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  1. confirm:
  2.   expired_confirm: $2Polecenie wygasło, proszę ponownie wpisać komendę!
  3.   failed_confirm: $2Nie masz żadnych oczekujących zadań do potwierdzenia!
  4.     requires_confirm: '$2Czy na pewno chcesz wykonać: $1%s$2?&-$2Polecenie nie może zostać
  5.     cofnięte! Jeżeli jesteś pewny: $1/plot confirm'
  6. move:
  7.   move_success: $4Działka przeniesiona pomyślnie.
  8.   copy_success: $4Działka skopiowana pomyślnie.
  9.   requires_unowned: $2Określona loklizacja jest już zajęta.
  10. set:
  11.   set_attribute: $4Ustawiono pomyślnie %s0 set to %s1
  12. web:
  13.   generating_link: $1Przetwarzanie działki...
  14.   generating_link_failed: $2Nie udało sie wygenerować pobranego linku!
  15.   save_failed: $2Nie udało się zapisać
  16.   load_null: $2Proszę użyć $4/plot load $2aby dostać listę schematów
  17.   load_failed: $2Nie udało się uruchomić schematów
  18.   load_list: '$2Aby uruchomić schematy, użyj $1/plot load #'
  19.   save_success: $1Zapisane!
  20. compass:
  21.   compass_target: $4Successfully targeted plot with compass
  22. cluster:
  23.   cluster_available_args: '$1The following sub commands are available: $4list$2, $4create$2,
  24.     $4delete$2, $4resize$2, $4invite$2, $4kick$2, $4leave$2, $4members$2, $4info$2,
  25.     $4tp$2, $4sethome'
  26.   cluster_list_heading: $2There are $1%s$2 clusters in this world
  27.   cluster_list_element: $2 - $1%s&-
  28.   cluster_intersection: '$2The proposed area overlaps with: %s0'
  29.   cluster_outside: '$2The proposed area is outside the plot area: %s0'
  30.   cluster_added: $4Successfully created the cluster.
  31.   cluster_deleted: $4Successfully deleted the cluster.
  32.   cluster_resized: $4Successfully resized the cluster.
  33.   cluster_added_user: $4Successfully added user to the cluster.
  34.   cannot_kick_player: $2You cannot kick that player
  35.   cluster_invited: '$1You have been invited to the following cluster: $2%s'
  36.   cluster_removed: '$1You have been removed from cluster: $2%s'
  37.   cluster_kicked_user: $4Successfully kicked the user
  38.   invalid_cluster: '$1Invalid cluster name: $2%s'
  39.   cluster_not_added: $2That player was not added to the plot cluster
  40.   cluster_cannot_leave: $1You must delete or transfer ownership before leaving
  41.   cluster_added_helper: $4Successfully added a helper to the cluster
  42.   cluster_removed_helper: $4Successfully removed a helper from the cluster
  43.   cluster_regenerated: $4Successfully started cluster regeneration
  44.   cluster_teleporting: $4Teleporting...
  45.   cluster_info: '$1Current cluster: $2%id%&-$1Name: $2%name%&-$1Owner: $2%owner%&-$1Size:
  46.     $2%size%&-$1Rights: $2%rights%'
  47. border:
  48.   border: $2You are outside the current map border
  49. unclaim:
  50.   unclaim_success: $4You successfully unclaimed the plot.
  51.   unclaim_failed: $2Could not unclaim the plot
  52. worldedit masks:
  53.   worldedit_delayed: $2Please wait while we process your WorldEdit action...
  54.   worldedit_run: '$2Apologies for the delay. Now executing: %s'
  55.   require_selection_in_mask: $2%s of your selection is not within your plot mask.
  56.     You can only make edits within your plot.
  57.   worldedit_volume: $2You cannot select a volume of %current%. The maximum volume
  58.     you can modify is %max%.
  59.   worldedit_iterations: $2You cannot iterate %current% times. The maximum number of
  60.     iterations allowed is %max%.
  61.   worldedit_unsafe: $2Access to that command has been blocked
  62.   worldedit_bypass: $2&oTo bypass your restrictions use $4/plot wea
  63.   worldedit_bypassed: $2Currently bypassing WorldEdit restriction.
