whoa, check it. That capsule thing has like, disappeared."
  1890. "The capsule is still here."
  1891. "The door has closed."
  1892. "Er, excuse me there. Where is the Processing Floor?"
  1893. "Forget the code?! Never!"
  1894. "ForPaint"
  1895. "ForExt"
  1896. "ForensicDoora"
  1897. "It's locked from the inside too."
  1898. "ForDog"
  1899. "ForPic1"
  1900. "ForPic2"
  1901. "How?"
  1902. "Ah, the fireworks display at the Mall! That sure brightened up the city. We should do that every year."
  1903. "Photo"
  1904. "Photo"
  1905. "What's the point, dude?"
  1906. "ForGlider"
  1907. "ForMedical"
  1908. "It's so locked."
  1909. "Oh, that's probably where they store dangerous drugs that I'm not supposed to look at."
  1910. "Microscope"
  1911. "I don't want it."
  1912. "ForToothbrush"
  1913. "Yeah right! I'm not using someone else's toothbrush!"
  1914. "It's a toothbrush, but not mine. "
  1915. "Test Tubes"
  1916. "I don't want them."
  1917. "ForKeys"
  1918. "LabKeyLarge"
  1919. "LabKeySmall"
  1920. "I can use them later, once I have them."
  1921. "Aha! A bunch of keys hidden away in here. How nifty."
  1922. "That's done the trick. It's unlocked now."
  1923. "Just a door, man."
  1924. "I don't see how."
  1925. "LabWalkInDoor"
  1926. "I wonder what's in here?"
  1927. "LabCupboard"
  1928. "It's large enough for a couple of people."
  1929. "Capsule"
  1930. "I'm not getting in there so give it up."
  1931. "Whoa, it's one of those things man, that shoot things through pipes using compressed air with things, except this one's big enough to take a whole thing. I mean person."
  1932. "Door"
  1933. "There's no way out this way. The cradle is at street level."
  1934. "Well, they just lead up to the wall of this big old dumpster. There doesn't look like there's any way in to me."
  1935. "Whoa! It looks as though this dumpster is a very popular place. The prints are all different. Some are big boots... Which I don't want to find out who they belong to. Now those slinky slingback prints there... I'd like to bump into the wearer of those!"
  1936. "I don't want it, thanks all the same."
  1937. "Ah! I always collect coupons, but alas this is stuck fast!"
  1938. "Hey! Free Norm Snax! Whoa! Let me at 'em!"
  1939. "I can't get up there. I don't think that glass case would support my weight!"
  1940. "Patient"
  1941. "Patient1"
  1942. "HeadPhones"
  1943. "Straps"
  1944. "Easy does it. Don't want the guy to be any more damaged that he already is."
  1945. "Patient"
  1946. "Hey! The prisoner has chewed through his straps and made a run for it."
  1947. "He's in the corridor. But, that's okay, he's a moron and he's knocked himself out!"
  1948. "What's wrong?"
  1949. "Our normally faithful slave, technology, appears to be having a tantrum again. In short, I cannot contact the Processing Floor using E-mail."
  1950. "This research is critical! Go up there and tell them I need a fresh volunteer sent down the tube."
  1951. "From the Processing Floor?"
  1952. "Patient3"
  1953. "PatientTube"
  1954. -
  1955. "Just a set of slightly soiled scissors."
  1956. "How?"
  1957. "Well, he's like he's just got one strap left now."
  1958. "I can't face carrying him again!"
  1959. "Yeah?! Duh! Isn't that where I am right now?"
  1960. "Broken Window"
  1961. "Broken Window"
  1962. "Glass Fragments"
  1963. "Sorry, it appears to be locked."
  1964. "Glass Shard"
  1965. "TelLadder1"
  1966. "I can't reach it. There's a pane of bullet-proof glass blocking my way."
  1967. "It looks like Paul's giving his favorite building a face lift. I think he should consider one for each of his loyal servants."
  1968. "Prisoner"
  1969. "OK, but I don't want to carry him far because he's so damn heavy!"
  1970. "No way am I lugging my runny nose friend around the city. I refuse to leave until I've found a home for him."
  1971. "OK, I'll just drop him in here, and then I should be able to send him back up to the Processing Floor."
  1972. "I don't think it would be a good idea to put him here. That fiendish scientist would find him. Where can I put him, dudes?"
  1973. "ForExt1"
  1974. "Whoa, just what I wanted, a piece of snotty broken glass!"
  1975. "One man, one brain, one ounce of nostril slime, equals one clear record!"
  1976. "Processing Floor"
  1977. "Why do you need that, Norm? Forgotten it have you?"
  1978. "The Fountain"
  1979. "Indeed you have. I must go away now. Rather sudden, I know, but I have an urgent appointment with Armitage Shanks!"
  1980. "Got it."
  1981. -
  1982. "A cup of black coffee, but I don't want it without cream."
  1983. "Well... it LOOKS like a cup of lovely coffee. Of course, I know different!"
  1984. "That would be disgusting without cream, and I don't have any."
  1985. "Well, I don't see anywhere to use it around here."
  1986. "CogSmall"
  1987. "Ah, look at it! It's a little cute cog."
  1988. "Engine"
  1989. "Engine"
  1990. "There... I managed to extract that little cog."
  1991. "I doubt I could pick it up even if I was up there. Besides, it looks filthy."
  1992. "RustyPatch"
  1993. "RustyHole"
  1994. "There's a little puddle of rain water in the middle of the rusty patch. Whoa, it's collapsed inside!"
  1995. "OK. I hope the guy that put it there notices it's gone or there could be a nasty accident!"
  1996. "It may come in handy later."
  1997. "FacLadder"
  1998. "I don't have a rig which could haul this baby."
  1999. "Uh, looks like a haulage container, dude."
  2000. "Neh, eh - way too heavy."
  2001. "What with?"
  2002. "I made a little hole in the container. There's a strong chemical smell coming up from inside."
  2003. "Whoa! Slow down! Way too heavy!"
  2004. "I can open them all except the one around his chest. That seems to be glued together."
  2005. "There are straps holding the guy in, made from some kind of seat belt type material."
  2006. "They're bolted to his head. Spooky!"
  2007. "He's strapped into that thing."
  2008. "Kinda looks like he's enjoying it. You're so lucky, pal. I expect that makes you forget about your terrible cold."
  2009. "He's strapped in now."
  2010. "Dispatch"
  2011. "Processor"
  2012. "FGrinder"
  2013. "Oh no, it seems to be broken."
  2014. "Oh yeah. It's a waste grinder. Could be useful. Looks like someone was repairing it."
  2015. "Waste Grinder"
  2016. "There goes the doggy. Don't try this at home, kiddies."
  2017. "There they go. The Norms no longer have my fingerprints, yeah!"
  2018. "Side Panel"
  2019. "I don't want it."
  2020. "There' still one cog missing."
  2021. "Hey, it looks like it was made to fit! Lucky."
  2022. "Whoa! Nice grinding action!"
  2023. "Now that I've fixed it, I can grind something with it. But what?"
  2024. "I don't think it works any more."
  2025. -
  2026. "That's the glider I used to liberate the dogs in the Mall."
  2027. "I don't want it."
  2028. -
  2029. "It's a plastic bag containing yellow flakes. The tag says: \"Paint with damping properties, developed by underground movement. Collected at crime scene MINT Mall.\""
  2030. "Desk"
  2031. "Sure! I think it's made of solid stone!"
  2032. "ProcComputer"
  2033. "I think it's an integral part of the desk type console thing."
  2034. "Here it goes..."
  2035. "shoutnorm"
  2036. "This guy looks very domineering!"
  2037. "ProcScreen"
  2038. "ProcDoorDel"
  2039. "ProcDoorDis"
  2040. "It looks kinda like a door of some description."
  2041. "Too heavy! One great lump of sinister technology."
  2042. "Whoa, this elevator is never going to come! Looks like I need to find another way out."
  2043. "Screen"
  2044. "It's totally attached to the desk."
  2045. "ProcLift"
  2046. "I need to enter a security code first."
  2047. "ProcPad"
  2048. "I think I know how to use these now!"
  2049. "What are you doing here, you irresponsible uniform-filler?!"
  2050. "Oh, how dare you! I am a irresponsible, uniformed nonfiller and I would like a prisoner sent down to the Research Labs. "
  2051. "Looks like I'll have to take a trip there myself! The E-MAIL network isn't working."
  2052. "ProcHiddenDoor"
  2053. "I can't see how it opens!"
  2054. "ZoomToobP"
  2055. "Use the buttons dudes."
  2056. "I imagine this is where they send prisoners all over the Ordinary Outpost."
  2057. "Buttons"
  2058. "Nothing's happening. Where's the damn capsule?"
  2059. "Door"
  2060. "I have no use for desks, or anything that reminds me of school."
  2061. "ZoomToobDe"
  2062. "Try using the buttons."
  2063. "Ah! These things must connect up into a huge network running all around the building. This one has 'Delivery' written all over it."
  2064. "Buttons"
  2065. "DeliveryDoor"
  2066. "Cool door."
  2067. "Small Pad"
  2068. "Screen"
  2069. "Oh, impossible. Totally impossible."
  2070. "\"Kent Knutson: First Offender. Evidence relating to other crimes has been lost. Considered slightly strange!\""
  2071. "ProcGap"
  2072. "I don't think I have anything slim enough to slip in there."
  2073. "Whoa, I can hear a weird buzzing coming from inside, almost exactly as weird as the noise that gizmo from the furniture made, but I can't be sure."
  2074. "Button"
  2075. "It's a big red mushroom of a button. There's a little sign next to it with \"Over Ride\" written all over it."
  2076. "Button"
  2077. "I can't."
