The Tight Little Hunt

Mar 25th, 2017
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  1. You are Laki
  3. And you have Valerie cornered in the closet for seven whole minutes. You lean forward, twirling your finger in her hair.
  5. “H-hey, Laki.” She mumbles.
  7. “Hey, Val. Er. Ie.” You lean in close. Really close.
  9. “Heh. So...what are you going to do?”
  11. You shouldn’t enjoy watching her squirm so much. Her and Herb. What is it about these blonde mainlanders that brings out your inner Akaneki warrior? You squish your chest into her chin. “What do you think we’re going to do?”
  13. She glances down your top for just a subtle second, then to your eyes.
  15. “You’re...you’re going to do things to me?” She looks like one of those cute Gisnep or whatever princesses, with the way her big expressive eyes shine and how her back is pressed against the wall.
  17. You grin externally, but sigh internally. You were hoping she’d dance around it, and that you could pretend like you knew what you were doing until time ran out.
  19. “Would that scare you?” You run a hand finger up the side of her body. Keeping eye contact is crucial.
  21. She breaks it. “A little.”
  23. “Do you want me to?” Your tone is mocking, but the question is sincere.
  25. “I..wouldn’t be entirely opposed.” She glances back up at you. Shit, she looking for something on your face, trying to read past your grin. “Why? Are you scared?”
  27. Yes. “Ha! No. I just think it’s adorable that you are.” You press against her harder and whisper into her ear. “But I am going to train you to like it.” Maybe that was a little too far, but she melts with this sexy, hot breathing, so who cares.
  29. Her chest rises and falls as she leans her back against the wall. “Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen in a few minutes.” She’s scared, but she does her best to give you a defiant, taunting look.
  31. Seriously? Last time she ran scared. When did she change her mind? “Are you sure about that?” You slip your hand under the back of her shirt and undo that nice bra of hers to show her you mean business. Mainlanders and their bras. Sure, a sports bra makes sense, but all the other types are just fetish stuff or prudish or whatever. You don’t even want to get started on how weird they are about the supposed difference between those and bikini tops.
  33. “Quite.” She gulps and says, bravely. Annoyingly so. “W-what’s the worst that can happen?”
  35. Challenge ac-fucking-cepted. You cup run a hand up her shirt. She flinches, but doesn’t back down. She’s scared though. All that does is make you want to push farther. Your hand goes higher, reaching under her loosened bra.
  37. She breathes heavier, but doesn’t back down. You lean in and nibble on her ear. You don’t really know a lot about what you’re doing, but as long as she believes you do, and you do what you think you’d like, you can figure this out. What’s important is that you dominate her.
  39. She’s just a scared little Buneary, and you are a trainer, tracking her, looking to train her.
  41. You take your other hand and run it through her hair from the back of her neck, then lick and kiss and tease the nape of her neck, her ear, and everything in between. “As long as you’re in this closet, I own you.” Again, you warn her.
  43. She gasps but nods. There’s something unfairly sexy about that partially bit lip and those wide eyes.
  45. Maybe she doesn’t think you can do much in your short time. That just makes you want to completely take her even more. You go all in, pressing your knee between her legs, playing with her nipple the way you’d want it, and ceaselessly attacking her neck and ears. She really responds to that.
  47. “Laki?”
  49. “MMhmm?”
  51. “I’ve only gone to so far before. I-” She gasps when you play with her other nipple. “You’re not drunk, are you?”
  53. She is adorable. Her lack of confidence gives you plenty of it. “No.” You hold her chin, lift it up, and kiss her. “Shh. You’re mine right now. Nothing outside these walls exist.” You sound like an idiot, but she’s buying it.
  55. “Okay.” She does that stupidly cute nod again. “Be gentle.”
  57. You bring your mouth to her ear and whisper one little word. “No.” You smile. You ravage her again. Firmly, but not roughly. “I make the demands here. You belong to me. Like this.” You poke her nose. “Or this.” You run your hand through her beautiful hair. “Or this.” You grab that small but firm little ass of hers. “Or...” Your hand runs slowly up her leg. Like you, she’s wearing a skirt. “This.” You touch her in her most intimate place. She’s smooth. Fantastic.
  59. She gasps again. Like a spring monsoon, you don’t need much time to make her completely soaked.
  61. You lick your lips.
  63. “Laki.” She gasps.
  65. “Yeah, say my name.” You’re really getting off on this. You pull her closer and go at it harder. At the same time, you start biting her neck.
  67. “Laki!”
  69. “Good. Now beg for it.” You instruct. You weren’t drunk before, but fingering this hot, blonde piece of ass is getting you drunk on the power. She’s even wetter now and making the cutest noises. “Say please~.”
  71. She pushes you away. “Wait.”
  73. “What? What is it?”
  75. “I...I’m scared. I can’t.”
  77. You stop, then quickly remove your hands. “Sorry. Did I hurt you?” Being from Akaneki, you really have it drilled into you about no meaning no. ‘I am required by our customs and laws to say you may refuse. Do you accept?’ That whole thing. You understand why though, given your islands raiding history and it’s current traditions.
