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  1.  >The airlock opens as you’re walking behind hydroponics revealing a familiar soul.
  2. >”Hey hun, anything I can help you with?” she asks as her eyes pierce deep into yours, your body falling limp.
  3. >You wake bucklecuffed to a chair in a candlelit room hidden deep in maintenance. A playful giggle rings out as you try to get help on the radio only to notice your headset is missing.
  4. >”So what do you think I brought you here, sweetie?” the pink haired gardener asks as she takes a seat on your lap, pushing an intoxicating moonflower against your nose.
  5. >You whine in protest as she pulls it away into her own mouth, chewing it a little before leaning in for a kiss.
  6. >Her body grinds against your lap as she shares the moonflower with you, your vision spiraling between her strawberry smelling hair, the moonflower kiss, and the motion of her against your body.
  7. >Stars appear in your vision as your entire body goes rigid in climax, her overpowering aura driving you over the edge in seconds.
  8. >At a yank of your hair your throat is exposed to the gardener, her lips find their way to it as her fangs plunge deep inside.
  9. >Never spilling a drop of blood, the gardener dismounts her prey spent of all its precious fluids.
  10. >She adjusts her clothes as she leaves, her shapely hips swaying hypnotically back and forth as she exits through the hidden doorway.
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