  2078. "What the...!"
  2079. "It doesn't appear to open."
  2080. "Laminated glass. Only thing that can get through this is light."
  2081. "Pulley"
  2082. "This rope goes right down to ground level, and the pulley, it looks sturdy enough."
  2083. "Hey, just remember, glass is dangerous, kids!"
  2084. "I should be able to climb right through..."
  2085. "FullTube0"
  2086. "Are these things mini saunas or showers? Everyone in there looks moist."
  2087. "Nice lighting, but I suspect there's more to it than that. That noise sounds chillingly familiar."
  2088. "Doesn't look as if it opens."
  2089. "FullTube1"
  2090. "FullTube2"
  2091. "FullTube3"
  2092. "FullTube4"
  2093. "TubePanel0"
  2094. "TubePanel1"
  2095. "How?"
  2096. "\"Stable.\" That's all it says."
  2097. "Panel"
  2098. "I can't."
  2099. "TubePanel3"
  2100. "How?"
  2101. "\"Drooping?\" Strange word. What kind of context are we talking about here?!"
  2102. "Panel"
  2103. "Screen"
  2104. "I can't."
  2105. "This guy looks like he managed to weather the storm a little. Better than those other saps. I wonder what goes on inside these tubes?"
  2106. "Zoom Toob"
  2107. "Door"
  2108. "Damn thing's locked! It must be on a timer or something."
  2109. "Screen"
  2110. "Panel"
  2111. "I can't."
  2112. "TubePanelVacant1"
  2113. "How?"
  2114. "It reads, \"Vacant, ready for new occupant.\""
  2115. "I can't."
  2116. "How?"
  2117. -
  2118. "Session begins. "
  2119. "Zoom Toob"
  2120. "Spark"
  2121. "They're avoiding my clutches!"
  2122. "Spark"
  2123. "They're avoiding my clutches!"
  2124. "Spark3"
  2125. "How?"
  2126. "Spark4"
  2127. "How?"
  2128. "What the hell are these?! Whoa, I can feel every hair on my body straightening out and standing on it's end! This is great!"
  2129. "What is this? I have a tremendous piece using three pianos held in my head! I don't even know what the black keys are for! Trippy!"
  2130. "FilterScreen2"
  2131. "How?"
  2132. "Now it says, \"Population Idea Filtration in Progress. South River Furniture Transmissions under scrutiny.\" It makes no sense to me."
  2133. "Panel"
  2134. "I can't."
  2135. "Hi there, can I get you something to drink?"
  2136. "Ex-squeeze me?"
  2137. "PaulTube"
  2138. "Holy Fascist Leader! It's Paul! Or could it be .."
  2139. "Hardly! Huh!"
  2140. "Whoa, this is creepy! That dude's soaked. He doesn't look too hot either, his flesh is all waxy and sick."
  2141. "Scary chick, look at that grin! Check out those eyes. The last time I saw peepers like that was at a taxidermy exhibition."
  2142. "Whoever that is looks like they got plenty on their mind!"
  2143. "I can't."
  2144. "CellWindow"
  2145. "Cell"
  2146. "Yeah?! How in hell could I do that?!"
  2147. "CellDoor"
  2148. "CellDoor1"
  2149. "Bench"
  2150. "Yeah, maybe sitting down and thinking the situation over might help."
  2151. "Walls"
  2152. "Those old blue walls! I never thought I'd see them again. What a depressing color! How did I get myself into this mess?"
  2153. "Norm"
  2154. "Hey there, Norm!"
  2155. "Hey, I want to use the bathroom...lavatory...restroom."
  2156. "How do I escape?"
  2157. "No one ever has. I hope that's improved your day, weirdo. Shoulda stayed in your apartment like a good boy!"
  2158. "Please let me out?! Please! Please! I can't take it anymore!!! I have someone to rescue."
  2159. "I'll shut up then."
  2160. "Do that! "
  2161. "Another Norm Trooper on guard. If he's as gullible as Norm 2782, I might be in with a chance of escape."
  2162. "Orifice"
  2163. "OrificeF"
  2164. "Yeah?! I'm not like touching that without rubber gloves!"
  2165. "Whoa! Hold on a second there! This is not butt bongo fiesta! This is a family game. Plus, I'm not exactly sure what it does."
  2166. "I think it's decided to use itself. I am not at all comfortable."
  2167. "No way! I don't want to go back in there. Gourd overload, dude!"
  2168. "Right?! Hello!!! Check it out! Not in a family game!"
  2169. "Whoa! It seems to be automated."
  2170. "Yeah, no thanks! That's something I'd prefer to avoid while I'm still capable of breathing."
  2171. "This door is designed with two purposes: To confound and depress a potential escapee."
  2172. "Food-Mat"
  2173. "Stainless steel tray, a dispensing nozzle, and cutlery on unbreakable plastic cords. They're just a little too short to make eating a pleasure."
  2174. "Fork"
  2175. "CellHatch"
  2176. "Splint"
  2177. "StuckGizmo"
  2178. "CellGizmo1"
  2179. "I can just get them to my mouth if I stoop."
  2180. "King Rat"
  2181. "I'm not going near him!"
  2182. "NinjaTurd"
  2183. "If I had these guys as friends, I'd have no enemies."
  2184. "Wait a minute... haven't I wandered into the wrong movie?! What's happening here?! Oh my God, I'm in a turtle movie!"
  2185. "Not until it wants to."
  2186. "I can't get up there, and I'd rather not go back."
  2187. "I'm staying away from it."
  2188. "In a few minutes... probably! "
  2189. "Spark"
  2190. "I can't."
  2191. "I can't."
  2192. "Gizmos"
  2193. "I've seen little crushed up parts similar to these in the trash thrown out of the furniture plant."
  2194. "Not right now, but leave it with me and I'll try to work out what it does. I already have my suspicions already."
  2195. "Have you any idea what these are? I've found lots today. They all seem to be hidden inside furniture."
  2196. "So you do have an idea then?"
  2197. "Hey, I'm Kent. Not Clark Kent though... I know it's easy to confuse me with my dynamic body."
  2198. "Start"
  2199. "Not exactly ALL, Heather. I was kinda happy with the progress we were making."
  2200. "Things weren't so bad. I've sold a couple of copies of 'Zen Throbb'. The message is already out there. I think we should wait for the groundswell before we endanger the group by taking further action."
  2201. "How do you feel about that, Kent?"
  2202. "Well, I feel just swell about that Brian. It gives me some great sense of meaning in my life."
  2203. "Well, not too comfortable"
  2204. "Kent, it's just group dynamics. We all share a vision of the same goal, but our opinions differ on the best route to get there. We'll be just fine. The only gadgets we need are our minds and our spirit of difference."
  2205. "So, is there any news on the gizmos from the factory? What do you think they do, really?"
  2206. "Do you think that you might discover their secret soon? It seems a little sinister that no one knows EXACTLY what they do!"
  2207. "Note"
  2208. "It's from Saul, the not-quite-dead twin brother of Leader Paul."
  2209. "Yeah, he is, and somehow he knows about our group."
  2210. "Oh, well that's just great! So, what do we do now?"
  2211. "Just me?"
  2212. "Oh man. It makes more sense for you to do it on your own, Kent. You stand more chance of succeeding. It's bound to work because it's exactly what the Norm's least expect."
  2213. "Dai will wait for you up on the roof in one of his cradles. He will bring you safely back down to earth."
  2214. "They'll finger me as soon as I walk in! I'll be lobotomized before you can say scalpel!"
  2215. "Why is Saul important?"
  2216. "His note says different. Kent, we MUST free him. You are just the, er... man for the job."
  2217. "OK, I'm on it."
  2218. "Your name will be legend. Good luck Kent! Free Saul! Work your way to the roof of the Ordinary Outpost. Dai will be waiting for you there in one of his cradles."
  2219. "You know, I really don't like this at all. I want to go home now!"
  2220. "Norm"
  2221. "Well, he has a piece of fire extinguisher lodged in his head, Kent. Although his condition is serious, he's in surprisingly high spirits. These Norms must be hard men indeed. "
  2222. "They make my hair stand on end when I get close."
  2223. "It's chained to the wall."
  2224. "CellDoor2"
  2225. "There's no way out through here at the moment."
  2226. "CellDoor3"
  2227. "What for? I don't think I could squeeze through there!"
  2228. "Yeah?! Who are they trying to kid? I bet most lard-asses sleep with their heads under the *FOOD* nozzle."
  2229. "I er... ain't hungry, dude. Maybe I could use it to eat through walls or something useful like that."
  2230. "The utensil leashes reach halfway to the door, probably stopping the inmate from taking the guard by surprise with a sharpened spoon."
  2231. "Hmmmmph! Got it!"
  2232. "Humph! No it won't break. I need to give it a really good smack with something. It's begging for punishment. Hurt me... hurt me... hurt me!"
  2233. "Bench"
  2234. "This bench looks like it was replaced only yesterday."
  2235. "Bench3A"
  2236. "It's attached to the wall."
  2237. "Plank"
  2238. "I can't get it out of the remnants of the bench. Can't do much with it 'till then."
  2239. "Still making strange noises I see. Very good, keep it up, never change babe, love ya!"
  2240. "Gizmo"
  2241. "Scrap of Cloth"
  2242. "It's a long straight piece of plastic. Solid. Sturdy."
  2243. "Hey! HEY! That's done it! The sucker's busted! Whooo hoo, Heee, hee!!"
  2244. "Gizmo"
  2245. "Gravy Drip"
  2246. "I can't think of much to write. Also, I don't want to wipe up that much mulch with it, it seems pointless."
  2247. "DenimNote"
  2248. "I need to let Saul read it somehow."