  79. “No. I’m sorry. I just, it’s so fast! And I don’t know how you feel about me.”
  81. You’d probably be more into girls if they didn’t get so sappy. You give her space and move back. “I told you. I’m just in it for this.” You lift your finger for her to smell. ”Look, I didn’t mean to make you fall for me. I thought I was being clear about what I want.”
  83. “I didn’t. Fall for you, I mean.”
  85. “Good.” She didn’t have to say it so quickly, though.
  87. “But you don’t have a crush on me?”
  89. “I don’t think I can be clearer about that. I, Laki of Akaneki, don’t have romantic feelings for you.” You try not to sound too annoyed. She’s scared and everything. But still, talk about mixed signals.
  91. “So it’s just lust because I’m blonde? Do...have you done anything with Herb?”
  93. “Not yet.”
  95. “Will you?”
  97. You fold your arms. “If the mood strikes me. Why?” You’re really starting to like teasing him, but you’re sure if you took the poor little guy, you’d physically destroy him. Then again, he’s been working out...
  99. “I don’t know. He just seems so innocent. Have you been with a lot of guys?”
  101. None. “Pshh, yeah! I’ve been with lots of guys. Lots. Dozens! I see what I want, pin it down, and take it. I know what I’m doing.” Why did you say dozens? Well, too late now. You do know what you’re doing though. You just haven’t done it yet, that’s all. And the from the taste you got, you like doing it. “And Herb’s not that kind of innocent.”
  103. “What do you mean?”
  105. “I mean, those big dumb shiny eyes and that need of his to befriend every person, pokemon, and rock he comes across isn’t because he’s naive or lacks experience or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, he’s both of those things. But his attitude doesn’t come from that. It’s just part of his Tookai.” You roll your wrist while you think of a way to explain what that means to her. “His spirit. The core of his being.”
  107. She looks into your eyes, like she’s searching for something. Now you’re the one that’s starting to feel like a Buneary being hunted. “You really pay attention to the people around you.”
  109. You scratch your cheek and look away. “I don’t know. I guess.” What’s with all the questions.
  111. “Laki?”
  113. “What?”
  115. “Okay. I trust you.” She nods enthusiastically. “I suppose I’m just overthinking it. It’s just a game, right?”
  117. You want to ask if she’s sure, but you think if you do anything else, she’ll change her mind again. You grab her face to kiss her.
  119. The door swings open. Keira’s smiling face greets you. “Hey Laki. We wanted to ask if it’s okay to drink your bottle.”
  121. “FINE! SURE!” You slam the door. You feel a bit self-conscious about taking that tone with a priestess, but you’re spent on patience. You’d be glad to get everyone a little loosened up, anyway.
  123. You turn back to Valerie and see her shyly smile. You grab her again and kiss her. You’re gentler this time, slower. You don’t want to scare her away.
  125. She’s so soft. And so blonde! You keep running hands through her amazing hair. You used to wish you were pretty and dainty, and sometimes in your weaker moments you still do, but you know that being strong and powerful is better. You get to take the pretty things.
  127. You run a hand up her thigh. Again, slowly this time. She quivers at your touch and her knees buckle. You try to steady her, but because there’s all this junk in the closet, she trips and falls onto her butt.
  129. “Heh. Whoops.” She says. Oh you like how messy her hair is and how sloppy her clothes look. You reach to help her up.
  131. No. You have a better idea. You lift your sundress skirt. You might feel foolish in it, but it’s been pretty nice to have tonight.
  133. She looks up it. How could she not? You’re presenting yourself. You slide your panties down, then kick them away. “It ain’t going to lick itself.” You try not to grin too much, but it’s a losing fight. You give up and embrace it.
  135. She gulps. “O-okay. It’s clearly a lot farther than she expected this time, but she’s not backing down.
  137. She rises up to her knees. You rest your hand on her head to guide her. You’re really glad you showered not long ago. Not that you have issues with odors, but a girl gets worried.
  139. Val’s taking her time going for it. At first you think she’s not ready, but then she kisses the inside of your thigh. That teasing little Shinx! Closer, closer, closer still. Her hot breath makes you gasp.
  141. Beepbeepbeep. Beepbeepbeep.
  143. “Oh. Time’s up.” She takes out her pokedex and turns off the alarm.
  145. “I...but...” Noooooo. Fucking damn shit no. You slump your shoulders but ball your fists and want to cry. It takes you a lot to collect yourself before you do anything more than that. You inhale, then exhale. “Why did you even set that?”
  147. “Sorry, Laki.” Before she leaves you there, she turns around. “Maybe next time.”
  149. You wave her off. “Yeah, maybe...wait, what did you say?”
  151. She smiles and boops you on the nose, then hops her way out. It’s not really a hop, but she’s playful enough that it feels that way.
  153. Gah! You’re so frustrated. Who works someone up like that?
  155. Oh right. You do that to Herb all the time. Well, whatever. You sort yourself out and leave the closet. Maybe you can pick on Herb some more to make you feel better, at least.
  157. Run while you can. But one day, little bunny, you will be mine.
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