  64.   worldedit_unmasked: $1Your WorldEdit is now unrestricted.
  65.   worldedit_restricted: $1Your WorldEdit is now restricted.
  66. gamemode:
  67.   gamemode_was_bypassed: $1You bypassed the GameMode ($2{gamemode}$1) $1set for $2{plot}
  68. height limit:
  69.   height_limit: $1This plot area has a height limit of $2{limit}
  70. records:
  71.   record_play: $2%player $2started playing record $1%name
  72.   notify_enter: $2%player $2entered your plot ($1%plot$2)
  73.   notify_leave: $2%player $2left your plot ($1%plot$2)
  74. swap:
  75.   swap_overlap: $2The proposed areas are not allowed to overlap
  76.   swap_dimensions: $2The proposed areas must have comparable dimensions
  77.   swap_syntax: $2/plot swap <id>
  78.   swap_success: $4Successfully swapped plots
  79.   started_swap: $2Started plot swap task. You will be notified when it finishes
  80. comment:
  81.   inbox_notification: '%s unread messages. Use /plot inbox'
  82.   not_valid_inbox_index: $2No comment at index %s
  83.   inbox_item: $2 - $4%s
  84.   comment_syntax: $2Use /plot comment [X;Z] <%s> <comment>
  85.   invalid_inbox: '$2That is not a valid inbox.&-$1Accepted values: %s'
  86.   no_perm_inbox: $2You do not have permission for that inbox
  87.   no_perm_inbox_modify: $2You do not have permission to modify that inbox
  88.   no_plot_inbox: $2You must stand in or supply a plot argument
  89.   comment_removed: $4Successfully deleted comment/s:n$2 - '$3%s$2'
  90.   comment_added: $4A comment has been left
  91.   comment_header: $2&m---------&r $1Comments $2&m---------&r
  92.   inbox_empty: $2No comments
  93. console:
  94.   not_console: $2For safety reasons, this command can only be executed by console.
  95.   is_console: $2This command can only be executed by a player.
  96. inventory:
  97.   inventory_usage: '&cUsage: &6{usage}'
  98.   inventory_desc: '&cDescription: &6{desc}'
  99.   inventory_category: '&cCategory: &6{category}'
  100. clipboard:
  101.   clipboard_set: $2The current plot is now copied to your clipboard, use $1/plot paste$2
  102.     to paste it
  103.   pasted: $4The plot selection was successfully pasted. It has been cleared from your
  104.     clipboard.
  105.   paste_failed: '$2Failed to paste the selection. Reason: $2%s'
  106.   no_clipboard: $2You don't have a selection in your clipboard
  107.   clipboard_info: '$2Current Selection - Plot ID: $1%id$2, Width: $1%width$2, Total
  108.     Blocks: $1%total$2'
  109. toggle:
  110.   toggle_enabled: '$2Enabled setting: %s'
  111.   toggle_disabled: '$2Disabled setting: %s'
  112. blocked command:
  113.   command_blocked: $2That command is not allowed in this plot
  114. done:
  115.   done_already_done: $2This plot is already marked as done
  116.   done_not_done: $2This plot is not marked as done.
  117.   done_insufficient_complexity: $2This plot is too simple. Please add more detail
  118.     before using this command.
  119.   done_success: $1Successfully marked this plot as done.
  120.   done_removed: $1You may now continue building in this plot.
  121. ratings:
  122.   ratings_purged: $2Purged ratings for this plot
  123.   rating_not_valid: $2You need to specify a number between 1 and 10
  124.   rating_already_exists: $2You have already rated plot $2%s
  125.   rating_applied: $4You successfully rated plot $2%s
  126.   rating_not_your_own: $2You cannot rate your own plot
  127.   rating_not_done: $2You can only rate finished plots.
  128.   rating_not_owned: $2You cannot rate a plot that is not claimed by anyone
  129. tutorial:
  130.   rate_this: $2Rate this plot!