  2249. "NoteOnStick"
  2250. "Not sure if it's working. There are no peculiar noises coming from this one. Where can I get another?"
  2251. "Damn it! Too much strength! It's out, but in pieces, silent pieces!"
  2252. "There's a skin on it. Still soft beneath though. I imagine it looks fairly similar AFTER digestion!"
  2253. "Bracket"
  2254. "Whoa! Gees! Food's flooding out everywhere! Norm, get me outta this hole, or I'll....I'll die the most tasteless brown death you've ever heard of!"
  2255. "CellLooDoor"
  2256. "Throne"
  2257. "Urinal"
  2258. "CellDryer"
  2259. "CellBasin"
  2260. "I have no time for that."
  2261. "Just a normal wash basin, but from my experience, unusually clean."
  2262. "Shower"
  2263. "I know this is a shower, but they appear to use hoses rather than fixed showers!"
  2264. "Glass Door"
  2265. "What with?"
  2266. "CellToiletDoor"
  2267. "You really want me to do that? I thought this was a family game? Besides, I'm not thirsty!"
  2268. "This is strange. It appears to be made of some kind of hard resin. Cool! I can hear that weird sound here too, but it sounds slightly different. It's not right here!"
  2269. "Ummm... no thanks."
  2270. "OK, but only if you promise to look away!"
  2271. "Norm Trooper"
  2272. "Gee, he's getting a little familiar! Can't a guy take a leak without someone watching?!"
  2273. "Start"
  2274. "Could I just..."
  2275. "Just get on with what you came to do, Boy!"
  2276. "Oh, right-e-o....I was just wondering if..."
  2277. "Well, then why don't you just go right ahead and stand..."
  2278. "Bye then"
  2279. "There's just no way out of here! "
  2280. "Saul, one of my transmitters is busted. Any helpful suggestions?"
  2281. "Exit Door"
  2282. "LobbyLiftInsideOdd"
  2283. "This leads out of the elevator."
  2284. "I came up this elevator from the Lobby downstairs."
  2285. "Exit Door"
  2286. "ProcLiftInside"
  2287. "This leads out, where I want to go, I hope?"
  2288. "Fridge"
  2289. "Food Remnants"
  2290. "No way! They're probably alive with creepy crawlies dude!"
  2291. "FlatMilk"
  2292. "That stuff is toxic with bacteria! No way am I drinking that!"
  2293. "No thanks!"
  2294. "Toilet Tank"
  2295. "I can not do that."
  2296. "BogGizmo"
  2297. "CellGizmo4"
  2298. "OK, Mister! That's your cue to come out of there!"
  2299. "I just seem to be collecting junk around here. Take it away!"
  2300. "I can't use it here, but thanks."
  2301. "Whoa, bitchen! These suckers work underwater too."
  2302. "Norm 2782, Camera crew. Camera Crew, Norm 2782."
  2303. "TV Technician"
  2304. "Norm 2782, we're putting together an in-depth documentary about your brave attempts to stop the evil path of subversion, and your time in captivity at their hideout, and how this affects you on a daily basis."
  2305. "We will be filming and listening to you at all times with hidden cameras and mics. Please try to act as naturally as possible."
  2306. "Hey dude, I appreciate the attention but I'm gonna have to ask you to make yourself scarce. Like disappear, Cha Cha... Maybe another day."
  2307. "OK, get on with it."
  2308. "Thank you for your co-operation. Just pretend I'm not here. Be yourself please. Your comfort is our pleasure. "
  2309. "Hey, you!"
  2310. "Why don't you take five?"
  2311. "I was awake and alert for twelve consecutive days when Saul Nystalux passed away. Sleep is a luxury to me, plus I can't leave my gorgeous equipment unattended. Thanks for the offer though Norm."
  2312. "Say, don't you like need to go to the bathroom? The old waistline looks a little bloated, plus if you hang on to your, er.... poisons, you might make yourself sick. I know it's making me sick!"
  2313. "When aren't you recording?"
  2314. "NO, its continuous. All kept in yonder black box by my feet. Totally solid state, no moving parts. Ahhh, the miracle of silicon!"
  2315. "I'd say. So, let me ask you a question. Is there anywhere where you can't see or hear me? Or do you see EVERYTHING?"
  2316. "Back to work then..."
  2317. "StaffRoomDoor"
  2318. "CellLooOutsideDoor"
  2319. "The guy's plump and well buffed. Looks like he's thoroughly efficient. That means he won't miss a trick. I gotta throw him off my scent. I better shower."
  2320. "Control Desk"
  2321. "That's right, Norm. With this baby I can record your every move and sound. Don't worry, we won't miss a damn thing! Just try to act natural."
  2322. "Ahhh, sorry! I like to keep a little safety zone around my equipment. This little beaut's worth more than you pull down in a decade, so could you just leave it where I put it?"
  2323. "Whooooah! Hold it right there! Takes more 'n' ten years to learn how to operate this console. You've never seen one before, buddy. If you stick to your tasks I'll stick to mine. Just pretend I'm not here."
  2324. "Black Bag"
  2325. "It's a bag full of what appears to be miniature cameras and microphones. They're all black and shiny, like those cute little doggies noses. Here doggie, doggie."
  2326. "I'll thank you to leave those right there, Norm. Boy, you are a curious one. They're just bugs which are surplus to my requirements. Most are hidden. If you spot any, try not to break them. They're very very fragile."
  2327. "Data Unit"
  2328. "Oh, my favorite. A small black electronic box."
  2329. "It looks kinda solid and heavy."
  2330. "CellDoor1A"
  2331. "I can't, it's locked at the moment. I just don't have the keys."
  2332. "I can't reach it from here. If I had a bit more length, I could."
  2333. "CellDoorVacant"
  2334. "CellDoorFull"
  2335. "Oh no, this baby's locked."
  2336. "CellDoorFull1"
  2337. "I'd rather not even try to. Insanity isn't contagious, but that doesn't stop it being inflicted upon others. I should know that, I was in a mental institution."
  2338. "Start"
  2339. "No can do. It's locked."
  2340. "StaffDesk"
  2341. "What do you want me to do, dance on it?!"
  2342. "This must be where the Norms chew the fat and brag about the size of their children."
  2343. "Food-Mat"
  2344. "Notice Board"
  2345. "I think it serves more purpose where it is."
  2346. "StaffOutOfOrder"
  2347. "StaffLedger"
  2348. "StaffBin"
  2349. "What?"
  2350. "It's full of trash, and it smells bad."
  2351. "I guess this is the staff room."
  2352. "Door"
  2353. "ZoomControlDoor"
  2354. -
  2355. "ZoomControlOutDoor"
  2356. "The exit door."
  2357. "Paper"
  2358. "Printout"
  2359. "Paper"
  2360. "Paper Ball"
  2361. "Creased Paper"
  2362. "Bureau"
  2363. "Diagram"
  2364. "No way!"
  2365. "ZoomRouteScreen"
  2366. "How?"
  2367. "This appears to be a layout of Zoom Toobs. Complicated stuff!"
  2368. "Button"
  2369. "Pedal"
  2370. -
  2371. "Pedal"
  2372. "Pedal"
  2373. "Pedal"
  2374. "Pedal"
  2375. "Well it's some kind of foot pedal."
  2376. "Paper"
  2377. "It's raised into the up position."
  2378. "I'll have to fumigate my pockets if I do!"
  2379. "I love Walnut Cones, but I don't want to steal someone else's secret food stash!"
  2380. "Aha! A Walnut Cone!"
  2381. "I have no use for it."
  2382. "What for? I guess I could stick it on the outside of my front door! Hmm..."
  2383. "Why are they keeping this old road sign? I thought it was traditional to collect traffic cones?"
  2384. "Here you gentle creature... OW! What a nasty beast! Evil! Evil! Evil!"
  2385. "I don't know what it does."
  2386. "What the heck is this? I think it came from my couch. It's making some really weird sounds! Spooky!"
  2387. "Door"
  2388. "I'm pretty confident I could now. Those hinges can't be that strong."
  2389. "DisasterSkip"
  2390. "StreetRubble"
  2391. "TruckGrille"
  2392. "ShopWalls"
  2393. "TurbineFire"
  2394. -
  2395. "This is where the Mood Magnet circuits are fed from the turbine. My work begins here."
  2396. "Hey, what's happening?"
  2397. "Impossible! Yeah?!"
  2398. "This is no use to anyone ever again!"
  2399. "That plank has gone right through the grille. I expect the engine has been trashed!"
  2400. "Even Stallone couldn't do that!"
  2401. "I don't think they're much use to anyone now!"
  2402. "All that's left of the TV shop. Ooops!"
  2403. "Gees Louise! I really made a mess of that power station. Well, at least the flames warmed the place up a bit! It was a bit chilly in there!"
  2404. "Those stiffs are still arguing in there."
  2405. "STRIKE!! I think they're having a partly-digested food fight!"
  2406. "TruckNorm2"
  2407. "Truck Cab"
  2408. "I do not believe it, Norm. Have you bean eating bean brunch *FOOD* again?"
  2409. "It was not me, Norm! Leader Paul will hear of this disgusting incident. If his nose doesn't detect it first that is. "
  2410. "Start"
  2411. "I didn't!"
  2412. "Oh you should talk! "
  2413. "Start"
  2414. "I think I'm gonna puke, gag me with a tail pipe!"
  2415. "End"
  2416. "I can't hold back any longer! Sorry friend! BLERCH!!"
  2417. "Bye"
  2418. "TruckRear"
  2419. "TruckDoor"
  2420. "JUNK"
  2421. "Do you feel OK?"
  2422. "I'll straighten it out."
  2423. "A ball of paper. Bitchen! Perfect for playing office basketball."
