(mykr) - the rain inside me [2018 written]

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  1. The rain continued to patter heavily, the inside of the once pristine stage contained rubbles and large chunk of debris from the fallen pillars, arches and bits of the stairs that got chipped off from the clashing of her opponent’s devastating heavy blows. Had she not been agile and quick witted, she would’ve taken a few of the blonde’s blows, probably even by an off chance and a huge amount of bad luck, one of her limbs would’ve been cut off.
  3. However, she isn’t that type of opponent the blonde could cut down easily and neither would she lose, despite how alluring the flames of passion the blonde held in her eyes and how her determination sways the brunette’s heart, making it tremble and beat a little fast. It could be excitement maybe, or adrenaline because of the fight but she already gone through these things to continue denying what she really feels—she can’t fool herself even if is an stage girl and a Top Star.
  5. With a silent ping, she stabs the tip of her rapier on the taped floor known as “Position Zero” on stage but never uttering her usual proud and arrogant afterword declaration of her dominance on the top. She silently walked away from the center, passing through larger chunks of rubble and debris.
  7. The shining lights behind her looking a smaller from the distance as she walked away, the lights dimmed with each feet she walks away, everything’s darkening, but she could still make out the  dirty whet red coat that laid on the floor and the great sword that pierced through the floor, gleaming ominously at her. All of these were just a few meters from its owner, who lay crumpled on the floor, blonde hair curtaining and clinging to her face as the rain continued to pour down.
  9. She stops by the red coat before bending down to pick it up, the material already soaked through and useless, and the star pin that once held the coat in place is now missing.
  11. She clenches her fist, feeling the cool damp material in her hand and hangs the coat over the gleaming great sword’s hilt, bringing an end to the oppressive shine of the sword, of the passion that the wielder emitted in it.
  13. Only one can be the Top Star, that as much she believes and the fate of one is lonely with a lot of complications behind the façade of a perfect mask. There could never be a possibility where two people can stand on top as one, if there were such a means then—
  15. No.
  17. “A dream such as that can only come from someone as simple-minded as Aijou-san.”
  19. She mumbles, to no one in particular, but maybe it was intended to herself and maybe that is why she found the other girl’s conviction to be Top Stars with her childhood friend ludicrous.
  21. Because a dream like that is too good to come true in the kind of world they are in.
  23. Only one can become the top.
  25. The brunette frowns and shakes her head, crouching down to her fallen unconscious opponent. She lifts her up by wrapping an arm over her shoulder, pressing the other girl close to her. With her free other hand she uses it to cup the other girl’s side and the frown on her face deepens as she feels the warm wetness drenching her hand and the stench of copper up itself is strong, unlike earlier where the smell of rain, dirt and concrete had been evident and clouded over it.
  27. She clenches her bloody hand and uses it part the hair covering the blonde’s face. Her cheek felt a little cold from the touch but it was evident enough that she’s holding on for life. Maya’s rapier surely had not pierced any vital part, but it would be dangerous to keep the girl in this stage for too long in this state.
  29. She unties her own red coat, keeping the blonde’s body close to her to keep her from falling, and wraps it around her shoulder, keeping the wound from getting rained on. It was the only thing she could do and it was a better alternative as the inner part of Maya’s coat is still dry because of the expensive fabric material the coat had.
  31. “For someone like you, to take that blow just to try and defeat me…I’m surprised how much you’re willing to throw away that it impresses me.” She tells the blonde in a low whisper, knowing that the blonde would never hear her in her unconscious state.
  33. Her hand cups the blonde’s cheeks fully, revelling in the softness of her opponent’s face up close. This is something she could never do outside of this stage and in the blonde’s conscious state. Claudine would likely reject that kind of gesture from her as it wasn’t the kind of gesture an enemy should have.
  35. This is only the time she could relish it in whatever way she could get from it, finding that she felt at ease in the blonde’s presence, even albeit bittersweet with a hint of rivalry into the mix. She still can remember vivid the handshake that Claudine rejected.
  37. Being at the top had its advantages and demerits and the one main thing that remained constant was being alone, either from her peers’ admiration or their jealousy of her.
  39. That’s why…if she could keep the other girl’s attention a little longer, maybe, just maybe…being the top wouldn’t feel empty.
  41. And maybe, just maybe…
  43. Claudine would look at her differently—want her differently—even if just a little bit.
  45. The rain continues to patter without any signs of stopping and it seems that this stage will soon reach its end and throw them back out of it—back outside, into reality.
  47. It’s a little rude and improper for a lady like her, but Maya takes advantage of the situation, although it does leave a bitter taste in her mouth.
  49. Maya ducks down, keeping her free hand on the blonde’s cheek and leans forward, her face aligning with the unconscious blonde’s and it happened shortly, only for a few seconds, but it feels a little longer yet never a feeling that would remain forever.
  51. .
  52. .
  53. .
  54. .
  55. .
  56. .
  58. “Keep chasing after me, even at the end of this stage and in reality…I’ll always be waiting for you at the top, Saijou-san.”
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