  131.   comment_this: '$2Leave some feedback on this plot: %s'
  132. economy:
  133.   econ_disabled: $2Economy is not enabled
  134.   cannot_afford_plot: $2You cannot afford to buy this plot. It costs $1%s
  135.   not_for_sale: $2This plot is not for sale
  136.   cannot_buy_own: $2You cannot buy your own plot
  137.   plot_sold: $4Your plot; $1%s0$4, has been sold to $1%s1$4 for $1$%s2
  138.   cannot_afford_merge: $2You cannot afford to merge the plots. It costs $1%s
  139.   added_balance: $1%s $2has been added to your balance
  140.   removed_balance: $1%s $2has been taken from your balance
  141.   removed_granted_plot: $2You used %s plot grant(s), you've got $1%s $2left
  142. setup:
  143.   setup_init: '$1Usage: $2/plot setup <value>'
  144.   setup_step: '$3[$1Step %s0$3] $1%s1 $2- $1Expecting: $2%s2 $1Default: $2%s3'
  145.   setup_invalid_arg: '$2%s0 is not a valid argument for step %s1. To cancel setup
  146.     use: $1/plot setup cancel'
  147.   setup_valid_arg: $2Value $1%s0 $2set to %s1
  148.   setup_finished: $4You should have been teleported to the created world. Otherwise
  149.     you will need to set the generator manually using the bukkit.yml or your chosen
  150.     world management plugin.
  151.   setup_world_taken: $2%s is already a world
  152.   setup_missing_world: $2You need to specify a world name ($1/plot setup &l<world>$1
  153.     <generator>$2)&-$1Additional commands:&-$2 - $1/plot setup <value>&-$2 - $1/plot
  154.     setup back&-$2 - $1/plot setup cancel
  155.   setup_missing_generator: $2You need to specify a generator ($1/plot setup <world>
  156.     &l<generator>&r$2)&-$1Additional commands:&-$2 - $1/plot setup <value>&-$2 - $1/plot
  157.     setup back&-$2 - $1/plot setup cancel
  158.   setup_invalid_generator: '$2Invalid generator. Possible options: %s'
  159. schematics:
  160.   schematic_too_large: $2The plot is too large for this action!
  161.   schematic_missing_arg: '$2You need to specify an argument. Possible values: $1test
  162.     <name>$2 , $1save$2 , $1paste $2, $1exportall'
  163.   schematic_invalid: '$2That is not a valid schematic. Reason: $2%s'
  164.   schematic_valid: $2That is a valid schematic
  165.   schematic_paste_failed: $2Failed to paste the schematic
  166.   schematic_paste_success: $4The schematic pasted successfully
  167. titles:
  168.   title_entered_plot: '$1Plot: %world%;%x%;%z%'
  169.   title_entered_plot_sub: $4Owned by %s
  170.   prefix_greeting: '$1%id%$2> '
  171.   prefix_farewell: '$1%id%$2> '
  172. core:
  173.   task_start: Starting task...
  174.   prefix: $3[$1P2$3] $2
  175.   enabled: $1%s0 is now enabled
  176. reload:
  177.   reloaded_configs: $1Translations and world settings have been reloaded
  178.   reload_failed: $2Failed to reload file configurations
  179. desc:
  180.   desc_set: $2Plot description set
  181.   desc_unset: $2Plot description unset
  182.   missing_desc: $2You need to specify a description
  183. alias:
  184.   alias_set_to: $2Plot alias set to $1%alias%
  185.   alias_removed: $2Plot alias removed
  186.   missing_alias: $2You need to specify an alias
  187.   alias_too_long: $2The alias must be < 50 characters in length
  188.   alias_is_taken: $2That alias is already taken
  189. position:
  190.   missing_position: '$2You need to specify a position. Possible values: $1none'
  191.   position_set: $1Home position set to your current location
  192.   position_unset: $1Home position reset to the default location
  193.   home_argument: $2Use /plot set home [none]
  194.   invalid_position: $2That is not a valid position value
  195. cap:
  196.   entity_cap: $2You are not allowed to spawn more mobs
  197. time:
  198.   time_format: $1%hours%, %min%, %sec%
  199. permission:
  200.   no_schematic_permission: $2You don't have the permission required to use schematic
  201.     $1%s
  202.   no_permission: '$2You are lacking the permission node: $1%s'
  203.   no_permission_event: '$2You are lacking the permission node: $1%s'
  204.   no_plot_perms: $2You must be the plot owner to perform this action
  205.   cant_claim_more_plots: $2You can't claim more plots.