  2424. "Rubber Pipe"
  2425. "I can't reach it from here."
  2426. "Planks"
  2427. "WaffleYellow"
  2428. "I think I've done enough damage, don't you?!"
  2429. "CratesFire"
  2430. "RuinedMall"
  2431. "No way. I've done enough damage!"
  2432. "That explosion has ripped the Mall apart. Ooops! Time I was going I think!"
  2433. "Yeah?! I don't think. Not a great idea!"
  2434. "The toilet door. Extraordinary powers of observation!"
  2435. "Air Vent"
  2436. "It's attached to the wall!"
  2437. "What am I supposed to do with it?"
  2438. "Air Intake"
  2439. "Nah, this is too fat and too long for in here."
  2440. "This pipe is not long enough to go anywhere!"
  2441. "Pipe"
  2442. "It's like a huge piece of rubber spaghetti!"
  2443. "It's attached to the truck."
  2444. "I already have!"
  2445. "This is pumping noxious fumes from the building into the truck."
  2446. "Hey, I'm back. Er, I... I'm sorta working on a rescue type scenario. Are you still in there?"
  2447. "Start"
  2448. "BLONG!"
  2449. "Do you feel all right in there? You're a little strange with this single BLONGing thing you're doing."
  2450. "Are you alright in there?"
  2451. "BLONG! (pause)... BLONG! BLONG!"
  2452. "I think I may have made a little progress. How's it hangin' big fellow?"
  2453. "Are you sure you're OK?"
  2454. "BLONG! BLONG!"
  2455. "I think I might have just gone a bit too far this time! Sorry!"
  2456. "Do you recognise me?"
  2457. "BLONG!"
  2458. "BLONG!"
  2459. "Is there a grille in there?"
  2460. "BLONG!"
  2461. "Good talkn' to ya! I'll be back soon. "
  2462. "Hey Dai! Great to see you. How are ya, buddy?"
  2463. "Er... sorry old friend. There's some odors that just have their time and place. Let's go before other Norms arrive. "
  2464. -
  2465. "This is one substantial slab of metal."
  2466. "The roll-top opens."
  2467. "The buzzing nerve center of this smooth operation. Lots of paperwork and paper clips."
  2468. "I wonder what it means?"
  2469. "Strange, this must be a typo. The last letter is a zero instead of 'O'."
  2470. "It appears that someone can't spell 'dull'. Dumb and boring. Glad I don't work here!"
  2471. "Some freaky Norm-speak, I gather."
  2472. "Oh, I get it. This must be a warning to duuuuudes?"
  2473. "I have it."
  2474. -
  2475. -
  2476. "OK."
  2477. -
  2478. "What for? This applies to most of this city!"
  2479. -
  2480. "Filter"
  2481. "ZoomToob"
  2482. "I just can't escape this tube!"
  2483. "Filter Room"
  2484. "It's Saul! He's holding up a sign! Right on!"
  2485. "Two more now. Brave dude! Brave dude!"
  2486. "What's the delay? There must be another transmitter hidden here somewhere! Hurry!"
  2487. "The brain damage effect is slightly less... less... less pronounced now. But it seems like there's more electrical activity elsewhere."
  2488. "If I hold this up, Saul might be able to read it."
  2489. "Yeah, I can reach right across the hall with this extension. There, I think Saul just took it. Right-o."
  2490. "I never saw one working properly before. It's covered in little green fizzles of energy. It feels nice, like a school of little fish nibbling my skin...or something else!"
  2491. "Wow! Wild! I think this place is about to blow!"
  2492. "Got it."
  2493. "Another one of those things. They must be in ALL furniture."
  2494. "Got it."
  2495. "How?"
  2496. "Cool! It's still working, even though it's soaked."
  2497. "It's built into the wall."
  2498. "StaffSteamer"
  2499. "It's an integral part of the wall."
  2500. "StaffMatDoor"
  2501. "It's attached to the wall."
  2502. "Lever"
  2503. "I don't have anything to put in there."
  2504. "Whoa! What a huge belt! Must belong to one of the testers judging by the stretch marks."
  2505. "I don't want to break it."
  2506. "Start"
  2507. "I'm just a sad old man, Norm."
  2508. "What are these codes?"
  2509. "They're important..."
  2510. "I can see you!"
  2511. "We know what you're doing!"
  2512. "Don't touch that! It's very naughty!"
  2513. "Well that didn't have much effect. Well, exactly none to be more specific."
  2514. "I've made a dull thud and a dying whine. How useful! There seems to be no other effect."
  2515. "Other than a rather disappointing change in lights, I don't seem to have achieved much."
  2516. "Here goes... Yarooooo!"
  2517. "\"Engage.\" Must work in conjunction with some programming."
  2518. "Blob"
  2519. "Bug"
  2520. "Bug2"
  2521. "You want me to curl up and hide down there?! He has me spooked, but not that spooked."
  2522. "There's a dark bit in those shadows down there."
  2523. "Bug"
  2524. "Blob"
  2525. "Bug"
  2526. "He must enjoy watching people. Sick'o!"
  2527. "Blob"
  2528. "Oh, It's mine, I'm all over it."
  2529. "Bug4A"
  2530. "I could destroy it?"
  2531. "It's a tiny bug."
  2532. "It's a tiny bug."
  2533. "Got it."
  2534. "Got it."
  2535. "What are you doing Norm?"
  2536. "Hey, slow down! We have plenty of time."
  2537. "Ooooo. You seem a little shifty Norm!"
  2538. "I'm getting all of this. Bad boy."
  2539. "Why? Why a film crew now, when I need some privacy?! What is this?!!"
  2540. "I need to create some space."
  2541. "I gotta find that bug...before I'm out of luck!"
  2542. "I'll slam this little sucker in the ledger!"
  2543. -
  2544. "The prisoner ledger. Let's see... Mr. Ab Normal, doing time for impersonating Paul Nystalux. Thirty years ago! Aha, that MUST be Saul!"
  2545. "Yeah, I can just reach it."
  2546. "Emergency evac of the Mood Filter has been initiated! Please make your way to the roof and contain the prisoners you find there."
  2547. "Elevator"
  2548. "I can't open it!"
  2549. "Hmmm, what an interesting sculpture. Let's see, if I remember my art classes and I -don't... my guess is the creature's green eye represents jealousy towards a materialistic world. Let's see if it's interactive. I'll just poke it in the eye and check it out."
  2550. "Hey now! I can't believe that I've actually found something interesting. What a fabulous piece of avant-garde sculpture. Hmmm, It must be interactive, I can see a glowing green button right here on the front."
  2551. "Oxy-Acetylene Torch"
  2552. "OxyTorch1"
  2553. "I could drag it a little way, but probably no further than I can see."
  2554. "I think the toxic containers will be enough for Heather's experiment. There's not much gas left in it anyway."
  2555. "OK, here we go..."
  2556. "Whoa! When I'm finished, I'm gonna tell my Agent to get me some safer games!"
  2557. "Twisted Metal"
  2558. "It's an oxy-acetylene torch, for welding things."
  2559. "Okay, jump in the river!"
  2560. "River"
  2561. "I'm not prepared to swim. Some of the fish in there have more heads than Mount Rushmore! Ha ha!"
  2562. "Apparently people live on this river. They make rafts out of junk. Crazy people!"
  2563. "Sign"
  2564. "I'll leave it here."
  2565. "Drum1"
  2566. "Drum2"
  2567. "Drum3"
  2568. "Drum4"
  2569. "Drum5"
  2570. "These once held paint. Empty now."
  2571. "Hey, where's that thing gone in such a hurry? Maybe I'd better go and find it?"
  2572. "DenDrum"
  2573. "Drum0"
  2574. "It might be of use with the other drums."
  2575. "Here's that drum I dumped in the river at the factory. Looks like the current brings things here. That's lady luck for ya!"
  2576. " "
  2577. "Yummy! This stuff smells gorgeous! Rich, dark and warm, just how I like it. Smells like that give a man thirst."
  2578. "Yeah! I couldn't push it, let alone lift it."
  2579. "Toxic1"
  2580. "Toxic2"
  2581. "Toxic3"
  2582. "Toxic4"
  2583. "Each has a small sign saying 'DANGER: TOXIC. EXPLOSIVE!' There's a small skull and crossbones too!"
  2584. "Hmmm... let's try and roll one. "
  2585. "That's it! All the cylinders are aboard now!"
  2586. "MallRope"
  2587. "Cracker"
  2588. "Matches1"
  2589. "Got 'em."
  2590. "Oh, Yeah! I can use this rope, these planks and those drums to make a raft!"
  2591. "I need some rope to tie these things together."
  2592. "RaftLand"
  2593. "It needs to be on the water to realize its full potential."
  2594. "I can't lift them high enough to put them on there."
  2595. "Raft"
  2596. "Raft"
  2597. "Just as I guessed. My little voyage ends safely in Heather's humble abode !"
  2598. "Raft"
  2599. "Ut-uh."
  2600. "This dude is like... seriously large!"
  2601. "OW! "
  2602. "I don't want that boy! I dont't want it!"
  2603. "I don't want the scaly old thing."
  2604. "We're not allowed to go into the park. Paul Nystalux's orders."
  2605. "Stadium"
  2606. -
  2607. "What's this here for?"
  2608. "I found it."
  2609. "I, er... found... er, sort of found it... Sir... in in a bush..."
  2610. "Arena"
  2611. "Stage"
  2612. "Relief"
  2613. "I guess that's Paul, deep in his world of grief? Sucks!"
  2614. "Relief"
  2615. "From here? Yeah right."
  2616. "TunnelWall"
  2617. "StageGrille"
  2618. "I can't get to it."
  2619. "That must lead down beneath the stage."
