Sword x Shuriken C

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  1. [21:57:16] <Nagare_Shinobu> Of course, Shinobu considered that "right then and there" was a bad idea, so he offers to instead duel tonight, in the same spot. Or we do this two seconds after the duel.
  2. [21:57:36] <`Krauss> Probably after, can't imagine it lasts terribly long.
  3. [21:59:43] <Nagare_Shinobu> No duh, it doesn't. In fact, it takes literally one attack from Krauß for Shinobu to concede. "Damn... you're pretty good." The swordmaster would also have noticed that there were excessive holes in the ninja's technique.
  4. [22:01:16] <`Krauss> "You're certainly a fast one yourself, I'll give you that." Doing a cool sheathe sword animation. Krauss tilted his head back and forth a bit, putting on a good stretch. "But fast isn't the only thing to swordsmanship I'm afraid."
  5. [22:01:28] <`Krauss> He'd try to come off as wise, but if you look at his face, he looks pretty happy
  6. [22:01:30] <`Krauss> Seeing as this is
  7. [22:01:31] <`Krauss> Technically
  8. [22:01:39] <`Krauss> The first sword fight he's won since leaving
  9. [22:01:40] <`Krauss> Like
  10. [22:01:41] <`Krauss> Years ago
  11. [22:04:19] <Nagare_Shinobu> Idly, Shinobu kicks the snow, sheathing his own sword. "Guess even the best can't be good at everything, huh?" Taking out his Silver Shuriken, he examines them, before stowing them away. "I'm a shuriken man, myself. Trained most my life to learn everything there is in using one."
  12. [22:04:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Well, not quite. I learned stealth more than anything else."
  13. [22:05:26] <`Krauss> "Guess we've all got our own trades then." He'd grin a bit before walking over. "Still, you're pretty well off with what you have. You've go the build for it too. Guess that's part of the cool ninja training thing though."
  14. [22:06:10] <`Krauss> "I'm self-taught myself. Been swingin things around as far as I can recall."
  15. [22:10:40] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Wait a damn minute... You TAUGHT yourself that style?" His facemask also falls off, showing an expression of complete disbelief. "I... was taught swordplay from my master. He told me that I'd likely never have to use it, since it was so peaceful." A small chuckle. "If only."
  16. [22:12:03] <`Krauss> "A passed down style to master and, you could do better. But I suppose the style had to start with someone, so if you think about it that way, perhaps it's the same. Hm..."
  17. [22:13:01] <`Krauss> "In a world like this, everybody has to protect themselves at some point. That's just how it is. You'd probably know that more than most, given what I imagine is your profession."
  18. [22:18:25] <Nagare_Shinobu> "The sword training was more of an afterthought, on the last few days of my training before... I went out into the world," Detaching the Fuuma Shuriken from his back, Shinobu tosses it into the air, catching it on its way down. "... and yeah, I guess... I do. But... say, what do you fight for?"
  19. [22:20:13] <`Krauss> "...Me?" Surprisingly enough, Krauss would remain quiet for some time. Seems he wasn't acting like his usual cheerful self this time. "I've got a lot of reasons, trust me. I do it for myself, mostly though."
  20. [22:21:05] <`Krauss> "That all you want to ask though? I don't mind playing 20 questions with you."
  21. [22:24:39] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Just all I wanted to know from you, for now. You look like the sort of man to fight for the ones he cares for," Placing the gigantic shuriken back onto his back, the ninja turns his back to Krauss. "Next time we meet like this, I might ask some more questions. But for now..." He begins to walk away. "I need to look for my own answers."
  22. [22:26:01] <`Krauss> "..Don't we all..." He'd see the man off, but not without one last word in. "If you're looking to spar anytime in the future..let me know. I'm self taught, but I don't mind passing down a few techniques. I wouldn't normally do something like...but you look the sort who could make the most of it."
  23. [22:26:27] <`Krauss> Casually leaving entire words out.
  24. [22:26:31] <`Krauss> I need my glasses
  25. [22:27:47] <Nagare_Shinobu> You do.
  26. [22:27:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> So, /C?
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