  206.   cant_claim_more_clusters: $2You can't claim more clusters.
  207.   cant_transfer_more_plots: $2You can't send more plots to that user
  208.   cant_claim_more_plots_num: $2You can't claim more than $1%s $2plots at once
  209.   you_be_denied: $2You are not allowed to enter this plot
  210.   merge_request_confirm: Merge request from %s
  211. merge:
  212.   merge_not_valid: $2This merge request is no longer valid.
  213.   merge_accepted: $2The merge request has been accepted
  214.   success_merge: $2Plots have been merged!
  215.   merge_requested: $2Successfully sent a merge request
  216.   no_perm_merge: '$2You are not the owner of the plot: $1%plot%'
  217.   no_available_automerge: $2You do not own any adjacent plots in the specified direction
  218.     or are not allowed to merge to the required size.
  219.   unlink_required: $2An unlink is required to do this.
  220.   unlink_impossible: $2You can only unlink a mega-plot
  221.   unlink_success: $2Successfully unlinked plots.
  222. commandconfig:
  223.   not_valid_subcommand: $2That is not a valid subcommand
  224.   did_you_mean: '$2Did you mean: $1%s'
  225.   name_little: $2%s0 name is too short, $1%s1$2<$1%s3
  226.   no_commands: $2I'm sorry, but you're not permitted to use any subcommands.
  227.   subcommand_set_options_header: '$2Possible Values: '
  228.   command_syntax: '$1Usage: $2%s'
  229.   flag_tutorial_usage: '$1Have an admin set the flag: $2%s'
  230. errors:
  231.   invalid_player_wait: '$2Player not found: $1%s$2, fetching it. Try again soon.'
  232.   invalid_player: '$2Player not found: $1%s$2.'
  233.   invalid_player_offline: '$2The player must be online: $1%s.'
  234.   invalid_command_flag: '$2Invalid command flag: %s0'
  235.   error: '$2An error occurred: %s'
  236.   command_went_wrong: $2Something went wrong when executing that command...
  237.   no_free_plots: $2There are no free plots available
  238.   not_in_plot: $2You're not in a plot
  239.   not_loaded: $2The plot could not be loaded
  240.   not_in_cluster: $2You must be within a plot cluster to perform that action
  241.   not_in_plot_world: $2You're not in a plot area
  242.   plotworld_incompatible: $2The two worlds must be compatible
  243.   not_valid_world: $2That is not a valid world (case sensitive)
  244.   not_valid_plot_world: $2That is not a valid plot area (case sensitive)
  245.   no_plots: $2You don't have any plots
  246.   wait_for_timer: $2A setblock timer is bound to either the current plot or you. Please
  247.     wait for it to finish
  248. paste:
  249.   debug_report_created: '$1Uploaded a full debug to: $1%url%'
  250. purge:
  251.   purge_success: $4Successfully purged %s plots
  252. trim:
  253.   trim_in_progress: A world trim task is already in progress!
  254.   not_valid_hybrid_plot_world: The hybrid plot manager is required to perform this
  255.     action
  256. block list:
  257.   block_list_separater: '$1,$2 '
  258. biome:
  259.   need_biome: $2You need to specify a valid biome.
  260.   biome_set_to: $2Plot biome set to $2
  261. teleport:
  262.   teleported_to_plot: $1You have been teleported
  263.   teleported_to_road: $2You got teleported to the road
  264.   teleport_in_seconds: $1Teleporting in %s seconds. Do not move...
  265.   teleport_failed: $2Teleportation cancelled due to movement or damage
  266. set block:
  267.   set_block_action_finished: $1The last setblock action is now finished.
  268. unsafe:
  269.   debugallowunsafe_on: $2Unsafe actions allowed
  270.   debugallowunsafe_off: $2Unsafe actions disabled
  271. debug:
  272.   debug_header: $1Debug Information&-
  273.   debug_section: $2>> $1&l%val%
  274.   debug_line: $2>> $1%var%$2:$1 %val%&-
  275. invalid:
  276.   not_valid_data: $2That's not a valid data id.