  2620. "Speakers"
  2621. "Pulpit"
  2622. "It looks like some type of religious thing. Paul must think he's God!"
  2623. "Sign"
  2624. "No thanks."
  2625. "StadiumScreen"
  2626. "How?"
  2627. "Oh gross! I bet Paul looks disgusting on this huge thing!"
  2628. "Weird Things"
  2629. "No chance!"
  2630. "Motto"
  2631. "MottoSign"
  2632. "I can't leave yet. I have a job to do."
  2633. "Crate"
  2634. "I can't take one. It would look a little conspicuous tucked down my shorts!"
  2635. "CrateSuits"
  2636. "CratePods"
  2637. "Newspaper"
  2638. "Goggles"
  2639. "They work best in the dark."
  2640. "I'll put them on. Yeah, I can see well in the dark now."
  2641. "Energy Cells"
  2642. "A pair of sophisticated lo-lite goggles. "
  2643. "I can't quite reach them."
  2644. "I can't open it."
  2645. "\"Emergency Suits.\" In case Paul calls a formal dinner or something."
  2646. "SaulLabEntry"
  2647. "SaulsRoom"
  2648. "What for? I suppose I could make some nice shoes and a bag.... No, It's a joke, lighten up!"
  2649. "Er... Hello there, Mr. Alligator. How ya doin'? Wanna get a bite? Not of me. Take it easy."
  2650. "Grille"
  2651. "It's the same size and shape as the drains in the stadium."
  2652. "Brick"
  2653. "How can I use this?"
  2654. "BrickHole"
  2655. "Oh no...It's too small to get my foot in. You know what they say... Big Feat.... Big Hands."
  2656. "A hole in the tunnel wall...perfect!"
  2657. "Brick in Wall"
  2658. "Grille"
  2659. "Grille"
  2660. "Grille"
  2661. "Cable"
  2662. "I can not do that."
  2663. "CableY"
  2664. "I ain't touching it! I might draw back a charred stump. Although, that might be kinda cool..."
  2665. "A Monster cable, carrying strange thoughts around the city. Looks like some have gone AWOL."
  2666. "Cable"
  2667. "There must be miles of that stuff! What do you want me to do.... coil it up and throw it over my shoulder?!"
  2668. "Bars"
  2669. "These must be to stop folks from wandering off into the sewers and getting eaten by old alligators, kinda like in that movie."
  2670. "Iron bars. They look kinda tough...Not as tough as me...but tough."
  2671. "I can't open them. No way possible. Don't even ask!"
  2672. "I am one guy-- very tough, very muscular but Not a whole football team!"
  2673. "It's architecture. Architecture is HEAVY!"
  2674. "Nah! I'll leave the brick there. All in all... it's just another brick in the wall!"
  2675. "I can't reach it."
  2676. "A grille leading down from the stadium."
  2677. "Even, if the Sun were shining I doubt any daylight would make it down here."
  2678. "Battery"
  2679. "Shaft"
  2680. "Ladder"
  2681. "I can't get to it."
  2682. "HallucinationX"
  2683. "I can feel the heat coming from it. It's like...Hot!"
  2684. "More weird floaty things, they look like ones in the Mood Filter. They feel a little warm."
  2685. "HallucinationY"
  2686. "They feel hot, hot, hot."
  2687. "This cable is seeping data. Freaks me out, man!"
  2688. "HallucinationZ"
  2689. "I can't use them, they aren't real....duh!"
  2690. "Freaky. More of those Mood Filter visions. Whoa...This is Hot!"
  2691. "Bars1"
  2692. "Guitar"
  2693. -
  2694. "Guitar1"
  2695. "I've slightly damaged it somehow. I don't think he'll notice."
  2696. "Pretty Trashed Guitar"
  2697. "OW! Damn, these things are just not going to let me past!"
  2698. "Energy Cells"
  2699. "Bars6"
  2700. "Bars6A"
  2701. "SuspectWall1"
  2702. "The Ax man cometh!"
  2703. "Padlock"
  2704. "SuspectWall2"
  2705. "Hmmm...I think this baby needs a little remodeling."
  2706. "BANZAI!! Frenzied ax attack time!"
  2707. "Elevator Doors"
  2708. "Whoa! These bars are older than dirt! They couldn't stop a slight breeze!"
  2709. "No thanks."
  2710. "HiddenDoor"
  2711. "It wouldn't hurt to break the wall down with it. Brian will understand. It's for a good cause."
  2712. "Brace"
  2713. -
  2714. "I don't think anyone will miss it."
  2715. "Suit"
  2716. "SewerRubble"
  2717. "I can't climb it or move it! "
  2718. "This all came crashing down when I borrowed that roof brace. That's what I call clumsy! "
  2719. "Crate"
  2720. "It's way too heavy and awkward, which is not a good thing."
  2721. "SewerCrate1"
  2722. "Let's have a look inside. Aha! Some kind of suit. This may come in handy. "
  2723. "I think there's something in there. "
  2724. "Crate"
  2725. "Even empty, it's too heavy."
  2726. "A black PVC suit with snaps and fastenings all over it. Kinky! The label says \"Emergency suit. Protects wearer from most types of adversity.\""
  2727. "I'm not sure that will do any good at all."
  2728. "Axe"
  2729. "I got it. I feel a lot safer down here already."
  2730. "What would I do with a bust? Wait! What am I saying?"
  2731. "Bizarre. I'm convinced that they rotate to face me, like paintings in a horror movie."
  2732. "All right, come out from down there, whoever you are! Being underground is NOT Normal! I can wait all day!"
  2733. "Your presence is required on Terra Firma, Citizen! Hurry, or I'll call a reliable cement company!"
  2734. "Slab"
  2735. "It's part of the floor."
  2736. "Trigger2"
  2737. "Hey, the sign slides into the wall - when pushed! What's that noise?"
  2738. "Thing's bolted to the wall."
  2739. "Hey, by putting this across the tunnel I can exert an even pressure on the sign. Bitchen'."
  2740. "I can't. It's size Normal, and I'm extra-medium."
  2741. "Brace1"
  2742. "It's holding the sign in."
  2743. "The metal brace is keeping the sign pressed in."
  2744. "Metal Brace"
  2745. "OK. I'll take it."
  2746. "I'm pretty sure I can jack the door open with this...among other things."
  2747. "Yes, I can just slip through now."
  2748. "Wall Brace"
  2749. "OK, I've got it again."
  2750. "NormBadge"
  2751. "LabHallucin"
  2752. "Safe"
  2753. "Drawers"
  2754. "They're already very open. No use now, but try again later...thanks."
  2755. "Now I'll never know what Saul keeps in those drawers...Damn it!"
  2756. "Ashes"
  2757. "Hallucinations"
  2758. "Not possible, man. Not possible!"
  2759. "HallucinB"
  2760. "I really have just no use for them."
  2761. "The visions are stronger here. I feel oh-so-very Odd."
  2762. "SewerElevator1"
  2763. "It's an elevator door. I'm pretty sure I'm under the stage here."
  2764. "No chance."
  2765. "ChemEquip"
  2766. "It's all broken. Useless. USELESS! What have you given me?!!"
  2767. "This stuff is smashed to the Max."
  2768. "Charred Scraps"
  2769. "I might as well leave them here."
  2770. "MasonryA"
  2771. "I'm not in the mood for creating a Zen garden. But, thanks."
  2772. "The roof has fallen in here, right in front of a door."
  2773. "Rubble"
  2774. "Thanks anyway. I have no need for big o'chunks of concrete."
  2775. "SewerTube"
  2776. "I think it's spent already."
  2777. "It's a brass tube, kinda like an incendiary device! I think this thing started the fire in here.....what do you think?!"
  2778. "Electronic Bits"
  2779. "Hey dude, they have no use whatsoever. I'll leave them here."
  2780. "SewerPoster"
  2781. "Pointless! I'll rip it down."
  2782. "\"YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HERE?!\" All right! That's Groovy....that's kind of a strange poster...Don't you think?!"
  2783. "Hole"
  2784. "Whoa! There's a lot of hot air coming from in here! Kinda like a blow dryer!"
  2785. "Hole"
  2786. "I should be able to squeeze right through here..."
  2787. "BrainMachine"
  2788. "I'm not sure how to use it. The controls look a little like a microwave oven!"
  2789. "I can just slip this brain out of here and right into the suit..."
  2790. "Here goes... Got to be quick! Got to be Speedy!"
  2791. "BrainMachine1"
  2792. "It's empty now. I have just no use for it at all."
  2793. "I've successfully removed Saul's brain from it. It's empty."
  2794. "Brain in Suit"
  2795. "Saul's brain is safely zipped up in here and the good thing's a stay fresh bag."
  2796. "Hey there Saul. I'm back."
  2797. "Start"
  2798. "Yes, son. It is. Who might I ask are you?"
  2799. "Again?"
  2800. "Why? Why have I gone mad? I was always like such a stable man."
  2801. "Then it's no wonder! Get me to my body and I will download into it."
  2802. "Alrighty?! What have you been doing? How have you survived? Lots of games of Solitaire, I imagine..."
  2803. "I noticed the heat in here. Just be glad you don't have arm would smell foul!"
  2804. "That knowledge could be useful, oh nebulous noggin of Neutropolis."
  2805. "How can I get you out of here, Saul? You're too big to fit through that hole in the wall. I need your help, Mr. Brain?!"
  2806. "Great! Then I'll just have you out in no time at all. Brains … la carte."
  2807. "Download?"
  2808. "Hallucinations"
  2809. "These are the raw thoughts being channeled from the stadium, which is really a huge collection facility. Some of the cables are leaking. By a million to one chance, I was left where their paths converge. I... I have absorbed like all the information."
