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  1. http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2015122714gm-000b-11052-9b128c2c&tw=0
  3. E1: To add onto Muller's comment, contrary to what we have once posted in Osamuko, the correct discard order for winds when sitting East is South > West > North. You don't mind keeping North the longest because even if North piles it up until you discard it and then calls it, you immediately get to your next draw.
  5. http://puu.sh/mj4XZ/5cf29e1d83.jpg I disagree with 2s, suggesting 1p instead (one chance+no shanpon) as it's safer. Certainly, since it's right near the dora if you deal in the hand will have at least 1 dora, but on the upside it won't have Tan Yao and most hands in aka ari maajan are mangan already anyway, so I'd suggest discarding the safest tile first (this being 1p in this case).
  7. E2: http://puu.sh/mj558/a3f5ef7337.jpg With those discards and those two calls, I'd begin being more wary of kamicha until this crap hand improves. Chun is relatively low risk, alright, but it's unnecessary; his discards make him look like his hand is fast and this hand is still pretty slow (kanchan and nidouke, plus it has no dora). 5m for now and see what happens. The rest of the hand is just standard, no problem.
  9. E3: http://puu.sh/mj5fT/c61c135438.jpg Red flag. Pushing 1shanten  with an ukeire of only 3 types where you still have to push 5s even if you do get tenpai, and it's not even a guaranteed mangan and you can only call 2 of those 3 types. On top of that, there is nothing to fish that wait out. This is tetsu-ori. You've no advantage to push here. 6p instead. Pushing  with a narrow 1 shanten that has plenty of dangerous tiles to be discarded is bad. Understand that it's extremely lucky your dangerous tiles passed and that you drew 6m. Dealing in wasn't a result of "bad luck", but instead you tried to cross many red lights and got caught in one of them. In order to win this hand you needed to cross every hurdle with luck, and yet caught in the middle. This is natural.
  11. E4:  http://puu.sh/mj5qH/fa3337d4fa.jpg No doras, need points. I'd still vaguely look at hon itsu for this one turn, discard 1p instead and see how the hand progresses.
  12. http://puu.sh/mj5tE/08253d0d5b.jpg Again kamicha two calls in mid game with suspicious discards. Nothing else in particular to point out here, 9m is good as 8m went out early and there's a kabe on it. Just pointing it out as it's something important to note while playing.
  13. http://puu.sh/mj5zs/d64c1e8cc3.jpg Kuttsuki 1shanten, so you need anything to stick close to one of your tiles. Manzu are looking great as a wait, and you're using most of the upper souzu yourself (in addition to them being ridiculously valued at the table). Here you need to make a decision, whether you're going to make it easier for you to win, or be careful of East. If you're being weary of East and discarding 3m for that reason, then it's okay. However, later on...
  14. http://puu.sh/mj5Fw/be4e07528d.jpg 8s instead of 4s seems contradictory.
  15. http://puu.sh/mj5Jr/7441f59d47.jpg  5p, though alive, is a fine risk. There's no 58p wait and no 25p wait. 25p just passed, and there's a kabe on 58p. If you can throw out 8s for noten, you can def throw 5p for tenpai in my opinion.
  17. South 1: http://puu.sh/mj5UI/5fe4961261.jpg At South 1, with kamicha calling twice, I'm more inclined to reaching for the points and trying to lock the table, rather than looking at improvements. Though I do agree that this shape is normally optimal to wait for improvements (two middle yonrenkei, chance for sanshoku too).
  19. The rest of the game is just pretty much standard. Some work could be done on tile efficiency, and your defense when you do decide to defend is pretty good. The most important thing I think would be learning push/pull judgment, especially vs riichi hands, and almost as importantly vs open hands.
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