  277.   not_valid_block: '$2That''s not a valid block: %s'
  278.   not_allowed_block: '$2That block is not allowed: %s'
  279.   not_valid_number: '$2That''s not a valid number within the range: %s'
  280.   not_valid_plot_id: $2That's not a valid plot id.
  281.   plot_id_form: '$2The plot id must be in the form: $1X;Y $2e.g. $1-5;7'
  282.   not_your_plot: $2That is not your plot.
  283.   no_such_plot: $2There is no such plot
  284.   player_has_not_been_on: $2That player hasn't been in the plotworld
  285.   found_no_plots: $2Found no plots with your search query
  286.   found_no_plots_for_player: '$2No plots found for player: %s'
  287. camera:
  288.   camera_started: $2You have entered camera mode for plot $1%s
  289.   camera_stopped: $2You are no longer in camera mode
  290. need:
  291.   need_plot_number: $2You've got to specify a plot number or alias
  292.   need_block: $2You've got to specify a block
  293.   need_plot_id: $2You've got to specify a plot id.
  294.   need_plot_world: $2You've got to specify a plot area.
  295.   need_user: $2You need to specify a username
  296. near:
  297.   plot_near: '$1Players: %s0'
  298. info:
  299.   none: None
  300.   now: Now
  301.   never: Never
  302.   unknown: Unknown
  303.   everyone: Everyone
  304.   plot_unowned: $2The current plot must have an owner to perform this action
  305.   plot_info_unclaimed: $2Plot $1%s$2 is not yet claimed
  306.   plot_info_header: $3&m---------&r $1INFO $3&m---------
  307.   plot_info: '$1ID: $2%id%$1&-$1Alias: $2%alias%$1&-$1Owner: $2%owner%$1&-$1Biome:
  308.     $2%biome%$1&-$1Can Build: $2%build%$1&-$1Rating: $2%rating%&-$1Seen: $2%seen%&-$1Trusted:
  309.     $2%trusted%$1&-$1Members: $2%members%$1&-$1Denied: $2%denied%$1&-$1Flags: $2%flags%'
  310.   plot_info_footer: $3&m---------&r $1INFO $3&m---------
  311.   plot_info_trusted: $1Trusted:$2 %trusted%
  312.   plot_info_members: $1Members:$2 %members%
  313.   plot_info_denied: $1Denied:$2 %denied%
  314.   plot_info_flags: $1Flags:$2 %flags%
  315.   plot_info_biome: $1Biome:$2 %biome%
  316.   plot_info_rating: $1Rating:$2 %rating%
  317.   plot_info_owner: $1Owner:$2 %owner%
  318.   plot_info_id: $1ID:$2 %id%
  319.   plot_info_alias: $1Alias:$2 %alias%
  320.   plot_info_size: $1Size:$2 %size%
  321.   plot_info_seen: $1Seen:$2 %seen%
  322.   plot_user_list: ' $1%user%$2,'
  323.   plot_flag_list: $1%s0:%s1$2
  324.   info_syntax_console: $2/plot info X;Y
  325. working:
  326.   generating_component: $1Started generating component from your settings
  327.   clearing_plot: $2Clearing plot async.
  328.   clearing_done: $4Clear completed! Took %sms.
  329.   deleting_done: $4Delete completed! Took %sms.
  330.   plot_not_claimed: $2Plot not claimed
  331.   plot_is_claimed: $2This plot is already claimed
  332.   claimed: $4You successfully claimed the plot
  333. list:
  334.   comment_list_header_paged: $2(Page $1%cur$2/$1%max$2) $1List of %amount% comments
  335.   clickable: ' (interactive)'
  336.   area_list_header_paged: $2(Page $1%cur$2/$1%max$2) $1List of %amount% areas
  337.   plot_list_header_paged: $2(Page $1%cur$2/$1%max$2) $1List of %amount% plots
  338.   plot_list_header: $1List of %word% plots
  339.   plot_list_item: $2>> $1%id$2:$1%world $2- $1%owner
  340.   plot_list_item_ordered: $2[$1%in$2] >> $1%id$2:$1%world $2- $1%owner
  341.   plot_list_footer: $2>> $1%word% a total of $2%num% $1claimed %plot%.
