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  1. /tool netwatch
  2. add comment="Netwatch script to detect Radius status and act accordingly" disabled=yes down-script=":log error \"RADIUS not responding, enabling local users in SECRET section of PPP/zaib\"\r\
  3.     \n/ppp secret\r\
  4.     \n:foreach i in=[find] do={\r\
  5.     \n/ppp secret enable \$i\r\
  6.     \n}\r\
  7.     \n:log warning \"All PPP acounts are now enabled.\"" host= interval=1m timeout=2s up-script=":log warning\"RADIUS is now ONLINE. DISABLING local users in SECRET section of PPP/zaib\"\r\
  8.     \n/ppp secret\r\
  9.     \n:foreach i in=[find] do={\r\
  10.     \n/ppp secret disable \$i\r\
  11.     \n}\r\
  12.     \n:log warning \"All local PPP accounts are now DISABLED.\""
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