  2810. "Well, how do I get us out of the sewers? I seem to have accidentally entombed us down here for eternity."
  2811. "Bye, Saul"
  2812. "Make your way to the nearest exit. I will deal with the fire."
  2813. "The green eye, the boiling rage. It all adds up to one of the most brilliantly observed and executed things I have ever seen."
  2814. "Whoa, this leads into the stadium."
  2815. "Switches"
  2816. "StadiumElev"
  2817. "StageGuards"
  2818. "stadiumnorm1"
  2819. "I need to stay away from these dudes. Being a fugitive is just not as easy as it looks."
  2820. "Norm Guard"
  2821. "Uh-uh! No way! I can't confront them or they'll recognize me. I just have to find a way to get rid of them."
  2822. "Way too heavy!"
  2823. "I'm going to avoid them."
  2824. "Saul says I can get access to the stage from the sewers below the stadium. That sounds like a plan."
  2825. "I could read it."
  2826. "\"We may never see his like again!\" I'm gonna get Paul to eat those words - with a fork and knife."
  2827. "I think I'd prefer to avoid them. I'm a fugitive now, and fraternizing with the enemy is sure to get me arrested."
  2828. "Aw man, I don't like going down in places like that. It's way too dark. There might be dangerously different citizens lurking in the shadows. There could be thousands!"
  2829. "All right, so we are both agreed, OK? We'll just stay here and make sure no one goes down or comes up the hole? OK? Cool?"
  2830. "Quit"
  2831. "Shaft"
  2832. "I'm a little afraid of the dark, but I'm a man."
  2833. "I'm in full view of everybody. Doing that would attract unwelcome attention."
  2834. "Ah screw it! It's out of tune anyway."
  2835. -
  2836. "I can't reach the ladder! Looks like I'm stuck down here forever, man! Somebody help me!"
  2837. "Bent Bars"
  2838. "They don't do much on their own."
  2839. "There's no way through here, unless I can break through."
  2840. "Some rusty old bars. They don't look very sturdy."
  2841. "Sorry! Not possible."
  2842. "Let me out, dudes!"
  2843. "I still don't have anything to paint the sculpture with. I need a pressurized container of some sort, oh, and to fill it with yellow paint."
  2844. "It's full of yellow paint now. Ready for spraying!"
  2845. "Start"
  2846. "Yeah, but you have made progress, right?"
  2847. "They're using Brian's music to torture people up there!"
  2848. "The Evidence"
  2849. "Maybe you should try to get rid of it? Don't worry, if you manage to free Saul then it might not make much difference anyway. He will tip the scales of freedom, once he's free."
  2850. "Hey, wonderful Paul's making a visit to the Outpost, trying to boost morale after my crushing acts of rebellion."
  2851. "Yeah, it's bitchen! Except, who's 'WE', you gotta mouse in your pocket?. The only one of you who helps in any way is old, mad and incontinent. I don't know why I'm risking my skin to satisfy your crazy plans!"
  2852. "OK, I'm going back"
  2853. "No worries, man. It happens to all DIFFERENT people, Kent. Good luck. See ya later."
  2854. "Thanks. A scientist up there was real surprised when I asked him about those gizmos. Something real fishy is happening with those."
  2855. "Whoa, check her out! World-sized brain! Teacher, scientist, professor. What the hell have I got myself into here?! "
  2856. "Way cool dude! You've liberated Saul! Welcome back Kent. Hey my man, you truly are a brave genius."
  2857. "It was nothing really"
  2858. "All in a day's work for a hard-core adventurer like myself. I'm just sorry you couldn't be there to see me in all my glory."
  2859. "I see. Where's Dai? I thought he was coming back with you?"
  2860. "Ah, don't worry about it. He is our cause's first casualty. We must turn to Saul for our guidance now, while Brian composes our great anthem of triumph and loss."
  2861. "Don't worry about it. I must continue my work on the gadget you brought me."
  2862. "Bye Heather..."
  2863. "In what way are you responsible for all this, Saul?"
  2864. "From what Kent has told me, I would guess there is one of these gizmos in every piece of furniture in the city. People are drained as they sit at work or in front of the TV."
  2865. "Where?"
  2866. "It is at my secret labs."
  2867. "Yeah, just before the Great Shake Up."
  2868. "Yeah, when everything in the city changed. Dai knows all about it, bless his soul."
  2869. "How can we still think?"
  2870. "Luckily there is one flaw in the Magnet's design. A small piece of metal in the body is enough to ground and protect an individual. That's the sole reason we are different."
  2871. "That would certainly do the trick. Crude but very effective. I have an old fashioned hip replacement. And you, Kent? "
  2872. "Kinda makes warped Kent-sense, I guess."
  2873. "So, dear friends, what is our next step? How do we free everyone from your treacherous machine?"
  2874. "Booster Station"
  2875. "There should be a strange noise when you're near one. It sounds a little like this..."
  2876. "See ya later."
  2877. "Good luck, man."
  2878. "Can you tell me any more about this Mood Magnet thing? "
  2879. "Hey there Brian. How's the anthem coming along? Got anything stirring you might like to share with me?"
  2880. "Start2"
  2881. "Why don't you try manners"
  2882. "Would having your head shoved through a bass drum keep you away from me?"
  2883. "It sound like you're struggling there bro'? Why don't you lay down those sticks and join the fight?"
  2884. "It sounds pretty good."
  2885. -
  2886. "Bye Bri"
  2887. "Start"
  2888. "Ha ha!!! That's a good one! That's a nice line Kent! Radio Stations! I like it! I'm fine, how are you buddy?"
  2889. "Bye"
  2890. "Not so fast, Kent! Listen to me! "
  2891. "Whoa! It's a fire extinguisher devoid of its foam."
  2892. "I could do with a new pair of boots. Trouble is, it's closed!"
  2893. "The nails are too damn strong."
  2894. "Got it."
  2895. -
  2896. "WOW! These are great. I can finally have a pet without worrying about actually feeding it. Hang on, what's this...? \"Defective: Partially Deaf.\" Right on!"
  2897. "I am using it, as a means to make that Norm use the sprayer he's confiscated."
  2898. "HEY NORM! Never mind that pack of wild animals! Come and attend to this raging inferno, pronto! Right away then!"
  2899. "Hi there, how ya doing? Good to see ya, Saul ol' buddy."
  2900. "I can't find it."
  2901. "No way man. I can't even find the place. It must be really well hidden."
  2902. "Where are the others?"
  2903. "They went out searching for nuts and berries, Son. We have a long winter to get through. The elders of the tribe are beginning to worry about the wear on the head gasket."
  2904. "Oh my mind is... paisley shorts... beginning to wither, Son. I'm really sorry man, it must have been all that time I bought in the Meringue Magnet."
  2905. "They went to destroy a couple more of those substations, Son. Complete the edges then fill in the middle. That's my Mom's jigsaw formula. Sorry, I'm slipping away again. My mind isn't as keen as it used to be."
  2906. "Right, I can see that. All right, I'll leave you in peace."
  2907. "Start"
  2908. "No really, but I've just had this tremendous idea for some slippers with headlights on the front. No more stubbing your toes in the dark, get it?! It could seriously improve countless people's Q-O-L."
  2909. "Quality Of Life. None of this seemed very important to me before. Strange, isn't it?"
  2910. "Bye"
  2911. "Well, I did it. Is Brian still out there?"
  2912. "Oh you've made that very clear."
  2913. "There's a Norm truck stuck outside my apartment. Makes me a little wary of going back there."
  2914. "I found Dai"
  2915. "Then you must free him. We have time. Brian won't be back for awhile yet."
  2916. "Bye then"
  2917. "See if you can find Dai. Good luck. "
  2918. "Listen Heather, we've got to talk. I'm having a few problems springing Dai. Those Norm dudes are locked in tight. At least they aren't going anywhere."
  2919. "What shall I do?"
  2920. "I'm not sure really, without Brian's guidance. These other two are of questionable value as you might have seen."
  2921. "Just get back there and try to kick up a stink or something."
  2922. "Sounds like fun. All righty then, I'm out of here... "
  2923. "Start"
  2924. "Dai! You're back! Hey man, how you feeling?"
  2925. "No time for that. Will you please go and help Brian with his measurements. I believe he's on his way to the Ordinary Outpost."
  2926. "Bye"
  2927. "Hey morbid people. What's with the long faces? I got Dai out, we all accomplished our missions. Everything's groovy!"
  2928. "Where are the others?"
  2929. "They have gone to take a few measurements for our next objective."
  2930. "So, exactly what happened? We all did our jobs, right? Destroying the Mood pumping stations must have made some difference?"
  2931. "So what's the plan?"
  2932. "No, Saul has another theory. It concerns the Pollutotron. You know? That huge smoke belching structure you passed on the roof of the Ordinary Outpost, just before our beloved founder Dai nearly gave his life for our cause."
  2933. "We must somehow, you know, gather enough dried flowers to cover up that terrible wallpaper, man. If my rich uncle visits he's not going to understand your complete allergy to seafood."
  2934. "How do we do that?"
  2935. "This new deodorant increases sweat dispersion by up to 50%. It has been tested thoroughly on fish, with more than satisfactory results."
  2936. "What will you need?"
  2937. "Well, let's see. I need some explosive toxic substance, a detonator, and something to make a long tube out of."
  2938. "What will this achieve?"
  2939. "Oh look. It will let the rest of the world see what has been going on beneath that pall of soot that has hung over the city for so long. And it will also remind the people what the Sun looks like, and the beneficial properties it possesses."
  2940. "What's wrong with Saul?"
  2941. "I think his faculties are decaying very rapidly now that he's left the Mood Filter. "
  2942. "That's about the size of it Kent. We will have to make do with the resources we have. We've come too far to turn back now."