  342. left:
  343.   left_plot: $2You left a plot
  344. chat:
  345.   plot_chat_spy_format: '$2[$1Plot Spy$2][$1%plot_id%$2] $1%sender%$2: $1%msg%'
  346.   plot_chat_format: '$2[$1Plot Chat$2][$1%plot_id%$2] $1%sender%$2: $1%msg%'
  347.   plot_chat_forced: $2This world forces everyone to use plot chat.
  348.   plot_chat_on: $4Plot chat enabled.
  349.   plot_chat_off: $4Plot chat disabled.
  350. deny:
  351.   denied_removed: $4You successfully undenied the player from this plot
  352.   denied_added: $4You successfully denied the player from this plot
  353.   denied_need_argument: $2Arguments are missing. $1/plot denied add <name> $2or $1/plot
  354.     denied remove <name>
  355.   was_not_denied: $2That player was not denied on this plot
  356.   you_got_denied: $4You are denied from the plot you were previously on, and got teleported
  357.     to spawn
  358. kick:
  359.   you_got_kicked: $4You got kicked!
  360. rain:
  361.   need_on_off: '$2You need to specify a value. Possible values: $1on$2, $1off'
  362.   setting_updated: $4You successfully updated the setting
  363. flag:
  364.   flag_key: '$2Key: %s'
  365.   flag_type: '$2Type: %s'
  366.   flag_desc: '$2Desc: %s'
  367.   not_valid_flag: $2That is not a valid flag
  368.   not_valid_flag_suggested: '$2That is not a valid flag. Did you mean: $1%s'
  369.   not_valid_value: $2Flag values must be alphanumerical
  370.   flag_not_in_plot: $2The plot does not have that flag
  371.   flag_not_removed: $2The flag could not be removed
  372.   flag_not_added: $2The flag could not be added
  373.   flag_removed: $4Successfully removed flag
  374.   flag_added: $4Successfully added flag
  375. trusted:
  376.   trusted_added: $4You successfully trusted a user to the plot
  377.   trusted_removed: $4You successfully removed a trusted user from the plot
  378.   was_not_added: $2That player was not trusted on this plot
  379.   plot_removed_user: $1Plot %s of which you were added to has been deleted due to
  380.     owner inactivity
  381. member:
  382.   removed_players: $2Removed %s players from this plot.
  383.   already_owner: '$2That user is already the plot owner: %s0'
  384.   already_added: '$2That user is already added to that category: %s0'
  385.   member_added: $4That user can now build while the plot owner is online
  386.   member_removed: $1You successfully removed a user from the plot
  387.   member_was_not_added: $2That player was not added as a user on this plot
  388.   plot_max_members: $2You are not allowed to add any more players to this plot
  389. owner:
  390.   set_owner: $4You successfully set the plot owner
  391.   now_owner: $4You are now owner of plot %s
  392. signs:
  393.   owner_sign_line_1: '$1ID dzialki: $1%id%'
  394.   owner_sign_line_2: '$1Wlasciciel:'
  395.   owner_sign_line_3: $2%plr%
  396.   owner_sign_line_4: $3Zajeta
  397. help:
  398.   help_header: $3&m---------&r $1Plot² Help $3&m---------
  399.   help_page_header: '$1Category: $2%category%$2,$1 Page: $2%current%$3/$2%max%$2'
  400.   help_footer: $3&m---------&r $1Plot² Help $3&m---------
  401.   help_info_item: $1/plot help %category% $3- $2%category_desc%
  402.   help_item: $1%usage% [%alias%]&- $3- $2%desc%&-
  403.   direction: '$1Current direction: %dir%'
  404. grants:
  405.   granted_plots: '$1Result: $2%s $1grants left'
  406.   granted_plot: $1You granted %s0 plot to $2%s1
  407.   granted_plot_failed: '$1Grant failed: $2%s'
  408. '-':
  409.   custom_string: '-'
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