  2943. "Back we go."
  2944. "Start"
  2945. "I need some toxic explosive substance, a detonator and something to make the shell of the rocket."
  2946. "You got it Heather baby, chick-o-babe. I'll get right with ya."
  2947. "Start"
  2948. "You have caught me in a rare moment of sanity Kent. Breeeeep! I am trying to remember somethin' here. Somethin' that could restore me to my previous state of mind. A secret of mine which has slipped away."
  2949. "Bye"
  2950. "What about this firecracker? Would it detonate anything?"
  2951. "Toxic Substance"
  2952. "Yeah, just the ticket bud. You really are quite resourceful, you know?"
  2953. "One problem, \"H\" baby I don't have the physique to lift them. I mean, you know, I have a good physique, it's just not the kind that you need to lift such heavy objects. Any chance you could help?"
  2954. "Eyes"
  2955. "These fell out of that teddy bear!"
  2956. "Hey, these roll nicely into this coin slot."
  2957. "Whoa, great Kent! You seem to have everything. I'll get to work right away. There's no time to waste."
  2958. "Everyone! I remembered what I couldn't! I have a backup of my mind in my labs. They will be somewhere under the stadium. Someone must go and get it. Restore me back to my original condition and I could be a great help."
  2959. "So you want me to fetch this brain backup device of yours, eh there Saul Ol' buddy?"
  2960. "I just knew you would say that."
  2961. "Just get under the stadium lad. I'm sure you'll find it."
  2962. "Anything else? You want me to take a few pictures? Show a few kids around? Maybe take a Norm to dinner?"
  2963. "Oh sure! That sounds like a groovy plan. I'll get right to work. See ya'll later. "
  2964. "He's a huge guy! He looks a bit upset about something."
  2965. "Snore, snore."
  2966. "Later, citizen. Later."
  2967. "Hmmm... a CD of a one-man clap band! Great?!"
  2968. "Little Wire"
  2969. "This just has to be useful."
  2970. "No way, dude! I'm not digging through there!"
  2971. "More trash. Ho-hum. Ho-hum. Bored, bored, bored."
  2972. "Control Box"
  2973. "Hey, this could control those grinders."
  2974. "I'm not doing anything until I can shut off those ugly saw blades!"
  2975. "Hi guys."
  2976. "Nah. I've no use for it."
  2977. "Bore-o-rama! Reminds me of school."
  2978. "This leads into the factory."
  2979. "I totally used this in the factory and mall. I think those are my fingerprints! Oh no!"
  2980. "It's attached to the wall."
  2981. "I guess I just press my hand onto the glass."
  2982. "What's the point, dude?"
  2983. "How?"
  2984. "Hey, that's Brian from his video at the TV Station!"
  2985. "Whoa! That glass was real thick! I wonder if that guy's considered a career as a battering ram?"
  2986. "Lovely! Hmmm... \"THE ONE AND ONLY *FOOD*. GUARANTEED NO WASTE, WHAT TASTE? INGREDIENTS: MEAT AND VEGETATION.\" Why am I suddenly not hungry?"
  2987. "I need something small to put him in first."
  2988. "Far too heavy."
  2989. "Far too heavy."
  2990. "I can't, the grinder is broken. Maybe, if I can fix it."
  2991. "ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I'd rather go to the Pen first!"
  2992. "How?"
  2993. "I can't."
  2994. "Far too heavy."
  2995. "Check it, it's bolted to the wall."
  2996. "I'm a tad weary of walking through them. It could be Dangerous!"
  2997. "Whoa! These things are creating an awful lot of heat in here. They appear to be converging on one point too."
  2998. "This wall section looks a little tad bit suspicious."
  2999. "I can't reach."
  3000. "Got it."
  3001. "CONTINUE"
  3002. ""
  3003. "Not a good idea considering the only thing keeping the paint inside is the dried up mulch around the bottom."
  3004. "Not until I pick it up."
  3005. "It's a cog. I think it fell off that engine up there..."
  3006. "Cog"
  3007. "Stereogram"
  3008. "If I look real close, I might get it."
  3009. "Whoa, check it. It's one of those 3-d pictures made out of dots. Do you get them? I never do!"
  3010. "Not until I climb down."
  3011. -
  3012. "It's firmly stood against that container. Should be safe enough for me to climb."
  3013. "Start"
  3014. "I'm out of here..."
  3015. "Not so fast, Norm 2782!"
  3016. "That's a problem which has challenged the minds of philosophers for centuries. I don't think I can explain."
  3017. "I'm on Guard"
  3018. "Screw up"
  3019. "I got a little lost in the lobby. It's a big place."
  3020. "I also find you in a restricted area. As punishment, you will work the next five weeks on corridor duty on one of the Pen landings. Surely you can get into no trouble there. I would also advise you to forget what you have seen here."
  3021. "Forget what?"
  3022. "Away"
  3023. "That is a secret that you are not privy to, Norm. Get to your work and keep out of trouble or your life will become... over!"
  3024. "What is so important about a mall?"
  3025. "Start"
  3026. "I'm out of here"
  3027. "Not so fast, Norm 2782!"
  3028. "I'm not sure"
  3029. "I got lost"
  3030. "Again I ask you... why are you here? I must warn you I am not a patient man and you are already heavily overdrawn at my tolerance bank."
  3031. "Well, I'm kinda what you might call on guard here."
  3032. "You have screwed up in the most comprehensive manner, Norm. Not only have you allowed a dangerous subversive freak to taint one of my most prized shopping locations, you have also lost the evidence which we had gathered to convict this mad felon. What have you got to say for yourself?"
  3033. "You're selfish!"
  3034. "I've got to say...Nothing. with me as you see fit, sir."
  3035. "And who would you suggest could do such a thing? There is no better way of life than the Utopia I have created."
  3036. "Me and my friends"
  3037. "Well I can't think of anyone right now. But as soon as I do, I'll be standin' here in front of ya."
  3038. "A few friends! A few friends!! A few riff raff get an idea into their heads and they think they can change the world! I'm afraid it takes more than that Norm."
  3039. "I give up!"
  3040. "Revelation"
  3041. "I know you have a secret now Paul. I know your brother Saul is still alive, and I plan to tell the population of Neutropolis. I'd like to see you smile then!"
  3042. "He's right here"
  3043. "He's right there, in the Mood Filter. Oh....Ch-ching. baboom, bada bang...You're outta there!"
  3044. "As you seem incapable of functioning in any capacity in this city, I have no choice but to strip you of all tokens of office and send you to the Pens to reflect on your mistakes, pending a rather unlikely change in my mood."
  3045. "Do your worst!"
  3046. "I'm not scared of you, or your Damn Pens! Do your very worst Paul! Give it to me! Bring it on! "
  3047. "Oh, groovy! It's one of those little door within a door things. I guess that fool in the corridor must have closed it to keep me quiet. He must know that's not possible. Oh look, a peephole as well."
  3048. "I have it."
  3049. "This thing might have a use. But I'd be Normal if I knew what it was."
  3050. -
  3051. "Here's a small scrap of denim. This must be what Saul uses to send messages on. It sure beats that smelly ol' toilet paper."
  3052. "It's locked."
  3053. "I'm not sitting on that again!"
  3054. "No, I don't think I could manage that!"
  3055. "OK, I will, but don't blame me if I never stand up again. Hey, I've found a strange device hidden in it!"
  3056. "Stay here. "
  3057. "Well that's the end of that one."
  3058. "I don't think that will be bothering me again."
  3059. "Freeze!"
  3060. "Why are Bad Guys always such lousy shots?!"
  3061. "Get out Saul! I'll get Dai! Let's go!"
  3062. "But Dai, I ca..."
  3063. "Stay clean, Citizen. Next time you will be in HOT water, literally!"
  3064. "Well I think it's a bust."
  3065. "Empty Reception Area"
  3066. "From now on this room will be your second home, but you will see it from Saul's point of view, from inside the tubes."
  3067. "It is ironic in a way. He is now part of his own invention, an invention made to keep criminals off our streets, to let them provide a valuable contribution to our city's well-being. I thought it too good an idea to waste on criminals, so I secretly gave it to all our people. The idyllic city you live in is the result."
  3068. "Get in there! If that TV isn't on 24 hours a day, I'm coming in after you! "
  3069. "Feel the power of my ax!! "
  3070. "Is this the right floor for appliances?"
  3071. "What the Heck!"
  3072. "Come on Saul, I've got to get you out of this place!"
  3073. "To the elevator! We gotta head for the roof!"
  3074. "Huh, shoot! I have no rabid guinea pigs to break the glass!"
  3075. "Clod"
  3076. "I could dish the dirt on someone? Yeah!!"
  3077. "Doggie Dirt"
  3078. "This thing is very heavy. I could probably lift it if it were half empty. Or is that half full?"
  3079. "I need to get rid of my fingerprints on this thing."
  3080. "What for? It's empty."
  3081. "There! Those fingerprints are gone now. All that's left behind are a few beads of moisture."
  3082. "Dish cloth"
  3083. "That's wiped 'em off!"
  3084. "Got it. "
  3085. "I got it. It's messy stuff!"
  3086. "Don't try this at home, kids! I have it."
  3087. "What a great door. Ash, I believe, with smoked glass inserts."
  3088. "Yeah! I could get up to into some serious trouble with this hammer. Can't Touch This!"
  3089. "Got it."
  3090. "MissileLoc"
  3091. "I was spending a little quality time, walking a couple of blocks and whistling a particularly annoying tune I had composed, when suddenly from out of the smog..."
  3092. "Er, hi guys!"
  3093. "Frustrated? Want to meet some like-minded individuals? Want to do something about the state of the city? Get a job and snoop around Plush-Rest. You'll find a group in one of the dumpsters around the back. An Empathiser?"
  3094. ""
  3095. ""
  3096. ""
  3097. ""
  3098. ""
  3099. ""
  3100. "Uh-uh! I have a healthy respect for electricity!"
  3101. "I don't think I could lift that!"
  3102. "Rubble from the explosion has hit this truck. I don't think it will be going anywhere."
  3103. "I can get round this entire city using buses. I'm not above that."
  3104. "If I wait here, a bus will come along shortly... I think. Yeah, there should be a bus anytime soon, I'll just wait. Maybe not."
  3105. "Scalpel"
  3106. "A scalpel. Nicely made. Very sharp. OOWW!"
  3107. "Say, I have the makings of a raft here. No time to do it now though. Perhaps later."
  3108. "I'll leave it here for now. Important matters press. Maybe later."
  3109. -
  3110. "I just have no use for it right now."
  3111. "I'm a little bit wary of these! I'm not gonna' pick it up without a very good reason."
  3112. -
  3113. "MallRope1"
  3114. "I could maybe use it with something else."
  3115. "Damn Norms took the other half! They didn't spot this half though. Ha ha ha!"
  3116. "Whoa! It's the other half of that rope."
  3117. "Planks"
  3118. "I'll just take three. They can't be much more use than that."
  3119. "Lucky I didn't take them all first time! "
  3120. "I'm going to leave this here to siphon away the smell from that hole!"
  3121. "Great idea of mine using that pipe, YEAH !"
  3122. "There's no point. The lift is always stuck on the ground floor."
  3123. "This door is rusted in place."
  3124. "Pretty it ain't, but I think it just might float!"
  3125. "It's too heavy!"
  3126. "I could only get the door open by smashing it. Something hard and tasteless should do it."
  3127. "There's a rat stuck inside! He looks exhausted, but very clean."
  3128. "I don't need it."
  3129. "CD READ ERROR!"
  3130. "Or the CD may require cleaning."
  3131. "Hey what do you think you're doing, bozo?"
  3132. "He doesn't seem to want it!"
  3133. "It doesn't seem to want it!"
  3134. "Hello, Heather. You really should consider going blonde permanently."
  3135. "Hi Brian. Are you nervous or worried? This could be your big break after all."
  3136. "Norm, how's your day been? Still please with your newfound world view?"
  3137. "Whoa, not looking too good there Saul! You OK?"
  3138. "Dai, it's good to see you up and about enjoying life."
  3139. "How can I fix these goggles?"
  3140. "What acn I carry the brain backup in?"
  3141. "Thanks for your help."
  3142. "Sail will know more about that than me. Try not to look suspicious Kent."
  3143. "At a guess I would say that elevator set in the middle of the stage links up with the sewer system somewhere."
  3144. "I haven't got a clue or interest, Kent. You're interfering with my aura. Please step away while you still can."
  3145. "Anything you like, man, just don't scuff my tune-wand. I made that myself you know. I'm fiercely protective."
  3146. "It's OK, Kent, but don't take it for granted."
  3147. "Probably behind a secret wall or in a wardrobe or something, eh? Bound to be, that's where I'd put it."
  3148. "That elevator in the centre of the stage might do the trick."
  3149. "I worry about the younger generation, Kent. I didn't know what it was for until I was thirty."
  3150. "Protect yourself lad, you don't want to end up like me. I'm wasted and wizened. This Mood Magnet will be the death of me."
  3151. "I'm doing my best son."
  3152. "I could tell you how to get onto the roof of almost every building on this city, son, but when it comes to depths, you're asking the wrong man."
  3153. "Well, my cousin Loola got friendly with a producer type. Ever thought about that route? Good lookin' fella like yourself shouldn't have too much trouble."
  3154. "Start"
  3155. "Thanks Kent, it's not a good idea to be seen with you right now, were so close."
  3156. "Hi Brian, are you nervous or worried? This could be your big break after all."
  3157. "Start"
  3158. "I certainly am son, I feel fine. I'm just looking forward to the turn. This is the first festival I've been to, such a feeling of warmth and beauty."
  3159. "Whoa, not looking too good there Saul. You OK there buddy?"
  3160. "Start"
  3161. "It was only a scratch son, you've got to expect that sort of thing in our line of work. I'm proud of you boy."
  3162. "Whoa, how can I fix these goggles?."
  3163. "How do I get into the Lab?"
  3164. "Saul would know more about that than me. Try not to look suspicious Kent."
  3165. "How do I get onto the stage? Whoa, big question."
  3166. "Saul's Brain"
  3167. "Have you tried some kind of shielding device? Don't touch it with your hands whatever you do."
  3168. "Thank you, so much, for all your help"
  3169. "Goggles"
  3170. "I haven't got a clue or an interest Kent. Your interfering with me aura. Now back off while you still can do so under your own power."
  3171. "How do I get into the lab?"
  3172. "Saul's Brain"
  3173. "Anything you like man, just don't scuff my tune wand, I made that myself you know and I'm fiercely protective. You might wake up mysteriously dead in the morning."
  3174. "How do I get onto the stage? Whoa, big question."
  3175. "Thanks"
  3176. "It's OK Kent, but don't take it for granted."
  3177. "Whoa, how can I fix these goggles?"
  3178. "How do I get into the lab?"
  3179. "Probably behind a secret wall or in a wardrobe or something eh?. Bound to be, that's where I'd put it. Can you see my tan developing?"
  3180. "Gee, if I like only knew. What can I carry the brain backup in?."
  3181. "The Stage"
  3182. "That elevator in the center of the stage might do the trick."
  3183. "Thank you, so much, for all your help"
  3184. "Goggles"
  3185. "I worry about the younger generation Kent, I didn't know what it was for until I was thirty."
  3186. "How do I get into the lab?"
  3187. "Your Brain"
  3188. "Protect yourself lad, you don't want to end up like me. I'm wasted and wizened, this mood magnet will be the death of me. ."
  3189. "How do I get onto the stage? Whoa, big question."
  3190. "Thanks"
  3191. "I'm doing my best son."
  3192. "Whoa, how can I fix these goggles?"
  3193. "How do I get into the lab?"
  3194. "Well I could tell you how to get onto the roof of almost every building in this city son, but when it comes to depths your asking the wrong man."
  3195. "Gee, if I like only knew. What can I carry the brain backup in?."
  3196. "The Stage"
  3197. "Well, my cousin Loola got friendly with a producer type, ever thought of that route? Good lookin'' fella like yourself shouldn't have too much trouble."
  3198. "Thank you, so much, for all your help"
  3199. "It's broken, but it's far too small for me to climb through!"
  3200. "I'm sure it opens, but I just don't know how?"
  3201. "I can't reach them up there."
  3202. "Tiny energy cells. Admired for their compact design, no doubt."
  3203. "Dude, I have no source of power."
  3204. "What? It's a light bulb. It's off. It's boring! Get over it!"
  3205. "Ah! This could have been one of my greatest inventions, if only I'd had a real shark to test it on."
  3206. "No chance!"
  3207. "I'm not going anywhere yet."
  3208. "My raft! How cool!"
  3209. "I don't wanna break it, it might be useful."
  3210. "How?"
  3211. "GravyNut"
  3212. "I'm not hungry right now."
  3213. "Cool! It's still working, even though it's soaked."
  3214. "Not with that great lunk in it! There's no room!"
  3215. "I'm afraid I just won't know how to do it."
  3216. "It seems to be analyzing a fire extinguisher. What is this fascination with fire extinguishers?"
  3217. "Yeah, if I pick the hole up I can use it on other objects. I can use it to get through walls and to empty oil tankers, and... yeah right, and I'm the Queen of England!"
  3218. "It's firmly locked from the inside."
  3219. "It's stiff, but I can manage it."
  3220. "The gateway to my home! What am I waiting for?"
  3221. "These doors look like they lead into something big."
  3222. "Impossible!"
  3223. "Back to mundanity!"
  3224. "I wonder what these here switches do?"
  3225. "It will not open."
  3226. "I can't open this one either!"
  3227. "I can't eat frozen *FOOD* - I'll break my teeth! Yeah?!"
  3228. "I'm not hungry!"
  3229. "I have it."
  3230. "Do not turn off the bed. Testing in progress. Marathon duration."
  3231. "One of the drawers is open. It saves wear and tear on the...uh... mechanism."
  3232. "Nice cheap furniture! Made from recycled fruit rinds."
  3233. "He's mine, the poor sweet thing. Hey! His eyes just fell out! That's gross!"
  3234. "I'll give him a big hug. AAAAHHHH! Oh, his eyes just fell out! Gruesome!"
  3235. "I got it. Lovely balanced mallet."
  3236. "I can't. It's attached to the wall!"
  3237. "Ah, Mr. Harry Zontal..."
  3238. "Yeah?! Not if I ever want to walk upright again!"
  3239. "This leads back out into the corridor. I might be able to escape. Bitchen!"
  3240. "This sign is surprisingly aerodynamic. I do believe it will actually fly!"
  3241. "They're massive!"
  3242. "I don't know how to use it."
  3243. "Looks like a dangerous piece of electronics. This place is full of wacky gizmos!"
  3244. "Well there appears to be no other way of using it other than to point your eyes at it!"
  3245. "Another electronic screen. All it says is \"Processing Session Data.\" Curious!"
  3246. -
  3247. "Easy does it. I don't want to smother myself in nasal fluid."
  3248. "I got it. Kinda heavy...but I got it."
  3249. "I can't, it's-a-broken."
  3250. "An old data safe. Or UNSAFE judging by its present condition...ha..ha!"
  3251. "Whoa! Some kind of machine with a brain inside!! This HAS to be what I'm looking for!"
  3252. ""
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